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everything about me is just terrible, everything about me makes me wanna die


ok. i’m in the mood to write this. why do we feel like we aren’t pretty, smart, funny enough if we don’t have a boyfriend? why do we need approval from a guy to be considered pretty, cool, etc ? (i’m guilty for even thinking about these, and frankly i self-doubt myself, i doubt my self worth, i always thought, “why don’t guys ever approach me, why do everyone of my friends gets to have love but not me? maybe i’m too this i’m too annoying, too weird?” if you ever thought of this, stop right now and listen to me. 

this is why ; we are shaped maybe because of social media, rom coms, the standards society puts at us, etc. and I. AM. SICK. OF. IT. 

let me tell you something, YOU (yes you who are reading this either in a bathroom,after watching a youtube video, eating chips, post workout, just after stalking your crush, post studying or whatever it is you might be doing, YOU) are lovable, you are amazing, you ARE pretty. we are in our own ways. you can never deny that. you might have something other people DON’T have. whether it be being kind, being very caring towards another human, very analytical, very observative, patient, loving, or whatever it is that exists inside of you. 

i’m pretty sure, you who are reading this have something to offer to another human being (by being kind, passionate, loving, radiate positivity etc). why must we think “i don’t think i deserve love” “i’m not worth of love” “am i lovable?” when no one approaches you, no boys are interested at you, or no boyfriends? why?
say this : I AM WORTHY OF LOVE. I AM LOVABLE, I AM BEAUTIFUL IN MY OWN WAY BECAUSE I AM _______, _________ AND ________. (your positive qualities) AND NO ONE CAN SAY OTHERWISE. 

girls and boys, you need to BELIEVE that you are as beautiful and as pretty and as cool and as SMART as you are. don’t ever doubt yourself. ONCE YOU KNOW YOUR WORTH, KNOW WHAT YOU DESERVE, KNOW YOUR LEVEL, NO BITCH CAN STAND IN YOUR WAY AND NO ONE CAN SAY OTHERWISE. the RIGHT guy will see your worth. in the meantime, work on yourself, and start backing up yourself when you need someone. you have yourself. LITERALLY YOUR OWN  OPINION IS ALL THAT MATTERS. NO ONE ELSE. do this, instead of thinking “does he think i’m annoying, i should be less loud or weird” say it like this “i am loud or weird, SO BE IT. THIS IS ME, and if he or she doesn’t like that thatS THEIR problem, nOT MINE.” one fine day, you’ll attract the right person that will handle your loudness and weirdness. 

girls/guys, don’t ever think that you are not lovable or not worthy of love, YOU ARE. maybe the universe is asking you to work on yourself, then your guy will show up. we are all destined to be with someone, and it will happen to you. i KNOW IT WILL. I WISH YOU BABES ALL THE LUCK IN THIS JOURNEY AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

~talk to me~ message me I AM _______ (your qualities) eg “I AM SMART AND I’M GOOD AT CALCULUS” , IT’S A CHALLENGE. or message any boy problems, self journey, or anything you want to share, publicly/privately. i am here to listen and help. I LOVE YALL. 

yours truly, glowdetails. 

Naruto Support Groups

Requested by anon!

What support groups would we see in the Naruto universe?

1. I was immortal but I died anyway:

Founding Members: Hidan, Kakuzu, Sasori, Orochimaru

It’s mostly arguing about who’s the most immortal and about how Orochimaru shouldn’t be included.

2. Unappreciated parents: 

Founding Members: Inoichi, Shikaku, Choza

A few other parents joined but left after the first couple of meetings. Now the three of them just talk about how awesome they are as a team.

3. Naruto changed me for the better: 

Founding Members: Gaara, Tsunade, Zabuza, Nagato, Konan

One of the more civilized groups, they mostly talk about how amazing Naruto is as a person. Tsunade always demands Sake but she’s always refused.

