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Years from now
  • [about 15 years later Ed and Oz are now friends and they have kidnapped batman]
  • Ed: It's sweet Detective that you can still love people. I remember years ago there was a woman named Kristin. She was my first girlfriend.
  • Oswald: Don't take love advice from someone who killed his first girlfriend.
  • Batman: oh my god just kill me

I really hope that in future seasons of RvB, Grif will get the chance to really show off his driving skills. There have been some great moments, like in season 6 when he caused the enemies to run off a cliff, and, my god, when he drove into Wash and somehow managed not to get shot in the process. Oh, and his overall ability to drive/fly anything. Not to mention how it seems like Grif kills more enemies by running them over than shooting them.

But it would be so great to have a long-drawn, intense, keeping us on the edge of our seat, car-chase where he can really shine. Put in some explosions, a gun-fight happening on the same time, narrowly keeping the car on the road – all while going at the highest speed possible.
It would just be so awesome to have Grif getting everyone out of a crazy mess, and when he can finally halt the jeep, he’ll be exclaiming: “Holy crap! Did I just do that?”
And Simmons would be leaning over the edge of the car, throwing off his helmet to vomit (off-screen of course, to since they can’t be seen without helmets), groaning: “You ran a red light!”

The many screams of me (+ my dad) during playing Rachet and clank

“DAd Stop killing the slimes”

“ I don’t know which buttons to click! ”

“!!! DIE !!!”

“ Rachet”

“Rachet can you freaking jump please-”

*my dad asks me what Rachet is* “ I don’t know um… A fox, cat/ snake… Come on look at his tail*

* I see a ship* My dad :” shoot it down"

“Oh my god I swear if these barney lookin rejects don’t die! ”

“ Fly clank”

“ ClaNk just fly-”

“ stop yelling when your falling Rachet it’s not my fault you live in a sky city in space”

“ you’ll land on the soft metal ground”

“ ew who are these people ”

“ I swear the Clank is the prettiest in the game”

“ swim Rachet swim! ”

“ Can I get more health Please-”

“ Stop dying- ”

“ i can’t race, why is there a race in this game! ”

“ I can’t even pass the bronze race, what in the world makes you think I can pass the gold”

“ there better not be any platinum race”

A LETTER FROM EDNA OH MY GOD I hope she’s yelling at him

“…I told her about all of you in my last letter. Seems she was amused. Says you sound ‘appropriate’ for me, and she’d love to meet you.”
“Weird sister you’ve got.”
“You don’t know the half of it. A girl weird enough to want to live alongside the reaper… No matter the cost.”


“I want to meet her, too.”
“I’ll warn you–”
“’Touch my sister, and I’ll kill you.’ Right? Sheesh, you say that to EVERY guy you meet.”
“Awfully protective.”
“Nah, just obsessed.”
“That’s even worse!”

Bless. Now go the fuck home, Eizen.

chancellorxofxtrash  asked:

“If you kill them, you’d better kill me too, because otherwise I’m going to kill you.” - wanna give garbage vampire ot4 a shoot? (if not, then murder ot4 hahahah)

I decided to do both! bc wtf is my prioritising man. I just love both ot4s so I had to write something for both of them. Did a different take on the phrase for each prompt, I’m posting them separately, gonna link the murder ot4 one here after I type it up and post it.

Having said that, here is Garbage Vampire OT4. aka everyone trolls Dorrikey.

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What I want though are Overwatch character’s thoughts while they’re fighting. 

Like Tracer during the Alive video: 

“Oh my fucking god of course you’re here.” 


“Oh, right, got to let people know that Mondatta is in danger.”

“Is she done shooting? I can’t tell but I kinda don’t want to look because what if she sneaks up on me then I’m triple fucked.” 

“HAH! Wait, where the fuck did you go?” 

“Oh, that’s where you went.” 

“Damn, that’s a nice arse.”


“Ooh, can’t touch this!” 


“Wait, I’m alive?” 

“What the fuck do you mean that the party is over?” 


“It’s going down, bitch.” 

“So I know I’m pissed because you just killed Mondatta but wow your lips look really soft and I kinda want to touch them/kiss you and you look really hot under me but we’re enemies and I think you’re straight?” 

