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do you have tips on comic compostions and angling/framing of scenes beacuse holy fudge what the actual hell your mob comic is An Expirience

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhOOOOOOOOOOOO BO Y AIGHT

I’m gonna take this ask as a chance to masterpost about this comic.

Since there wasn’t a set time limit for this comic, I went all ham for it, which means there’s a lot of thought about angles/framing n shit in this sumbitch. (keep in mind i’m still learning this craft myself as i go along so FEEL FREE TO IMPROVE WHEREVER)

I’ll go in depth about it but all of my tips can be summed up with : 

go for the emotion of the scene.

Everything I do, I do to try and heighten the feeling in a scene. Everything I’m about to describe were all choices to try and maximize the emotional impressions.


First off, everything in this comic (with the exception of panels 7-9 on page 4) is from Mob’s POV. Everything is built from there. keep in mind goin forward -

We start with Mob terrified of being spotted, of running into anyone. So I strained the perspective to make it feel too close for comfort, despite how far away his other limbs are. I also used the angle to emphasize the “spotlight”, pushing Mob into further discomfort, like he’s being watched anyways.

Mob fears he just murdered someone ? At his lowest moment in this comic? This is where the camera looks down on Mob the most.

Time for shock and awe that the man’s alive ! So Reigen is angled UP, building his Bigness in Mob’s eyes. Most subsequent shots repeat this, keeping us grounded in Mob’s perspective.

Here, Mob is literally on his knees asking for answers. So I pushed for an angle to make him seem really tiny. I wanted him to look as small as he feels.

In the next few pages, the angles basically level out (and I’ll talk more about why in other sections***) until

Mob has just touched back. This was a direct action on his part, so just as I’d built Reigen with that tilt up, it’s Mob’s turn to share that space.

Once Mob fears for the lives of the police, we shift back to high angles. Using a high angle to make a character seem small isn’t groundbreaking but it’s something to chew anyways.

This is less about the angle and more about how cramped everything is. Mob feels backed into a corner unless he can get Reigen to relent. So the tightness and how Reigen looms reflects this.

And here, I mirrored the very first panel. Once again we have a shot of Mob’s back, walking into the light of a streetlamp. But this angle is gentle in comparison, even if slightly off center. We can see where the light comes from so it ceases to feel less like an omnipotent threat and more mundane. Perhaps even hopeful.


I’m sorry to say I feel this is one of my weak points as a creator. I’d like to improve here the most. Most of my panels can be summed up with ‘slant = energized’, ‘straight = stable’. BUT. I did take a few liberties here and it’s good to point them out.

Broken glass to heighten the ouch on Mob’s part.

Salt man don’t give a fuck. he IS the panel. //adds to the energy of this moment

This break from the panels is meant to make Mob hitting Reigen a more immediate threat.

Same with Reigen reaching around it here. He’s still in danger of being shreddy shreddy at this point.

Sometimes a panel will bleed off, to give a more ‘open space’ feel. I like to use it in subtle “oh” moments. That’s the best I could describe it.

annnnnd nothin like a casual reminder on the edges of panels about what would happen should the police show up.

Staging/Body Language

Once Reigen shows up, he dominates the frame, even in shots where mob is closer to the audience. Again, this is all to emphasize how Big Reigen seems to a scared Mobbu.

Mob pushes himself to corners, Reigen’s given the bulk of the space. 

He stands taller than mob and makes the frame uneven.

Even his hand feels huge in comparison.

***That is, until Reigen has a better perception of what’s going on.

Then his actions and staging reflect this.

Reigen kneels down, trying to make himself smaller both to Mob, and in the frame.

The staging reflects Reigen’s attempts to get on even ground, literally and metaphorically.

Mob’s still pushing himself into corners, but now Reigen has actively surrendered some of the space.

Still just, trying to get some of Mob’s perspective.

And from this point onwards, Reigen and Mob share the space/frame more evenly. 

Even in shots where Reigen’s kinda large, he no longer seems so imposing.

Mob still looks up to him but we no longer have such dramatic shots tilting him up and having him hog the focus of the panel.

And we save the closest-closeup, both in staging and in how close our characters physically feel for last. Because bonding and shit.


Decided to make the use of color sort of uncomfortable. Hinted at in edges but not really a presence of their own. Hard to tell what the color of anything is because it’s all nonsense in ur peripherals.

Until we get to humans. But this color seems more invasive, and doesn’t really touch mob in a positive way.