4. Kabuto Zombie support group: 

Founding Members: Deidara, Itachi, Sasori, Kakuzu

It started off as those first four complaining but soon quite a few more people joined. So many in fact, that they had to ask people to stop showing up.

5. Sharp Teeth ARE cool: 

Founding Members: Kisame, Suigetsu, Zabuza, Chojuro

Just a group for complimenting each others teeth and sometimes even demonstrating how to floss without hurting yourself.

6. Ninjas against gender roles: 

Founding Members: Deidara, Haku, Sai

Being mistaken for the opposite gender is annoying, but being told they should look less feminine is even more annoying. 

7. Underappreciated women: 

Founding Members: Tenten, Konan, Kurenai, Shizune

Sometimes they punch pillows with Akatsuki members faces on them, but they had to stop due to blowing their budget on more pillows. 

8. My jutsu IS awesome: 

Founding Members: Shino, Suigetsu, Ino

It started out with just Shino by himself, but more soon joined. 

Im sorry that adhd isnt cute or edgy but that doesnt mean it should get less attention then many other disorders. I know were annoying i know were fidgety and forgetful and we ramble. I know were angry and indecisive and we have problems with personal space. But I also know that we are important and we are trying our best.

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“You can share my jacket with me, since you’re shivering.” ...I mean. Friendshippy Piccolo and Chichi? If you want?

Chi-Chi rubbed her bare arms. Summer was definitely over–it was officially time to start wearing her long-sleeved dresses again. She’d tried to hold off as long as she could, but, well, she was getting older, and she couldn’t handle the cold as well as she used to.

“You look cold.”

Years ago, she would have flinched at Piccolo speaking suddenly from behind her. Even longer ago than that, she would have sent a foot straight into his jaw without a second thought. Instead, she didn’t even look at him, instead keeping her eyes trained on Gohan and Goten as they ran up the hill towards the house. “I’m fine. Just waiting for my boys, that’s all.”

“They can go faster than that, you know they can.” Piccolo’s voice was less annoyed than usual. “You should yell at them for making their poor mother wait for them in the cold.”

“Poor mother nothing.” Chi-Chi sent a playful glare up at him. “I’m not so helpless as you might think.”

“Maybe not, but you’re shivering,” he pointed out. “You can share my cape with me, if you want.”

Chi-Chi blinked. In all the years they’d known each other, all the time they’d spent together, Piccolo had never offered something like this. “If you don’t mind,” she said.

“I wouldn’t have offered if I did.” Piccolo held out one side of his cape and she tucked herself tentatively into his side. “There. Isn’t that better?” Piccolo wrapped an arm around her shoulders and she shivered.

“How’re you so dang warm?” she demanded. “I’m out here freezin’ my ass off and here you are burning up the place!”

“It’s the cape.” Piccolo shrugged. “Your kids are taking a long time.”

It was her turn to shrug. “I’m used to waiting.”

“That’s not right.” Piccolo was frowning down at her when she looked up. “I know I don’t have much ground to stand on here, but you’re always waiting on somebody, and that’s not right. You’ve got your own shit to worry about. You don’t need to be waiting on others all the time.”

“Aren’t you the little gentleman.” Chi-Chi elbowed him in the side. It was like elbowing a brick wall. “Like I said, I’m used to it. Waiting for Goku to come keep his promise, waiting for news about my son, waiting for people to come back…I’ve spent a lot of time waiting.” She laughed. “I’m used to it, but that don’t really make me much good at it. I’m impatient. Pa says I get that from my ma.”

Piccolo grunted. “I still say you should give them an earful when they get back. Shouldn’t leave someone as pretty as you waiting.”

She blinked and stared up at him. Was it her imagination, or was his face a little darker? It was hard to tell in the fading light. “A-aren’t you the charmer tonight,” she managed.

“I have to go.” Piccolo retracted himself and his cape from her and backed up. “Please apologise to Gohan for me.” And he was gone, the force of his departing ki sending her hair and dress flying.

