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Fefe stans come up with a lot of ridiculous reasons why a Fefe/OF heavy episode gets low ratings. Next they're gonna say ratings are low because mercury is in retrogade or because GOP voted to repeal obamacare or anything like that shit lmao

It’s so satisfying to see a Felicity episode followed by an Olicity episode both get series low ratings. You can’t make this shit up. 

Like put it into perspective— this “Olicity” episode has been hyped for the longest time. News broke that there would be “Olicity sex” and a sizzle reel teased it. Guggenheim teased that it was a big episode for them, and also spent FIVE WEEKS personally DMing jb*ffyangel spoilers to hype the episode up to her Olicity-hungry followers (who claim they stopped watching after the break up) and it STILL GOT SERIES LOW RATINGS. That says it all to me. He needs to stop investing in a ship that the majority don’t fucking enjoy

Care Giver Pt 17 by Y.Black & Dscurve


It’s been four months and my relationship with Kelvin was thriving despite Marissa living in his apartment. He rarely went there and instead had halfway moved in with me! I was so hot the day we found out she was pregnant! But the patient I had scheduled for surgery wanted to talk to me before I operated. She told me if there was someone in my life that I loved, to take the time to love them on their level and not try to change them because complete each other if they are good fit. It shouldn’t be a fight. For some reason those words sank into my heart and cleared all the anger from my body. I knew I loved Kelvin. I knew he loved me. Though things weren’t falling in line like we wanted, we remained constant. Honestly my life was more of a thrill after meeting Kelvin than ever before! So when he showed up at my house that night, I had already picked up dinner and had on a black fishnet teddy with black stiletto heels! I was ready to serve him! With Helen already waiting in the bedroom, she was a nice dessert!

   So fast forward four months and as Marissa grew bigger and bigger, my suspicions about her pregnancy dissipated. I only saw her when I drove Kelvin to get something’s from his apartment. I honestly think he’s going to give her the place and just move in with me. With only 2 more months on the lease, he really needed to tell her! If she had any plans of getting Kelvin back that shit was a wrap. Helen was doing great at her new job and now was thinking about applying for a position that had just opened up! She asked if I’d come by and help her freshen up on some medical procedures when I got off of work. So, I stopped to pick up some pizza on my way. I knocked on her door and glanced over at Kelvin’s place… well soon to be Marissa’s. Kelvin was helping David move some of Ashley’s bigger pieces of furniture into storage so he wouldn’t be anywhere near here. I was tempted to pop up on Marissa but she might answer the door with an assault rifle! I chuckle to myself as I knocked again. I only wished Kelvin would catch a hint from David and solidifying things with me! I was glad for Ashley that she and David were moving things along so fast! Yet I was a little jealous that Kelvin was dragging his feet about moving in fully. I glared at his door imagining Marissa next door sitting on the couch eating ice cream. Helen said a few times she thought she’d seen Paul’s car leaving the complex. Maybe he had a new woman here, but he was leaving her alone so she didn’t care. He crashed at her house the night Marissa moved in. Apparently after drinking a few beers he wanted to wait for her to come home to talk and passed out in his car. The next morning they did talk only to end things formally.

The pizza was hot in my hand so I knocked again. Just as I was about to knock a fourth time Helen opened the door. Her hair was wet and curly; I could smell vanilla and jasmine as I entered the apartment. “Sorry I was in the shower. Let me throw something on, drinks are in the fridge. I watch her as she unwraps the towel from her waist and her voluptuous ass jiggles down the hall. “Focus…. Focus…” I say to myself as I placed the pizza on the table. Kelvin and I agreed not to fuck her alone. I dispersed a few pieces onto plates and grabbed some soda and sat down. I kept my eyes down as Helen entered the kitchen yet I could definitely smell her sensual aroma. She chattered on about the position and the details of the job and I nodded every now focusing on my food. Her sheer lavender dress was no less distracting than the towel wrapped loosely around her body earlier! Yet eventually as she stayed fixated on the task I did as well and before I knew it two hours had passed! We were deep into reviewing when the temperature in the room was too much from the fireplace so I removed my sweater. I had a low cut pink camisole on with my black leggings. “What kind of bra is that?” Helen asked pulling down the front of my camisole to see the lace ensemble beneath. I laughed pulling it down fully so she could see the zebra design. “It’s so sexy!” she says tracing the lace trim across my breasts. I look at her as her eyes stay glued on the bra; she runs the tips of her fingertips across the lace. “Umm… it’s a balconette from Vicky’s.” She nods slightly and looks into my eyes. She’s dangerously close and honestly I’m trying hard to behave! I look away and scoot back slightly not wanting to engage in her without Kelvin. “Is it a set?” I look at her and my guard lowers again since I’ve become so comfortable with her over the months I quickly answer. “Yea, a thong.” Without her asking I voluntarily stand up and pull down my leggings to my thighs so she can see the zebra print thong and turn to the side to show off the lace trim across my hips down the crack of my ass. As I turn back to face her I gasp as her soft delicate lips press against my skin right on the V of my hip! Her teeth graze my skin and I moan as she sucks on my flesh and slides her tongue tracing my V down to my pussy mound! “Fuuucckk…” I moan putting a hand on  her hair as she kisses my pussy mound, pulling down my thong. I relinquish everything as she pulls my thong and leggings off, her soft lips cover my clit!

    “Helen….” I scream as she sucks on it, slipping a finger inside my pussy. “Fuuuuucck…” I moan again as I stagger on my feet. She holds my thighs to steady me as her tongue slides up and down my pussy lips, my head begins to throb. “We… we …. Shouldn’t….” I moan but as her tongue slides past my pussy lips I moan gripping her hair, parting my thighs as her tongue strokes my pussy! “O fuck Helen!” I moan falling back on the sofa. Her tongue strokes feel amazing as she holds my legs, pinning them back against the sofa I moan as her tongue darts in and out of my pussy! Faster and faster she tongue fucks me as my pussy attempts to clasp around her tongue she teases me by sucking on my clit! “Helen…..” I moan practically begging for her to push me over the edge. She rolls her tongue over my clit and I moan groping my breasts through my bra. Then she stops and stands stripping quickly but I’m a little pissed that’s she stopped but I quickly remove my camisole and bra as she steps to me and takes hold of right breast and covers it with my mouth! “OOOOO Janay!” she moans as her knees buckle. She straddles me on the couch as I tag team from one breast to the other, rolling my tongue around her nipples, sucking on them, loving her moans as she grinds on my fingertips. I’m playfully torturing her clit unaware of Kelvin as he quietly slips in through the door.

