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Hide week Day 6: Alternative Universe: AU where not only does he get a mullet….but then…

please blame hideyoshi-senpai and the rest of the tokyo ghoul group chat

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replaying mass effect 3 right now and i just need to take a moment to acknowledge that poor old lady on the citadel who's losing her memory and whose son is almost certainly dead :( her interactions with the asari clerk break my heart every time

Yess!!! It hurts.

I know it’s #kewl to shit on Bioware and I love doing it myself but if I can be positive for a moment, I’d like to applaud how they handled the background conversations in ME3. It’s really easy to just have various characters say “Oh the war is bad” but it doesn’t have the same impact as when you can see the effects of it on real people. All the ambient citadel conversations in ME3 paint a vivid picture of how real people are coping with this tragedy, and how they continue to face everyday problems during it. The scene you mentioned…my grandfather had dementia, so it feels really real watching the old woman struggle to find her son and not being able to remember. It’s unclear too but I always got the impression that the asari was also the fiancee of the woman’s son which makes this even more sad than it already was :(

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What are your thoughts on fake trans people who turn trans for attention? I unfortunately know such a person, it's such a pain because she knew nothing about trans people before, then turned trans after having a tumblr account.

It’s a phase for them is all. On one hand I’m concerned for them cause they’re ganna go fuck with their bodies then develop dysphora and probably end up on a psych ward or something or like kill themselves. And Tumblr has a sick way of sucking people in and warping their minds so they probably won’t even figure it out until they log off and it just hits em.

On the other hand I’m mad as fuck about it cause when I go to support groups and shit there’s no reason there should be a bunch of fucking 14 year olds calling themselves demisexual quadgenders talking about “my pronouns are bunself and my moms a transphobic asshole cause she won’t refer to me as a turtle when my gender fluctuates to reptile!” 

Those people were seriously there like “And then they honked the horn and I WAS SO TRIGGERED THEY WERE TRYING TO BULLY ME OFF THE ROAD!!!”

I’m sitting there like “Are we ganna talk about transitioning at some point or…” and I’ve rampaged about it before but I’m tired of people taking shit that actually fucks with me on a daily and makes it all kewl and shit cause then those people legit suffering fall through the cracks thanks to all the fuckers crying wolf for attention and when the fad passes people like me are just ganna be here still while those assholes hop on another trend, not giving a single fuck about the stigma they’ve created for us. So people like me are ganna be left trying to clean up the mess AND deal with the shit we had going in the first place. It’s really a load of bullshit tbh.