this shoot is so amazing



some quick Maggie & Glenn - digital painting

for nicola | ilu ♡

Danny: Hi, have you heard of “Shoot for a Cause”? It’s this amazing charity where we shoot for a cause. So I want to have this fundraising activity and I was wondering if you would support the cause by wearing one of our shirts in your office and also maybe being in or ad and informing your friends…hey, wait, where you going?

I read a post that said Yoonmin as models as a concept and like I started to think about it and can you freaking imagine them fighting over who is better looking!? THATS SO CUTE

Jimin: you looked so amazing in the shoot last week, no one can compare
Yoongi: puh - lease, did you even SEE yourself on last month’s cover?
Jimin: no no no doesn’t compare, not even a little
Yoongi: you’re clearly better looking
Jimin: *getting angry* you take that back

I’m crying

I want to write a fic about it


“Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my door closing oh so gently.”