   I pivot and lay of the couch as her breasts press against mine, again we kiss. Her fingers in my hair as I grabbed palms full of her ass, our clits rubbing against each other as our pussy juices wet the couch. “Oooo Helen…. Fuck….” We continue kissing and grinding our clits together as Kelvin makes his way further into the room sitting down enjoying the scene! My heart is racing as my pussy begs for more and Helen must sense it because she leans back onto the other side of the sofa, turns her body so that she’s scissored between my legs, grabs my thigh and grinds her pussy against mine! “FUCK!” I yell as the sensation of her pussy lips rubbing against mine is more than I can handle as I grip the back of the sofa biting into the leather! Her nails sink into the back of my thigh as she grips the side of the couch moaning as she looks into Kelvin’s eyes. I’m still oblivious to his presence as I moan louder the sound of our wet pussies grinding fills the room! “Damn Janay….. cum on this pussy… fuck…” My head is spinning as our hips fall in sync we grind harder and faster until finally we scream! “OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo…… AAAAAAAAAAhhhhh…..”  The sweat from our bodies coat the couch as our bodies vibrates from the climax! We continue grinding as she raises her leg; I do the same turning onto my back, grinding against her pussy in a new position now! Her wet pussy lips rub against my clit as mine does hers and within minutes we are screaming again as we squirt soaking each other down in ecstasy!  We lie there panting for moment until Kelvin clears his throat and says, “I hope ya’ll still have enough energy for me.”


I swear on everything this pregnant pussy is the best. I heard dudes talk about it but, see I never experienced it. It was living up to all the hype and then some. How the hell was Kelvin able to pull away from all this good shit was beyond me. I was having a hard enough time just trying to pull out of the pussy let alone walk away from it. Four or so months in now of late night, even midday rendezvous and I was still a little excited about it all. I felt like I was getting back at Kelvin, by fucking his baby mom’s in his house, on his couch, hell we even fucked in his bed a time or two. I made sure to steer clear of Helen’s shady ass too. There were a few close calls where I remember passing her as I left out. Thankfully though each time I was in the car and on the road already.

Marissa: Hey baby

Paul: Hey sugar

Marissa: Am I going to see you tonight?

Paul: What time?

Marissa: Now

Paul: Well open up

My plan was already to pull up on her. I was in need and I knew she was always Little Ceaser’s; you know Hot N’ Ready. She opened the door in a little black lace number. Her little pudge was so sexy to me. I gripped her ass tight as I stepped in and we embraced. I started kissing on her neck as she pulled me deeper into the house. I kicked the door shut behind me as the passion was on the rise. My lips found her breast, and began to suckle lightly. “Ooh ooh, baby they are really sensitive.” Marissa warned me. “I’m sorry baby.” I backed off and kissed lightly. I forgot the hormonal changes in her body made her nipples super sensitive. “Baby, I get so excited around you, I forgot they’ve been really tender lately.” I kissed her neck. “Paul its ok no need to apologize. Just let me suck that dick. My mouth has been craving your thickness and warmth.” She looked me square in my eyes and pushed me back on to the couch. Instant stiffness ensued. I think she had my belt off before my ass was on the sofa. She attacked my dick with a goal in mind. She wanted my nut in the back of her throat.  That shit was sloppy from the onslaught. I’m talking spit running down my shaft, up under my balls. Mercy me imma have to fight to hold this nut back. But by God if she isn’t pulling it from my clutches. I knew she could hear the changes in my voice. She gave zero fucks as she began massaging my balls, while bobbing on my shit. She paused only to put my hand on her head. Fuck me, this shit was about to be over in an instant. My legs locked and entire body followed suit. My dick throbbed as nut spewed into her mouth. The sheer pleasure on her face as my body gave into her desires was blissful. Only a tad bit of my nectar missed its mark. Her index finger made sure it found its way home. Watching her work was magic. Still breathing hard “I love you” I muttered.  Marissa looked at me with an uncertain stair. Hell I myself was confused by my own words.


Nearly 6 months into our group thing and I was still going strong. Still so much fire and desire still burning strong. Janay had every right to bounce after Marissa dropped that bomb on us in the parking lot. Despite the timeline being off and me being damn near certain I couldn’t have fathered her “child”, I didn’t put up a fight or state my claim. I knew when the shit hit the fan, my truth would prevail. To be honest I wouldn’t have blamed her after everything we had been thru in the last 13 months. Shit had been crazy almost from the minute we met. I was grateful she stayed. As well I was grateful for Helen, she played a major role as to why we were all still here. These women were the apple of my eye and simply amazing. It was so good that we were all here for one another.