Till we get to these splash of color, messy and kinda unorganized but it’s exactly what Mob needs to bring some order.

From here we get a muted color wash, there but still slightly dulled.

The first hint we get of the saturation to come is centered around the touch.

We slowly fade into full blown saturation once Mob reaches back.

Fanfic bonus

The name meanings of Jun and Tetsuo, since this is the street where they live and why not ahaha.

There’s a lot of bird imagery in ABoT so I

“Kid, it’s like lifting a feather.”

And even tho Reig gets a cool halo from the streetlights n shit

We all know who the real angel is

Other fun shit

Mob’s outfit is based on Sakurai’s outfit when he was orphaned as a child.

I literally put the streetlight directly behind the hand in this shot because I lack subtlety and love it.

There are 2 times where I cut out a bit of (frankly beautiful) wordage in order to show things better visually. Both times happen when Mob’s stopped paying attention.

First with Reigen’s words just becoming a flood of nonsense pretty sounds.

The second when Mob’s thinking about the possibility of his barrier being gone.

also here u guys can have some behind the scenes shenanigans


May 22nd, 2017 — yas. econ notes. again c:

my kittycat was sleeping on the backdrop I wanted to use for my studyblr photos » didn’t wanna disturb lil furball’s beauty sleep, so I included her in the shots :3 accidentally woke her up a moment later tho hahah.

also, thank you for all the kind words, messages and congratulations on my first big milestone! ahhh I love you all so much 💕

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New Beauty and the Beast TV spot with some new footage!

since i was too lazy to actually create something here’s a little fun fact: in that tiny bit of a clip in the season 2 trailer there are these awesome shots of Ymir (ft. Historia) that probably go unnoticed at first
don't leave



word count: 3,184 (holy shit)

**warning: SMUT**

“It upsets me to think this is our last day together for months.” I confessed to Shawn, who was currently laying on the couch with his head in my lap, engrossed in a movie. My words made him turn his head to look at me. He looked up at me through beautiful brown eyes.

“Then just don’t think about it and you won’t be upset.” he said with a shrug. Oh what a wonderful solution you have there, Shawn. I wish it were that easy.

“It’s just not that easy. You’re going on a world tour, I’m going to college. You have other friends, Shawn, I don’t. All I have is you.”

“You have friends other than me. There’s no way I’m your only friend.” he teased.

“I have acquaintances, not friends.” I informed. “These acquaintances also won’t be going to the same school as me.”

“Nobody else could get into the school you’re going to because not everyone can be a fucking mega genius like you.” Shawn said, sounded irritated.

“Is that any way to talk to your best friend who made sure you passed physics and graduated?” I asked, wiggling my eyebrows at him. His facial expression softened at my tone and he no longer seemed angry. We sat in silence for another hour or so, long enough for the movie to be over. Shawn’s friend had suggested the movie and it sucked, if I’m being honest. We decided on watching The Notebook after that, one we both always loved.

We sat next to each other, my head on Shawn’s shoulder but in a platonic, nothing-more-than-friends way. It had gotten to the scene where Allie was kissing ice cream off of Noah’s lips and I felt Shawn laughing. I pulled away from his shoulder to look at him.

“What is it?” I queried, not being able to avoid the smile spreading across my lips from hearing his laugh.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to be that in love with somebody?” he said. It made my heart sink because, until just now, I had managed to put away my thoughts about how in love I am with Shawn. I had hoped that just this one time we could be together without my thoughts interrupting what should only be friendship with Shawn. My throat felt dry and my eyes stung after he said the words. It was just a simple question, but to me it showed that he wasn’t in love with anyone, including me.

I managed to nod my head then scoot a few inches away from Shawn. I continued watching the movie, not being able to help but imagine Shawn and I being that in love with each other. Sadly, the love was only one sided. We definitely loved each other, but he only loved me as a best friend and I loved him with all I had in me. I realized in this moment I should have told him a long time ago. I should have confessed my feelings because now, we won’t see each other for months so it’s too late.

Shawn and I had planned to spend the whole day together but once the movie was over I felt too lost in my thoughts to stick around.

“I guess I should head home now.” I said softly, starting to stand up.