“Jerk!” Chi-Chi yelled after him, but she could feel her face was flushed, too.

You’re very touchy (NCT U)

Taeil: -you managed to embarrass him because you would constantly need to touch him. He would move your hand if he thought you were going too far with the touching- “we’re in a public setting, your hand shouldn’t venture too far now”

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Taeyong: -you would kiss him or ask to hold his hand or wrap your arms around him no matter where you were. He would blush from the surprise of it- “babe you can’t just kiss me like that. What if people saw us?”

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Doyoung: -he loved it. Even if it was a distraction while you guys were together. You would sit in his lap kiss his face or hug him and bury your face into his neck. He would be so focused on you the others wouldn’t be able to talk to him anymore- “sorry guys we’re happy together. You should try and get someone yourselves and then it will be less annoying”

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Ten: -you would grab his hand when you guys sat together. He’d smile and squeeze your’s back. Then you would proceed to lay your head on his shoulder and cuddle closer. Even when he would get warm he wouldn’t stop you from being affectionate- “have I told you that you look really cute when you get cuddly?”

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Jaehyun: -your hands had a mind of their own half the time. You would often stick your hands in his back pockets and he’d have to grab them before they did something bad- “honey we’ve been over this before. Keep them to yourself”

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Mark: -he would get teased and scolded by the other boys. You two had the problem of being handsy around each other. Often times it wasn’t bad or anything it was just a lot of touching- “well Y/N and I are dating it tends to happen in affection”

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Did ks ever said a single negative thing about ji? Like for example "he is annoying""he is not funny" "he should talk less" etc

‘jon.gin can’t cook’ is the meanest thing he ever said about him and then he was smiling and looking all affectionate while saying it. he so ji biased, /:

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Even cartoons which are praised for a significant focus on story (GF, ATLA) still had significantly less story driven first seasons. Is it as much a creative decision by the showrunners to withhold the good stuff until later, or the companies not wanting to invest in longer storylines (i.e, more seasons) until the show is proven successful?

It’s entirely possible (and even probably) that executive meddling is preventing shows from telling the stories they want to for their first season. That doesn’t mean I should be any less angry about it because it’s horribly annoying.

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Matsuda and L

First impression
L - Weird greasy man. Should shut up and kiss Light
Matsuda: Annoying, not sure why.

Impression now
L: Baby. Mine. Should still shut up and kiss Light
Matsuda: … less annoying. Kinda cute. Would ship.

Favorite moment
L: That one second when he has short sleeves while playing tennis.
Matsuda: When he fucking murders Light. I hate him for doing it but it’s his best moment in canon.

Idea for a story
I’m gonna do one for both of them here: L and Matsuda compete over who gets to date Light. Light doesn’t want to date either of them. Stop these weirdos.

Unpopular opinion
L: He is 100% as weird as he seems. The persona theory is cool but he’s really just that creepy and stupid.
Matsuda: Actually a really good cop when it comes to anything but mental warfare between insane geniuses.

Favorite relationship
L: LxLight, obviously lol
Matsuda: Hmm… I’ve become interested in MatsuLight recently.

Favorite headcanon
L: Bi bi bi bi bi (also polyamourous)(he secretly loves so many people)
Matsuda: I don’t think I know any Matsuda headcanons…

Happy birthday Mandi (dude-its-bcn-hlls)! Here’s a fake relationship fic loosely inspired by this post. Hope you like it! :)

“Hey, you’re late. It’s almost ten.”

“Slept in,” Derek replies, smiling slightly at Stiles-the-super-cute-barista. 

“And here I thought you were one of those ‘Sleep makes me weak. I exist off of caffeine’ sort of guys,” Stiles says, already ringing up Derek’s order, even though he hasn’t specified it. Truthfully, though, the day Derek orders anything other than his usual large, black coffee will be the day Laura stops being bossy. So basically never.

“I thought that was more your philosophy,” Derek snorts, handing over a five. 