Walking in with 2 dozen roses for them, to stumble in on a peep show was just fine. We had an agreement. Nobody would get it poppin’ without us all being present. But how could I be bothered walking in on these two beauties. Even better I can call them both mine. I really am surprised they’ve been able to stave off each other this long. Or maybe this the first time I caught them. Who knows?  The eye contact that Helen I shared as she devoured Janay was overly intense. She was consuming Nay yet visually fucking me. A part of me wanted to surprise Janay by quietly sliding my dick in her mouth in between moans. But Helen wouldn’t let me go, she continued to stare me down. I imagined my dick between both pussies getting stroked; their lips folding on my stiffness and them moaning in each other’s ear. I knew I’d erupt on both mounds. Fuck I need them. I clear my throat and let my presence further be known. I made my way over leaving the roses on the coffee table. I freed my dick, already laced with precum. Janay wasted no time lapping me up; then sharing with Helen. Janay moved to my balls as Helen worked mid shaft to head like a real pro. They had switched I don’t know how many times before Helen was bent over in front of me and I was sliding my dick in, nice and slow. The grip on her pussy was to die for. As I pulled out she was coming with me. With each stroke the creamier she got. Janay was biting my neck telling me how much she missed me. She was talking that talk. I instructed her to go suck on that clit while I stroked this good pussy. Like my good girl she didn’t hesitate. Helen lost it just as soon as Nay disappeared under us. I felt Janay’s tongue stroking my shaft every time I went back in. I wanted to stop, but it was feeling too good. I wanted some of Janay’s good pussy but my body couldn’t stop. I was on the verge of emptying my seed in Helen. Her pussy was clenching on me again for a third time as she was climaxing yet again. I couldn’t handle anymore. From the eye contact, to the neck bites and daddy talk in my ear; now to fucking and being licked and Helen cumming on me. I pulled out and shot my load all on her red ass. My head was fucking spinning.


Oh my gawd, this…. This was everything. I really had no idea what this would be when I snuck over to Kelvin’s place. I was only scratching an itch, so to speak.  But fuck, this was as amazing as something from a dream. Yes there was drama, but we handled that shit and to be honest I am still not sure I believe that bitch that has moved into Kelvin’s place. I can’t wait until that lease is up. My lease would be right behind his. By then we’d be 8 months strong and I think we’d be good with just two residences, hell maybe even 1. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy. I only hope they feel a quarter of what I’m feeling. “That was so good yall” I was still out of breath. I kissed her, she kissed him, and the he kissed me. “I love yall.” I was in such a blissful paradise my emotions spilled out of me. Really I didn’t even care. This was real and raw. I was all in for this thing.

things that excite me:

ocean and weird things inside it
unopened tea boxes
letters from distant friends
egg dishes
that sweet spot where you are talking a lot about stories and hcs before people start getting tired of your lack of chill 
comfortable shoes that are not ugly
cancelled plans

give vjinseok more love

((((me talking about how underappreciated these three are at 4am, where grammar doesnt exist and spelling is dumb. this is entirely my opinion but im pretty sure almost everyone can agree))))

being an army is hard. like, it’s really fucking hard. you get to wake up in the morning and cry over seven men who still get hyped over receiving pokemon stuffies as prizes. that life is hard and it’s probably where the rock bottom is, but whatever.

being an army is harder when there’s inequality going on around the group, screentime wise, line distribution wise, etc. this issue existed since 21 b.c.e and im here to finally speak my fucking mind for it.

so bts has seven members, right? jungkook, jimin, jhope, suga, jin, tae, and namjoon. anyway, we all know that jikook are the main and lead vocalists of the group so it’s very predictable that they get a lot of attention considering it’s unavoidable to give them screentime since, you know, they’re technically 50% of whatever the hell we’re on about, whether it’s about a song’s line distribution or an mv’s screentime. now, obviously there are the three rappers who dominate everything, be it an mv or whatnot. i mean, jesus, joonie walks in with this hard presence and he’s literally gonna start owning the video. thats it.

so we get that jikook is well known and very appreciated, right? suga and joon are also automatically given attention becsuse these two are powerful when it comes to rap. now, let’s just focus on hoseok, tae and jin.

let’s start with our angel hobi. now, hope is definitely not underrated. we all know that his stage presence is very powerful. he’s never not involved. however, the reason why i didn’t group him with his fellow rappers is because, let’s be real, jhope is not a rapper. he is not a rapper. he is a person who raps. according to jackson wang—tnx jackson tnx got7 woohoo—there’s a complete difference between these two and i think u got it already. jhope is not underappreciated, his skills are.

first of all, he came into the idol world with dancing the only skill in hand. we all know that he’s never an amateur. he’s always been a pro at dancing however when you’re in a group u cant just fucking dance. you need to use your lips too and hope here has no experience on that.

if bighit made him debut as a part of the vocal line, it could’ve been better as we all know that hobi has always dreamt of becoming a singer even as a child and his high note on the thot ver of n.o is enough to say that he may not be as good as jungkook but he’s gr8 at it too.

howeverrrrrrr he’s not put as a vocalist. he’s placed in the fucking rap line. no, im not saying he’s bad as a rapper because he’s not (ehem outro wings ehem). but if u place yourself in his shoes back when he became a trainee for most likely dancing and rapping, thats hard shit. hobi has no experience in rapping. but guess what? he fucking killed it. he slays every rap he gets. he spits fire in every cypher there is and yall telling me that he’s not good? hell no go home

in conclusion, for the fuckers who keep disregarding jung hoseok’s abilities, back up because golden hyung can sing, dance and rap and i s2g if you still sleep on him ill choke u

next is v. kim taehyung kim **that introduction still kills me every time** now before anything else, tae is not underrated. he’s very popular actually. he’s popular to armys and to his fellow idols as well. i assume this is because he has gr8 looks and he’s very friendly and what a precious child amirite

so why did i group him here? becAUSE BIGHIT THATS WHY. now, bighit is not a bad company. in fact it’s a great company, really considerate to their boys all. i mean the most we can say is that at least it’s not sm bc you feel me? ye

anyway, the funny thing is everyone thinks that v is in an ok position because he’s pretty and everyone loves him. YES tae is beautiful and YES hes lovable but we need to realize that to be recognized for your looks is ridiculous when they do it while ignoring your talent. taehyung is well known already but people also need to know his skill too. this is almost the same as hobi’s story.

let’s get back to the trainee days in which taehyung literally came from a middle class fam and signed up for bighit without having a clue on what he could do. remember that he was inexperienced when it came to dancing, singing, and obviously rapping (but let’s let him live for a little). his pretty face has always been pretty, but u cant debut without offering anything else can you?

however, as inexperienced as he was, taehyung has talent. he had potential that is now proven talent. so what i dont really understand is why they didnt give this child the position to be a lead vocalist or even a main vocalist, much more fair distributed lines. the old eras—the hardcore gang bad boy wannabes concept—actually stars v a lot—ehem war of hormone, spine breaker, boy in luv, danger ehem—because they used his hard and deep ass voice. but ever since run era came, bc i believe thats where bts dropped the hard look, he barely got lines.

