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We got a preview for new matching YOI nendos and I’m so in love because they remind me of those scenes in the ending credits?

AND IT’S SO LOVELY I’m a huge sap for the whole idea of Victor catching up with Yuuri, wrapping his arms around his waist, spinning him around and kissing him like they’re in one of those cliché romance movies <3

What pissed me off about Billy is that he has the nerve to act like he was betrayed by Frank and Curtis for not telling him Frank was alive. He literally only thinks of himself and how he feels. What he wants. He’s a straight up psychopath.

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making OC ref sheets is ha r d

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sx/sp vs sx/so?

honestly, the two are pretty different just because secondary instinct play a pretty big role in how your dominant instinct manifests itself. 

You try to use your secondary instinct to meet the goal of the first instinct. And if the first instinct’s goal isn’t met, you sorta progress down the latter. So the Sx-doms when stressed sorta follow a different process:

Sx/Sps without a fixation will withdraw immediately, and take care of themselves. They’re typically described as being very in and out or internally conflicted, because they don’t have that aux So tie to the community. If that secondary Sp can’t pull them through to their next connection, though, they’ll start to feel the affects of their So blindspot. Honestly, even in a aux position, So is really guilt trippy so I’d imagine that this phase fucking sucks.

Sx/Sos will sorta have an “in and out” effect too, but instead of physically disappearing they’ll just dissolve into things. They don’t get into self care at that point because So types in general don’t fare well with alone time, so it’s more just group participation. When things go to shit, they get into pseudo-Sp and /then/ they really isolate themselves. The problem with Sp-blinds when they do try and Sp is that they have a very distorted idea of how that works. 

You’ll probably end up finding them under a pile of their own garbage eating nothing but cough drops and essential herbs.

In general though, So-blinds don’t feel any sort of obligation to participate in society unless their blindspot is fucking with them. They don’t place very much value on finding a group and fitting in. They value intense relationships/interests and their own survival first and foremost.

Sx/Sos value their intense relationships and interests first but it’s tainted with So values. (AKA they see themselves as valuable to the group as well). Plus, their commitment to humanity as a whole can give them a bit of a Jesus Christ complex (which can be especially apparent in their writing lmfao). We’re the kind of people who would try and take responsibility for something we only played a small part in, because we don’t want the entire group to get in trouble, but when it comes to taking responsibility for our bills and laundry…….


Facebook messenger decided it wanted to be Snapchat so of course I and to take advantage of those adorable filters 😻

November 18

In 1095, Pope Urban II convened the Council of Clermont, which would result in the calling of the First Crusade.  This event is one of the single most important historical occurrences of the last thousand years.  

And, of course, it ended about as well as any gathering of xenophobic monotheists could–with the slaughter of untold thousands and a millennium-long history of hatred and distrust.  You know, just like Christ would have wanted.

“How many people wanna kick some ass?”

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Do you mean: Much like her past album which was solely about one obvious relationship of hers, reputation is not a roman à clef that begs the listener to decide which kiss-and-tell relates to which A-list former beau as most of it is about her C-list boyfriend but I wouldn’t know that because instead of paying attention to the actual lyrics, I spend my time trying to extract anything that would allow me to continue perpetuating my ignorant narrative of what Taylor Swift’s music is about and what it means. That instead of respecting the months of hard work that allowed Taylor to create this innovative and complex album, I decided to write a gossip-blog that has very little to do with the album itself but more to do with my pre-requisite feelings on the artist.