this shit was on my birthday

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nicknames: nic, nikki
gender: female
sign: leo ♌
height: 5′4 and ¾ and PROUD jk i wish i was tall so bad
time: 3:52 pm
birthday: august 22 
fave bands: chainsmokers, arctic monkeys, the neighbourhood, black sabbath
fave solo artists: charli xcx, halsey, post malone, harry styles my husband, riff raff, eden
song stuck in your head: hard to love - jessie reyez
last movie i watched: lego ninjago. dont even ask lmao also what is with all of these new lego movies just being about bad dads
last show i watched: i believe buzzfeed unsolved should count towards this category
when did i make this blog: oh jeez idk, a couple years ago now? 
what do i post: sims trash n shit posts
what did i last google: i searched for the score of the hockey game last night cause i couldn’t watch
other blogs: mm nope but i do have a real shitty twitter cough
do i get asks: i dooooo and i’m bad at keeping up with them so apologies to all those who have been lost to my inbox 
why did i choose this url: because i’m a big creepy stuffed toy
following: 408
followers: 4330
average hours of sleep: ughghhhghgh anywhere from like 4-7 i’m a mess tbh
lucky number: 6, 18, and 22
instruments: guitar (poorly) and soon hopefully piano bc thats always been a goal
what am i wearing: a black and white striped t shirt and a big blue blanket like a poncho. i just took some pseudoephedrine and i’m ready to pass out and have weird dreams
dream job: curator, lawyer, politician, or gold digger 💃
favourite food: i’m a simple human, i like a good sandwich. lasagna also counts as a sandwich in my mind. it’s a pasta sandwich  
last book i read: i’m rereading bram stoker’s dracula rn
3 fave fandoms: hMMMM. star wars, dragon age, aaaand snowbaaazzzz carrry on ofc my otp

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Nickname(s):  most people call me shy - and really close people call me shyshy (insert monkey hiding emoji)

Gender: Female

Sign: Libra

Height: 5″2.. yeah im short :P

Time: 3am

Birthday: October 2nd 1995 

Favourite Bands: The Script, Maroon 5 

Favourite Solo Artists: Nicki Minaj, JoJo, Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson and Ellie Goulding,Rhianna. 

Song stuck in my head: Nobody’s Better - Z, ft Fetty Wap.  

Last movie I watched: Rewatched Fanstastic Beasts and Where to find them.

Last show I watched: Peaky Blinders (if you haven’t seen it go watch it!)

When did I create this blog: I dunno um.. January 2016 i think

What do I post: shitty sims shit

What did I last google: GAMSAT exam stuff

Other blogs: LOL i have a cc finds, a history challenge one (no posts yet but soon come) and i have an inspo blog. I also have a studyblr bc im a nerd. 

Do I get asks: Sometimes :) 

Why did I choose this URL: Because the names shy and its my simblr

Following: 692

Followers: 3315 — HOW? i just don’t know.

Average hours of sleep: 3-6hours

Lucky number: 2 and 10 

Instrument: Piano

What am I wearing: Shorts and My BF’s baggy Tshirt 

Dream job: Doctor. Or anything caring for people.

Favourite Food: All Rice dishes … (man i love rice..) especially Jollof Rice

Last book I read: Animal Farm 

3 favorite fandoms: Sims, Harry Potter!

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Nicknames: Dani, Dans, DDD (we do not speak of this one @ saaj and zura🔪)

Gender: Female

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5′4″

Time: 4:10

Birthday: September 27

Favorite bands: Bastille, The Weekend, Panic! At the Disco, 

Favorite Solo Artists: Kesha, Sia

Song stuck in my head: Sarah Smiles by Panic! At the Disco

Last movie I watched: Coco!!

Last TV show I watched: One Day at a Time

When did I create my blog: October 2012

What do I post: drawings, memes, and lots of Voltron

Last thing I googled: “Washington lollipop law” (did you guys know that lollipops are technically illegal in the state of Washington? The rule is extremely outdated and exists but it’s not appealed? Wild)

Do I have other blogs: Nope

Do I get asks: Yeah sometimes

Why did I choose my URL: Because my name is “dani” and “wry” means using sarcastic behavior and being disappointed/annoyed and sums up my personality pretty well

Following blogs: 215

Followers: 3,135

Favorite colors:  Cerulean Blue, Mint, Coral

Average hours of sleep: ahahahahaha

Lucky numbers: 2, 5, 6

Instruments: I played the clarinet in middle school for two years does that count for anything

What am I wearing: A t-shirt, leggings, and a jacket

How many blankets do I sleep with: One!

Dream job: Making my own cartoon would be so cool but that’s basically impossible so I’m just gonna go with storyboard artist or animator lmao

Dream trip: I don’t really have one?

