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When we shot the scene in the National Cathedral where Bartlet’s walking down the aisle and cursing at God, first of all, we shot it at the National Cathedral in Washington. It’s a magnificent place. And, we were rehearsing, and I looked behind me and saw in the back of the room that a number of clergy had gathered, and I thought, ‘You know, I should tell them what’s about to happen. It seems like the least I can – the least rude I can be is to at least tell them what’s gonna happen.’
I walked up to the priest that was closest to me, and said 'I just wanted to let you know that Martin Sheen, in this scene we’re gonna do, he’s gonna curse at God.’
And the priest said, 'I know. It’s gonna be great.’
—  Aaron Sorkin (Two Cathedrals)

I think the core thing that caused The Last Airbender to be the horrible, piece of shit movie that it is was the fact that Shyamalan clearly looked down on the TV series as just some dumb children’s show and not for the good thing it is. It really shows through in the movie that he thought that the show’s just a mindless cartoon made to momentarily distract children too dumb to comprehend the world around them. That was his first of many mistakes, and that, combined with his incompetence, laid the foundation for the film.

BTS REACTS TO: s/o’s ex flirting with them

Anon Asked: BTS reacting to you being flirted by your ex infront of them and your ex is literally ignoring their presence

Personally, I think if something like this were to happen, you should be the one to react, not them. If I were them and something like this were to happen, but my gf/bf doesn’t do anything, expecting me to, I’d be high key annoyed with you, on god. But for the sake of romanticism… *sigh* - Admin Dayna


It wasn’t something he was fond of. The hassle of confronting your ex and possibly getting in a fight just wasn’t an appealing scenario for Jin whatsoever. But as your ex kept up with their antics, ignoring him and flirting with you, he could feel his patience and temper wearing thin. Truth be told, your patience was running just as fast, but much like your boyfriend, you kept a passive aggressive approach with it. Neither of you verbally or physically confronted your ex about his constant flirting and disrespect towards Jin. You both just stood there, half-assed listening to him, mainly ignoring him, mostly exchanging shady looks between each other whenever your ex spoke to you. It took a while for them to get the picture, but your ex left on his own accord. Even the blind could see how much you guys weren’t for the shits and shenanigans.

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We should spar more often Skipper..

I feel an ulterior motive there, Chief.

Really wish I possessed the ability to write because boy would there be a one shot along with this if i could, but alas i dont. So my tiny quotes and art will have to suffice.

this feels like this always should have happened like not to get 2 deep but harry was always destined to perform on snl solo hosting with jimmy fallon like the sky is blue the grass is green global warming is real and harry styles is taking over the world like those are the #facts

March has been kicking my ass with school work and I think the weather has been screwing up my head. I feel better now, so I’m going to turn anon back on. If you want so send me anon hate, then you might not get a response. I just think people that send hate anonymously are cowards, because if you want to tell people your opinions you should at least own up to them.

Also, I’m behind on the Kate book, but I’m gonna make a list of what I have so far and ask people to remind me to include their edits.

Ohhhh the lamp blew up too.

Sad when that happens.

Thornton is STILL asleep.

We should all sleep so fucking well.

Oh there he goes.

Rise and shine, Stupid!  :D

Morgana is pregnant again.

Snuggling your husband in bed is a serious offense.

…. or at least she WAS pregnant.  Maybe it’s the Singed moodlet.  TS3 takes care of pregnant sims.  They don’t like to actually give birth this way, because it seems pregnant sims rarely singe on their own.


Well we’ll fix that.  xD

I know you don’t want your w.ife fixed.  … well you DO, but you don’t want her re-pregnant, anyway.  xD

A fertile beast.  Stay away from his toothbrush and laundry.

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Urgent! I just got outed to the most lgbtphobic kid in my grade and hes telling everyone. Im really scared, I could get assaulted(or worse) for this. What should I do????

Either deny it or let it happen, tell them it’s true and try to get the protection of the school or your parents and friends. This could help you because the earlier you come out, the more likely a therapist or endocrinologist is to believe that you’re transgender. Good luck!


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I'm heartbroken. I was on a crisis chat line, and I told the person that I'm trans, and then they left. A person who's supposed to help me during a time of crisis left because I said I was trans. I feel like no one is ever going to accept me.

