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oh wow ! no one cares if it’s your most popular post! stop reblogging your own shit so many times and bragging about how it’s only good bc OTHER PPL added to it

Sorry this bothered you!  I’ve reblogged it a total of–what was it–four times?  Three times was someone else saying something better than the original post–although if you look in the comments, there are many, many more stories that are even better, I decided not to reblog all of them for obvious reasons.  Once was marveling upon the fact that the post actually got popular and that I, a 600-follower blog taking up a small corner of the internet, actually got over 100K notes on a post.  I’m pleased that stories like these have resonated with so many people, and I apologize to the grand total of five people who’ve ever given me negativity for this.


And his winter victory pose has actually sealed the deal now. I got stupidly excited when I saw the cup. I made a dumb post before but now it’s time to explain it better. Here’s the cup in question:

The pattern on the cup is Kowhaiwhai, Maori designs that are painted or carved mostly in Marae, but it’s also printed on stuff like blankets and shirts and cups. And we buy all of that shit. Your Aunty is gonna have the tea set, the blanket, the slippers and the plates.

The pattern on Roadie’s cup is a Mangopare which is the hammerhead shark. Though the one on the cup is a little simpler like the one seen here:

It represents strength and power. Makes total sense for Roadhog. And that’s it, that’s why he’s Maori and it’s exciting to see bits of your own culture made by people in other countries coz lbr… most Maori stuff is made by us coz who else is gonna make it if we don’t?

the truth behind studyblr

it’s been a while since I started thinking about a post like this but I’m still not sure how to put it into words..

anyway, the thing is I’ve been here for a while now and there was a time of my life I was literally obsessed with this platform, this community, I would spend lots of money on fancy pens or stuff I really didn’t need just so I could take better pictures, I used to spend more time making drawings and shit like that on my notes that actually studying.. you get what I’m trying to say? 

Then uni started and honestly let me tell you I have zero time for that shit. I don’t focus anymore on fancy stuff or pictures, I barely post original content anymore. I started focusing on the real issue, studying and doing my work. 

This is how my dorm looks like at this exact moment. I am currently studying for my finals. My bed has been undone for the last two weeks, I have tons of laundry waiting to be done, my desk is a fucking mess, is literally full of shit and even dust because I don’t really have the time to clean. The heater is always in the middle of my room because it’s been freezing outside. There are like three different coats on my chair because I barely leave the house, just to buy food and I literally put some leggings on, grab a random coat and leave. 

I’m sorry if my words are messy and my thoughts don’t even make sense, I’m super tired but I really wanted to show you the reality of studyblr. I’m aware that a have a big number of followers and I don’t want any of you to feel the pressure. No one studies wearing the perfect messy bun, a puffy sweater or an amazing brand new pjs. I’ve been literally wearing the same clothes for two days. Sometimes I’m so stressed I even forget to wash my hair. And let me tell you something, I don’t get straight A’s. I hardly pass any exams. I spend hours and hours in front of that desk and I still fail so many tests and exams. 

Please don’t force yourself to be always perfect, to take the perfect notes, to have the newest fancy stationary or go crazy thinking you ain’t good enough just because you don’t have a white desk to take flatlays. At the end of the day, you just need to get your education, your shit done and your exams passed. No once fucking cares if you use the coolest muji pen that costs like $10, just used a damn pencil you got from Ikea buddy. Don’t let the perfect pictures from this website blind you, focus on your future.

And yeah that’s all. I wish this kinda makes sense. Now I’m gonna get some sleep before my alarm rings again in a couple of hours.

The 'I am losing a tumblr argument' tool kit

-I can’t believe you (an adult) are harassing me, I’m a MINOR!!!


-Actually you ship these two characters together so you aren’t entitled to an opinion

-Sorry I don’t make the rules uwu

-Finds an old selfie you posted and makes fun of your appearance

-How dare you harass me I’m mentally ill! Ableist pig!!!


-More emojis in their reblog than there are episodes of One Piece

-‘Your’ instead of 'you’re’

-Link to a Buzzfeed article to prove their point

-You aren’t worth my time anymore, I have better things to do

-Also, this 💅 emoji

Not really in the mood for ecchi mangas rn but I’m bored af, let’s see how bad this is gonna be-

Wait- so THE LADY ARMOR IS ACCURATE AND DOESN’T DO THE BOOB-ARMOR STYLE?! HELLO YES YOU HAVE MY ATTENTIO- no wait I’m not falling for that, could be like that one time with the anime lady’s basketball and have ““cutesy”“ weak moves and no actual powerful action-

*wheezes* ok you have 90% of my attention-

HELLO YES, NOW (combining the points from the previous statement) YOU HAVE



ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land,

Humans are weird

Ok, getting on the humans are weird bandwagon….