“What? Why?” Shawn asked, sounding concerned. I looked back at him and he looked hurt that I wanted to leave so early. “I thought you were staying all day?” I wanted to stay, I wanted it more than anything but I couldn’t focus on being his best friend when I was too busy thinking about being his girlfriend. My face felt hot and my eyes stung again, I could feel that they were tearing up. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Shawn grabbed my hand and rubbed his thumb over mine. I desperately tried to keep the tears in but I couldn’t help one from falling. A single tear ran down my left cheek and I wiped it away quickly.

“Y/N, please tell me what’s wrong? Did I do something or say something? Come here.” Shawn begged. He lead me to the couch and I sat across from him with my legs crossed.

This was it, this is when I have to tell him. I thought to myself.

I was a horrible liar and Shawn knew better than anyone when I was lying. My voice went higher than usual and my cheeks always turned pink after I realized how ridiculous the lie was. If I lied, he would know. I should just save myself the trouble of making up a lie and tell him.

“I just really don’t want us to have to leave each other because-”

“Because why?” He interrupted.

“Because I hate not being able to see you.” I said, stalling as long as I could.

“Why are you so upset though? I have to leave all the time and you don’t cry, do you?”

“No, but it’s different this time. I’m leaving for college so when you come home, I won’t be here. When I come home, you won’t be here, Shawn. It’s so different this time.”

“It’s not that much diff-”

“Yes, it is, Shawn! You don’t understand!” I said, raising my voice at him without meaning to.

“Then make me understand, Y/N. What is different about leaving this time?”

“Because I’m fucking in love with you and I have to leave you! You’re the reason why I’m going to college in Toronto, so I can be close to you when you come home.” I gasped when I realized that I told him. I actually told Shawn how I felt instead of keeping it to myself like I had for the past half of a year.

“Do you honestly think that I’m not in love with? Why do you think I’ve stayed here and haven’t gotten an apartment in New York or Los Angeles or wherever I want?” He paused. I only stared, waiting for him to continue. He ran his fingers through his thick hair out of frustration. “It kills me every time I have to leave you. You don’t even understand. I should have told you sooner, but I love you. I love you so damn much that it hurts. I’ve seen you get your heart broken multiple times and I have done absolutely nothing about it. I should have told you a long time ago, I’m sorry that we had to tell each other like this.”

“Shawn, don’t apologize. I should have told you a long time ago as well.” I cooed. I rubbed his arm in an attempt to calm him. “What does this mean for us?”

“What do you want it to mean?” He asked, looking up at me with his rich, caramel colored eyes. My own eyes stared into his for a moment, as if I was searching for the answer in his eyes. I exhaled sharply but slowly before giving him an answer.

“I want to make this work if you want to. I want to be with you. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” I spoke. His eyes lit up at my words.

He moved closer to me and I didn’t move, I let him inch closer. I watched his every move and then he took my hand in his. Shawn’s fingers laced with mine and I waited for him to do something more. I knew I wouldn’t be able to force myself to initiate a kiss, so I waited for Shawn.

I stared into Shawn’s eyes and his face came closer to mine. A few small tears still lingered on my cheeks and Shawn kissed them away. The feeling of his lips on my skin felt phenomenal, I couldn’t describe the feeling. I breathed hard and sporadically. Shawn’s lips hovered over mine, our lips barely grazing against each other. I surprised myself when I closed the gap. I pressed my lips against his soft, smooth lips. We both smiled, causing us to bump our teeth together. We both laughed because it wasn’t awkward, it felt right. We knew each other so well already that this just felt right. This was how it was supposed to be all along.

Our lips moved together while Shawn’s hands rested on my waist. His soft skin lingered on my lips and he began to pull away. I grabbed the material of his shirt, pulling him back into me.

“Please. Don’t stop.” I breathed out against his lips. My breath was hot and short, I needed his lips on mine so badly that I couldn’t breathe properly. He smiled then kissed me once more. His tongue now traced over my bottom lip and I whimpered lightly at the feeling. Just simple touches from him were driving me insane. I had been craving kisses like these for so long now that this moment felt like pure bliss. His tongue moved against mine slowly and gently, but the kiss grew heated. Shawn’s teeth sunk into my bottom lip and I gasped at the feeling.

His lips now pressed against my neck and it felt delightful. My eyelids closed slowly at the feeling. I didn’t want to focus on anything but Shawn’s lips on my skin right now, but Shawn made that an easy task. His soft lips fluttering on my skin lightly made me shiver. His long fingers traced circles on my hips under my shirt. I now laid underneath him, he hovered over me but pressed his lower half into me. I could feel a slight bulge growing in his jeans and couldn’t help the smirk that grew on my lips.

