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Bones Headcanon

This ties in a little bit of canon, a little bit of stuff @mccoymostly mentioned in an answer to an Anon ask earlier, and a little bit of what’s bouncing around in Jules’ head right now.

Bones is an impeccable diagnostician.  He’s an amazing clinician.  He notices things.  His observational skills parallel - sometimes even surpass - his technological acumen.

He’s got the newest, state-of-the-art equipment at his fingertips so that when shit hits the fan, he’s ready and able to treat every patient as minimally invasively as possible, and in order to achieve the best possible outcome for them.


He’s also old-fashioned.

Maybe it’s because he trusts his own hands more than the machines, or maybe it’s because he knows a little bit of touch goes a long way in reassuring his patients, but when time is not an issue, I feel like he falls back on a good, old fashioned physical exam.  Where Starfleet hasn’t mandated how things must be done or using what instruments or methods, he takes the liberty of using his best judgment to assess and treat his patients.  Where an old fashioned method would not extend convalescence any more than a modern method, he would favor that.

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this would probably still be pretty big but could you do a very brief analysis of what the situation in this post might be like? reipx,tumblr,com/post/110611945636/

Aight. The post linked in this ask basically consists of the following pictures:

Jake the Witch of Hope
Dirk the Knight of Heart
Roxy the Seer of Void
Jane the Heir of Life

Jade the Page of Space
John the Maid of Breath
Rose the Rogue of Light
Dave the Prince of Time

You’re actually in luck here, because a lot of these flips are actually titles that I’ve written up characters for in the past. (Those are the titles that I’ve bolded, if you’re interested. Not all of them were in the same story; off the top of my head, the Heir of Life, Maid of Breath and Prince of Time were all in the same universe, while the other three were in another story together.)

Anyway, uh, this is still gonna be hella brief. I’ve got a god damn monster post in the works that should be coming out this weekend.

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Since I started following you, I've kinda realised the Holtzbert ship is sort of, stale? And like, the more you talk about everyone cutting out Patty and Abby from material the more I notice it and I just ???? like I shipped it (still do a little I guess idk) but realising people were putting them on a pedestal really soured it for me? (I hope this all makes sense, I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to how problematic the ship/shippers can be)

Oh my gosh.. this is… wow. :O

Thank you??? I guess. Thank you for following me and sticking around and actually reading my posts and reblogs ranting and bashing (cause yep there’s some bashing) of one of your ships, because I know that can be a bummer. But I think it’s really super cool that you’ve been reading and listening, and that it’s starting to make you think critically of this fandom is… wow!  That’s just fantastic.

And now I have to apologize because I’m about to use this ask as a platform to keep talking. I’M SO SORRY ANON. FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THE REST OF THIS BECAUSE IT’S NOT DIRECTED AT YOU.

There is nothing inherently wrong about shipping Erin with Holtz. In fact, given this movie is just four kick-ass women who are all well-rounded characters and not made for the male gaze at all – someone out there should definitely be shipping Erin with Holtz. Many someones even.

But under no circumstances should they be The Ship. They should not be Fandom’s Designated Pairing, and the margins between their fanworks and the others ships should not be as dumbfoundedly massive as it is. There is no canon or valid reason for it.

The femslash fandom is trained to look for scraps; I understand this. And this movie is not explicitly queer because Sony is a bunch of crunched up stale tic-tacs you find mashed into the bottom of your purse or your car’s cupholder. I get that too.

But you know what this movie is also not full of? Scraps. It is not a movie you have to dig for scraps in. They frickin handed us as much queerness as they could possibly shove past Sony’s nose and then they gave us everything they couldn’t in the deleted/alternate scenes. Okay? You do not have to dig for scraps in this movie.