“True,” Stiles laughs, but the smile slips off his face as he focuses his gaze somewhere over Derek’s shoulder. “Hey, do you know those girls?”

Derek glances behind him and has to contain a groan as he sees who Stiles is referring to. Two teenage girls have their smartphones pointed towards him, presumably taking pictures or videos, while whispering to each other and giggling intermittently. Really, he should be used to this by now, but it never gets any less annoying.

“Do you want me to get them to leave?” Stiles asks, breaking Derek from his thoughts.

“No, it’s fine,” Derek sighs, his Stiles-induced good mood dampened. “I’m used to it.”

“They’re heading this way,” Stiles replies, and Derek has to once again resist the urge to let out a noise of frustration. He looks back at the two rapidly approaching girls before turning back to Stiles, indecisive.

“Just go with me for a moment,” he murmurs, Stiles blinking at him in confusion.

“Oka - ” Stiles starts, only to be cut off by Derek leaning forward and brushing their lips together in the barest impression of a kiss.

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Just Be Mine

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You find yourself in a weekend retreat because of your parents company and so does Park Jimin. Little did you know there was more to this week-end than politics and boredom.

Word count: 7665

Being your parents’ daughter wasn’t hard. They cared about you more than anything in the world and always did everything in your best interest. You loved them and they loved you, and it had been like that from the moment your were born. Being the daughter of one of the country’s most important companies’ CEO however, wasn’t such a pleasant task. It came with many benefits; there was no doubt about that. You lived well off and had more opportunities and experiences that most people your age could only dream of, and you were immensely thankful for that. Having to put with the expectations that came with it, however…

It wasn’t that your parents expected you to do or be anything other than yourself, but eyes were always on you and you had to maintain an image that reflected not only yourself but also your family and the company. Even if it was something you were groomed to do since the beginning, it didn’t come naturally for you and as hard as you tried you always ended up doing a mediocre job at it. Having to constantly to put a façade and play ambassador simply wasn’t a game you liked to play.

“Do I really have to go this time?” You whined to your mother as she helped you prepare your luggage.

“Honey… We’ve talked about this, it’s important that you come with us to these sorts of events… you already missed the New Years’ Gala! I can assure you’re going to have fun!” She tried to unsuccessfully cheer you up about the whole situation.

“But… Mom… it’s an entire weekend! Do I really have to…?”

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😼: First off, I once took care of 43 cats at once, and one chihuahua who I didn't notice wasn't a cat. Damian, I will happily hook you up with more pets, but perhaps we could open a shelter together instead? With your money and our love of animals we could do a lot of good. Eddie, don't you have a favorite coffee place? We should go there. You're being less annoying than usual so I won't punch you. But more importantly, I don't make the list of favorite rogues? See if I get you a cat.

I’m so sorry Selina, you totally make my favorite rogue list! I was just listing of rogues at random earlier - it wasn’t in any particular order, and it was just the first few who came to mind.

Also, the shelter idea sounds great! Much better than adopting way too may pets.

“Two can play at this game”- Young Peter Hale

A/N: Yeeaaahh some young Peter, thank you for your request, send in some long imagine requests for young peter if you like ;)

Prompt List:

23 with young! Peter?😏 

You were going for your morning run when someone surprised you by calling your name, you paused your music and saw Peter Hale on his porch smirking at you

“You should wear that more often” He smirked referring to your sports bra and running shorts

“You should be less annoying more often” You said sarcastically before continuing on your run, only to be stopped 20 seconds later by Peter who was now stood in front of you, blocking your path

“Move Hale” You said

“Make me” He grinned

You darted to the right but Peter was quicker and he blocked you again, you made a move to the left but he was already there

“Two can play at this game” You smirked before turning sharply on your heels and sprinting back the way you came

“I mean it” He called and you stopped to turn around but he was gone. You turned yourself back around only to see Peter stood in your way again, you rolled your eyes

“You should wear that more often”

The Strange Relationship of Akashi Seijuro and Furihata Kouki 1

Kuroko Tetsuya and Kagami Taiga: On Aquarium Dates and Whatever Flavored Ice Cream

It was around this time of the year when Akashi Seijuro bumps into a trembling Furihata Kouki and was asked to accompany him since he won’t accept a simple apology. Ever since then, every time Akashi needs a chaperone, he would call on Furihata and the boy would obediently go with him. More often than not, the rest of the Seirin team would come across them when they went out, and soon began questioning their relationship.