It surprises me that we haven’t talked about the most obvious thing: humans imagine things. Humans outright make shit up. (Like these posts?) Human stories often aren’t retellings of things that actually happened. Art often isn’t a depiction of true events. Humans - for want of a better word - humans sublimate. They transform their experiences into outlandish non-reality for each others’ amusement.

It takes forever for first contact to start because the aliens planning it keep getting confused by first radio, then television. Some of these depictions can’t be possible - but which ones? The first time War of the Worlds reaches the Kuiper belt, someone panics and has to double check that a more aggressive group hasn’t actually invaded.

After humans are finally integrated into galactic culture, some issues crop up.

“Did you clean the waste facility?” the Janitorial Supervisor asks.

“Well, I would have,” the human starts, then proceeds to tell an outrageous story about a cleaning bot with a knife strapped to its back which has the entire crew searching the ship for hours. The entire crew except for the humans.

The Captain finds the humans “searching” the self-poisoning cabinet in one of the crew quarters.

“Oh my god,” the First Officer says, on seeing the Captain’s dust-speckled upper ears. “Oh my god, I can’t believe you really fell for that. Stabby is a cryptid, Harold!”

The Captain’s name is not Harold, but that is another, even longer story.

The Captain exhales. “What is a cryptid?”

The assistant medical officer sits up straighter, his drink sloshing dangerously. The Captain has learned what “a gleam in his eye” means and how to detect it. They sit, resigned. There’s no escaping now.

An hour later, the Captain explains the concept of cryptids in considerably less detail to the embarrassed and confused Supervisor. Along with the concept of lying.

“But how do you know the difference?” the Supervisor asks, wringing their tentacles in mixed embarrassment and worry.

“Find another human,” the Captain advises. “Check for signs of mirth.”

This turns out to be prescient, because on their next planetary stop, two of the human field officers come running back into the base camp, out of breath and without the rest of their scouting team.

“Nasty buggers with teeth!” one gasps. Though the other officers appear skeptical, the Captain glances at the First Officer, who is already setting down her meal and grabbing her favorite flamethrower. The assistant medical officer yanks his kit straps over his shoulders, face grim.

“Arm yourselves,” the Captain tells the rest.

It takes about four hours, but they get everyone back more or less intact. The humans change the sign in the rec room on the ship to read: “Us: 6, Them: 0″. There is a ritual raising of liquor-filled glasses, even by the injured who are forbidden self-poisoning. The Captain begins temporary hibernation very relieved that humans are so willing to count other species as “us”.

When they ask the First Officer about it two cycles later, the First Officer looks confused, then knowing.

“My great grandmother remembers when you first showed up. They picked your people for first contact for a reason, didn’t they?”

“We look the most like you.”

“Yeah, well, that was a bad call. Gran says humans debated for months whether or not you were just other humans with good prosthetic makeup.”

The Captain blinks at this. “Most peoples are shocked and upset to learn the rest of the sentient universe does not share their appearance. Wait.” They pause. “Is that why we had so many applicants for the Janitorial position?”

The First Officer ignores that, as she usually does when the Captain doesn’t really want to know the answer.

“Do you know why cryptids exist? Why horror and violence and monsters exist in our stories?” she asks instead.

The Captain twitches both sets of ears ‘no’. “It seems unnecessary to frighten yourselves over things that don’t exist.”

“But nasty buggers with teeth do exist, even if we haven’t met them yet,” she says grimly. “And we were ready, weren’t we?”

It’s true. The humans on board have been terrifyingly adaptable, even in their violence.

The Captain feels their way carefully. “You think about things that don’t exist… sometimes even things that distress and terrify you… so that you can be ready when you face real things that distress and terrify you?”

“See, this is why you’re the Captain, Harold.” The First Officer slaps their shoulder hump cheerfully, careful to avoid the spines. “And better yet, we share the things we imagine with each other. It’s like a mental vaccine.”

“And it works?”

“Eh, sometimes. It’s not perfect. Sometimes we don’t mark our vaccines properly, or don’t realize we’re adding things we didn’t mean to. Some of them have a bad effect on some people, for various reasons. But we joined the galactic community in less than a generation. Has any other species ever done that?”