And yet that’s what the holtzbert fandom keeps doing. It is utterly astounding to me how deep they go digging to find evidence and support for their ship when you have things like Holtzmann kissing Patty’s hand or Erin and Abby straight up having a deleted scene titled The Breakup. THAT IS LEGIT SHIT THAT HAPPENED IN CANON FOOTAGE. Holtz slinging her arm around Abby; checking on Abby when she got all upset at Erin (alt Aldridge Mansion scene); her crumpled face when the portal closed behind Abby. Abby’s super soft (and hella romantic) ‘yeah’ after Erin commented on how smart Holtzmann is. Patty and Erin always hugging and touching and ducking behind each other when ghosts or equipment tests go wrong. LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN THAT ALTERNATE PORTAL SCENE OH MY GOD. Gayest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. True story.

Yet, in all of that, there’s still one thing that’s not really present in the movie: Erin showing interest in Holtzmann. Nowhere, apart from a couple of comments about how smart Holtz is, does Erin ever show any kind of romantic interest in Holtzmann. There’s jealousy and sadness over Abby & Holtz’s relationship. There’s some respect and awe that she can bring all of hers and Abby’s theories to life in the equipment. And then there’s also a good amount of terror and irritation because Holtz is a) a mad scientist and b) won’t stop fucking pranking her.

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   //Otabek being a little shit is my new favorite aesthetic. More discussions with my wife @vepalsa lead me to believe that considering he only just turned 18 in October with the GPF in Decemeber… There’s no way he only had two months experience DJing in clubs with his acquaintances, and home equipment can only get a person so far. Probably have to have played with club equipment before to know how it works.

    Therefore I head canon that this adorable little shit had been pulling a “Yuri Plisetsky” on his friends the whole year, getting them to take him along to the clubs to work. Considering they said his friends were sort of delinquents, I also head canon he may have been slipped a fake ID to make it easier, since ey, he would have been 18 soon anyhow.

   Which makes this more hilarious to me that he “tried” to be responsible concerning Yuri, but in the end it back fired beautifully. Otabek probably got a bit of karma there when Yuri showed up at the club that night, lmao.

i’d like to stay out of the whole ship wars because honestly i love how this fandom pretends to be “ah, best fandom ever, we are so welcoming, we all buddies!” etc. but LMAO don’t even get me started, no wonder why i only interact with like three people in the fandom.

first of all, the fact that anyone feels the urge to send hateful tweets to actors who do their job just because of a fictional couple, makes me want to rip my organs out and leave this planet ASAP. and the people who say shit like “i’m so sick of seeing cosima with someone else, shay needs to die, i legit cry because of this i’m so upset the OB writers can go to hell, etc.” let’s not even comment on that.

with that being said i’m also cophine trash definitive but i’d much rather have an interesting relationship with so many layers and struggles and heartbreak and yeah even with them possibly not getting back together. because that’s real. it’s how it is in real life as well. i could kill for fluffy moments but at the same time I’m the biggest angst whore and I think my need for angst comes from the fact that i’m perfectly aware if they gave us nothing but happy fluffy super adorable shit i’d soon be like… ok?? where are the problems??? this isn’t realistic at all??

BUT this is the moment i really can’t keep this inside anymore and honestly i don’t even know why I’m writing this because i know exactly 99.9% of people won’t care but whatever #cantbetamed

let’s not forget who’s the real victim of this story. let’s assume i’m biased because in a clone show my favorite character is still this bomb as fuck french snowflake. let’s assume i’m wrong and not include my personal opinion. let’s look at the cold facts.

delphine cormier: (and these are FACTS)

  • spied on cosima: in the beginning presumably for her own growth, we all know she’s an ambitious character and she was willing to do shady stuff for her career. who hasn’t done something shady for their own good, not even once, in their lives? not justified but i think if you really look into yourself you’ll find that there is a place and situation where you’d do something equally shady for your own good. many people gave her shit.
  • spied on cosima and learned information (per example kira) she could’ve shared with DYAD but she didn’t: nevertheless not only in canon was she judged SEVERAL times for that, even the fandom gave her shit. it’s something they constantly bring up when it comes to delphine hate (which is surprisingly common, hence this fucking essay)