i understand that his voice is different compared to others as the other four vocalists—including jh now bc he finally debuted as a vocal—are tenor whereas v has baritone however they can actually use his deep ass voice in great use. like in let me know—tnx min yoongi for this amazing song—, hold me tight, spring day, house of cards, love is not over and more of their ballads, it’s shown how talented kim taehyung is because of his capability. not to mention, stigma proved that his voice can reach great ranges too and that goddamn falsetto stjll gets me everytime

i havent even started on how sharp his moves are but i think everyone has gotten over that little issue that he should be a part of the dance line

so in conclusion, taehyung is a precious beagle who’s very talented and amazing that needs to be more appreciated for what he can do rather than just for his face bc nO

lastly, sockjin hahahaha now when i became an army he caught my eye a lot bc of fire and he has an astonishing face. jin is a very beautiful person and just like tae, he’s almost friends with everyone

however, if someone is underrated, jin is your guy. now lets give this guy some slacks because he came into this world without knowing what he can do, just like v. he came without having no experience in dancing nor singing. he has passion for acting apparently but we’ll get to that l8r. anyway what he could only offer is how beautiful he looks.

now, first of all. let’s all be honest that jin is not the best singer in the group. however he’s not bad either. in fact, when i watched their mr removed, he’s more stable than jimin and v and to sing with that much stability is impressive enough. i assume that jin doesnt hold on to talent but his potential is so great it’s so large and it can actually drive him further.

jin is always appreciated for how strong he is as a visual but never for how stable and smooth his voice is and that is absolutely rubbish. remember that he’s a person who entered this world without any experience and yet here he is, breaking records on billboards and shit, and you’re still sleeping on him?

the thing is, bts is popular enough but jin isnt, bts is known but jin isnt and as someone who stans every member, this hurts. bts isnt just rm or jungkook. i have nothing against those two, but i present u kim seokjin here. he’s full of potential. he can shine so bright if only there’s an actual opportunity waiting for him. the reason why he isnt appreciated is because the company doesnt really give him much chance to show what he can do. yes admittedly he’s not the best singer there is but how can someone improve when they dont give him the opportunity to improve? i dont need to give an example on w/c song has barely jin because lbr almost every song has barely jin.

in addition, jin is a visual and yet his screentime is so little. i know that i shouldnt give a shit on the visual thing but if this guy isnt recognized for his position in singing, why wont u recognize him as a visual either? i understand that there are a lot of mvs that actually show him a lot—bst, boy in luv, spring day—but do u think this is enough? do u think that this is fair to him? jin is a 25 year old man. he’s not naive. although he laughs it off whenever he’s being ridiculed, I’m sure that he somewhat feels sad sometimes because of this.

understand that this man is not just here for entertainment. understand that we cant only appreciate him for his jokes and awkwardness, that he’s not just here to make us happy through the stunts they pull to give comedy. understand that he’s not just the mom of this group. understand that he’s probably gone through so much training to improve himself and yet get so little in return. understand that there’s more to kim seokjin than what meets the eye. jin is not bias nor my bias wrecker but i have this special affection for him that makes me want to protect him at all cost.

for the last part, the acting thing. now, im very happy for v for debuting as an actor because he slayed being hansung in hwarang. i will never say that he doesnt deserve that because he does. hes amazing at acting and i hope he get more solo projects since the drama. meanwhile, i look forward to jin having his own drama. i dont think it’s necessary for him to have one now but hopefully it happens soon. jin has great potential in acting and considering this is his former dream, im sure that theres still passion for it somehow.

in conclusion there is more to jin that we haven’t seen because of the lack of opportunity given to him and he deserves so much more recognition to whar he gets now.

this doesnt mean that im bias to anyone, okay? i adore each seven members equally. i dont want to raise v and bring down jungkook or raise jin and bring down jimin. no. whatever jikook gets at this moment, they deserve every bit of it. all i want is for them to get equal love.


Ok Kimi No Nawa (Your Name) was a great movie (loved every minute of it) but it’s totally overrated with everyone calling it “the best anime movie ever.”  I know it’s subjective but imo, that movie wasn’t even Makoto Shinkai’s best work.  5cm Per Second left me such a long lasting impact that even a decade later, I still feel that gut wrenching feeling thinking about it and the ending.  Had anime films actually come out in the west a decade ago, everyone would probably hype that movie up too and annoy me so I guess I’m sort of glad it’s still kind of niche.

I really don’t understand why some people shit on 5cm per second bc it had a realistic ending.  Kimi No Nawa had a happy ending, which is sort of rare from Makoto Shinkai, so I was happy and super satisfied but it didn’t really give me that ~lasting effect~ when you finish watching a good, thought provoking, movie (which is what I always get from Shinkai’s movies).  It sort of was just like “Oh, great movie!  I’ll go about my day now~”

I do have to say Makoto Shinkai really knows how to make coming of age stories with incorporating elements of sci-fi really well.  