We kept kissing for a while longer, until both our lips were raw and we had both kissed what little bit of skin that was exposed with all our clothing still on. Shawn’s fingers fidgeted with the hem of my shirt, obviously wanting to take it off.

“Bedroom?” He asked quickly in between sweet pecks on each other’s lips. I nodded and he grabbed my hand, I then followed to his room. Once in his room with the door closed, his fingers moved under my shirt again. He looked into my eyes to make sure it was okay and I gave him a look of approval. He peeled my shirt off and tossed it to the floor. Shawn moved over me on his bed. He kissed my still bra-clad chest delicately. My whole body erupted with a feeling I had never felt with any other guy before Shawn. He slipped his fingers under my bra straps and slid them down my shoulders. His hands were soon at my back to unclasp my bra.

Suddenly, I felt insecure. I felt like I wouldn’t be enough for him. I inhaled deeply while he removed my bra, hoping he wouldn’t be disappointed. Before I could process what was happening, Shawn’s mouth was on my breasts. His lips first kissed lightly, then sucked on my sensitive skin. His tongue teased my nipples and I ran my fingers through his hair. I moaned and whimpered from his touch and he hummed, his throat vibrating against me in response.

“God, you’re so beautiful.” Shawn kissed my stomach right above the button of my pants. I grew nervous because up until this point, I knew what I was doing and I knew what to expect. I’d had sex a couple times before, sure, but Shawn was much more experienced than I was. Even through the nerves, though, my centre throbbed for Shawn.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Shawn asked me. My nerves wanted me to say no, but I did want this. I had wanted it, needed it for so long. I told him yes and he continued. His kissed my hips while unbuttoning my pants. They slid down my legs and dropped to the floor with the rest of my clothing. I realized then that Shawn was still fully clothed. He hovered over me again to kiss me. His tongue played with mine and I pushed his shirt up while kissing him, hinting that I wanted it off. He pulled the fabric over his toned abdomen and chest and I nearly felt my heart stop in that moment.

I had seen Shawn shirtless many times but I never really could admire him like I wanted. This time, my eyes scanned over him slowly, taking in every detail of all the ridges and valleys of his body. Shawn asked again if I was sure that I wanted this, I told him again that I did. His long fingers rubbed my core through the damp cloth of my underwear. I squirmed under his touch, even though it was barely anything compared to what would come next. His hands hooked around my panties and removed them. I was now completely nude in front of Shawn for the very first time, something I thought would never happen.

He slipped his middle finger into me, causing me to gasp. His finger worked slowly inside me, trying not to build up the pressure too quickly. Shawn’s mouth made its way to my pussy, licking enthusiastically over my clit. I moaned for him over and over. I soon lost all control over holding off my orgasm. Shawn’s tongue flicked up and down my clit and his finger curled inside me. I arched my back and Shawn now had to hold my legs apart. I came so blissfully and Shawn drug out my orgasm until it was almost painful.

He moved from between my legs with a smile on his face. He wiped his mouth dry with his hand after licking my juices off his finger. A thought occurred to me, I wondered how many times he had done that to be so amazing at it. I also wondered how many times he had done what we were about to do. It was a stupid thing to think, but the experience I lacked in this area made me think this way.

I started to remove Shawn’s jeans. I unbuttoned them eagerly because I wanted to please him like he had just pleased me. Taking his jeans off revealed a prominent bulge in his underwear, which made me even wetter, if that was possible at this point. I inched the waistband of his boxers down until they were off him completely. I took his length in my hand, unsure of what to do but he seemed to enjoy it. I jerked my hand upwards on his cock and he moaned quietly. Shawn’s much larger hand pushed mine away, I thought that maybe it was because he didn’t like it as much as I had presumed.

“You’re going to have to stop. I want to last for you, Y/N.” he spoke. I felt my cheeks heat up at the thought of making him feel so good that he may cum. He searched in his nightstand drawer for a condom. He rolled it onto his hard length after tearing open the wrapper.

“Y/N, I’m only going to ask you one more time and please be honest, are you sure, absolutely sure you want to do this with me?” He said sweetly, lovingly. I started to second guess this whole thing. It was too soon, we just confessed our feelings for each other barely an hour ago. However, if we didn’t do this now, it would be months before we ever got to. I didn’t think I could wait that long.