  • shared cosima’s information without cosima’s consent TO POSSIBLY PROGRESS WITH HER TREATMENT AND SAVE HER LIFE BECAUSE COSIMA WAS REALLY WILLING TO RATHER DIE THAN TO GIVE IT A THOUGHT: you’re right, she should’ve not shared anything. she should’ve denied the person she loves the chance to find a cure IN A HIGHLY EQUIPPED SCIENCE INSTITUTE WITH HER ALSO INVOLVED IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CURE. you’re right, cosima should’ve probably been left alone to her own devices because clearly she was about to solve the respiratory illness problem in felix’s loft with zero scientific resources whatsoever. delphine didn’t have the right to do that but honestly cosima’s argument - to me, in this situation - is immature. like, her isssue is literally the fact that she’s being treated as someone’s property and she doesn’t have a choice. well bo-ho girlfriend, sorry for trying to keep you alive so you can, you know… LIVE and maybe make your own decisions LATER ON when you’re not being a stupid brat and you know, not drowning in your own blood. but delphine? the fandom gave her shit. her GIRLFRIEND gave her shit. everyone she was trying to build a healthy relationship for cosima’s sake gave her shit.

  • hid information (kira’s teeth) from cosima that could’ve possibly made cosima want to end the treatment IN THE MIDDLE OF IT and take them back to square one AKA dying: pretty self explanatory. but guess what about delphine? everyone gave her shit.

  • tried her BEST to honor cosima’s request (you have to love all of us) but got caught in rachel’s chess game and was used to help rachel succeed with her plan, then LEFT FEELING GUILTY (like girl, she was SOBBING on cosima’s hospital bed, clearly she was hating what she’s done) and yeah, everyone gave her shit.


  • took over DYAD with the thought of using her power for nothing but to HELP THE LEDA CLONES and SACRIFICED the only thing that truly made her happy at that point for EVERYONE ELSE’S WELL BEING: girlfriend finds a rebound (I REGRET HAVING EVER MET HER) sarah tells her to fuck off THEN reluctantly cooperates but even a that point felix dismisses her as if THEY were doing HER a favor. it’s not like, you know, THEY blinded rachel and THEY put themselves at risk and SHE was trying to cover for them risking HER safety (again) as well.

if you think ANY of these points were for a SELFISH reason and not because of her love for cosima and through that her clones as well… well then i’m sorry but we’re probably not watching the same show

and aside that i’m 325735% sure that if you think about her interactions with the clones and felix she got nothing but mean comments and looks and nobody was willing to trust her not even when she was proving herself 3274235%

and she took it all. she never once complained, she never once called anyone out up until 03x01 which wasn’t even calling anyone out she was just finally more determined to have things her way because guess what SHE’S A SOLID POINT WHILE SHE’S IN CHARGE AND SHE WASN’T GOING TO WASTE A SINGLE SECOND WHEN SHE FINALLY HAS THE UPPER HAND.

from the MOMENT she fell for cosima, there was no questioning of her loyalties. maybe she did it with shady methods but never once was it legit to doubt her motives. never. and you know, ob is the show where some fucked up shit happens and you can never know for sure but i’m willing to bet my life on it that NONE of these things were a lie, i’m 23725387235% certain she won’t ever prove my points wrong.

tl;dr: delphine cormier has sacrificed so much out of nothing but her love for cosima and she’s constantly getting kicked for ANYTHING she does even when she’s already on the ground so if you don’t like her that’s cool, you do you but don’t fucking come near me because i will literally KILL for delphine cormier.

OUaT Headcanon

Personally I think that Charming would rather Emma be with Regina than Killian. He’s always seemed to have a level of respect for Regina that’s subtle, but noticeable. And he knows that Regina REALLY loves Henry for Henry, not just because he’s the son of someone she’s infatuated with. And frankly, with the magical shit they deal with, Regina’ s more equipped to protect them.

Of course, if Swan Queen was really canon this might be a bit more logical…