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( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Hello! I’ve reached 3k+(!!!) followers about a month ago and I said I’ll try to do something, so here’s my first follow forever (a month late)!! 

Thank you everyone for following me, sticking with me and my hq obsession and putting up with all my rambles!! I’m sorry for not doing all those tag memes I was tagged in, or if i missed any, I’m a lazy bum, but feel free to tag me anw (if you want! bc i like reading them aha) >_<  also, thank you to those who have taken their time out to speak to me and send me nice asks, I really appreciate it!! (๑´ㅂ`๑)

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I made a new video! I hope you guys enjoy :)

so i reached 400 followers about two weeks ago, I felt like being nice and i’ve wanted to do this for a long i needed an excuse to use a drake gif. there’s not many bc i don’t follow many but hEre we go:


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anyway, thank most of y’all for putting up with me and still following me even though i’m problematic af and stuff like that. I love you all and i just want to say that i appreciate you. sorry if i forgot anyone btw!

thefearofcod  asked:


Send ‘✩’ for the following:

Who is more likely to raise their voice?
~ Pretty sure Noya can’t lower his voice in any situation. XD
Who threatens to leave but never actually does?
~ Noya would threaten to leave, but it’s all talk.
Who actually keeps their word and leaves?
~ If Asahi threatened to leave, he actually would follow through with it, even if it was only to cool his head.
Who trashes the house?
~ Noya, obvs.
Do either of them get physical?
~ They’ve both been known to get physical in arguments, but it’s usually Noya who starts it.
How often do they argue/disagree?
~ Not often.
Who is the first to apologize?
~ Noya is the quickest to anger and to apologize. Asahi will just wallow if Noya doesn’t stop him.


Who is on top?
~ Noya wants Asahi to top more, but Asahi is nervous to hurt him.
Who is on the bottom?
~ They switch, as stated above.
Who has the strangest desires?
~ Noya usually will hear about some crazy sex position (usually from Tanaka) and begs Asahi to try it.
Any kinks?
~ Nothing too crazy. Noya likes to have sex in weird places, like public bathrooms, the shower, the kitchen
Who’s dominant in bed?
~ Noya, definitely. But Asahi has his moments.
Is head ever in the equation?
~ Absolutely. Noya likes to do it to goad Asahi into rough sex.
If so, who is better at performing it?
~ They constantly argue about who is better. Noya says Asahi is better, but Asahi says it’s Noya.
Ever had sex in public?
~ Oh, hell yes.
Who moans the most?
~ Noya can’t keep quiet.
Who leaves the most marks?
~ Asahi ends up leaving the most marks, because he can’t help himself when Noya starts making those noises.
Who screams the loudest?
~ Noya is the loudest.
Who is the more experienced of the two?
~ They have the same experience level, as they’re nerds who’ve only had sex with each other.
Do they ‘fuck’ or ‘make love’?
~ They do both.
Rough or soft?
~ Both, depending on the mood.
How long do they usually last?
~ 10-30 minutes is the normal, but if they take it slow, they can go over an hour.
Is protection used?
~ Not usually.
Does it ever get boring?
~ Not really.
Where is the strangest place they’d have sex?
~ In the back of an alley behind a convenience store.

Do your muses plan on having children/or have children?
~ They both want to adopt kids.
If so, how many children do your muses want/have?
~ Hopefully, two.
Who is the favorite parent?
~ Asahi, only because he’s a pushover and the kids can get whatever they want. 
Who is the authoritative parent?
~ Noya, strangely enough.
Who is more likely to allow the children to have a day off school?
~ Asahi would, no doubt.
Who lets the children indulge in sweets and junk food when the other isn’t around?
~ They honestly both would.
Who turns up to extracurricular activities to support their children?
~ Both, of course! They’d do their damnedest to not miss a single event.
Who goes to parent teacher interviews?
~ They go together to tag-team it.
Who changes the diapers?
~ Both.
Who gets up in the middle of the night to feed the baby?
~ Both.
Who spends the most time with the children?
~ Noya usually does. He has more energy to wear them out.
Who packs their lunch boxes?
~ Asahi.
Who gives their children ‘the talk’?
~ Noya would have to, because Asahi would stutter through the whole thing.
Who cleans up after the kids?
~ Both.
Who worries the most?
~ Asahi, of course.
Who are the children more likely to learn their first swear word from?
~ Ok, so. Noya is actually the one who swears the most, but for some reason, he’s really good at keeping his language clean in front of the kids. So, they end up learning their first swear word from Asahi – Specifically when he drops something heavy on his toe one day and and just shouts “FUCK.” Noya never lets him forget it. 

Who likes to cuddle?
~ They both really like to cuddle, actually.
Who is the little spoon?
~ A S A H I (fite me)
Who gets naughty in the most inappropriate of places?
~ OMG, Noya does for sure.
Who struggles to keep their hands to themselves?
~ N O Y A
How long can they cuddle until one becomes uncomfortable?
~ They could cuddle forever.
Who gives the most kisses?
~ Noya does.
What is their favorite non-sexual activity?
~ It’s totally V O L L E Y B A L L
Where is their favorite place to cuddle?
~ The couch.
Who is more likely to playfully grope the other?
~ Noya, is this even a question?
How often do they get time to themselves?
~ A few hours a week, usually.

Who snores?
~ Asahi and Noya both snore.
If both do, who snores the loudest?
~ Asahi’s the loudest.
Do they share a bed or sleep separately?
~ Together, of course!
If they sleep together, do they cozy up together or lay far apart?
~ They cozy up, but Noya eventually rolls around so much that they end up separated at some point in the night.
Who talks in their sleep?
~ Noya does. He’s actually had entire conversations with Asahi and Tanaka while he’s been asleep. It freaked Asahi out at first, but he’s used to it now.
What do they wear to bed?
~ Asahi has a set of matching pajamas (pants and a long sleeved shirt), and Noya just wears boxers and a ratty old t-shirt.
Are either of your muses insomniacs?
~ Nah, they both sleep pretty well.
Can sleeping pills be found by the bedside?
~ Nope, don’t need them.
Do they wrap their limbs around each other or just lay side by side?
~ They wrap themselves up.
Who wakes up with bed hair?
~ Both.
Who wakes up first?
~ Noya does, and he usually has to poke and prod Asahi to get up as well.
Who prepares breakfast in bed for the other?
~ Noya will prep breakfast in bed for Asahi once in a while.
What is their favorite sleeping position?
~ Asahi likes to sleep on his stomach, and Noya will sleep in pretty much every position imaginable.
Who hogs the sheets?
~ Asahi does.
Do they set an alarm each night?
~ Yes.
Can a television be found in their bedroom?
~ Yes.
Who has nightmares?
~ Asahi has them sometimes, but he has had less now that he and Noya are together.
Who has ridiculous dreams?
~ Noya, for sure.
Who sprawls out and takes up most of the bed?
~ N O Y A
Who makes the bed?
~ Asahi does.
What time is bed time?
~ 10 or 11 PM. It varies.
Any routines/rituals before bed?
~ Asahi always lets his hair down before bed and brushes it out. It’s Noya’s favorite time of day.
Who’s the grumpiest when they wake up?
~ Asahi, though he’s not super grumpy. It’s more just groggy.

Who is the busiest?
~ Noya.
Who rakes in the highest income?
~ It’s about equal.
Are any of your muses unemployed?
~ Nope.
Who takes the most sick days?
~ Asahi will take more sick days, just for the excuse to stay at home. Noya says he “doesn’t get sick.”
Who is more likely to turn up late to work?
~ Noya, for sure.
Who sucks up to their boss?
~ Asahi, or at least he tries. It never works, though.
What are their jobs?
~ (Gonna skip this one because I have so many different ideas/headcanons that it’d be silly to list them all.)
Who stresses the most?
~ Asahi A L W A Y S stresses.
Do your muses enjoy or despise their careers/occupations?
~ They both enjoy their careers.
Are your muses financially stable? 
~ For the most part, yes.