“You imagined us before you met us.”

“Now you’re getting it.”

you’re adhd. and that’s okay.

the great thing about knowing you have adhd is that suddenly all these weird behaviors you’ve had your whole life suddenly made sense. there’s a reason for it. and that’s honestly so powerful???

you missed something the teacher said? You didn’t do it on purpose - your brain just does that sometimes. it’s okay. you can ask to have it repeated! it wasn’t deliberate lack of attention!

you forgot to bring your umbrella despite rain in the forecast? it’s okay! you’re not stupid! adhd brains just drop information sometimes! next time you’ll put the umbrella in front of the door so you don’t forget!

you’re struggling to schedule a long-term project? that’s because adhd brains don’t see time or consequences. it’s okay! you can ask somebody else to help you stay responsible. You’re not a bad person for not being able to do it yourself - it’s normal for people to need special help in some places!

basically discovering that all these ‘bad habits’ you thought were because you were just too stupid to remember and too lazy to want to do are actually because your brain straight up isn’t built to handle those things well. and suddenly all the guilt is gone.

you have adhd. you need to take steps to compensate, and you need to be as responsible as you can. but if you slip up, it’s not a character flaw: it’s literally how your brain functions. and that’s okay.

Popular RvB Pairings As Things My Friends Have Said

Mainewash: “True romance is finding someone who will put up with you and your 99 cats.”

Grimmons: “Look, it’s not gay if two guys kiss one another as long as they close their eyes.”

Chex: “I would say "I’ll fucking hunt you down if you ever hurt her heart” but she’s perfectly capable of murdering you all on her own.“

Tuckington: "You see, if all of us ever live together, you might wanna wear headphones ‘cause I assure you our headboard will not stop banging all night long.”

Churboose: “Out of everyone in this room, I hate you the least solely because of your pure innocence.”

Docnut: “Hey I just wanted to stop by and tell you that you guys make a cute couple!” *turns to each other* “You never told me we were dating!”

Lolix: “I would say that I hate you with every fiber of my body but you’re the only one who puts up with my shit so-”

Yorkalina: “Your girlfriend is a better man in the relationship than you’ll ever be! ”

Carwash: “To strangers, you look like a pathetic cringy ass couple but once you get to know you two you’re actually adorable together.”

Washlix: “How am I your favorite person?? I don’t even like myself.”

Locington: “At this point I can’t tell whether or not we both friendzoned the shit out of each other or we’re just really fucking bad at romance.”

Tucklix: “We have broken up and gotten back together at least 6 times just this month.”

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Any opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents?

OOF. So I’m actually halfway into the first chapter of a secretdad!Nursey fic so I have a lot of dad!Nursey thoughts, but I actually had to put some thought into dad!Dex opinions, and then a good amount of thought into the combination of Dex/Nursey as parents! That said, do I have opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents? 


  • So first off: the way these boys were brought up has a Big Impact on how they are as parents.
    • Nursey was raised by two moms who loved him to pieces and let him be soft and feminine when he wanted to be and were hugely affectionate when they were there, but who also traveled a lot for work. Dex was raised by parents who also worked a lot, but who were almost always stressed about money–and he felt that stress really young and learned to internalize it. They both love their parents, but they also both picked up a lot from their parents–both “what to do” and “what not to do”.
  • That said:

(continued under the cut)

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I post these for improvement comparisons of my art. Not because I think I’m the shit who painted Eliza’s face on point. My art isn’t perfect and it won’t be for a very long time. But I’m getting there.

Positive criticisms are always welcome. We always take these criticisms to heart and make improvements. But we do need criticisms that would make us want to improve and not feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. We’re humans too, and we’re not some robot who just put out art for your pleasure.(actually we do put out art for your pleasure but it still stands we’re not robots) And we try to get where our patrons -the people who pay for our services- want us. 

And these improvement posts assure our patrons that they are getting something better every time. So have at it, criticize, help me improve every time I post my art. That is always welcome. 

That said, brb I need to improve.


