this shit is beautiful yo

“All right, you scum-sucking urchins, listen up! I know you don’t care much for earthlings, and you may think teasing my latest partner is harmless. But I swear to the Kaiou, if any of you ill-mannered gastropods fucks up this relationship for me, I’ll make you wish the Son boy was the one kicking your arses! Am I clear?”

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can you recommend me some good joshler fics?? i really need some !! :)) ily btw !¡

Gladly!! Here are some links C and I compiled because we both read a lot and there’s just SO much to cover (also partially we should self-promo our own writing) but here’s all the links we got, sorry it took so long to make!!

These are from C: (these are a bit more on the fluff side)

These are from N: (most of these are sad/angst/involve tw// and the rest are sin!)
the first joshler fic i read:

Sorry the formatting is so bad!! I wanted to add more to the results but it’s a bit hectic so feel free to reblog, share, add comments, talk to us about this, share how you feel, ask for more, etc… Thanks so much!!

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Holy shit your hair is so beautiful and shiny, what do yo do with it to make it like that?! *o*

I literally had gotten my hair dyed that day. that’s why it looks so good. dye has essential nutrients that your hair needs and makes it really shiny and soft. also, my hair stylest washed the fuck outta my hair.

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Could I request headcanons of Todoroki, Bakugou, and Kaminari handling an s/o who lives in their head? Like they can hold a conversation, but if they're not directly involved, they're off in their own world? Thank you!

Todoroki Shouto

  • He doesn’t worry about it too much, as long as they’re not getting into trouble it’s fine
  • He can be a bit spacey too so who is he to complain
  • He gets in the habit of tapping the back of their hand or shoulder so they know he’s talking to them
  • “What do you think [Name]?”
  • “…”
  • “…”
  • “What? Sorry lol”

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Pulls them around places bc otherwise they WILL get lost
  • “Are you even listening to me?” “Honestly? No.”
  • He’s got a short fuse, but hey if he likes them he likes them even if they’re off in the clouds
  • One time he was feeling romantic and he kissed them by surprise but he scared them and they shrieked and he’s never done it again

Kaminari Denki

  • He might feel a bit hurt sometimes because they don’t always hear him
  • He knows they aren’t trying to be mean though so he gets over it pretty fast
  • Kaminari is a touchy person in general so his s/o would snap back into reality all wrapped up in a hug
  • “The stars sure are beautiful tonight…. but you know what else is beautiful? Yo—“ “Shit what? I’m sorry”

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Examine! Arthur, by some miracle of miracles, actually expressing he is proud of you.

Examine an RPG object [ACCEPTING]

Your eyes widen in shock. Were those words he was speaking true? It’s hard to take it all in, but despite your initial doubts, you feel that Arthur’s words are truly genuine.

You hold back a few tears and try to maintain that strong outward look, but he sees right through it. Before long, you embrace your father wholeheartedly.

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Holy Fuck, Mickey, you're so fucking beautiful.

Yo, well thanks and all that shit, ay. You sure you ain’t talking about Raul? He’s the one who gets all the goddamn compliments around here, man.


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I don't get it why would he follow her back? Did he enjoy the public humiliation and pain? Is he the new "beautiful and lost soul"?

I won’t consider him “so beautiful and so lost” until he starts posting emo selfies with emotionally fake deep captions subbing her.