this shit never gets any less stressful

Heart to heart

Aethyta stared at her daughter. Liara stared back, absentmindedly twirling her spoon in a cup of coffee

Aethyta: You know, the best thing the humans ever brought to the galaxy was coffee. That and peanut butter.

Liara: I’m rather fond of chocolate myself.

Aethyta: Ah that shits not that great. Give me some Batarian Uanak any day.

Liara: I was never a fan of Batarian food, too strong.

She looked down at her coffee, shifting slightly. Obviously the baby belly wasn’t something she was used to, yet.

Aethyta: It gets easier, pregnancy I mean. It still hurts like a kick to the quad over and over when you pop em out, but it’s less stressful ever time.

Liara: I’m sure. Shepard and I have both been worrying over the baby. I’m sure it’ll be fine, but, it’s not something I expected I’d ever be. To be perfectly honest.

Aethyta: A mom? You kidding? You got your moms looks and my gumption, you were destined for kids.

Her daughter chuckled lightly

Liara: We’ve got a name picked out for her, Shepard and I spent weeks trying to find the best one.

Aethyta: Good, but I hope you didn’t pick any gushy human names. Some of them are just pussy made manifest.

Liara: Sarana, and I did think of a couple human names that might fit, but he loved the name Sarana, and so do i.

Aethyta: It’s a decent name, a strong name for a strong Asari. But do you think he’ll be ready for it?

Liara: I think he’ll be an excellent father if that’s what you mean. He’s still military but the Normandy is as much our home as any planet. And his apartment on the Citadel is a good place to be at home, when the time comes I’ll be there.

Aethyta: Being a military wife isn’t easy, especially when he’s a Spectre. You have to decide if you’re cut out for that.

Liara: Dad, he’s my bondmate. It will hurt seeing him go away but I’ll always be waiting for him. And he’ll always come back.

Aethyta: Yeah, I guess he will. The matriarch bites her tongue I’m happy for you kid.

Liara: Thanks dad.

Some Daredevil meta about half measures

Let’s talk about Frank Castle and Karen Page.



Where do I even begin? So many swooning moments. It’s been pointed out, but the way Matt reacts to Karen being shot at is to pull her aside and cover half of her body with his, while they have a desk between them and the shooter. Frank tackles her to the ground and covers her *entire body* with his, with no real cover. He’s ready to save her pure human shield style.

Which is fascinating.

Matt is our hero. Daredevil is the character with his name in the title. The dominant narrative is his.

But the person going all out to protect the girl–a typical superhero deal–is not Matt.

Very early on, the Punisher yells at Daredevil that he’s a coward and a half measure.

Half measure. We see this literally illustrated in the way he protects Karen contrasted with how Frank does it.

Matt’s romance with Karen is tepid (and what does the word tepid mean? somewhere middling between hot and cold).  He keeps his identity from her. He lies to her. A lot. He has to, right? That’s the price of being a superhero?

It’s the price of being a superhero *like Daredevil* is.

Half measures. Again.

Frank is brutally honest with Karen. She comes into the situation knowing so much about him–she has literal files on him and his family. She sees him, she knows him. By the end of the show he’s keeping something from her, too (wtf is MICRO), but for the vast majority of their time together, he’s very honest and open and raw with her.

And Frank sees Karen.

Matt is so wrapped up in the (understandably) complicated drama of being Matt (superhero/lawyer/nice Catholic boy multi-class character) that he never really notices the extent of Karen’s stress. Like, the first season Karen goes through a TON of dark shit and Matt never really seems to get it. Frank knows Karen for so much less time, but seems to have an intuitive understanding that she either has killed someone, or could. I love, love, the scene where she almost shoots him, and I love how he compliments her choice of gun, I love how he says that the only thing that surprised him was that she didn’t pull the trigger.

(grraghhhh my heart)

Matt judges Karen harshly when she just verbally questions if there’s any real difference between Daredevil and the Punisher, or when she says she understands why the Punisher does things the way he does. Any suggestion of disapproval or darkness from Karen, and Matt pulls away.

Frank has Karen point a gun at him, and he at least says that he expected her to shoot, and he’s totally chill with it.

(Arguably, he’s kind of into it, given the way he smiles when they’re talking about it, but hush, let’s not get sidetracked)

Frank can tell that Karen’s gone through some shit and if anything, he seems to respect how she’s coping with it. That doesn’t mean that he wants her to be on his level of darkness, and he is constantly telling her to stay away. And here’s the thing. Frank wants her safety more than he wants their interaction.

When Matt shows Karen the Daredevil helmet at the end? It just seems like it’s all about him. All I could think about was how pissy he always got when she said something about Daredevil that he disapproved of. And like, what, you’ll only go to Karen after your ex girlfriend you kind of just proposed to is dead? Karen just feels like she’s such a second choice to him. 

I’m not saying she’s top priority for Frank, because, look, I’ve been a Punisher fan for years and the OTP to end all OTPs is actually Frank/REVENGE. But goddamn, son, does he ever seem to understand her, who she really is a person and what she’s been through.

I don’t think Frank/Karen can ever be more canon–more canon than it already is. Part of the reason this ship feels so good is that it feels so possible when it should feel absolutely impossible. It can’t be tragic without hope. But it probably still has to be tragic.

Then again, if you told me last week that I would ship the Punisher with ANYBODY ever, I would have laughed at you for being an idiot, so wtf do I know, fam?