“Wait, why did you just call me a cherry OW FUCK MY SKULL THIS HURTS LIKE A BITCH.” 

“Okay you may have won this round but in my defense your lips are like 💯💯💯 and you can’t expect me to focus when I really want to kiss you.” 


Everyone is alone. Everyone is empty. People no longer have need of others. You can always find a spare for any replacement. Any relationship can be replaced. I had gotten bored of a world like that. But for some reason… the thought that someone other than you might kill me never occurred to me. Say, what do you think Kougami? After this, will you be able to find a replacement for me?

Kougami: dreads-of-a-mink (Casil)

Makishima: Me (Rika)

Photography: shuttercrazyphotos

Edits are also mine.
This was such a fun shoot, oh my god I can’t wait to do more of these two! Some of the shots we got are based on official art.

Reaper:: DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!

Reaper: reloading.

Reaper: don’t mine me, just gotta… pick up these guns.

Reaper: *bends over seductively*

Reaper: *pulls back*

Reaper: oh god…

Soldier 76: really?

Reaper: just straighten me up so i can kill you!

Soldier 76: sure thing you old man. *straightens Reaper*

Reaper: good now i can k-

Soldier 76: *slips and falls, pulling Reaper down with him*

Soldier 76: oh god…i think my hip is broken!

Reinhardt: don’t worry, i am here!

Soldier and Reaper in sync: don’t run so fast!

Reinhardt: *slips and falls onto Soldier 76 and Reaper*

all: HELP!!!

Ana: really you guys? don’t worry, i can help!

Soldier 76: Ana wait, i’m allergic to-

Ana: *shoots Soldier 76*

Soldier 76: the anesthetic you use…

Ana: oh no! alright, i’ll just pull Reinhardt off and-

Reinhardt: Ana wait!

Ana: oh god, my back!

Zenyatta: don’t worry my companions, i am here.

Reaper: run…it’ll happen to you to…

Zenyatta: do not worry my friend, i am made of metal. i lack any bones or other human parts to break. i’ll just relocate Soldier’s hip and-

Zenyatta: *hands break off, revealing rust*

Zenyatta: perhaps i am in need of repairs…

group: *groaning in pain*

Things my brother has said while playing Bioshock and Fallout Starter sentences
  • "Oh look someone I can set on fire."
  • "Thank you for the bullets."
  • "Stop shooting at me!"
  • "Where are you so I can kill you?"
  • "Oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT."
  • "What is that? WHAT IS THAT?"
  • "There's a corpse in the dirt."
  • "I got bullets don't test me!"
  • "Oooooh a grande launcher!"
  • "....Shit."
  • "I am so fucking lost right now."
  • "What happens when you drink radiated water?"
  • "I hear people!"
  • "Shut up you stupid alarm."
  • "What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK? Nononono!"
  • "Oh god what did I do?"
  • "Fine I suppose I'll save you asshole."
  • "Why is everything on fire..."
  • "It's kind of pretty in a dead way..."
  • "Fuck the all knowing arrow."
  • "What has set me on fire THIS TIME?"
  • "Hello, please die."
  • "Don't. Set people. On fire. That should be a basic don't."
  • "I don't wanna go in there."
  • "I don't wanna go up there but I can see something up there."
  • "The arrow has abandoned me!"
  • "STOP SHOOTING!...Thank you."
  • "I'm busy not dying!"
  • "I set off another god damn alarm..."
  • "Whoa, whoa don't do that! Rude..."
  • "God, another one?!"
  • "Do not come any closer to me!"
  • "So...That happened."
  • "Oh look, drugs!"
  • "He just shot me..."
  • "What is that?...Should I shoot it?"
  • "I have to explore, I have to!"
  • "I'm just gonna steal dead people's money."
My School Thoughts

