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Surprise her on ordinary days

Shoutout to the sweetest boyfriend ever! Thanks baby for always surprising me even on ordinary days. Tho, alam kong may “Oplan: Patabain si Immer bago mag-summer! No to swimsuit” kang isinasagawa ngayon. Still, I’m kilig! Binibili mo lahat ng kina-crave ko na foods. Hindi mo ko hinahayaan magutom. Effort mo naman po, kuya.

Yung bearbrand na may pa-asukal talaga yung the best eh. Next time, bigas naman mahal ha? Hahaha. Lubus-lubusin mo na kapag binigyan mo ko ng chicken, dalhan mo na rin ako ng bigas. 😂

Thank you sa necklace, baby! Ang hilig mo bilan ako ng jewelry kahit na sinasabi ko na sa'yo na huwag na kasi pakyu, ayoko nga ikaw bumibili ng mga expensive shits sa'kin! Pero talagang pinanindigan mo na pagiging hard headed mo. Sasabihin na hindi binili pero wala na, nabayaran na. Still, thank you baby! I love you po papi. Hahaha.

Yung letter mo talaga sakin every surprise na ginagawa mo, yun talaga pinakigusto ko tsaka agad na hinahanap ko. You never fail to touch my heart in every little things you do. I couldn’t ask for more. Ikaw lang po, sapat na (hearteu)

Salamat baby. I love you! ❤️ @dakilanggutom

PS. I just want you to know that I appreciate everything you do to keep me happy 💘

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wedidthetimewarpagain  i’m listening to last week’s mbmbam where they’re…

I was literally listening to that after my Diff Eq class where we were doing heat transfer and I DIED

GOD. GOD. RIGHT. obviously i don’t blame them like it’s not layman’s shit at all like the average person doesn’t know much about liquid nitrogen and that makes sense, shit’s expensive lol, but when trav was like ‘if you quickly dip a pastry into liquid nitrogen would it get a nice icy coating on the outside?’

like trav nooo that’s not how liquid nitrogen does!!! you can dip your hand in it!! it’s fine! can the boys come to my lab for mbmbam season 2 so i can explain the leidenfrost effect. i love them so much and i want them to know.

if vicchan’s own version of a katsudon™ as yuuri’s birthday present isn’t the purest thing ever then idk what else is


in which mccree’s shirt gets miraculously replaced and hanzo has absolutely nothing to do with it at all, ever

i mean, if you’re gonna lounge around in your boyfriends clothes and feast on chocolate, leaving behind something for him to wear is just fair if you ask me

part two-ish of this post

edit: forgot hanzo’s tatoo oop

will i ever stop drawing ffxv shit? NOT LIKELY

anyway i was bullied by my friends to draw more cheebs and it ended up kinda charm-like so i made them to look more like charms, maybe ill sell them sometime in the future once i have some $$$ and time and knowledge how to manage charm selling

for now theyre stickers on redbubble

not to get people’s hopes up or anything, because i don’t know anything about the behind the scenes stuff, but…

narratively, yuri!!! on ice is perfectly set up to have a second season.

so far, the entire focus of the series has been on the Grand Prix Final.  this is for two reasons.  firstly, that’s where yuri screwed up the previous season, which messed him up so much his season ended early.  so, he wants to redeem himself.  secondly, if you’re telling a story about a season in figure skating, the Grand Prix series is where it really begins.

but, the Grand Prix Final is really just the midpoint highlight of the season.  in the second half the season, there are nationals in every country that participates, and then things like European Championships and the Four Continent Championships, and then Worlds.  at Worlds, unlike at the GPF, there are skaters from around the world, lots of them, not just the top six.

if yuri!!! on ice makes enough money, the second season could TOTALLY be about victor leading yuri to Worlds, and them completing this season together.  if they make enough money to warrant another production.

i mean, it’s possible.  (after all, we don’t even know how s1 will end….)

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tsuna severely regretting cheating on his so to a point that he can't imagine being with someone else ever and trying to win her back?

“Dammit, dammit, dammit,” Tsuna cursed as he rolled out of the bed and searched for his pants. He ignored the confused escort he was previously trying to fuck and left the hotel room. For some goddamn reason, he just couldn’t go any further than teasing the other woman and could not for the life of him get it up.

“For fuck’s sake, this is such bullshit.” He sat in his car, not leaving the parking lot just yet. It’s been like this for two weeks now. Every time he tried to get it on with some woman, he always flashed back to the pained look on his fiancee’s face. The mafia boss fished out a crumpled piece of paper. On it was a letter, a break up letter to be exact.

He still remembers waking up one morning to a cold bed, an engagement ring on the other pillow, and this note:

I love you, Tsuna. I’m sure I always will but I can’t stand the parade of other women anymore. I gave you multiple chances, but I just can’t handle it. Give the ring to someone you can be faithful to, obviously that person is not me. I wish you the best.”

Tsuna slammed his head backwards on his car’s head rest multiple times. “I’m sorry, okay?!” he yelled to himself. “I’m fucking sorry. Are you happy now? I can’t even stand being with anyone else but you now. You’re it. You’re the end.”


He could almost hear her asking him, “Are you sure? Or are you just upset that I left you?”

He yelled even more at the silence in the car. “Yes, alright?! I’m upset that you left but I realize now that you’re it. It wasn’t fair to you, none of it was fair to you.” He trailed off, gripping the steering wheel and pressing his forehead on the leather grip.

After a moment, he took out his phone and dialed a number. “Takeshi, get me an order of Macaroons Haute Couture and have it delivered to the manor by Friday.” A pause. “Yes, it’s for her.” Another pause. “I was an idiot, huh? Get it in her favorite flavors, if you can.”

Tsuna lifted his head from the steering wheel and ran a hand through his hair. “Thanks,” he ended the call and punched in another set of numbers. “Hello, Fauna’s Flora? Yes, I know its late, but I need a bouquet to be made.”

The car roared to life as he pulled out of his parking spot and left the lot behind. “On a scale of 1 to ten? Probably a 10, ma’am. I messed up that bad.” After a while of chatting, Tsuna tossed the phone into the passenger seat. He sped up his car a little, racing to get back to the Vongola manor.

“No more women,” he mumbled, “no more cheating. Just you and me, I promise.” He furrowed his brows as he thought of all the things he had to do, all the plans he had to make. And hey, if she didn’t want to come back to him willingly, he had other ways of getting his fiancee back. It may not make her happy, but as long as he had her back, that was all that mattered in the end.