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“Cat got your tongue?”

Realistically speaking tsukki could easily.EASILY slip his tongue back in but he secretly enjoys it so doesn’t

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Top 6 Angel/Spike moments?

  •  "You’ve been yelling at each other for forty minutes about [cavemen and astronauts].“
  •  "I’m his date.“
  • “Are you saying we should start annoying other people!?”
  • “I liked your poems…” “You like Barry Manilow!”

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So I've gone through a bunch of your tags and you're really awesome! I especially like when you pointed out that piper isn't perfect; she has some ugly flaws that people will hate. You also talked about that a little with Annabeth. This is a weird ask but like, could you talk about the 7 and their ugly flaws that people hate/ignore? Idk, you've really made appreciate Annabeth and piper more since you talked about it with them!

i’m so here for realistically flawed characters !!! i love it when characters get screwed over by their own imperfections because that’s literally life, it doesn’t get any more relatable than fucking yourself over until you learn from your mistakes, and the consequences are ugly in real life and they should be ugly in fiction too !!

and hey, some flaws are more/less annoying to some people than to others, that’s why everyone doesn’t get along with everyone and there’s levels of relationship intimacy. and why certain people aren’t going to like certain characters. but, yeah, they’re definitely flawed.

additionally, very important to note that there are reasons for these flaws that make them totally justifiable and this is not remotely written to convert anyone to dislike them lol. it’s just.

if you met them irl, these are the things that would probably annoy you about them:

percy’s temper, man. i am so not here for this like “percy’s just so loyal that he suffers !” like man that’s not a character flaw that makes him a literal angel saint ! his character flaw is that he’s angry. percy spends a lot of time pissed tf off, which makes sense given his situation yeah for sure but that doesn’t mean it’s not annoying to put up with sometimes. like, the kind of temper that causes you to yell “shut up” in a museum on a school field trip? i know some irl people with tempers like that and god like when they really lose it, it’s fucking annoying and gets old really quickly. he’s also super pessimistic most of the time and never lets things go, which like i said is totally understandable but that kind of personality in day to day life is just tiring after awhile, plenty of people get sick of listening to complaints. being a pessimistic person who can’t let things go definitely does not make you popular Trust Me. percy and annabeth even have a fight about this in tlo: annabeth is like, can you just chill out with the Doom and Gloom for like one conversation oh my god i’m trying not to think about how you’re going to die on your fucking birthday and you keep BRINGING IT UP AND I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT, I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY FOR LIKE, TEN FUCKING SECONDS, OKAY????!! and it happens in a much more civil way in tartarus when he’s like “tartarus sucks bet monsters can’t even be killed down here we’re fuckin doomed” and she’s like “bruh. chill.” but like literally ENOUGH with the doomsday talk sometime i mean DUDE we all know you’re fucking better than the rest of us have you looked in the mirror you’re a goddamn champion so maybe you could stop complaining about how you’re a loser all the time because you’re CLEARLY NOT.