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I feel like I should wake up to kiwi every day because that shit will get be hyped up like nothing else. Gahhh this album goes so hard, I'm still so fucked up over it. meet me in the hallway shattered me and only angel makes me wanna go wild, honestly every song makes me feel so much

pops and i felt genuinely bitter for the first time ever about being single when we heard woman 😩😂 every song has such a killer vibe in it’s own way i feel like there’s 10 of me dying in theiR own way

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I LOVE WINNER SO MUCH YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! but omg my fav song???? that’s really hard honestly bc i legitimately love every single winner song. but okay i know they’re solos but taehyun’s songs i’m young and confession are so fucking beautiful, like if i’m in a mood i still tear up at them (spoiler that’s me right now rip lol). also mino’s “i’m him” - dude that shit gets me so hype. also i love love taehyun and mino’s song pricked, definitely a fav. but my favorite full winner song is probably “but” - THIS SONG PUTS ME IN MY FEELS REALLY HARD. I JUST LOVE WINNER OKAY????????? and my bias is mino *screams*

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Send Me A Ship And I’ll Tell You Who…

  • Drinks all of the coffee: DIRK jesus christ there’s a time where john literally needs to throw out the coffeemaker to get this boy to chill tf out
  • Brings up adopting a pet: john probably–doubt dirk trusts himself with an actual sentient lifeform in any sense of the word. dirk strider wouldn’t trust himself with a fish.
  • Kills the bugs: both neither of them care much for bugs 
  • Cooks the meals: john. dirk would live off of chinese take out and shitty pizza otherwise
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should: looky here john egbert would STILL be So hype for christmas ya’ll dirk thinks it’s sort of ridiculous but johns like “fight me”
  • Initiates the couple selfies: dirk tbr
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: both of them are very unromantic (smh boys) and dirk doesn’t really… give a shit. john genuinely Does forget tho. but when he does remember he’ll at least put in the effort to give dirk one of his infamous Happy Birthday Pranks lol
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: dirk is more of a takeout junkie than anything pfft john does most of the shopping so he’s the obvious choice here by default :V 
  • Nicknames the other: ……… they both call each other things like ‘asshole’ and ‘dick’ it’s like they’re both allergic to mushy couple affection and it confuses the trolls So Much like are they red or are they black???? we just don’t kno

And I know I’m white passing so I don’t have much room to complain but it just irritates me when ppl who aren’t passionate about what they’re doing get hyped up so much to the point where they can not even try and still do well, meanwhile others who are passionate and owe their life to this shit are still struggling

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13, 47, 50! <3

13- already answered
47- the Study series by Maria V Snyder! Like holy shit dude!!! Give it a read! First book, Poison Study, still gets me hyped with every read!!!! 💜💜💜
50- okay then!
A. I’m one forth British, one forth German, and half Mexican.
B. I hate spicy foods with a passion.
C. I’ve been to seven different states but have never been outside the country :3
D. My second year of middle school was spent in South Dakota, for 8th grade. The winter there was absolutely fucking hell, and I had to walk a mile to get to school plus up a giant steep hill. Imagine trying to climb a hill of slick, ice and snow covered sidewalk to get to hell :/
Thanks for asking!

Worst pokemon ever would have to be ash-greninja. Not even hating on greninja as a pokemon, just ash-greninja is the worst. Mainly because of its back story of how it came to be. How the fuck is ash going to make this super special bond with a pokemon he met in one season when, you know, hes had a certain yellow pokemon with him for every season so far and denied that pokemon evolution rights (checked up and was completely wrong about that, give me a break, its been around 10 years since i last watched it) and hasnt even seemed to have trained the most bad ass pokemon who has had the most experience in anything ever. I also hate the way it looks and the hype it gets for being shit. Honestly, its just the way they decided to impliment this. If there was poor character development and story plot holes, which there is, the big stinker would be ash-greninja. And I have seen the anime, it still feels like an odd occurrence just like mega Charizard x. If ash had a mega greninja, yeah, I would probably still feel the same way.

I’ll also add salt to mega Charizard x for putting Venusaur and Blastoise out of the spotlight and ash greninja for putting delphox and chestnaught out of the spotlight as well.

It’s cool though, this is just my opinion and thoughts really.

Liara in Mass Effect Andromeda

Guys could Liara still be around for ME Andromeda? I mean she was ONLY a hundred years old by the time of the original trilogy, and she is the one character you can’t get killed during the games (unless you really fucked up your state of readyness in ME3). Could she be a companion, a powerful matriarch or even the Asari counselor? Even if ME Andromeda takes place 800 years in the future, she could totally still be around! Holy shit I need this game.


M.O.P. - “Ante Up”

Me @ RWBY fandom

(long rant below)

Y’all children need to chill out. Yeah, children, not the people like me who are actually excited to see the show grow and flourish from this rough, yet promising, show to what it is now, filled with lore and characters and an entire new world to explore and are hyped as hell to see it come back better and stronger than ever.

Nah nah nah, ‘children’ as in the people who were stoked for this show yesterday and then, THE VERY NEXT DAY, go “Sun’s an abusive piece of shit!” “If he and Blake end up together, I’ll drop the show!” “Jaune’s still a useless character, how dare he not get over Pyrrha only a few months after death!” “Why aren’t there more female characters????” and general bitchery along these lines…

So, putting aside the fact that for the first part, if you’re SO fickle about a show that you’re going to rag on it when only a day ago you were hyped for it, you really aren’t that good of a fan to begin with and if your SOLE INVESTMENT in a show is a goddamn ship, then you’ve got your priorities in the wrong place to begin with, let’s just walk down the list of the most common complaints I’ve seen so far:

Sun being abusive is wrong.. No, that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact that the show has reinforced since his introduction. He’s supported Blake in everything she’s done and has been a good friend to her. Yeah, he got sad that she wasn’t going to the dance in Vol. 2, but it had more to do with him worried about her exhausting herself and her pushing him away. How many of you had a friend push you away for reasons they didn’t tell you about? Odds are, a fair amount of you. And if he went and saw her, y’all’d give him the same shit you did to Weiss, complaining that he should leave her alone. TL;DR if THIS is what y’all think is ‘abusive’, don’t date, because you’ve got no clue what true abuse looks like. Him existing alongside Blake to support her yet again is NO REASON to hate on him, ESPECIALLY when Yang has some healing of her own to do.
I shouldn’t have to address the female characters thing, since the main 4 ARE females, but hell, let’s go. The majority of the new male characters introduced are villains, and again the fandom ignores the horde of female characters that will be returning. Plus, we might just see more than the few that were introduced. Remember how having Sun’s team in the intro didn’t change how little attention and screentime they got in Vol. 3. Nuff said.