“I’m completely sure, Shawn. I want this, I need this with you. I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else.” I assured him. He lined himself up at my entrance and kissed my forehead before pushing into me. I winced at the slight discomfort but was no longer hurting after four very slow and steady thrusts.

“Are you okay?” Shawn said, sounding concerned. I nodded and he kept thrusting at a slow pace. I could tell his thrusts were shallow and I was no longer hurting, therefore I wrapped my legs around him. This pushed his length deeper inside me than it had previously been.

“Oh, Shawn.” I gasped. I looked up at Shawn to see him biting his lip while watching himself thrust in and out of me. He looked as if he was struggling with keeping it at such a slow pace from the way his chest was rising so rapidly. He slid into me with ease now and finally, finally bottomed out. We both moaned at the feeling.

“Faster,” I begged, once the feeling of pain and discomfort was completely gone. Shawn looked into my eyes first, just to be sure, then sped up the pace of his thrusts. I could tell this speed pleasured him much more than the previous one and it was a pleasurable feeling for me as well. Shawn’s moans were more frequent and drawn out now. I moaned just as often, maybe even more than Shawn did. He knew how to make this feel so wonderful and different than it had ever felt for me before.

One hand was in Shawn’s hair and the other gripped onto his bicep, my nails digging into his skin. With each thrust I came closer to my climax and Shawn made it hard to not come undone so soon. I tensed around him after a deep thrust. I became short of breath and Shawn could sense I was close. He thrusted faster and I could barely take it. I clenched around his dick, because I wanted to feel every inch of him and also because I couldn’t control it.

Shawn’s hands were placed on my waist in an attempt to get a better grip while he thrusted. Just one more hard, deep thrust pushed me over into euphoric bliss all because of Shawn. I couldn’t believe he could make me feel this way, make me feel like no one else ever had. I grew more sensitive with every second that passed while Shawn brought himself to his orgasm. He pushed in and out of me sloppily and by the time I felt warm liquid fill the condom, I was more sensitive than ever before. Shawn hissed profanities through his teeth.

Shawn threw the condom away then left to clean up. He returned some minutes later and gave me a shirt of his to throw on. I slipped into it and took in his scent. Shawn lay beside me and we just looked at each other with our arms wrapped around one another. We took in the beautiful sight of each other with that post-orgasm glow we now both had. Inevitably, I thought of how we were both leaving tomorrow. It made my heart break into tiny pieces.

“I wish you didn’t have to leave me tomorrow.” I whispered.

“I wish I didn’t either. But when we both come home, I’m yours and you’re mine, yeah?” He spoke. A smile spread across my lips and I nodded to agree. I pecked his lips softly. The feeling of being his was overwhelming.

Last night’s Vlive broadcast - a summary

thought yugyeom was jackson and that mark was jinyoung tbh

that eye smile tho, jinyoungie. <3

same, mark. same. 


obligatory shot of my ultimate bias featuring jb looking all cute i see you in the back loving on yugyeom, jinyoung.

forehead bam, for science (feat. smiley 2jae)


closeup on the softest cutie

another closeup, for science. 


snuggly markjae feat. bam puppy

got6 idiots tbh

and the usual goodbye <3

Draco's Instagram

AU where Draco tries out muggle culture for Harry and he comes across the wonderful invention that is instagram.

But instead of filling his feed with so many selfies and conceited posts, Draco surprises Harry by how much he’s actually into nature and how much he learns to appreciate photography.

Draco keeps taking pictures wherever they go and it makes Harry smile except when Draco’s aiming the camera at him because Harry doesn’t think he looks good on cam. Harry never thinks he looks good at all, so he does his best to avoid Draco’s camera.

But Draco still finds plenty of ways to take stolen shots of Harry and they’re all beautiful. He doesn’t show them to Harry tho. He keeps his camera safe and away from his boyfriend’s touch because he knows Harry will delete all of his candid shots once he gets ahold of it.

Harry only sees the pictures once they’re up on Draco’s feed and they’re all captioned with short, snarky yet endearing remarks from Draco that tugs at Harry’s heart.

Harry appreciates them enough that sometimes, he even pretends he doesn’t see Draco focusing the camera on him, trying once again to steal the perfect shot.

Harry has every photo on Draco’s feed saved on his phone.

this moment is so small and weirdly lit that there’s really nothing to be done with it gifset-wise but i had to gif it anyway bc it’s the only shot of sabo in film gold that i hadn’t been spoiled for before watching it and even tho it’s only like 2 sec his beauty in it blows me away


No, but like,

Can we talk about this scene?