annabeth is fucking high strung and putting up with that every day gets fucking tiring after awhile can you imagine??? have you ever been friends with someone who consistently insists on running themselves into the damn ground and then starts snapping at everyone and biting their heads off? it’s annoying. she can’t relax and she’s bossy and uptight. and is one of those people that yells at everyone else for breaking the rules but literally doesn’t listen to anything anyone else says ever. and also she probably takes pride in being intimidating and that’s so fucking annoying irl oh my godddddd people who think they’re the shit are so FUCKING ANNOYING. also like obnoxiously good at everything so you just wanna punch her in the face for no apparent reason most of the time bc she makes you feel inadequate so it’s the kind of thing where it’s like every time she does anything you just wanna roll your eyes so hard that they get stuck that way because WE GET IT ALREADY WE KNOW YOU’RE GOOD AT EVERYTHING. she’s also probably that fuckin kid who obsessively talks about her stupid fucking calculus test and it makes you wanna scream I HAVE A FUCKING 38 IN CALCULUS EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU KNOWS THAT YOU’RE GOING TO ACE THE TEST BECAUSE YOU’RE FUCKING PERFECT SO COULD YOU DO US ALL A FUCKING FAVOR AND SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH

piper’s a spoiled fucking brat. rich kids who shoplift are the epitome of spoiled fucking brats. i get that it’s for attention but like literally pull your head out of your own ass and stop dragging poor unassuming retail workers into your family rifts, maybe?? she’s also rather whiny and complains a lot without actually doing much to fix her problem. she can dish out advice but she can’t take it, and she’s quite selfish and doesn’t seem to know how to get what she wants without demanding it like a petulant fucking two year old.

jason is fucking bland as hell he’s like annoyingly unexpressive like do you have a goddamn brain in your head do you know what your own opinion is like GOD fucking SAY SOMETHING ALREADY, DO YOU HAVE EMOTIONS???? make a fucking choice bro like GOOOOODODD who do you wanna be with? where do you wanna live? CAN YOU FUCKING MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY WE’RE ALL WAITING, ANY DAY NOW. and just like, obnoxiously perfect n understanding and it’s like literally fuck you why do you have to be so goddamn cool and collected all the time can’t you have the decency to be a hot mess like the rest of us i mean honestly.

hazel. (i’m having a really hard time with this one loll). umm… stubborn as fuck, i guess? or runs from her problems? oooooh, how about she’s that fuckin kid who everyone thinks is so nice and wonderful and she is really nice and wonderful except you’re not friends with her so you get irrationally annoyed for absolutely no justifiable reason. you wanna be friends with her because she’s so fucking nice but she’s just so polite to everyone but she holds you at arms length and you get insecure because you wanna be friends with her so bad but she has way too many friends so you’re just like well fuck her i don’t need her in my life anyway. and then you get pissed off every time she’s nice to someone else and you start thinking she’s a fake because no one can be that fucking nice it’s so annoying. (this is so weak. idk.)

frank (ditto, who doesn’t like frank??????). um. runs from his problems and is really good at this one thing and you keep encouraging him to do it but he’s like no i suck at everything and you’re like. literally. you’re fucking better at this than i’ve ever been at anything in my entire life and you’re saying your bad at it. WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS FUCKING TALENT AND YOU DON’T EVEN USE IT. stop talking bad about yourself you keep complaining how you’re not good at anything and you !!!! don’t listen !!! when i tell you that you’re really good at something !! walks around in this cloud of self hatred and YOU’RE FUCKING BETTER AT THIS THAN ANYONE ON EARTH EVER SO STO P W H I NIN G. he’s that kid who everyone expects to major in one thing and then announces their college major and you’re like you know what stfu frank could you quit it with the bad life decisions i’m tired of trying to explain your own life to you i told you to fucking do this and what do you do? something else, that’s what. fuck you.

leo is annoyoooyingg he’s so annoying. aggressive humor grates on the nerves like nothing else my god. we all know you’re trying to compensate for how small your dick is but it’s not working so could you PUT A FUCKING SOCK IN IT NOBODY WANTS TO LISTEN TO THE NINE HUNDREDTH BAD JOKE OF THE DAY. YOU’RE NOT FUNNY LET IT GO. also like that obnoxious kid who like pretends that they understand what you’re going through all the time and is like “i’ve been through Hard Times” but you’re like, you don’t fucking know me could you just like ???? shut up about how much your life sucks???