Jaune has improved alot since his introduction, and him incorporating her armor and design into his own is a strong way to remember and honor his fallen friend. Pyrrha wasn’t just a tool to further his character and if you think that after everything that’s happened, you really need to look back at how the story transitioned from Vol 3 to 4. She was the show’s first real death, showing that these kids are vulnerable and they will live, fight, and die for the world they swore to protect. This isn’t a shonen where the main cast remains alive. Because SHE was the one that died, we learn that ANYONE can go, giving death more meaning and gravity and making us as the audience take the fights and the possibility of death more seriously (which is why I’ll be upset if they somehow bring her back, because restoring a character to life is a quick and stupid way to undermine everything they died for). Bottom line, Pyrrha was more than just the role she played in Jaune’s development, and the impact she had on the entire world of Remnant isn’t one to be taken lightly.

Since this covers a few of the big one’s, let’s run down some other ones:

Leave Qrow alone. He teaches for a living, loves and supports his nieces with everything he’s got, and is so much more than a ‘drunkard’
Put your ships aside and enjoy the goddamn show, because it’s kinda hard to enjoy scrolling through the RWBY tag without seeing someone bitching about Black Sun and claiming that one of the characters is abusive when the only reason it’s being done is because it’s not the ship THEY want.
The animation is greater than it’s ever been (not a single jarring glitch or animation bug in the first episode for a change)

And last, but not least, don’t pirate the show. RT makes this easy to access as it is without some asshat ripping it and putting it on their site just for views.
Look, I know we’ve all waited for this and it’s great to see the lil baby we’ve come to know and love grow into something so much more when it started. But listen to me carefully: if you can’t enjoy a show without having a plethora of complaints on the season’s FIRST EPISODE, LEAVE. No I’m not kidding, leave now. Do it. There are people like me that love this show, flaws and all, and to see y’all complain about so much when it’s only JUST begun RUINS the enjoyment we have in it, ESPECIALLY when it’s as rampant and toxic as it is.

There’s complaining about the pacing and direction, complaining that the writer isn’t good with memory stuff, getting upset that a character that had a strong potiential to have a Zuko-esque redemption arc (coughADAMcoughcough) got written off as an abusive character, and then there’s claiming to drop a show because your lil ship isn’t a thing YET.

Please enjoy the show and don’t ruin this for the rest of us…

Chapter 1: Try Me.

Naoki (Nae)

“Chris, you seriously should stop. You’ve been messing with that damn girl since 9th grade. Leave her alone.” I said sternly to Chris.

This girl has been through hell and back, because of him.

“Man, nah.” I sucked my teeth, and shook my head. My best-friend is a bully. A big ass bully.

“Why you messing with her anyway?” He looked down up at me, and smacked his lips.

“Man, I don’t wanna talk about it. Change the subject. You get on my nerves Nae.” I put my hand over my chest, and moved back a little.

“Well damn! When shots are thrown!!!” I yelled, making the same face that the girl made on a meme from instagram.

“Shutup.” He mumbled, while chuckling. I scrunched up my face, and snatched my phone off of his bed.

“Owe, let me get away from yo grumpy ass and go chill with bae downstairs.” He sat up, and looked at me.

“How is my momma bae?” I chuckled.

“See, I was talking about Ty, but Momma J is bae too!” I said, before skipping out of his room.

“I'ma tell her you said that!” He yelled from upstairs.

“Tell her!” I reached the bottom of the stairs, and my eyes landed on the love of my life. Ty.

We’ve been friends since kindergarten, but we aint start dating til’ we were in the 8th grade.

I took him to meet my parents one day, and they thought this fool was related to me or something. He was high, so his eyes were low. They already chink ass hell, so yea, he looked like one of us. But they love him, now.

“There ya ass go!” He said, getting up off the couch, and jogging over to me. He opened his arms for me, and I fell into them.

“Ayo ma, gimme kiss.” I said, trying to sound like Stevie J, but failed.

“Stop with that gay shit, but foreal.” I chuckled, and grabbed his face, slipping my tongue into his mouth. His hands roamed over my body, as our lips tongues wrestled.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Momma J’s said. She sounded close. Real close.

I looked to the side of us, and she was right there, causing me to jump.

“Momma, is that you? I miss–” She quickly cut me off, and swatted my hand away as I tried to hug her.

“Mhm, y'all better not let me catch y'all doing anything.” She warned.

“Yes ma'am.” Ty and I said in unison. She smiled, and pointed to the door, leaving Ty and I confused.

“Sorry babies, y'all gotta leave. I’m about to clean up.” Well at least she kicked us out in a nice way.

We said our bye’s then we bounced.

“She kicked us out so damn smooth, yo.” Ty stated.

I nodded, and chuckled.


I looked downstairs and sucked my teeth. This nigga Ty said he was still here, ole lying ass nigga. Shaking my head at his lying ass, I scratched the top of my head out of boredom.

I grabbed my keys off of the couch, and walked outside to my car. After everything was situated, I started the car, and drove off.  Turning on my radio, I started bumping some of that PAC.

Riding around with nothing to do or no where to go, I thought about all the possible places that I could go. Licking my lips, a few spots came to mind but they wasn’t satisfying me at the moment.

I should go to Raymond’s house since That’s where everybody is probably at anyways. We always go chill over there, because Raymond has his own house and we can do what we want over there.

If we go to my house, my momma kicks niggas out. If we go to Ty’s house, his momma be yelling all the time. And we cant go to Cameron’s house, cause Ty’s always threatning to fuck his momma. Dumb nigga!

Doing an illegal u-turn, I sped off in the direction of his house, not with out stopping at the near by  Wendy’s  and grabbing me some food.

Munching on my French fries, I took a sip out of my large strawberry lemonade, followed by a bite out of my spicy chicken sandwich.  Driving and eating was nothing for me.

Dropping the top on my lambo, I continued to cruise to Raymond’s house and stuff my face. I hope them niggas got the snacks cause I’m bringing Bookoo weed.

Staring at the full ziplock bag of purp, I smiled at the thought of getting high. There’s nothing better than getting high on a rainy Saturday night and chilling with your niggas.

Sucking my teeth, It clicked to me on who lives with Raymond. His bitch ass, pussy ass sister Raye. Cutting my appetite, I chewed the food that was in my mouth and threw the rest out the window, not giving a fuck that I just hit someone’s car.

Cackling at how childish I was, I swerve into the left lane and sped up so the driver wouldn’t try to tell me anything. Drifting into Raymond’s neighborhood, I pulled up in front his house and hopped out of my car .

Noticing everyone else’s cars, I got out my own and locked the doors. Walking to the front door, I raised my hand to knock but didn’t have to when Ty opened the door with a toothy grin plastered on his face.

“Thought I heard your car la bitch.” he dapped me up. Pushing his head back, it went flying into the door causing me to laugh loud af.

“I told you bout that bitch shit son..” I shook my head waking past him, going farther into the house.

Jumping on my back he tackled me to the grown, starting a while wrestling match. Laughing, I pinned him down on the grown with my butt sitting on his head. Holding still, I farted close to his mouth.

Getting up, I ran around the mini table into the dinning room to get away from his crazy ass. Peaking from around the bar, I made sure the coast was clear before fixing my self up.

Walking into the living room, everybody was sitting around on the couch looking bored as shit. ”Aye my niggas!” I said all hype, trying to hype their asses up.

Turning to look at me, all their faces lit up in excitement. Speaking back, I took a seat on one of the empty love seats.  Propping my legs up, I kicked my shoes off and laid back.

“What’s up y’all?” I questioned as they all looked at me with a slight smirk. Eyeing them weirdly, I heard commotion coming from the top of the stair case.

Averting my eyes towards them, I watched as Raye came down the steps with some pink booty shorts on, her hair in a high bun & a crop top on with her house booties.

Standing directly in front of me, she eyed me up and down through her nerdy ass glasses. ”Can I help you?” I questioned.

“You’re in my seat and I would like to have it back if you don’t mind..” she stated, crossing her arms. That’s why them niggas was eyeing me weirdly, cause I was in her seat.

Chuckling,”You got up and I took your spot. Get over it bitch..” I mumbled pulling the bag of purp from out my shirt.

“ You gonna stop talking to me any kind of way and learn some manners. Now get your stupid ass up and give me back my damn seat!” she spat, shocking us all. Only making this shit more fun for me. Rubbing up and down her arms, I knew she was nervous.

Licking my lips  at how sexy she looked fussing at me, I nodded my head and stood up but not for her to sit back down, but for her to follow me. Pinching her side hard af, she knew I meant business.

Throwing my phone in my previous seat or shall I say miss ”I wanna boss up”  seat , I signaled for to follow me up the stairs. “Don’t none of you nosey muhfuckas follow and try to be nosey either or I swear you can get it to.” I threatened.

Yanking at Raye’s arm, I dragged her tiny ass up the stairs in search for an empty room, matter fact ”Where’s your room?” I questioned with a slight mug.

“No..” she muttered. Slanging her against the wall, I made sure she hit her head nice and hard. Hearing the beautiful sound of a thud, I eyed her intensively.

“I said, where is your room?” I gritted in her face. Reaching over to the right , she twisted the door knob to I’m assuming her room door & pushed it open.

Scoping it out, it was indeed hers once I spotted the wall full of pictures of her, friends, family,etc.  Pushing her body into the room, I smirked at the light dent her head put into it.

Shortly walking into the room after her, I slammed her bed room door and locked it. Watching her jump, I chuckled at how nervous she was from being all alone with me. Pussy bitch I swear.

“Now you would think out of all people I’ll be the one you be the nicest to. But nope, you just had to try me today didn’t you?” I asked getting all in her face.

Turning her face away from me, I forcefully turned it back causing her to let out a low painful groan.”I asked your ass a question Raye..”

”I’m sorry..” she apologized looking me in my eyes. Chuckling in her face, I didn’t wanna hear that I’m sorry shit. Tf was that?

“Oh you’re sorry?” picking her body up, I pushed her up against the wall with my hands wrapped tightly around her neck.

Gasping for air, she beat at my hands and scratched at my fingers trying to get me to let go, but that only seemed to make my grip around her neck tighter.

Titling my head to the side, I watched in amusement as her eyes turned red from straining her self. Finally letting go she tried to drop to the floor but I caught her.

“Next time you even think about telling me some smart mouthed ass shit, I swear,” I paused to slap at her thigh.

“I will break your fucking jaw..” I finished off my sentence. Placing one hand behind her neck and the other over her mouth I twisted her neck, getting a loud crack as an result.

Letting go, I watched as she cried silently in pain because of what I just did.” I swear you’re such a bully.” she sniffled.

Raising my hand to either smack or punch her, I couldn’t decide so I placed it back down to my side. What she couldn’t seem to realize was I’m an even bigger bully out of school, but she just couldn’t  seem to get that through her head.

“I’ll see your ugly ass whenever.” I laughed in her face before breaking her glasses. Throwing em down on the ground, I walked out of her room and down the steps.

Stepping back into the living room everyone stopped their conversations and turned their heads towards me. Smirking, I returned to MY seat and sat back with my hands resting behind my head.

“What you did to my sister man?” Raymond asked with a small grin and chuckle.

Licking over my lips,  “I just handled some business now who ready to smoke?” I mumbled lifting the bag in the air.


"Shit!” I hissed as I tried to move my neck, but failed. It was hurting like crazy thanks to Chris. Bully of the Year.

I should tell Raymond, but it’s too late, and I don’t wanna be a snitch. I wanna tell Chris to fuck off, I really do, but it’s hard. I just tried to, and you see what he did.

Sighing and rolling my eyes, I grabbed my phone off of the dresser, and made my way downstairs. As soon as I hit the last step, I couldn’t see anything, due to all the smoke in the air. Fucking pot-heads. I scrunched up my face, and attempted to get all of the smoke out of my face. They could’ve went in the backyard or something.

I shook my head, and went in the kitchen, going straight for the freezer. Moving everything around, I tried to look for an ice pack, but I saw none. I knew we had at-least one, cause I put it in here this morning.

“Looking for this?” I turned around, and saw Chris standing there with my ice pack in his hand, smirking. Ugh, I wish he would go home.

 "Could you please give it here, my neck hurts!“ He chuckled, and threw the ice pack on the floor.

"Should’ve never came at me like that then.” He shrugged, walking off. I huffed in annoyance, and grabbed the ice pack off of the floor, before placing it on my neck.

Sighing in relief, I made my way into the living room, because they had stopped smoking. Looking around for Raymond, I sat by him, and put my head on his shoulder, when I found him. I did not feel good.

“Yo, you alright?” He asked, sitting up and feeling on my forehead, which shocked the hell out of me. He never showed me any attention. You know, the attention that a brother would show a sister. That little bond. But yea, we’ve never had a bond, he never checks on me or anything, so why is he doing it now?

Plus, before Raymond graduated, he went to the same school as us. He knew how Chris bullied me, and everything. He probably still knows. And guess what? He’s never said anything. He’s always saying how I need to ‘man up’ or 'if I wasn’t so weak’ that Chris wouldn’t be so mean to me. That’s just pure bullshit, though. Raymond could still take up for me, and Chris has no reason to be mean to me. I’ve done nothing to him.

I pushed those thoughts to the back of my head, because I could never stay mad at anyone. You see how nice I a–

I was cut off by a remote being thrown at my head. “I know you heard that nigga Raymond calling your name!” Chris laughed loudly.

I sucked my teeth, and faced Raymond. “Can you kick him out?” I whispered, and just like I thought, he shook his head no.  I rolled my eyes and got off of the couch, going outside to sit on the front porch.

I need to get my own place, ASAP. I’m tired of staying with him. He doesn’t even protect me, so what am I staying here for? I might as well go move back in with my dad, but Raymond says I cant.

“Bye Raye, I’m leaving. Don’t miss me too much. I’ll see yo weak ass tomorrow.” I heard Chris say as he left out of the house, and walked down to his car.

Finally I can go back in.

Without saying anything back, I jogged back into the house and went to the living room. There was only that girl Nae in here.

“Where did everybody else go?” I asked, nervously. I never actually talked to her before, and I’m hoping that she wasn’t mean like Chris, because they were best-friends.

“You don’t have to be nervous around me, I’m nice. But they’re upstairs.” She chuckled, patting the spot next to her for me to come and sit.

“I’m sorry, it’s just Chris.. how could you be best-friends with someone so mean?” She chuckled, but I was dead ass.

“He’s not mean to us, he’s only mean to you. I tried to ask him why, but apparently.. #thatsnoneofmybusiness.” She said, sipping out of her cup, causing me to laugh.

“I like you..” I smiled. She returned the favor. “Yea, I like you a lot better when Chris is gone. You talk more.” She admitted, causing me to sigh.

“Because he makes me feel like complete shit, this has to stop..” I mumbled, not sure enough if she heard me or not.

you think I haven’t posted about it here cause I didn’t read/see it? stop submitting links to that shit to me I really don’t give a fuck what george zimmerman is up to if it’s not his ass getting murked or jailed for life any other incident is just extra fame to his name. even if he get his ass beat by dmx he’s still gonna win, your attention is important and when you giving it up to losers like these you not just hyping up the event you also giving its constituents the power and audience that comes with that attention you give em. and remember, the more you do give him fame, the more Trayvon Martin’s family gotto deal with hearing about him.

god I’m taking all this mucinex for my cold and one of the side effects is that it’s like a lowkey stimulant like… definitely not enough to be a party drug, not even really enough to be compared to adderall or ritilan. sort of like Diet adderall I guess? but it’s got me soo hyped on getting shit done which is funny bc I also literally have the flu. last night I was up until three am with a super high fever, totally exhausted, and just… reading and annotating Freud… god and then today I took one extra strength mucinex and two caffeine pills and let me tell u something… I feel amazing. a little bit like I’m dying and nothing is real, but definitely amazing. definitely awake. I love synthetic emotions. do I have a fever still? am I going to faint in class? only time will tell. this is fine.


what even is tumblr anymore??? i have this blog for sooooo long literally since like 8th grade i think and now i’m gonna turn 20 in a few months and i have a one way ticket to thailand in like 6 weeks?! i think that tumblr has really influenced my life in such a positive way even though it has wasted a lot of my time, i have also been exposed to such wonderful ideas, beautiful places, crazy recipes, lifestyles different than my own, and just so much crazy shit in general, i think it really opened my mind in so many ways. i follow this girl who was a few years older and was so cool and traveled a lot and i thought she was so worldy. later i realized she was just rich lol she shopped at free people and was into the 60s and i was in 8th grade and i heard the song lithium by nirvana for the first time on her blog and it completely changed my life. i found so much music on here that i think would have taken me a lot longer to find on my own! i have met so many people on here that have become dear friends of mine in one way or another. tumblr inspired me to get into yoga, and it was on tumblr that i first found the rainbow gathering documentary and this summer i went to the gathering and it was amazing! so crazy to look back in your life and see what has influenced you and how you have grown. now i’m listening to nirvana for the first time in a very long time and it’s so crazy and so beautiful and brings me back to a different time in my life. i have had a beautiful life so far and i am happy in this moment. i haven’t been able to say that for a while. i’ve been excited, and i’ve been content, but i haven’t been happy for a while. memories bring me happiness. i know there will be more in the future. there was this baby ginkgo tree that i have been wanting to photograph because the yellow leaves look so bright and happy and there is beach grass and white shells around it and it looks dope but my camera was dead and the charger i ordered finally came in the mail yesterday and i walked by the tree today and all the leaves had fallen and they were brown. i am feeling bitter about this world. i wish tumblr made me as excited as it used to. i would literally get soo hyped if anyone reblogged something i posed i would check the link to each one to see which picture someone reblogged. omg i wish i had like 200 followers again this feels so weird and impersonal now i just reblog cool shit. i guess you can only hear nirvana for the first time once lol is this what growing up feels like? are any of u from the old days still with me? 

oh also fuck trump what is this world gonna be like a year from today?