Kaneki stayed with his mask until the end of his fight with Amon in the manga. Now, in the anime, kaneki took off his mask, and you’re not supposed to do that, ever. This shows the amount of trust kaneki has for Amon.

AND NOW HIS ASKING FOR HIS NAME. (the fucking feels, even tho in the manga it was much more dramatic, with tears falling from kaneki’s eyes while smiling.)

The thing with this shot, is that it’s done perfectly, it’s really clever. Kaneki looking up to meet Amon’s gaze, with his innocent, beautiful eyes (As if, accepting that he just showed his identity to a CCG, a complete stranger) with that sweet voice of his asking for Amon’s name so formally, and the smoke covering only his ghoul side so he can only look at his human side makes it all the more difficult for Amon to be rude towards him.

What I really liked about this one, is that, in the manga, Amon is downright rude to kaneki when talking to him. He said something like “Don’t fuck with me you ghoul bastard” In the anime, Amon, without hesitation said his name.

AND THEN (sorry I don’t have a gif for this one) kaneki looks down, the smoke covering his mouth, and Amon TWITCHES, I know this may sound really exaggerated, but, Amon kinda likes, observes kaneki at that part, as if he did something for Amon to pay closer attention or something. (maybe kaneki smiled?)

AND LATER ON, Kaneki and Amon fight, with kaneki’s hair covering his eyes (maybe because he’s ashamed of himself?). 100% knowing about their “enemy”, Kaneki saying that he doesn’t want to fight Amon, and Amon just wanting to talk to the poor guy, wishing they had met some other way.

MAN, what can I say about this scene, perfect. 



Since I am a new l o v e that saddly didn’t get to know about NU'EST until their appearance in Produce 101, I decided to make a first tour into their music by watching all their music videos. I had only seen Overcome, Love Paint and Face while they were on the show, but now I have seen all of them and here you have my first impression:

Face (62.759.886 views)
-The BEST debut song
-Such a jam
-If you don’t look at the lyrics
-What was this concept honestly?
-Their clothes and hairstyles… why
-They look so handsome anyway
-The dance has some aggresive points like punching people and that’s weird
-But seriously, how is their debut song so good and catchy?
-Legends only

Originally posted by 17diamondcarats

Action (19.530.745 views)  
-What are those clothes???
-This is A JAM
-Jonghyun looks SO handsome
-There’s not much going on
-But OMG the song
-The dance break with Jonghyun in the center is a must
-Rap and vocals SO on point
-Minhyun and Minki’s final shot, they look like the couple of a futurist movie

Originally posted by bloodylee

Not over you (2.487.848 views)
-Minki in that bike tho
-Looks like a middle school baby
-Jonghyun’s bed images I’M ALIVE
-Dongho looks so happy and smily I’m dead
-Aaron and that dog SO CUTE
-They look like thet are in that kind of married middle ages women meeting
-I’m loving this concept so much
-My fav MV and concept by far

Originally posted by m1nhyun

Sandy (2.356.641 views)
-They look SO CUTE I’m crying
-They are so warm, I love them
-The concept of them hanging out with their fans is so lovely
-Minki and that girl are now bffs
-And that makes me really happy
-Their natural beauty tho I’m in love

Originally posted by hwangminyeo

Hello (13.716.673 views)
-Looks like Overcome concept?
-Jonghyun fairy ears?
-I’m loving the song omg
-THAT KISS THO I fell off my bed
-That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber
-Teenage ANGST somebody pls make a fanfic
-The tie dance tho
-I love how Minhyun has closed the window on Dongho’s face like: no bro

Originally posted by iwillbeadrummer

Sleep talking (8.476.842 views)
-It just began but what the actual fuck
-The clothes, I wanna die
-I don’t know what is going on
-Everything is so random
-Minki’s head thing WHAT THE FUCK
-The dance’s also extra weird
-But their VISUALS WOW

Originally posted by pandadeoculos

Fine girl (2.391.627 views)
-Casual trip to Thailand
-They look SO CUTE
-They look so chill and happy, whatt concept
-Dongho driving like a pro
-Playing in the pool YES enjoy it babies
-I love seeing them being themselves fksjg