‘Ughhh I wanna go home.’
‘I hate all of you… Especially that bitch.’
'Ew people.’
'Why are you near me?’
'I’m surrounded by idiots and bitches.’
'I wonder what yaoi I should read tonight?’
'Do fish have feelings?’
'I want a zebra.’
'What if I did a school shooting?
'Who would I kill first?’
'Where can I get a gun?’
'Oh my god I would be like Tate Langdon… Just not as hot.’
'I would probably kill that bitch in my class first.’
'Inappropriate dead jokes about Attack On Titan and Naruto.’
'Armin is such a cute little shota.’
'What the fuck does all of this mean?’
'When the fuck did I learn this shit?’
'I’m so done.’
'Oh my god! Shut the fuck up!’
'I will murderlise you.’
*sings random lyrics*
'I would totally let Erwin Smith destroy me.’ (It switches between many other characters such as Levi and Mike)
'I am the spawn of Eren Jaeger… Just not as attractive.’
'Do I like girls?’
'No I don’t, girls are too dramatic.’
'I want to die.’
'Who came up with the idea of calling a penis a penis?’
'Imagine if men had vaginas… Hang on.’
'Ooo you’re quite cute… And now I have inappropriate thoughts.’
'Pepe is bae.’
'Kill me.’

EMINEM - The Parking Lot ( Full Skit )
  • Robber: Aight look
  • Eminem: uh huh
  • Robber: just go up in that motherfucker
  • Get the motherfucking money and get the fuck up outta there!
  • Eminem: Aight
  • Robber: I’ll be right here waiting on you
  • Eminem: Aight
  • Robber: Yo Em!
  • Eminem: WHAAT?!
  • Robber: Don't kill nobody this time
  • Eminem: Awwright...god damn, fuck...
  • Eminem: *whistling* how you doin'?
  • Teller: Hi, how can I help you?
  • Eminem: Yeah, I need to make a withdrawal..
  • Teller: Okay?
  • Eminem: Put the fucking money in the bag, bitch And I won’t kill you!..
  • Teller: What? Oh my God, don’t kill me!
  • Eminem: I’m not gonna kill you bitch, quit looking around…
  • Teller: Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me…
  • Eminem: I said I’m not gonna fucking kill you. Hurry the fuck up!
  • *Eminem shoots teller*
  • Eminem: Thank you!
  • Eminem: *running*
  • Eminem: Go, go, go! What the..fuck? The fuck he go?
  • Mothafucka bail on me? Fuck you!
  • *car stops working*
  • Eminem: Aw, you gotta be fucking kidding me!
  • Are you fucking kidding me? Shit!
  • Eminem: *running*
  • *barking dogs*
  • Eminem: GET OFF!
  • Eminem: *shoots a dog*
  • Eminem: Haha!
  • *sound of sirens*
  • Eminem: Parking lot! Shit, ah!
  • Officer: Let me see your hands, bend over!
  • Eminem: Ah, fuck it!
  • Eminem: *shoots himself*

I have so many thoughts on when Root and Shaw see each other again!1

I mean obviously Samaritan fucked her up pretty good! But you can also see in her face like Oh My God is that really her, and almost looks like Shaw has tears to like shes trying to fight against whatever is telling her to kill Root.

I think Root is just gonna be like “Your going to have to shoot me because theres no way I could ever hurt the woman I love, not now that I found you” and I think Shaw will have memories come back or hestitate for a second and John will knock her out and they will take her back to the sub station.

Cause I mean you really think John would let something happen to Root they have gotten pretty close even when Finch told John to leave Root be he was like nope no way. I mean of course he loves Shaw to but Root is like his annoying little sister and hes not going to let Shaw hurt her No WAY!!

I think Shaw maybe forgot some memories and I think shes gonna remember kissing Root and the way she feels about her. And I think shaw is gonna get mad and be like I hate that you make me feel this way and then they make love because it looks likes root and shaw having angry sex in season promo. 


“You don’t know who i am!”
“I don’t want to hurt you..”
“I don’t love you. I never did.”
“I hate you.”
“Go away!”
“The only thing you do is piss me off!”
“You are an idiot..”
“Put.. the knife.. down..”
“Hoe don't— Oh my god.”
“Just kill yourself already!”
“Shoot me. I dare you.”
“I won’t shoot you..”
“C'mon! Kill me already!”
“Go fuck yourself!”
“Fuck you!”
“Go to hell!”
“I hope someone cut your head off..”
“Just go away…”
“I won’t leave you..”
“You promised you will never left..”
“I trusted you..”
“Stop being a drama queen!”