this shit took hours to make

my mom was such a weird but iconic Young Single Mom like

she didnt trust any baby-sitters (in her defense, there werent a lot where we lived) so sge took me everywher3 n i had to be a lil well behaved bitch. going to the bank? hope smol geraldine enjoys swinging her legs and reading mortgage pamphlets for 3 hours. going to work at the family business? actually that was more chill bc everyone treated me like a queen and let me play that mine game on the computer or stamp shit. going 2 work @ the hospital tho? hope ur fucking ready to be entertained by the glimpse of a hall n a kitchen u cant go to and stay drawing there.

also she took servsafe classes like 2 times n honestly like ik so many useless shit lord knows my ass isnt gonna need 2 know how to wash different spaces of an industrial kitchen. shed make me quiz her n shit

also she was always Done like she used to tell me ppl werent allowed to move the wheel bagging thing at the supermarket u could get fined if u did and like other shit like that ONE TIME SHE TOLD ME THAT IF I TURNED ON JACUZZI ENGINE BUBBLE THING ITD CATCH ON FIRE AND EXPLODE ALSO THERE WAS A GAZEBO IN OUR YARD N SHE TOOD ME IT DIDN’T HAVE A FLOOR JUST A CARPET OVER A HOLE N FOR YEARS LIKE UP UNTIL I WAS PROLLY 12 I LIVED IN FEAR OF THAT GAZEBO LIKE SHIT COULD HIDE IN HOLES MAN

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whats your gamer top 10 list of video games

its mostly fire emblem cause im always a slut for fe

im not going to rank 1-10 cause thats too hard but ill make a list

fe path of radiance, fe radiant dawn, bastion, transistor, smash bros, 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors, virtue’s last reward, Ghost Trick, psychonauts, bravely default/second

i’m bad at remembering things so it took way too long to scrounge up 10 games

memory a shit

Oh shit, I thought the joke here was that Yuri had only left him waiting maybe an hour or so yet somehow that was the longest someone had ever kept the Victor Nikiforov waiting. 

But now…

Was Victor actually talking about the months it took between the banquet request and the video ‘summon’?

Victor wasn’t saying “I am a special snowflake how dare you make me wait even one second for the honor of being my student” but “you left me, took months to call me and now that I’m officially your coach you still keep me waiting.”


All I wanna be
Is somebody to you

Happy birthday @hchano! I tried to make a short lyric comic with kind of civilian Ladrien (AU?maybe?). I took shots of the video cause i dont know how to fashion ^^’ 

Also i noticed very late that in this video appeared Laura Marano…who sings the English dub of the Miraculous intro song hehe. So like…a funny coincidence there.

Hope you like it!


Female characters from TV/Animation DC Universe

+ bonus (for lack of space and also I did this at 6am and kinda forgot them)


“Ah, summer break; a time for leisure, recreation, and taking ‘er easy… unless you’re me.”

So 4 years ago, this little show called Gravity Falls premiered, and it took over my life.

i hate when ppl assume my adhd is Fake or Not A Real Problem bc i can function/do well in school like

you see the good grade but u don’t see the 3 hrs of stress-crying and general breakdown shit it took to do 30 mins of work on that project the night before it was due or the frustration in math class because i want to care but i literally cannot bring myself to focus on the textbook. it’s gonna take an hour and a half to make up 15 minutes of notes when i get home

so like ?? yeah i do pretty well in school but often at the cost of my general well-being/mental health. that might be a slight exaggeration. but yeah 


“What’s weird is that Eric and Dylan, after shooting all those kids, went into a “quiet period”. They walked around aimlessly, making eye contact with many surviving students but did not shoot them. Instead they opened fire in empty rooms and threw pipe bombs at vacant spots in the hallway. It’s baffled researchers why they did this. They then went back to the library, lit a rag on a molotav cocktail and when it burned down to the bottle they both took their lives. Strange shit.” - (x)

  • Me, describing Phantom Planet to friends who aren't in the Fandom: Butch was told to make one last episode and so he just took a shit on a piece of paper and they said "Okay guys let's animate it!" and they did that for an hour. It's a crap in slow motion.
I’ve always put myself down. Over and over. “You’re ugly” “You’re fat” “You’re disgusting” “you’re stupid” And what purpose does that really serve? I’m just beating myself up. And making myself feel like shit. I’m making myself so small. So I started to think, what are my good traits? I may not be gorgeous. I may get acne. My teeth aren’t perfect. But I do feel pretty sometimes. I may not be as thin as I was. But does an extra 10 pounds really define who I am? I like having an hour glass figure. I’m such a klutz. I run into walls, I burn frozen pizzas, most the time I’m slow at getting jokes and I make a mess without realizing. I’ll shake the ranch and forget I took off the cap. I used to beat myself up over that. But those little quirks make me who I am and it makes people laugh and they find it endearing. My boyfriend has seen me with a full face of makeup and he’s seen me with not a stitch on. With my acne scars. He’s seen my body with cellulite and a few extra pounds and still thinks I am beautiful. So why can’t I see that? Why am I still beating myself up? Maybe it’s because I got told that everyday in school but I’m so tired of it. There will always be someone prettier, skinnier and smarter. There is only one me in the entire world. And I’m sick of spending my life beating myself up and telling myself how awful I am. I want to accept myself. I may not be the prettiest or skinniest but I have a lot of great things to offer. I know I’m a kind, caring, funny person. And most important of all, I may not be perfect but I’m finally getting okay with that. Maybe if we focus on the good we may see that we do have a lot to offer and that we are good enough.
—  Chapters from my life