Favorite food: I don’t have a favorite food either lmao

Nationality: American, Venezuelan, and Indian!

Favorite song right now: In the Name of Love by Martin Garrix

I tag: @keithkoqane, @kcithslance, @teakoii, @roseylime, @amberarts, @a-zzurra, @hunkologist, @saltylances, @pilots, @alteanlance @macnkeith, (you guys obviously don’t have to do this if you don’t want to though!!) 

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Nicknames: costello, idiot, fuck face
Gender: some sorta,,nonbinarytransdemishitfuckheadgarbageheap (he/they)
Sign: libra but im a cusp w scorpio
Height: like 1ft tall
Time: 3:52pm
Birthday: october 22
Fave bands: pink floyd, david bowie, starcrawler, tfb, cage the elephant
Song stuck in my head: Adult Diversion - Alvvays
Last movie I watched: silent hill
Last show I watched:  charmed
When did I make this blog: october
What do I post: uhh,,edits, rare gameplay and cc once a century
What did I last google: some shit abt unicode 
Other blogs: i just made a cc finds blog
Do I get asks: not rlly
Why did I choose this url: i rlly like that whole ghost in the machine concept and uh tox bc im toxic
Following: 160
Followers: 198
Average hours of sleep: usually 2 but other times 30
Lucky number: 23
Instruments: im learning bass! but i played guitar 4 a solid minute when i was younger
What am I wearing: a sweatshirt, jeans, socks, and a giant blanket
Dream job: uhhhhh anything w animals cause they r amazing
Favorite food: food i like is all over the place but italian food is dear 2 me
Last book I read: the shining - stephen king
3 fave fandoms: um fandoms r scary i prefer cults

i tag @tigerellasims @dreambot @simharaa @octo-sims and um anyone else who wants 2


Dear Zod it’s hard to take a good picture of my own fingernails, but CHECK THIS SHIT OUT! @whenflowersfade made me a custom nail polish for my birthday (and called it Birthday Bliss, booyeah) and it’s SO AWESOME! The pictures do not even come close to doing it justice. It’s like…. fine gold dust glittery golden but then with slightly larger gold glitter and a few big gold glitter flakes, but also there’s somehow iridescence on it like I’d expect to see on a fairy dragon’s wings. It’s flippin’ MAGICAL and I would lick it were it not for the fact that nail polish is poison.

My fingernails are golden and rainbows and I am full of squee.

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Nickname(s): Ugly, Sweaty, Loner, Stonka, Phester 

Gender: Female

Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′1 last time I checked

Time: 1:19

Birthday: January 12th

Favourite bands: One Republic and Imagine Dragons

Favourite solo artists: Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5

Song stuck in my head: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Last movie I watched: Ptff I don’t know 

Last show I watched: Marvel Runaways

When did i create this blog:  One year ago in June

What do I post: My legacy, edits, and random shit

What did I last Google: Shape of You on Youtube

Other blog: Caprifinds, Capriposes, Caprilots, and Caprirandom

Do I get asks: Yes and I love getting them

Why did I choose this url: Because Im a capricorn and I love the Sims

Following: 168

Followers: 458! Thanks you all so much! <3

Average hours of sleep: 5-6 on weeks days and 7- 9

Lucky number: Its been 7 since Kindergarten

Instrument: I don’t play one cause I suck

What am I wearing: A plaid shirt with dark jeans on

Dream job: Vet

Favorite food: Spaghettios

Last book I read: Percy Jackson The Battle of the Labyrinth

3 favorite fandoms: Percy and Annabeth, Ryan and Emma in Webtoon, and Alex and Nico in Marvel Runaways

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I need money or these people are gonna throw me out on the street again with my 2 dogs and my mom

I’m so fucking…..I’m so fuccxxkiijng tired!!! And honestly scared. So I haven’t made a post like this in forever and I rly don’t like doing this but I rly need help!!!

I had an agreement to become roomates w one of my “friends” after being homeless for 3 months trying to make it motel to motel and she originally said that my dogs were okay but once we got there changed everything…she making me pay and extra $150 a week on top of $1000 rent and I’ve been trying to figure out how to do all this cus it’s fucking cold outside and I cannot deal with the stress out literally being outside this winter. I’ve paid her all that I can but rent is going to be due again in like 5 days and I need a good $400 for rent and utilities.

My name is not on the lease so she can throw me out at any time

Her mom keeps calling and harassing me threating to throw my mom out (my moms birthday is New Year’s Eve and I can’t even afford her a present) if you guys can spare anything!!! Please!! PLEASE!!

I feel like such a piece of shit for not being able to afford to have a roof over my families head but I can’t just sit here and let this happen, if anyone has questions for me you can always message me and ask. Please consider donating.

Here is my PayPal: