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it's my birthday soon and i'm having a cm themed party, do you have any ideas for decorations/games? i'm gonna watch cm and every time the team say 'we believe we're looking for a white male' we take a shot lmao

OMG THAT’S ICONIC you should do like pin the scarf on the spencer


Shadowhunters Season 1 | Season 2



Yūri Ep7 gifset process

A little process overview of the Yūri gifset I made:

1) Find the scene you wanna edit. bless this face

2) THE MOST TIME CONSUMING PART: masking out the background. After Effects has a roto tool you can use that auto generates a mask.  SAVES A TON OF TIME, but you still gotta go through each frame to make sure it caught everything (hair is a pain lemme tell you..) You can see me using the roto brush to fix up the mask (right side) in two of the frames, which translates to the actual gif (left side). You can also use Photoshop to mask manually through each frame with the lasso tools but… that’s gonna take way too long especially if the scene has a lot of movement LOL

Result with the background gone (some minor errors later effects will fix):

3) Add your effects, adjustments, and text

And now you have a precious Yūri looking for some praise:

Be sure to check out the full gifset here!


calum playing with a flashlight in holmdel [x]


November 4 and 5 is my fav days of 2016 tbh and….

let’s just pretend November 8 is never gonna come ok.



Twice the love, twice the pain - Dean Winchester x Reader - Sneak Peek (Single Father/ Nanny AU)

Moving in a new town, getting a job as the nanny of a lovely girl and yet you would have never imagined something like this would ever happen. On the first day of kindergarten and you get to meet two men that are bound to change your life for the best and worst at the same time.

Nobody would have ever been able to predict the outcome of this meeting. For any of the three of you.

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“Alright so one last thing-” he looked at them seriously “-What have we said about strangers?”

“Kick hard first, ask questions later.” they said firmly in unison but before Dean could say a thing a chuckled was heard from behind him.

He almost jumped for a moment and his back straightened. He got up on his feet and turned to face the person, slightly flustered but trying to keep his calm. He straightened his tie and sweater and cleared his throat.

“Is there a prob-” he was about to ask but the words got stuck in his throat the moment he locked eyes with… you.

“Oh oh!” you clasped a hand over your mouth “Pardon me- I- I didn’t mean to- I just- I kinda heard what you were saying and-” you breathed out a nervous chuckle that – although it shouldn’t – made his heart skip a beat “They’re literally the most adorable sight I have ever seen.” you breathed out shyly and he chuckled a little awkwardly as well.

“Uh I uh-” he rubbed the back of his neck “Thank you, I guess.” he chuckled and you laughed slightly as well.

You leaned down so that you could look at the little girls that were staring up at you with big green eyes. The blonde one’s were more of a forest green while the other’s had some brown-gold hues to them.

“Hey!” you waved your hand at them “What are your names little ones?”

The girls shared a look before in the end grinned and waved their hands “Hi!” they giggled.

“I’m Mary.” th blonde said.

“And I’m Sam.” the brunnete followed.


Who is excited for another version of Friends after all?!?

Looks what’s coming next! Oh dear Chuck, if this turns out ot be a series I will so enjoy it! Heads up: this was requested differently, you will see, but being related to Luci I HAD to think of this new angsty series! 

I really would love you focused on this and when the first chapter comes opinions would be grately appreciated! It states Dean x Reader but only because it begins as such! Mind you, it is a Dean x Reader x Sam

Also, tags are open for this!

Alone. Part 2. (Tom Holland.)

Requested – Yes. Thank you for the great amount of support for this imagine. I am extremely proud of it. By the way, I always have a huge paragraph in the beginning that is suppose to be deep. It is suppose to be significant but honestly, sometimes I feel stupid.

Prompt – Tom and Harrison come back into your life after the huge fight went down.

Warning – Some asshole Tom.

Words – 2,019.


Part 1.

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She’ll love you (Dan Howell imagine)

This was requested a while ago and I finally finished editing it so here it is! Hope you enjoy reading!

Y/D/N=Your daughters name 


“But Y/N, what if she doesn’t like me?” Dan whined “I mean, she might not be used to a man in the house, let alone in her life!”

