this shoot is so amazing

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:

Looks like could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:

Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll:

Looks like could kill you and could actually kill you:

Sinnamon roll:

Happy Father’s day! 

Beyblade+Parenting. Kai can do it.
Here’s Kai and his son Gou ♥ I looooove them so much.
Wanted some classic!Kai look for this one because nostalgia, dawg. 

The Two Sherlocks

For the World’s Most Patient Anon:  What if Sherlock is captured by Eurus (?) and the reader must solve her puzzle in order to save him - with whatever little she’s learned from being with him. She must decide who is the real Sherlock in a room with two; shoot one or die all together.

Thank you so much to this amazing Anon for this amazing idea and for holding me to task. I strayed a bit from the request, so I hope you don’t mind! And thank you to the gorgeous and talented @igottomuchfreetimeonmyhands who dropped everything to help me finish it! 

Without further ado, I give you my first story in months: THE TWO SHERLOCKS

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astro witch coven au (jinjin)

introduction | rocky | eunwoo | moon bin | mj 

  • the only Human in their coven
    • the only one that actually Went to School and Functions in Human Society
    • I mean MJ’s also a human that underwent Blood Ritual training but
    • Jinjin likes to remember that he’s the only one who Suffered School
    • Sometimes he gets annoyed that everyone else gets to have shortcuts for things while he has to do things manually sometimes
    • But also sometimes stupid things happen that make him glad he’s a regular human
    • And it’s hilarious sometimes seeing the other magic users flounder at simple tasks that normal people do without magic anyway
      • A confused Bin @ the microwave because he’s never had to use a microwave to heat up his food before
        • He kind of just scatters crystals around whatever needs to be heated up and mutters a quick Heating spell and waits for it to work
        • So when Jinjin bungs a bowl of ramyeon in the microwave and takes it out after three minutes and his noodles are cooked Bin is pretty shocked
        • Cue Bin spending the rest of the day prodding the microwave and suspiciously putting different things in
      • Rocky muttering angrily at the air conditioning whenever it breaks down because back at the Bangtan coven he usually got Jimin or Taehyung to help him ~magic~ it better
      • Jinjin grabbing a ladder and prodding around the air conditioning unit until it starts blasting cold air again and Rocky is shookt
  • came for Rocky…
    • has been Rocky’s best friend since forever
    • ok not forever but it’s pretty close
    • literally knows everything about Rocky, from Rocky’s first crush to what can make Rocky laugh until his stomach hurts
      • can tell from Rocky’s eyes when he’s annoyed, happy, flustered etc even if his face is covered
      • it alarms the rest of Astro how accurate it is sometimes because Rocky’d come in looking stormy and everyone’d freeze up but Jinjin would just reach behind him for a sandwich and toss it over to Rocky and the Park Minhyuk™ Beam would come out immediately
      • the cutest!!!!
      • I love the Park Minhyuk™ Beam
    • used to get into all sorts of shit with Rocky
      • which was literally all the time since Rocky didn’t go to school
      • that one time Rocky stole a Luck potion from Yoongi’s stash to split with Jinjin the day before Jinjin’s final exam
      • and replaced the potion with green soda
      • obviously got caught since soda looks nothing close to the bubbling, glittery (and might I add, opaque) lime green potion
      • rip my poor boy
      • when Yoongi found out Jin was 80% sure shit was about to go down so he slipped like 10 Calming crystals around Yoongi’s potions room and sent his boyfriend in to reason with Yoongi
      • because I mean, Rocky didn’t steal it for his own personal gain or anything he truly genuinely wanted to help his best friend
      • and for some reason it never crossed his mind that he could have just asked Yoongi or bought it from Yoongi lmao
      • cue a fumbling Namjoon trying to explain to a calm but annoyed Yoongi what a young teen with access to a potions stash’s thought process might have been
      • and a thirteen-year-old Rocky sliding back in through the fence and into the potions room only to meet with a very unimpressed Namjoon and a very unamused Yoongi and a very worried Jin hovering by the door
      • I mean, sure he was grounded and stuff but what stuck with both Jinjin and Rocky after the whole encounter was
      • 1) Yoongi: “if you wanted a Luck potion that badly, you should have asked, bought it or learned how to make it.”
      • 2) Yoongi: “if you needed a Luck potion that urgently, you should have stolen it better.”
      • Cue a very excited Taehyung teaching Rocky and Jinjin how to steal things without people noticing
        • Also cue a frazzled Bangtan coven house when they start realising things have been going missing & a cackling Taehyung & a very innocent-looking Rocky
        • Because what???? Park Minhyuk stealing things????? Unheard of in this house !!
        • Also cue a very frustrated Jungkook when he woke up to all his underwear gone rip
        • but that wasn’t so much stealing as Taehyung and Rocky pulling pranks
      • 3) that Yoongi’s Luck potions were A+ and they really did work, as shown by Jinjin’s 99% on the final
      • anyways yes they got up to a lot of different shenanigans
    • moved into the Astro coven so he could make sure his best friend wasn’t being kidnapped by a serial murderer
      • has anyone watched Eunwoo on crime scene 3 he was very good he was beautiful I 10000% recommend watching it
      • I recommend the series in general but anyway
      • I mean with someone so handsome can you ever trust them
      • Jinjin thinks not
      • The only handsome person you can ever trust, in Jinjin’s opinion is Jinjin
      • And so he meets Eunwoo and is introduced to Bin and gets along with Bin like a house on fire
  • …stayed for MJ
    • hooooo boy are you ready for this
    • the first time MJ comes over it’s with a gigantic batch of slightly burnt brownies
    • and this was before Sanha came in so the house was still relatively quiet
    • and so Rocky’s in his room in the basement and Eunwoo and Bin are upstairs on the second floor doing who-knows-what
    • and Jinjin’s the only one free to open the door
    • and so he does
    • Jinjin: (loading screen)
    • MJ: “trust me thEY’RE REALLY GOOD BROWNIES”