Who does the washing?
~ Asahi.
Who takes out the trash?
~ Asahi.
Who does the ironing?
~ They don’t even OWN an iron.
Who does the cooking?
~ They cook meals together, usually. Neither of them are particularly good or terrible.
Who is more likely to burn the house down just trying?
~ Neither.
Who is messier? 
~ Noya.
Who leaves the toilet roll empty?
~ Both
Who leaves their dirty clothes on the floor?
~ Both.
Who forgets to flush the toilet?
~ They both forget on occasion, but Noya’s worse.
Who is the prankster around the house?
~ Noya, of course.
Who loses the car keys when it comes time to go somewhere?
~ They’re both equally guilty of this.
Who mows the lawn?
~ Asahi usually will.
Who answers the telephone?
~ Noya will, since Asahi hates answering the phone.
Who does the vacuuming?
~ Both.
Who does the groceries?
~ They like to go together.
Who takes the longest to shower?
~ Asahi.
Who spends the most time in the bathroom?
~ It’s about equal.

Is money a problem?
~ Sometimes. But they usually get by.
How many cars do they own?
~ Zero.
Do they own their home or do they rent?
~ They rent.
Do they live near the coast or deep in the countryside?
~ Near the coast.
Do they live in the city or in the country?
~ City.
Do they enjoy their surroundings?
~ Yeah, but they both like to get to the country every once and a while to escape city life.
What’s their song?
Til You Came Along by Chuck Prophet
What do they do when they’re away from each other?
~ If they’re away from each other for a long time, Noya will steal one of Asahi’s hoodies and wear it constantly. He also steals hairties and keeps them on his wrist to play with. Asahi likes to take pictures of Noya when he’s sleeping (just cute ones, not gross ones you pervs) and he’ll stare at them whenever he starts to miss Noya.
Where did they first meet?
~ They met in school.
How did they first meet?
~ Volleyball, please.
Who spends the most money when out shopping?
~ Noya, because he forgets how much he’s spent until it’s all over. Then comes shopper’s regret.
Who’s more likely to flash their assets?
~ Oh, god. Noya. Who are we kidding?
Who finds it amusing when the other trips over?
~ Noya.
Any mental issues?
~ Asahi has a lot of anxiety.
Who’s terrified of bugs?
~ Asahi does not like bugs, especially flying ones.
Who kills the spiders around the house?
~ Noya is the resident spider killer. Though, if he can manage it, he’ll just let them outside.
Their favorite place?
~ Is that even a question? The volleyball court.
Who pays the bills?
~ Asahi does; Noya just throws money at him and lets him take care of paying stuff. Otherwise, Noya would forget.
Do they have any fears for their future?
~ Nothing too specific.
Who’s more likely to surprise the other with a fancy dinner?
~ Asahi would. He’s a ridiculous romantic.
Who uses up all of the hot water?
~ Asahi.
Who’s the tallest?
~ OMG, of course Asahi.
Who’s more likely to just randomly hop into the shower with the other?
~ Noya will hop in the shower with Asahi, mostly because he takes too long. But that usually makes the shower time take LONGER, for, uh… reasons.
Who wanders around in their underwear?
~ Noya, absolutely.
Who sings the loudest when singing along to the radio?
~ Noya, of course.
What do they tease each other about?
~ Asahi doesn’t like to tease people, but Noya will always tease him about being so meek for such a big guy.
Who is more likely to cringe at the other’s fashion sense at times?
~ Noya is more likely to wear crazy shit, and Asahi will just sigh.
Do they have mutual friends?
~ Quite a few.
Who crushed first?
~ Noya crushed hard first, but he didn’t realize it was a crush for a long time.
Any alcohol or substance related problems?
~ Nope.
Who is more likely to stumble home, drunk, at 3am?
~ Noya, but Asahi is likely with him. So, they tag team it. XD
Who swears the most?
~ Noya.