this shit is legitimately insane

Varric never does make a move on Cassandra, as Dorian suggested.  It’s not like that between them.  The woman is a menace and, shit, him and the Divine?  That’s crazy.  That is legitimately insane talk. 

They have a good thing going, Varric and his Bianca.  Well, maybe not good, but comfortable, and Varric has grown to value comfort the longer he spends around extraordinary people.  Cassandra would not be comfortable in the slightest.  She’s all blunt corners and strong angles, like humans are, and yikes, those cheekbones.

So he puts it out of his mind.

But over the next three decades of his life Varric spends only eighty-five hours in the presence of Bianca Davri.

While he writes ten more volumes of Swords & Shields.