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Title: Art Analysis ~Souji’s Adoration for Chizuru’s Hair~

Given these cg’s, it’s quite notable that one of Souji’s favorite (physical) traits about Chizuru is her hair.

He just can’t resist the urge to run his fingers through it, and the act does suit his personality. Knowing that a relationship with him would be fun and playful as it is sweat and romantic, the action of combing her hair with his fingers fits this description. He can twirl strands of her hair to be flirty and teasing. He’s also often putting things in her hair (flowers and flower crowns) to make whatever the occasion fun and exciting for the both of them.

And even when he’s not being teasing, he combs Chizuru’s hair affectionately whenever she’s sad or uncertain about an event or their future together (as we all know is -unfortunately- short-lived).

After an exhausting trail through the sunlight, Souji obviously notices that Chizuru is having a difficult time adjusting as a fury. So he convinces her to sleep with him (don’t think too hard on that) while combing her hair again. It assures her to relax and finally fall asleep.

When her father and brother die, Souji soothes her by repeatedly combing her hair and holding her in his embrace, all while telling her it’s okay to cry, that he’s there for her no matter what emotional phase she’s going through.

The last cg (demon of the fleeting blossom) repeats the same action of Souji stroking her hair while assuring Chizuru that he’ll continue loving her and that his heart is hers forever. It’s a sign that calms his partner, reminding her that the future will be okay.

And again, the epilogue to Reimeiroku in Souji’s route has a similar scene when they’re both laying bed. Both are discussing subjects about the dramatic and horrible past they’ve been through together, and this causes Chizuru to worry about the remaining time she has with Souji. But knowing how to soothe her, Souji runs his fingers through her silky hair and earnestly promises to be with her forever and continue loving her even after he’s gone.

Now you get the picture (pun fully intended)? Combing through Chizuru’s hair is an affectionate way of Souji demonstrating his playfulness and a method he uses constantly to settle her nerves and anxiety.