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amybleak10  asked:

I read something that made me uneasy under the new Karen poster. I guy wrote that he'd read on Reddit that some editor of TP said: "no romance arc would happen for Karen in The Punisher, but Frank does get to kiss someone else (who reading between the lines sounds like Dinah Madani)". Do you know about this? What are your thoughts?

So, I went back to that Reddit post on TD and TP because I remember when that came out ages ago and caused a big uproar and everything (rightly so, Marvel keeps a tight ship and this is a huge violation) and: I couldn’t find any comment about that. I found reference to a kiss in a secondary Reddit post that said it was mentioned in the source post, but…it wasn’t. And I scrolled through three times so unless I’m really blind even with glasses then it’s speculation in response to the source post. But the supposed Spoilerer never said that.

I didn’t know about this before your message but, quite honestly, I think them doing a kiss between Frank and anyone but Maria in a flashback would be wrong. 

Assuming for a minute this could even be true, what are the options? I saw someone in the secondary post bring up that it could be the woman initiating it. Of the main cast, our two options not married to Micro are Dinah and Karen. I cannot imagine any universe wherein Karen would initiate a kiss on Frank because she knows his story, his pain, and where his head’s at. Not the least of which, that presumes Karen is completely in on feeling and accepting romantic feelings for him, and I may be a shipper but I just don’t see her with that mentality in TP enough to do that. Not where it stands, not right now. But like you said, there’s that bit about no romance between them.

So that leaves Dinah. And Dinah is an original character they’ve crafted to have a lot in common with Frank from the military service and high-intensity components. But unlike Frank, her adjustment back into society isn’t hindered or being abandoned by the loss of the rest of her world; and all that intensity is going into hunting him and doing her job and trying to continue being a patriot serving her country in plain clothes. In what instance would the opportunity for a kiss arrive for her to initiate and why would she do so given that she’s both hunting him and by consequence of that knows his painful history as well. And that’s just…so wrong, again. On so many levels. 

And to think of Frank initiating a kiss – it would have to be very, very, very special circumstances IMO. Circumstances like ‘only way to keep a cover’ cliche circumstances. And by the feel of the trailers and teasers, I doubt they’d need to or have any opportunities for that cliche between him and anyone else.

Which all leads me circling back around to: if Frank’s kissing anyone, it’s going to be his wife. He’s going to be remembering Maria and their happy moments together. That’s the only thing I think they should do.

Having Dinah kiss Frank would only make Dinah look bad IMO for all the reasons above. And Karen makes general sense given their lingering connection from a year prior but it would still be too soon…precisely because Frank is knee-deep in his revenge and mourning and nightmare-plagued grief. And with it having been a year, for all the reasons above I don’t see the logic in having Karen do that, either.

I only see comments like this (trying to make out a Frank/Dinah romance) appear after Karen promotion and articles. Before they paused promotion, there were very vocal anti-Karen fans trying to say this stuff and what do you know, we get a Karen poster and this shit starts. So I wouldn’t take it too much into account and just wait to see the show because again. Purely looking at Frank’s story, purely looking at his orbit, looking at how they’re bringing in Dinah and everyone else…that makes no sense for the story. It makes no sense for Frank and I can’t imagine that with how they’re hinting at Dinah. What purpose would it serve?

And again - it was in that secondary Reddit post but it was not in the source one. So that’s BS.


@alyssterinec Litter 1 of 3 that was at our clinic last week. 4 little spaniel mixes, one of them is a short hair and pulls off a bunch of Miller faces tbh @sidetongue

anonymous asked:

I just blocked to racist bitches fot supporting alexandra shulmam and my skin is starting to glow !!! Why is blocking so therapeutic?? When was the last time you blocked someone? Hope you're fine <3

there are people that support her? I hope it’s not popular blogs or any of my mutuals bc I want to block them too lmao and tbh I mostly just block porn blogs or anons that send me crazy shit lmao I follow the right people so I rarely see problematic stuff on my dash thank god and I hope you’re fine as well❤️

I just couldn’t help myself. New story!!!!

How you Remind me

Shane and I rarely got along. But some crazy shit was happening and we needed to stick together. I knew how to take care of my self, but Shane was very controlling and insisted on protecting us in this crazy new world. As controlling as my big brother is, there was one thing he couldn’t control. My feelings for Daryl Dixon

REASON NO. 7: (submitted by anon)

“because it writes bisexual women who actually love each other and don’t start petty drama. All the shit that happens is ACTUALLY A HUGE DEAL for EVERYONE not just them. It’s very impressive." 

And I completely agree. There’s a real underlying love story between Cosima and Delphine, and their bisexuality isn’t the source of the drama there. The source of drama is all the crazy-ass shit that’s happening around them. It’s so rare that you find a bisexual relationship on television that makes no apologies for orientation. Orphan Black continuously chooses to center Cophine’s plot about more than the fact that they’re both girls.