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Have you ever seen Brokeback Mountain ? If so, what are your opinions about it?

I like Brokeback Mountain. I know a lot of people have…issues with it? because of what happens in the end (I don’t want to be too specific in case anyone hasn’t seen it?) And that’s a totally legitimate criticism. We’re all sick of the tragic depiction of lgbt relationships in mainstream media (and yes, Brokeback Mountain isn’t exactly new, but if you’re viewing it for the first time nowadays then that probably is a bit exhausting.) Like, I’m not wild about that either, but I think it is worth noting that Brokeback Mountain is adapted from Annie Proulx’s short story of the same name, and personally I feel that the film handles the relationship between Ennis and Jack much more tenderly than the book does. Proulx was fairly ruthless with how she wrote about this relationship. She is not especially sympathetic to her characters (to any of her characters tbh) and you get the implication, not that she feels this is what they deserved, particularly, but that the fate of their relationship was inevitable. And that’s pretty awful.

So while I absolutely take issue with that implication, that’s Proulx. I think the film does an excellent job of adapting her story and trying to retell it with a lot more sympathy towards the various characters (importantly, not just Ennis and Jack; I really like the way they fleshed out Ennis’ wife as well.) On a more personal note, it was one of the first pieces of queer media I ever got to see, and that straight people ever actually talked about en masse, so it meant a lot to me when I was younger. I grew up in a fairly liberal household, but my parents didn’t know many queer people, and we rarely discussed anything lgbtq+ (plus, as far as they’re concerned, it’s only lg). So when we watched Brokeback Mountain, there was something almost comforting about straight people like my parents sympathising with and accepting these gay characters.

Anyway. This is, as usual, way too long of an answer, I apologise. Long story short: the source material is iffy, but I think the adaption is good.

Holy shit guys read every heart a doorway by seanan mcguire

-the main character is an asexual girl
-the Hottest Guy In School is trans
-its about a school for kids who had amazing adventures in alternate realities and are coping with being back in our world
-the writing style is amazing
-the characters are amazing
-its also a murder mystery
-this is an actual line from it: “Cheese making, for example. The perfect intersection of milk, science, and foolish disregard for the laws of nature.”

“don’t look down, just keep your eyes ahead of you”

victuri howl’s moving castle au gives me life….man…..

He’d evolved complex coping strategies for being told he was rubbish- he’d had plenty of time to work on those- but nobody had ever told him what he was supposed to do if people suddenly turned round and started using words like amazing and astonishing at him. He was completely overwhelmed, and fairly terrified.

Still re-reading Blue Sky. One of my favorite scenes is in Ch 9 between Garret and Wheatley, and I felt it deserved this meme (never thought I would have to make a meme from scratch, but sometimes you gotta make the content you wanna see in the world, ha)

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Hey Jack. You haven't (?) seen (?) my post, which is chill because God knows the tag is busy (or maybe you just weren't feeling it I dunno) but I still wanted to recommend you play Hiveswap Act 1. It's beautiful and funny and the music is killer (with Toby leading nobody's surprised) and I think it would be right up your alley in writing and humour. It's more of a visual novel (so you can do voices!), not too long either, and it's cheap, so it would be a good short series to consider. Thanks!

Literally just recorded the first episode! The game is fantastic!!

Should also mention that I know next to nothing about Hiveswap OR Homestuck but a LOT of people had been recommending it, while I was playing Undertale too, so I thought I’d give it a shot cos it looked really neat.