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to my fellow monbebes

as all of you know, we did not win tonight’s show champion buT we did get nominated to be in the top 5 and that is one significant milestone that we have reached. firstly, i would like to establish that it is perfectly fine to be upset, i mean who wouldn’t be to see that their idols did not win first place even though they have been working so hard for their comeback


we should not let not winning at tonight’s show champion deter us from trying to get that first win but instead use it to encourage ourselves to work even harder!! show champion proved a few (very important) things so bear with me if i seem too technical so;

 here are ways on how we can help our boy get their well-deserved first win

do note that we ARE NOT AND SHOULD NOT be putting anyone down if they are unable to help in a certain aspect, monbebes are here to help each other so please DO NOT BE UPSET IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO GET A MELON PASS/BUY THE ALBUMS, THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER WAYS IN WHICH YOU CAN HELP

DIGITAL SALES: streaming/downloading on korean music platforms such as naver and melon

very very very crucial and make up around 40% to 60% of the scores that contribute to a group’s standing on music shows!!! so please stream on major korean music platforms such as melon and naver if you are (financially) able to

PREVOTING: for music shows which count pre-voting

- a very good way for international monbebes/monbebes who are unable to contribute to digital sales to contribute!!! even though most prevotes only make up 10%-20% of the scores, they are still very critical 

tutorials for prevoting can be found everywhere on tumblr and twitter and what not, i even have tutorials for show champion and mcountdown which you can find under the tag ‘projectbeautiful’

PHYSICAL SALES: buying the album

- usually makes up around 20% of the scores so if you are able to, do purchase albums from stores that contribute to the hanteo charts

!!!note: one album is around $20 depending on where you live so do not fret or put pressure on yourself if you are unable to contribute via physical sales because there are other ways that you can help without spending money!!!

STREAMING OF THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: on both starship’s official channel and 1thek’s official channel

- stream the official music video on both starshiptv and 1thek official channels


- watch their comeback stage 


- search 몬스타엑스 and 아름다워 on search engines such as naver and daum

- hashtag #몬스타엑스 and #아름다워 when tweeting 

even if we do not win, do not insult other idols and start fanwars because all idols work hard to get to where they are, congratulate them, move on and continue to work hard to get our first win

thank you monbebes and i hope that you have not been discouraged because its just the beginning!!! our boys have worked hard for this album so its our turn to work hard and get that first win!!

“Drive-By Smooches” the Fic

Inspired by the conversation @rottensocksandfluff and I had about the idea of Sportacus giving Robbie drive-by kisses.

Also they did art for the idea already which you should totally look at since I put the scene in this fic and also it’s super cute.

Anyway, here we go: 

[rated G]

The day was hot, too hot to sit underground and too hot to mess with the brats. Robbie Rotten fanned his face as he made his way into town. A nap under the shade of a tree sounded wonderful. With a sigh he lay down on the grass. The kids were play some gross sport across town and the sound was graciously muffled by distance. Robbie closed his eyes, relieved to be in the shadow of the tree and not sweating in his lair.

He wasn’t sure how long he slept but when he came to, he heard someone approaching him. Robbie mentally prepared an argument for why the children should just leave him alone for once before opening his eyes. The sight that greeted him made him sit up.

In front of him, upside down, was Sportacus. When he saw Robbie was awake, he grinned and leaned forward, planting a kiss on his lips. He pulled away before Robbie could properly process the situation.

“Just wanted to give you a heads up. The kids and I are coming back this way.”

Robbie didn’t say anything. He just stared at his boyfriend, his still sleepy mind trying to come up with a logical explanation as to why he was upside down.

Sportacus moved back a bit and Robbie saw that he was on his hands. He had done a handstand to kiss Robbie. He had one arm on either side of Robbie, his infuriating hat somehow staying on.

“I left the ladder down if you want to nap in the airship,” Sportacus went on as if nothing odd was happening, “The AC is on so it should be colder up there.”

In one swift movement, Sportacus fell back and got to his feet. He waved to someone behind Robbie before sprinting away, presumably to rejoin the brats.

Robbie sat there, stunned. What had just happened?

Whatever it was continued to happen whenever Robbie found himself in town.

One time he was in the park, waiting for Sportacus so they could go on a picnic lunch. The elf came running toward him, crystal blaring, and sped right past Robbie, stopping only a split second to peck him on the cheek and say in one breath:

Hi Robbie Someone’s in trouble I’ll be late Bye I love you!”

Then he was gone, leaving Robbie to puzzle out exact what his boyfriend had just said.

Another time, Robbie had been sitting on a bench trying to think of the best way to stop the brats from singing their obnoxious jump rope rhymes just a few yards away. The sky above him darkened briefly and he felt something warm touch the top of his head just seconds before Sportacus landed in front of him. Robbie yelped, like any sane person would if their boyfriend just fell from the sky in front of them. Sportacus had the gall to chuckle at him.

“Did you just kiss me mid flip?” Robbie asked, hand clutching his heart.

Sportacus just winked and back flipped away towards to children, much to their delight. Robbie rested back against the bench with a groan and a blush.

