this shit was on my birthday

When I was in high school, I was told that I couldn’t have children, in a traditional fashion, due to blockage in my fallopian tubes. On top of that, I have uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts on both my ovaries. I was given options of surgery, of course, but I told my mom bump that. They not about to start cutting on me.

One, two, skip a few…here I am. 28 years old, on my birthday (July 16th), and I feel like shit. I had such big plans for my late 20’s. Fall in love (got that part), get married, have babies, build my family…shit like that. But if you know anything about our Creator, He’s probably laughing at the fact that I dare to think that [ I ] have any type of plans to force my life into a certain direction. Although the walk in faith and work would excel me, I just feel discouraged to say the least.

My situation is reversable through natural medicinal methods, but it’s the depression about it all (and some background bullshit as well) that’s kickin’ my ass. I feel so inadequate. I just want to be free…


One of the best things about living with your person is that his wardrobe becomes yours. There’s nothing better than wearing his clothes when you’re feeling like shit and in a lot of pain.

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  1. Nicknames: none
  2. Gender: female
  3. Star sign: taurus
  4. Height: 175 cm/ 5′9
  5. Time: 9:54 am
  6. Birthday: 10th may
  7. favorite bands: red hot chili peppers, bigbang
  8. favorite solo artists: gdragon, tom odell, lana del rey
  9. Song stuck in my head: shadow of the day and given up by linkin park
  10. Last movie watched: logan
  11. Last show watched: game of thrones
  12. When did i create my blog: 2017
  13. What do i post: aesthetic shit, sometimes fashion shit, some kpop, shitty moodboards, music, sad quotes etc
  14. Last thing googled: i probably translated some words i didnt understand
  15. do you have other blogs: even 2 its @93np n @mygucciburn3d
  16. Do you get asks: very rarely
  17. Why did u choose your url: i had no idea about it, but i listened a lot of bts then, so i thought about their ‘youth’ concept and this is how ‘yvth’ was my first thought but i rathed ‘yth’ so … :v and 21 ia from century, but also from green day 
  18. Following: 246
  19. Followers: 236 (im loser, damn)
  20. Favorite colors: black and recently some pastel ones
  21. Average hours of sleep: tonight it was 8 
  22. lucky number: i dont have one but i like 7 n 10
  23. instruments: i used to play bass guitar and classic guitar 
  24. what am i wearing: shorts n nirvana tshirt bc i’ve already wake up
  25. how many blankets i sleep with: 1
  26. dream job: astronaut, surgeon, architect or artist :v
  27. dream trip: r now to the louvre
  28. favorite food: watermeloooooon n cinni minis
  29. nationality: polish
  30. favorite song now: im kokodead at the moment 

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Happy Birthday hunny. You are treasure. Thank you for being you. With much love M.Oli💋





Ty sis, truly. I’m a hot mess but I appreciate you, always.


… okay I’m going to bed now frfr

stuff about me;

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1. Nicknames: kymmie, kymbub, kymothy, kinkerley, kinkie, kummie
2. Gender: fluid af
3. Star sign: cancer
4. Height: 5'8
5. Time: 12:27pm
6. Birthday: july 20th
7. Favorite bands: im so basic like.. imagine dragons, florence + the machine, etc
8. Favorite solo artists: dodie clark !!!!!!   jonathan young  !!!!    william singe  !!!
9. Song stuck in my head: i wanna be like you – jungle book
10. Last movie watched: split, that m night movie?
11. Last show watched: bobs burgers!
12. When did I create my blog? aw fuq like… 2012? maybe? idk what is time
13. What do I post?: not enough ic shit
14. Last thing googled: what the fuck is coding
15. Do you have other blogs?: yeah @galaxtia , @mirthborne but havent been active in 4eva
16. Do you get asks?: ye boi
17. Why did you choose your url?: itaidoshin ;  harmony, to connect w another person completely
18. Following: 500ish
19. Followers: 2,025
20. Favorite colors:  pink & blue & green
21. Average hours of sleep: 7-8ish
22. Lucky number: 7
23. Instruments: violin, piano, guitar
24. What am I wearing?: dressing gown n that’s all folks
25. How many blankets do I sleep with? three
26. Dream job: art therapist 
28. Favorite food: club sammich
29. Nationality: scottish !
30. Favorite song now: lowlife - poppy

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I was tagged by @seaside-drake so here we go.

Nicknames: None. Andy is name. Andy is life. Well my life anyway. Because I’m Andy. 
Gender: Depends. (Genderfluid)
Star Sign: Cancer
MBTI Type: I have no fucking idea! I need to take The Test. One day….
Height: 5'6 last time I checked. 
Time: A little past midnight and I need to wake up at 5:00 am…. Shit. 
Birthday: July 6, 2003
Fav band: Midnight beast!!!! And Panic! At the disco. 
Fav solo artists: I don’t really have one…
Song stuck in my mind: The lottery jingle
Last movie watched: Disney Descendants 
Last show watched: Umm. I watched an episode of The Office yesterday….. Didn’t like it. 
When did I create my blog: A while ago
What do I post about: Stuff I like. Rants. Other. It’s really random here but I like it…
Last thing I googled: *laughs awkwardly* that’s personal…… 
Do you have other blogs: @thatsjustlifehq where I write about my book. 
Why did you choose your url: I is Slytherin. Also my alias back then was Kat (Kaitlyn). 
Following: A lot. 
Followers: 89
Fav Colour: Dark green
Average hours of sleep: Four
Lucky number: My fav number changes a lot. Right now it’s -9. 
Instruments: None. I used to play a teensy bit of piano. I like singing but I suck. 
What i’m wearing: *awkward laughter* That’s a bit of a sexual question….
How many blankets do I sleep with: One. 
Dream job: Author. 
Dream trip: First some friends and I take a first class ticket to Florida. We stay there as we go to disneyworld, universal studios, etc. then we take a cruise ship to Hawaii and explore the islands….. Man if I was rich. 
Fav food: Chocolate.
Nationality: Murica.

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