Today I thought it was finally time to introduce Dan to Y/D/N. At first, I was a little hesitant. You see, my ex-husband left when she was only 3 months old so she’s never really been around a man in her life. Until now. 

Me and Dan have been together for almost a year now, so I think it’s the right time for both my favourite in the world to meet. I rolled my eyes at how stupid Dan was being. Y/D/N was going to adore him, I mean they’re practically the same person.

“Dan, calm down she’ll love you!” I took his hands in mine and pecked his lips softly. “Now, I’m gonna go get her from nursery and then we’ll both see you when we get back, okay?”

“Okay, I love you” he smiled

“I love you too” I said, putting my coat on and walking out the door. I opened the car door and got in.  Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I started up the car. Don’t get me wrong, I was really anxious. Today could interpret the future for the rest of our lives. All in all, I wanted everyone to be happy.

I parked up and made my way down to the school. It was so colourful! Maybe a bit too colourful. It was quite busy as every single parent was either trying to get in or get out. Luckily, the path to Y/D/N’s class was nearly empty so that was a relief.

When she got out, her hair was all messed up and her hands and dress had paint all over it. “Hey baby, what happened to you?” I chuckled

“We were painting pictures of what we like best and I tried to draw you but then Joseph knocked the the paint pot over and it went all over me and the picture” She pouted, her voice like a chipmunk.

“Oh no worries sweetheart, I’m sure it will look lovely, come on lets go home!” I held her hand as we made our way back to the car. I strapped her in before starting up the car once again.

A few minutes later, I drove up the driveway to our house and stopped the engine. Y/D/N started to get out the car. “Y/D/N wait a minute, I need to talk to you!” I said. She slowly closed the door and sat back in her seat, looking confused. “So, you know how mummy has been mentioning her special friend for a long time!” She nodded “Well, he’s here now and he really wants to meet you!”

Her face lit up at the word meet. She loved meeting new people, big or not. “Okay, lets go!” she squealed. I quickly got out the car and went round to her side. I unbuckled her belt and helped out the car. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she ran to the front door, eager to get inside and meet this new person.

Unlocking it, she quickly ran straight in looking for Dan. “Slow down, he’s not going anywhere!” Well I hope not. Suddenly, I here an all too familiar laugh from the kitchen and guessed Y/D/N did too as she quickly ran to the kitchen, with me following behind. We both found Dan watching YouTube video on his phone. He had his back turned towards the door, making him an easy victim of a jump scare. I looked at the five year old girl next to me and held my finger up to my lips, making the “shhh” signal. I slowly crept up to Dan’s back before shouting:


Except this time I was accompanied with a small tiny voice as well.

Dan jumped back with a loud scream, nearly dropping his phone whilst in the process. Y/D/N and I both started laughing hardly, the small girl on the floor with tears in her eyes.

“Oh my god, you guys scared the life out of me!” Dan said holding his chest tightly. I hugged him softly, still laughing.

“I’m sorry, my love” I said and kissed him on the cheek. I then remembered that my daughter was in the same room. Dan let go of me and bent down to Y/D/N’s height.

“Hi, my names Dan!” he said, showing his dimpled smile, “You must be Y/D/N”

Y/D/N nodded and laughed “Yeah”

Her and Dan talked for hours and hours until it was time for the small child to go to sleep. She hugged Dan before gong up the stairs into her bright blue room. I read her a story and after the first few paragraphs, she was sound asleep.

Quietly, I went downstairs and entered the living room, where Dan was sat watching “The Walking Dead” He smiled as I sat down on the sofa and lay my head on his shoulder.

“Y/N?” Dan’s voice was croak

“Yeah?” I said, siting up and looking at his gorgeous brown eyes. He smiled lightly and then grabbed my hands.

“I really love both you and Y/D/N, I think she’s a beautiful little lady just like her mother” I blushed at his comment. “I just wanted to say thank you for trusting me and letting me into your life, because I realise that’s a very hard thing to do but I’m so glad you did”

By the time he finished talking, I was in tears. Not even my ex-husband a=had said anything that sweet before. I grabbed Dan’s face and kissed him passionately, before turning back to the film


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