this shit is seriously stupid

Laucy is PR no matter how much you keep in denial!

Seriously, why do stupid Laucy Shippers shit come to Camren blogs? I haven’t seen CS going to Laucy blogs to throw shit. Seriously guys, if you’re a Laucy shipper or just a stupid blind dumb ass, just don’t come to my tumblr nor comment under my posts. I will reply to you with the amount of sarcasm and rudeness you all deserve!

Okay… can we just think about the fact that Zuko and Mai were literally 13 when Zuko got banished… 13…

Who the fuck has a serious, healthy relationship or is in love with someone at the age of fucking 13. And then he was gone for 3 years. So did these two even know who the other person was? I’m just really thinking about how he came back and suddenly they’re dating again and it shows that these two have no clue who the other is. Like you can’t love someone without knowing what kind of person they are. What I’m basically saying is this relationship was entirely built on lust and Zuko and Mai aren’t compatible in any sort of way, definitely not after those three years Zuko was away and finding himself. Their relationship was forced and even then shown on many accounts to be unhealthy and abusive. He did what was right by turning away from the fire nation which was by the way the biggest terrorist threat in the world, and Mai spit in his face that he was “betraying his country”. Yeah okay. Super healthy relationship here.

Getting rid of the follow/tumblr buttons on YOUR OWN BLOG

Okay, so a bit of fiddling brought it to my attention that this was appearing on two of my sideblogs but not on two others. And I looked around and found the settings were different. 

To make the annoying “follow_______” and “tumblr” buttons disappear from your blog for now, from your dashboard do the following:

1. Navigate to your settings. You don’t want the global ones, you want the ones just for that particular blog. Find the option to Edit Theme. Choose this.

2. Your Theme editor will open. Scroll down to the bottom of the black sidebar in the editor, choose Advanced Options. 

3. Where the option is set to “promote tumblr”, make sure the switch is off (white not blue). This will remove the follow______ and tumblr buttons from YOUR BLOG ONLY. 

I don’t know where the other controls went, but these controls there now are the ones that display for those not currently logged in (meaning tumblr somewhere thinks you’re not logged in even though you are - it’s fine it’s just confused probably and everything else is still working). If you’re not “promoting tumblr” it won’t give you these options. 

Whatever they’re doing with the iframe controls in the meantime is anyone’s guess. They’ve disappeared. 

There’s nothing I can do to fix this for other people’s blogs. You can only affect your own, but at least you’ll stop being asked to follow yourself (and all those on your blog will stop seeing it too - checked from the independent other account).

stephanie brown: a summary
  • steph: im gonna do a Thing
  • bruce: no dont
  • barbara: do Not
  • dick: pls .. dont ..
  • jason: [he doesnt say shit bc he's being emo and listening to punk rock and killin ppl and shit
  • tim: stephanie seriously dont do It
  • cass: no
  • damian: are u fckn STUPID dont do it
  • steph:
  • steph: so ANYWAYS im gonna do the Thing great to know ppl agree that it's a good idea thanks everybo

Why isn’t anyone talking about Rover’s sacrifice???Like I was so touched?? I almost cried??? R.I.P little robotic cinnamon roll u were great

“I love Romano!”

“But I hate Veneziano though. He’s annoying and stupid and he hogs all of the attention away from Romano!!!11!!1!!”

Yes, Loki needs a hug. But he also needs a good swat upside the head every now and again.


Here’s some pointless OC ability reference stuff that I’ve been working on for the last week for both Techtor and Scope. Mostly just for personal use when putting together scripts for comics. :3


dean and cas revealing their feelings for each other and dean getting all blushy and flustered so cas efficiently shuts him up ♥(ノ´∀`)

i love when i walk up to my friends table and one of them say “shh she’s coming” and then two of them turn around to look at me and another one makes up some stupid shit about her apple. fuck you. like seriously fuck you why am i friends with you all?

So Tumblr Admins, why does it take so f'ing long to post a pic? Like wtf we don’t want our pics to be in a different color or keep tapping the post button for four fucking times. Like seriously stop adding stupid shit, for it taking too long to post a pic. And I know you guys can read this. I mean AFTER ALL YOU TERMINATED MY OTHER ACCOUNT FOR BEASTILITY, even tho other people post it or cub porn WHICH that’s childporn but apparently that’s okay by your stander safety guide lines. But just terminated mine just because of that. Make sense right Admins? Or if anyone agrees with me