    • Jinjin, muffled behind a tray full of brownie: “oh my god are you usually this loud”
    • MJ: “whAT??”
    • Jinjin, scrambling: “WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME INTO OUR HOUSE”
    • MJ: (beaming intensifies)
    • And so this is how Rocky finds Myungjin sitting around the kitchen, brownie crumbs all over the counter and MJ talking a mile a minute about the weather and Jinjin trying to form a sentence in his head without it being blasted to pieces by MJ’s smile
    • And this is how Binu finds them in the kitchen, with much less brownie than MJ came with and 3stro standing against the kitchen wall trying to determine who was the tallest
    • (spoilers, it was Rocky)
    • reminder that at this point MJ all thought they were human and 3stro thought MJ didn’t know about magic so
    • I mean, all in all they’re pretty good at pretending they’re non-magical
    • But MJ’s grown up with KNK and their portion of the supernatural community
    • And so when he sees small (anti-Burning) crystals tucked into different corners of the kitchen, courtesy of That Time Jinjin Fell Asleep While Cooking, he smiles to himself
    • At least he doesn’t have to explain to Jinjin why his in-laws-to-be don’t eat dinner
    • Cue MJ casually pointing out the crystals: “oh where did u get those we usually order them from the VIXX coven”
    • Bin: falls out of his chair
    • Jinjin, turns pale and stammers a bit before Eunwoo sensibly whacks the back of his head and proudly pats Bin’s empty chair
    • Eunwoo: “yeah we have our own Charmer here”
    • Rocky: “pls don’t say charmer ever again he’s nowhere near charming”
    • Eunwoo, opening his mouth to rebut but blushing and closing it on second thought
    • Wow way to go vivi sneaking a little binu in again
  • runs a flower store as a front for the Astro coven house
    • I mean he literally has a garden in their backyard full of weird-ass flowers and herbs that he has to tend to because Rocky needs them for his potions
    • He might as well plant a few more and make it a “family” business
    • I mean the extra income is always welcome
    • And so he set up an online store for people to order flowers and arrangements and bouquets with
    • Isn’t a botany witch but !! still ahs green fingers so his plants all grow very well without magic thank you very much
    • *without that much magic
    • Got Bin to enchant his entire garden to be anti-pest so he can label himself “organic” and “pesticide-free” for those who looked for stuff like that
    • Gets Rocky to brew a couple potions for the cut flowers that keep them fresher longer so he can provide fresh flowers all year round regardless of the season
    • Also gets Bin to charm some of them once in a while to sparkle a little extra or seem less dead
    • So really, without that much magic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    • Sells mostly to magic users, although there are a few clueless humans who place orders on his online store
    • Once got called in to decorate a house by a mysterious online customer with the name Michael Jackson ‘to make the house seem less… dead!’
      • It was KNK’s house
      • Jinjin was not amused
      • Inseong was very pleased though so there was that
  • also manages their finances and other household things, the resident Dad™
    • with the help of MJ of course
    • so they basically do things like balance Bin’s, Eunwoo’s and Rocky’s books in addition to their own
    • and take a little money out of each account to pay for stuff like electricity and food and soap and random stuff
    • Jinjin places orders for whatever they need (like vials or ladles or bandages) along with his own orders to save on shipping and stuff
    • It’s like a very well-run set-up, if Jinjin says so himself
    • Takes care of their general food situation as well with MJ
      • Ok listen it’s so domestic alright
      • MJ chopping vegetables and singing & Jinjin standing at a pot stirring and humming along and staring at MJ being loud and silly
      • Jinjin’s face softening into a smile and just
      • Wow
      • Wow he’s so soft for this beautiful man who beamed his way into his life
      • MJ meeting Jinjin’s eyes and seeing this wonderfully soft look on his face and
      • cue a mad scramble to get the pot off the stove
      • but Mj doesn’t forget that look, no, he keeps it in his mind like a kid keeps candy tucked away in his pocket, to be pulled out on a bad day and to ponder over and savour
  • part of the Needs to Be Protected Squad (½)
    • we all know MJ’s 2/2
    • squeaks whenever someone rings the doorbell
      • at first they had a very serious meeting as to who was allowed to answer the doorbell and who wasn’t
      • Rocky was very against Jinjin answering the doorbell because I mean you’re never sure who’s ringing it – it might be someone magical looking to kidnap Jinjin or something
      • But Eunwoo pointed out Jinjin, being the only Human, was also the only one who could actually properly appear Human in case it really was a Human knocking on their door
      • Given that Bin changes hair colour nearly every week or so and usually has blue energy trailing after him
      • And that Rocky’s stuck in the basement nearly all the time and can never hear the doorbell anyway
      • And Eunwoo can’t really get up in the middle of treating a patient
      • And so it was Jinjin
    • But usually whoever rings the doorbell turns out to be human after all
      • Like that one kid who accidentally kicked a ball into KNK’s garden and was too afraid of ‘the tall, scary uncles’ to go and rummage in their garden for it  
      • And so Jinjin had to go do it for him
      • Or that one grandma who fussed over ‘all those handsome boys in the house’ and really she’s concerned if they’re all eating well because they look like they live alone poor dears
      • And so now she makes them kimchi and tofu on a regular basis in exchange for MJ and Jinjin coming over sometimes to repair things in her house or to help her with things
      • So really MJ and Jinjin are the neighbourhood sweethearts fight me on this
      • And so this is more or less how Jinjin’s made a couple friends up and down the street
    • But they all turn out to be human mostly because those who ring the doorbell looking for Eunwoo or Bin or Rocky or MJ ring a separate doorbell, hidden under layers of spells and only visible to magic users
    • but also after those couple times Bin fell asleep and didn’t unlock the door to let the client up, all of Bin’s clients all kind of learnt to ring the main doorbell in addition to Bin’s to let everyone else in the house know

