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I know nothing about Jrey but I already love him

Is the youngest of 7. The ace of the class. competitive and cocky, has a heart of gold. Is rivals with Coran, over both serious and silly stuff. Also he and Coran dated for awhile. 

rival bf


I was looking for the man I loved. Or did I just love the idea of him, the face he showed me?
All I could do was follow the lines, pull a string. The things he’d done. The things he’d said.
Who are we, if not the stories we tell ourselves?

So hey, that inktober thingy was fun and all but i think everyone can agree it’s time to go back to animation.

Sooooooooooo i did the gobelins/TAW 48 hours film challenge, and it was nonsensical.  hello Balrog sempai. 

But hey  here’s maybe the only shot that looks kind of cool, i had like 40~ shots so i did each of them in like half an hower except for this one, it took me a full hower and an half, but damn it was fun. 


And I can’t take it

But I keep on coming back to you

[Bebe singing version]

i think calum would be totally shocked the first time you cried  in front of him. like, you’re just sitting on the couch listening to some music together and suddenly you start crying. he starts panicking cause you always say that you never crying and there you are, bawling uncontrollably on the couch and he tries to ask you what is wrong and you’re trying to tell him that you used to listen to that song with an special person in your life that is not in your life anymore but he can’t understand anything because of your sobs. so he just moves closer and awkwardly opens his arms for you (because he’s never been in a situation where he had to comfort someone) and rubs your back until you calm down, leaving a few kisses on your forehead, silently telling you that everything’s okay. 


I’ve Always Known How Badly I Wanted That

Richie crying, Eddie comforting him

• What The Fuck Was That?

Reddie’s first kiss

• Random Reddie hc’s

• Reddie Soul Mate au hc

Whatever your soul mate is eating, you can taste their food in your mouth

• The Losers At A Karaoke Bar hc

• Tall!Eddie, Short!Richie hc

• An Encounter

An au of the first time Eddie and Richie meet, featuring barista!Eddie and waiter!Richie

• Friday, I’m In Love

A 5 part story based on the song Friday, I’m In Love by The Cure

One | Two | Three (coming soon)

• “Why Are We At Derry High?”

Richie “goes missing” and Eddie rushes around town to find him, only to have a cute surprise waiting for him

• By The Bleachers

Eddie and Richie sneak off at lunch to make out, but one boy is much clumsier than the other

• “Shut Up!” “Make Me.”

Just your basic Reddie fluff and mush

Nice hot pants, Hot Pants!

Eddie tries to get Richie’s attention by wearing a pair of bright red, sequinned hot pants, and Richie does the same by getting rid of his dorky glasses

 Favourite Worst Nightmare

Richie has a nightmare about IT, and Eddie, being the sweetheart boyfriend he is, comforts him

Girl Crush

Greaser!Richie and square!Eddie in the 50′s… Don’t think this needs much more of a description

Australian Christmas hc

The losers head down under for Christmas after graduation

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If you're still doing mermay requests, how about an olm mermaid! (An olmaid?)

imagine calum and you having a night in, watching your favorite movies and shows together. he’d have his arm around your waist and while you are completely focused on whatever that was on the tv, he’d be only looking at you, studying that vision so that he would never forget about it. and with a sweet whisper in your ear he’d let you know that you are “the love of my life”.

You know, actually one of my favourite things about Star Wars is how incredibly, brilliantly, hopelessly uncool it is. Like, Boba Fett is SUPER AWESOME with his armour and his guns, and he gets dispatched by accident in a mildly embarrassing way. Kylo Ren is rocking his aesthetic and his snazzy lightsaber, but underneath that he’s just pathetic, and The Force Awakens takes pains to make sure we know it. The battle for control of the galaxy ultimately comes down to a bunch of teddy bears throwing rocks in a field. The battle for Darth Vader’s soul is only won when a badass weapon is thrown away. And so on.

Hell, Star Wars is so desperately uncool it wants its cool guy hero to get shot at before he shoots so said cool guy hero doesn’t commit a dishonorable act. It is the squarest, nerdiest, most doggedly virtuous set of movies in the world, and I love it.


New Beauty and the Beast TV spot with some new footage!