Please message me. I’m @planetary-mom-friend and I think that piece of shit isn’t worth your time. I’m so fucking sorry. You should bring up that that’s what happened with someone on the crisis line because that could get someone killed. I’d love to talk to you.

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I had a dream last night in which Negan killed himself by tripping over his own feet and whacking himself in the head with Lucille. I really hope that's the path AMC decides to follow

honestly that scene would be so iconic and yet, so ironic haha. i definitely think your dream should actually happen on the show, you seriously need to get hired by them to write the scene.

thanks for sharing, cat, and i hope you’re having a lovely day!

What with this suggesting that we might get to see a Kingsman 2 trailer before we’re eighty, I’ve been thinking about expectations and stuff, and-

Everybody has that one thing, right?  The one thing that you think should happen in the sequel so much and that seems so plausible that you can just see it in your mind?  And you know it’s probably not going to happen because what are the chances that you called it, but… like… what if you called it?

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Bitter ka ba?

Sorry to break it to you but NO, honey. I think we should all move on from what had happened and stop sending me TA’s about people to whom I’m not related to. Thanks and have a good night.

Bullying: Time to talk about it


Up till recently, bullying was for me just a big word that my favorite books spat out from time to time. At times, people talked about it around me. Other times, some sang about it. But never did I really witness one until this week.

I must admit that my first few years in high school were mostly spent in naivety and ignorance. I did not have many friends, mostly the characters from The Vampire Diaries and The Princess Diaries, so you could say I was living in a bubble/cavern.

But for the past four years, I have been connecting to people and now, I know things. One of them is bullying.

I can’t say I understand how victims feel because I never went through it. I can’t say why I think people do it; I don’t understand. What I can say though is that I know it is completely wrong and it should not be happening… Nothing excuses anybody from ill-treating someone.

Moreover, I think that the internet and all those shiny-looking apps are what helped this issue grow bigger. Nowadays, you get easily spammed with hate messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… you name it and there are thousands, if not more, kids being bullied. And this is sick! It does not only happen at school; it follows you home. It grows on you like a mushroom, feeds off your soul and strangles you till you are left with no tears. For me, it’s a black hole that never stops spinning and the walls are made of electric fence. Every single time you get electrocuted but, unlike popular belief, the pain doesn’t go away; it freaking intensifies until your world becomes drowned in one color!

I have a friend, nice girl with just the right overdose of sensibility. She’s fun to talk to and I always enjoy her cheeriness and good taste for music. Last year, in fact, we were in the same squad and it was a new type of experience. But we kind of walked out at the same time… I had my studies to focus on and she apparently had issues with one of the ‘leaders’. I did not know that at the time. All I knew was my big dreams starting to take shape and my new year’s resolutions which were bound to fail. But meanwhile, she was being constantly downgraded, her self esteem got shot and her health deteriorated.

It was bad, really, to not see her around for days and whenever she came, she looked frail and would always complain about a headache…

Then we talked seriously; the other girl had been bullying her, with the help of the rest. Whatsapp status (it had not been updated yet then…), Instagram stories, Facebook posts and what not. The girls in the squad would laugh at her cause of her fragile state, running their mouth about how she posted that pic and wore that dress… I mean, how sick are you to mock someone for being ill? Either you’re an idiot and you have no idea what being ill means or you really need a check up at the psychiatrist…

People get hurt by your actions… So what if a person walked away from your friendship? So what if a person decided to speak their voice out and disagree with you? It’s their right! How desperate are you that you gossip loudly about them in the bus and laugh when they say they are ill?

This is not right at all. And that is why some decide to end up their life, get involved with drugs, drop out of school or runaway. You don’t really know how that person’s family life is. You don’t know what goes on in their mind 24/7. It’s the same as no one knows what’s happening in your life and what problem you’re trying to fight off. If you can’t get that in your thick skull, then I’m sorry but you’re a prick, brainless idiot, airbag, dumbhead… All the terms you used to harm others.

Bullying is bad! Is it not enough that masses have to face famine, war, global warming, epidemies, apocalypse… Do we really need that stupid drama?

Hope that this gets passed around because unfortunately, some people need a reality check…

Thank you for showing your support!