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How They React To Their Crush Being Shy At First, Then Turning Out To Be Really Funny (EXO)

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Author: Taebaby

SUHO: He would’ve been thinking of ways to spark up a conversation with you, knowing how shy you were, he’s a little angel, he didn’t wanna make you uncomfortable (too pure). He’d be sitting next to you somewhere clearing his throat ready to be a man, you turned to him looking nervous as you blurted some joke about how the both of your tension together could blah blah… (I literally couldn’t think of any thing funny, i am s o so r r y) causing a happy-surprise grin to break across his face

CHANYEOL: This monkey would’ve been trying for ages to get you to warm up to him, cracking jokes, bringing you small gifts (’here you go!’ -‘this is a pen, chanyeol’ - ‘yes but its a nice pen and its sparkly’) making sure to accidentally run into as often as possible. At some point you made you made a funny remark about how he’ll get you a collar and leash soon like god damn (kink?), which makes him crack the fuck up

KYUNGSOO: Satansoo would’ve been sitting next to you, chewing his cheek thinking about how to break the ice since he knew you were kinda shy when he heard you throw some damn funny ass shade at another member out of nowhere and he knew in his heart you were the one

BAEKHYUN: This demon sweet boy would know all along that you had good humor burried in you somewhere, so he’d be relentless at trying to dig it out. He’d constantly teasing you, pickin on you and generally just annoying the shit out of you (not mean tho, he ain’t that evil) until you finally snapped and clapped back at him with a jab that literally made his pitiful ass drop to the floor wheezing 

JONGIN: This kid wouldn’t expect it at first so he’d be minding his own business, secretly paying attention to you a couple seats away, a few friends in between, when would make a joke that was dangerously close to being dad humor and it would just kill him

SEHUN: Your shyness would bother him at first, thinking maybe you didn’t like him back at first, but when the two of you were accidentally locked in a closet together (Baekhyun and and Chen were holding the door closed, bitches saying ‘we don’t know whats wrong it won’t open’), the silence bothered you so much that you let out an extremely weak attempted at a joke. It would be so unexpected to him (and actually funny too) that he’d be on the floor of the closet in no time (Baekhyun: ‘what are you two doing in there?’)

XIUMIN: When you’d make an offhand joke, nt really trying to hard to be funny, he would literally be too impressed with you like (’Oh my gosh that was really funny!’ - ‘but i didn’t even-’ - ‘really funny’)

CHEN: I think he’d be pretty relieved that you turned out to be funny because that would mean less awkwardness and tension when talking and stuff because he funny too shit

YIXING: He’d be relieved too but in a different way. Like he seems really shy himself so it would almost seem impossible for him to find a way to talk to you, but he wouldn’t have to worry about that shit cause you’d come at him with a joke that strted out pretty smooth but ended in disaster (I mean, not true disaster though, you got him to laugh and like you much more)


KRIS: He wouldn’t let himself look phased, but it surprise him a bit how funny you actually were, and it would take him a second to come back with a response. He’d keep it smooth though, because he’s BenBen

TAO: It would delight him to see how you defeat your shyness with humor, like the fact that even though you seem timid most of the time, when you tell a funny story the confidence it brings practically rolls off you

LUHAN: Lu wouldn’t get enough of your jokes, literally jumping at any chance he got to see your face light up telling them. Even though he loved you as you are (shyness and all) he’d still love seeing you come out of your shell with humor