Originally posted by nyan-kaat

Good bye bye (8.537.262 views)
-Jonghyun’s bed shots STOP
-Was it necessart a shirtless Minki?
-Dongho’s hair NO
-I like the aesthetic tho
-Minki’s sick and puking what
-And now he has a flower in his mouth and he EATS it???
-Dancing with their hands in their pockets
-I like the dance tho
-Jonghyun’s hair colour is a no no
-Minhyun tattooing himself, it just doesn’t fit him at all
-High School Musical Jumping Shots™

Originally posted by unquixotic

I’m Bad (1.985.055 views)
-Classy concept
-They look SO HANDSOME
-SIYEON??? 14 years old princess
-There’s nothing going on
-But the aesthetic tho

Originally posted by letmecastaspellforyou

Overcome (5.461.031 views)
-THE song
-The concept is so beautiful
-Yuha tho
-The aesthetic is so fascinating
-Minhyun’s blond hair fits him SO WELL

Originally posted by erasethetic

Love Paint (Every afternoon) (2.638.390 views)
-Minki is a doll
-The dance is SO GOOD
-I love the colours
-Jonghyun’s part…. I’m in love

Originally posted by kyungminie

Daybreak (Jonghyun and Minhyun) (469.462 views)
-So visually pleasing
-Movie like
-Minkyung looking pretty
-Minhyun’s vocals saved my life
-Jonghyun’s voice is the best thing that has ever happened to me
-The MV in which I would like to live
-I love every shot
-It’s perfect
-Just wanted to say that these two love each other so much
-I’m emo

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So this is my probably super biased first impression of all their MVs. As you may see I added the view counter in every video but it is only the views of 1theK channel, they also have some of their videos uploaded at their own channel. I also linked all the videos in the title of the songs so you can go ahead and watch them if you didn’t or just rewatch it again because why not, let’s burn that view counter!




Next in the ‘do a bust shot for the Voltron children cause they’re beautiful’ is Keith  the problem babe. – more in line with keeping style tho. Remebered I had a pen I loved to use so I spammed the shit outta that.

Tho my attempts at trying to keep the style simple failed when I did the eyes cause oops. – also extra text that didn’t make the final cut.

I haven’t done a full colored piece in months so I need to be able to do them proper before trying commissions else I’ll just work for 8h on something and hate it and start over.


But yeah. I hope you’re doing alright today. Take a break, some time to stretch, eat and drink if you gotta <3 Take care of yourselves like the Paladin’s would want you too.

Allura Bust // Zarkon Bust // Pidge bust // Coran Bust

*squints* I see whatcha did there Disney

The little Mermaid and seeing your future boyfriend’s vessel

Beauty and the Beast and seeing his face for the first time

Tangled - Show off your power in front of bae

Sleeping Beauty - Dance with bae in the woods

Mulan - kick your bae so that he falls on his ass
Those Words - Moon_Raccoon_exe - Final Fantasy XV [Archive of Our Own]
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“I need to tell you something.”

Ignis did not even need to be given any hint. Those words, those bloody words were all he needed to know the day had come: the day his most precious treasure would ask him for the break-up.

He heads for the meeting place without giving himself the chance of a second guess, expecting for Gladio to say those damn words for once.

Heyo, guys!

I wrote this thing, inspired by a headcanon @worldclasswombat shared with me in this other post. 

Check it out if you want, it’s Gladnis fluff for the heart c:

And leave some love if you think it deserves it. Thanks!

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Im crying over Yoongi 😭😭😭 my boy getting so thick. He's so beautiful. I'll support him on his diet (as long as it's healthy) but i love little chubby yoongi. I had to get a shot for college even tho i already got it but i got ur like half a year too early. You're from Texas right? I'm also a southern buddy (although not texas). So i've got to ask: do you say "y'all"? And opinions on sweet tea 😂😂 also how have you been recently? I remembered when I finished High school-- crying 5 times


i love sweet tea wow 

so I have a country accent but it’s not that thick unless i get mad… when i get mad and raise my voice it gets really thick for some reason hahahaha

when I am talking a say ya’ll all the time “you guys” isn’t even in my vocabulary when I am speaking ahahaha

but when I am typing I usually say you guys because if you are not from the south y’all throws people off

this was so random but I loved talking about it tbh hahahaha

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Is it weird for me to say that this is my favourite shot from all of the Pitch Perfect films so far? Composition-wise it is so pleasing to this movie-holic’s eye. Made all the more better in B&W of course :D