Finally, after a month of this, Robbie got a chance to ask what was going on.

He was leaning back again one of the walls surrounding the playground. Stephanie and the kids had a new dance routine they just had to show Robbie. He watched them setting up the stereo and getting some last minute practice. Behind him, he heard a very familiar voice say, “Hi, Robbie!”

He glanced over his shoulder and saw Sportacus. Upside down. Again.

Rolling his eyes, Robbie turned around and placed his hands on the wall, “Why do you keep—”

He didn’t get much further than that before lips covered his own. Robbie felt his face heat up. The kiss felt odd, since one of the participants was the wrong way around, but it still sent tingles down Robbie’s spine.

Sportacus pulled back and Robbie saw his face was also red, though it was probably for a different reason. He grinned proudly at Robbie.

After a moment, Robbie found his voice again, “Why do you keep doing this?”

“Doing what?”

This! Doing ridiculous things just to kiss me!”

Sportacus let his legs fall onto the pavement and stood beside Robbie like a normal person. He was still smiling, “I just never want to miss an opportunity to show you I love you.”

The blush that had only just started to fade from Robbie’s cheeks flared up again, “W-what are you talking about?”

“I know I’m on the move a lot, helping people and playing with the kids, but I don’t want you to feel like I’m forgetting about you. I’ve been taking every opportunity I can find to kiss you!” The elf looked away from Robbie, rubbing the back of his neck. It wasn’t often he acted openly sheepish, “I’ve been calling them… kisspertunities.” He cleared his throat, smile fading, “I can stop if you really don’t like them.”

Robbie thought about it for a heartbeat before putting his hands on Sportacus’ shoulders and kissing his forehead.

“I never said I didn’t like them, idiot elf,” he said. He pulled Sportacus into a hug.

Sportacus wrapped his arms around him, burying his face in Robbie’s shoulder, “Good. Because they’re a lot of fun to do.” Robbie chuckled. He could feel Sportacus smiling against him.

They stayed like that for a few moments. Robbie always enjoyed the times where Sportacus felt like being still for a change. The moment was over when they both heard a noise not far away that sounded suspiciously like five children trying to hold back their giggles. Sportacus was the first one to step away.

“I think they’re ready for us,” he said. He stood up on his tip toes and planted a kiss on Robbie’s cheek before cartwheeling over. Robbie rolled his eyes at the display and followed. Kisspertunities. What an exasperating concept.

He hoped Sportacus never stopped finding them.

These screenshots show you should never let go of your dreams, even if they are really ugly, with an awful colour scheme (WHAT’S THAT ORANGE, OMG) or don’t look that spacey at all.

You should stick with the ugly little thing. It will grow into a beaultiful butterfly, I’m sure.


I feel lost in myself

There’s an alien in me

Who are you? Who am I?

Blood is all I see

The words in the mirror are making me shiver

Save me with your love tonight

Come and bring me back to life

-Tokio Hotel, Alien from the Humanoid album.

Humanoid edits.

kara is canonically the only person to ever stick up for lena luthor. in lena’s entire life. whereas mon-el had an entire planet of slaves at his disposal for his every need. lena making new connections with the superfriends, growing closer to kara, and branching out despite her traumatic and abusive home life is what we should be seeing on the show (alongside kara’s personal journey, of course). lena is a LUTHOR…and that title has held weight for decades (in the show’s universe and our own). we should see her overcoming that and not some nonsensical plot concerning Daxam. aka a planet most of us hadn’t even heard about til they decided introduced it as an excuse for mon-el’s misogyny. lena deserves a redemption arc. mon-el doesn’t. we shouldn’t be subjected to a romanticised toxic relationship the female lead has with an abusive slave owner. we deserve lena getting her pussy ate by kara. 

anonymous asked:

I don't understand why people are so upset about the cover. There are other covers, even one of Buffy/Sarah by herself.

No one’s upset! There’s nothing to be upset about. We’re just commenting on personal preferences, that’s all. 

PERSONALLY, I would’ve liked the MAIN cover to be of Buffy herself or with the Scoobies. PERSONALLY, I feel that was what the show was about. PERSONALLY, I don’t like the fact that a ship made the main cover. PERSONALLY, I don’t think a character that was part of the show for three seasons should take precedence over the main character/s.

Yes, there are other covers but they’re alternate covers. The cover they’re using to advertise the reunion is the one with Bangel in it, which is the main cover. It’s easy to tell because it’s different from the rest. The other covers are like a collector’s edition to cater to everyone’s tastes. But the MAIN cover is Buffy and Angel. 

There’s nothing wrong with the cover, and I love the fact that we got a reunion, I legit cried while watching the promo video. I’m not lying. I bawled my eyes out. I’m elated, ecstatic, overjoyed, overwhelmed! 

But the show was about BUFFY, and PERSONALLY, I would’ve liked that to be reflected on the cover of the magazine celebrating its twenty years. 


ok one more post about today’s tbs and then i’ll shut up

again, criticism under cut.  as i used to say in 2008, don’t like don’t read

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Well, today was the day I finally got to meet master. He gave me a cage and made me lock my clit away. It feels so much better having it out of the way. Thank you master for showing me how I should be.

