this shoot!!!


On November 12th 1966, an 18 year old walked into Rose-Mar College of Beauty in Arizona. The 18 year old was Robert Smith, and he was armed with a .22 caliber 6 shot revolver, 2 knives, sandwich bags and nylon cord. His weapons were in a brown paper bag he carried. 

He walked inside and no one noticed him. He then shot a mirror to get everyone’s attention, completely shattering it. Robert then ordered some women and their children to get into the back room. They then had to lay down. One woman said that 40 people would be coming there and Robert responded that he did not have enough ammunition for all of them. He also apparently wanted to put the bags over someone’s head, but they wouldn’t fit.

He eventually began firing at them while laughing. He also stabbed one of his victims. He killed 5 and wounded 2. Someone nearby heard what was happening and called the police. Police arrived and he calmly told them that he was the killer. He also told them that he was disappointed that more people weren’t there. He told police he did it so he’d be famous like Charles Whitman and Richard Speck. 

He was arrested and was sentenced to death. A few years later however, he had another trial and was instead sentenced to live in prison.

Cars of Bushwick: 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 sedan

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