i should probably introduce the fantagio girls at some point too idk 

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fave photoshoot?

My favourite has to be the ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ shoot she did last year. Not only did she look like royalty but it celebrated her 50th birthday. 

To be 50 and still look so radiant and gorgeous is an absolute God’s gift from heaven and that’s obviously what she is!

Her make up was flawless, her hair was classic, her diamonds & jewellery were fit for the Queen and her outfits were the most angelic pieces. From head to toe she looked ravishing! 

Can I also just say that the article itself was so tragically beautiful, and it showed such vulnerability and sadness but also holding a new chapter in her life. I may have cried for her but I also wanted to throw her a damn good party to celebrate new beginnings! 

I’m so proud of my idol.

P.S. Bless her, she actually got an allergic reaction on set too from a little rabbit!



we climbed on top of a building and spent part of the night there, talking, laughing, listening to music and looking for shooting stars. One of the most amazing nights I’ve experienced in Rome so far. - 08/07/2015 Rome, Italy. check my instagram for more Paolo Raeli

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Ahhh I love your art! I found you through the stardew valley tags. I literally was so obsessed with getting money and building up my farm that I'm in my fourth year and have... two friends... But I'm always happy to see more stardew fanart! Keep up the amazing work!

shoot i’m so glad, thank you so much!! ;u; <3

omg i was the complete opposite i was so focused on befriending everyone that it took me til like ….. year 3 to get a chicken LMFAO

my main file is in year 5 right now but i’ve got 4 farmers all together! *M*

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Hey Marc, loving this season. I have to say you all should be so proud of the 100th episode, it was tv gold. Also that Oliver shoots Billy twist was amazing. I felt so bad for him and Felicity it brought me to tears. Sorry about all the irrational shipper stuff you keep getting. But I have to say I know you guys have a bunch of characters on your roster and actor contract issues but I absolutely loved Rory and wondered if there was any hope of seeing him again?

First, THANK YOU.  I really appreciate it.

Totally a chance of seeing Rory again.  We love the character and we love Joe.  We discussed bringing him back at the end of Season 5, but the story took us in another direction.  Still totally on the table for Season 6.