- Pup Glitch

anonymous asked:

I know this has probably been talked about to death but I haven't seen anyone talk about it so how would you feel if Buffy was done after season 5 and UPN didn't pick it up? Do you see season 6 and 7 as something that was needed?

Yes, a lot of people think the show should’ve ended with season 5. I’m not one of those people. I wouldn’t have liked my show to end with its heroine dead (especially not considering she was suicidal and her sacrifice is equal parts sacrifice and suicide…) 

Season 6 gets a lot of flack because it’s dark, but I think it’s amazing. First of all, it brought Buffy back. And Buffy’s depression arc is one of the best things to have ever been written on TV and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. Plus, it delivered one of the best episodes in the history of television and a personal favorite, so for that alone, season 6 had to happen. The fact that it’s uncomfortable to watch doesn’t mean that it’s bad or that it should’ve been done. They took a lot of risks, some of them paid off, some of them backfired. But in the end, they all make for interesting and thought-provoking television. 

Season 7 is uneven and suffers from a lot of different problems but it had a lot of potential (pun not intended) and it could’ve been great with some tweaking here and there. And again, it’s not necessarily bad as much as it’s not as good as the previous seasons. 

Buffy deserved an epic ending. Chosen might have some problems and it certainly doesn’t satisfy all viewers equally, but you can’t deny that it was quite epic. The thing is, two seasons were needed to get from Buffy dying + resurrecting to that. So yeah

To sum up, I don’t agree with those who claim the show jumped the shark after season 5. And I would’ve liked more seasons of it as well. I love this show, ergo more equals good in my book.

Answers to questions not yet asked

I don’t know how to feel. I mean, I do: I’m so excited for this new cast and I can’t wait for them to start at Hogwarts; it’ll be so good!

But at the same time this is now official confirmation that most of the original actors will not be staying with the play. And yes, this does mean official confirmation that Jamie Parker is not going to be playing Harry Potter after 21st May.

Don’t get me wrong. I have seen Jamie Glover in 4 shows, and he is a brilliant actor: he is going to do the role justice, for sure. Also, Jamie is outgoing Harry and there is a Jamie as incoming Harry?! Fab!

Yes, this means no more Jamie Parker on stage as Harry. This mean he’s going onto bigger things, allowing his career to carry on and continue as it should. Using this show as a springboard into doing other things, broadening his horizons, stretching himself into new areas. And this is great!! He’s doing the right thing to allow himself to become other characters, other people: Harry Potter will always be a defining role, but he may not want it to be the thing that defines him as an actor: his career started before Cursed Child, and he will continue to fly sky high after it.

But. I can’t pretend that I’m not a little  - ok, maybe more than a little - sad to see him leave the Palace. Never before have I seen such an emotionally powerful performance, on any stage. He has shown his versatility on that stage in so many ways, and continues to amaze both myself and that audience every night. His performance really hit home to me in so many ways; I know how some of those emotions feel, and to see someone I love experience those emotions and events too, even as an actor in performance… it’s raw. It’s powerful. And I’m going to miss the catharsis that brought me.

That doesn’t matter though. What matters is that, ultimately, Mr Parker is going on to new things, new experiences, new characters, new chapters of his career. And this means we get to see him and his talent shine in new - and possibly unexpected - ways. That can only be a good thing. And I can’t wait!



She would watch you the whole time with a smile on her face and once you were done she would be the first clapping with a big smile. You truly were her girl crush.

“Woah, you are amazing.”


She would watch you dance with heart eyes, she would fall in love with you right away. When you were done she would tell you how amazing you were. But backstage she would be a little flirt.

“You know, I’m a girl crush too, we should be a together.”


During the show she would clap for you and tell you that you were great, inside her head, she was thinking about one thing and that was a way to get around you more.

“You know, I think we should dance together one, here’s my number.”


Sana would watch you licking her lips looking at you up and down. When you were done she would give you a big smile and for the rest of the show her eyes were on you the most. Afterwards, she would find a way to get your number.


Everyone would tease her for weeks about how on the show she was so surprised at your dancing and how much she found you attracted. She would end up seeing you again a few days later and would blush every time you smiled at her.


She would be so shy at telling you how amazing you were at dancing so she would wait to after the show to tell you. But for weeks you were all she could think and talk about. So, the girls would push things far by giving you her number and telling you about her crush on you.

“Who told you I like you?”


She would always blush around you after seeing you dance, she found you very attracted and would be forever shy around you until one day she just asked you for date.


After you were done dancing and sat next to her she would get shy and would give you her cute little smile. After the show she would look at you but if she saw you catch her staring she would look down at floor and blush but later would end up talking to you.

“Oh ,Y/N I was wondering if you would like to hang out sometime.”


She wouldn’t be able to keep her eyes off you and would watch you for the rest of the show. She would be nervous after the show to talk to you but still would. Inside she knew she had a little crush on you but wouldn’t tell anyone.

“Hey, you should teach me how to dance like you, you are amazing.”