  • dean is the grumpiest bf ever omg 
  • cas so sessy ooohhhhh 
  • i like to imagine the lady vessel for cas actually has a super high pitched voice and cas just isn’t good with human vocal control
  • sam and dean: *spend a good 20 minutes not basically almost dying but get right back to it* 
  • i’m so happy that i watch spn alone because the amount of times i’ve squeaked “OHHH, CAS” is embarrassing 

what i learned: i’m a filthy shipper but i’m not sure what else i was supposed to gain from the episode???

i was gonna make a post saying “au where trans percy doesnt come out until halfway thru pjo or even hoo but then i realized that percy jackson has been through way too much shit and does NOT deserve to be fighting monsters and shit, being forced into wild quests by gods, AND at the same time trying to transition like. imagine fighting a monster and the monster calls percy a girl and he’s just like "actually im trans, im a dude” and the monster is just like “oh man, my bad. anyways, PREPARE TO DIE, SON OF POSEIDON” “much better thank you” “of course”

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So I've been looking at the tumblr lifting community's posts for awhile now and I'm obsessed and amazed; I've never lifted before but I really want to it looks so fun and I want free cute shit, but I'm so so scared!! How do I get over that and what/where would you recommend lifting for my very first time ever? Any tips or advice? I worship y'all 🙏🏼

oooookay lil nugget here we go.

first off - its okay to be scared. its actually better if you keep a little piece of you thats always scared, no matter if you’re experienced or a beginner. thats something that helps you keep track of what’s going on around you and helps you not get caught. when you get cocky or over confident, thats when trouble starts.

i cannot stress how important it is to start small.
start small.
start sosososososo small.

like a lipgloss from walmart or one plain shirt from old navy. maybe a lil pack of beads from hobby lobby. whatever you do, do it small.

this lowers the chance of you getting caught, and the chance of you freaking out more.

do this a couple times. lil thing here, lil thing there. this builds confidence. the more confident you are with yourself, the more likely you are to start pulling in bigger hauls.

be patient. dont rush anything. this is by no means a competition. this whole process of confidence-gaining takes weeks, maybe months for some people.

and another thing - the majority of us on here that are pulling in a shit ton of stuff? we’ve been doing this for years. ive been lifting for 3/almost 4 years now. do not feel like you have to hurry and catch up to us.

secondly -do your homework. read through people’s tip pages on here. read about hooks, magnets, detachers, keys, all the different types of security tags, concealment methods, horror stories - ANYTHING. everything will be helpful down the road. read up on how other people got caught so you dont make the same mistakes. read up on how that girl managed to bag 3 naked palettes and 15 Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. learn about cam placement and how JCP Sephora is a place to stay away from. learn SA behavior and how to tell if they are being nice or plain sus. Learn how to tell if a bag is going to be a good lifting partner or if its going to be a hassle getting things inside. get familiar with every aspect of this community. follow as many people as you can. get inspiration from everyone. learn this life. live it. breathe it.

thirdly - try and pair up with an experienced buddy. i have found this to be so helpful. you get to see first hand how they do what they do. you get to see them in action, and learn their methods. however, know that going out with more than 2 other people is sure to get you noticed and tailed. keep the lil lifting group to either a pair or 3 people. make sure you can trust them. make sure you know them.

Old Navy: they dont tag anything other than heavy coats and sweaters, some dresses, jeans, and in the summer some shorts. i re-vamped my whole wardrobe this summer courtesy of ON, but ive seen on here that they’ve started source tagging…. which makes me sad. so double check before you out anything into your bag.
Hobby Lobby: there are like 7 cams per store all focused on the cashiers. go crazy. get your much needed art supplies. this is a great store for beginners - and other lifters who love crafting.
Cotton On: nothing, and i mean NOTHING is tagged. idk why, but these hoes never tag anything and it makes me wonder what they’re even doing. i got christmas gifts for my brothers here this year, so i highly recommend this store. super easy.
Dillard’s: do not let the large size of the store intimidate you - this place is heaven. sometimes you’ll get lucky and somethings been left off the rack and untagged. sometimes theres that teally cute wallet that you’ve wanted for a while and it doesnt have a single tag on it. go for it. conceal in the dressing rooms. trust me. formal dresses? no tags. (from what ive seen, and ive been to 3 Dillard’s in 2 different cities.) their desinger jewelrythat they keep down there? go for it. none of its source tagged or anything. i walked out once with 5 pairs of mate spade earrings and 2 wallets worth the 100 each. just pay attention to your surroundings and you’ll do just fine.

- in the winter its cold as dicks, so wear sweaters. utilize these babies for all they’re worth. 1. sleeves are great for concealing small items like jewelry and lipsticks. 2. “i am so hot from all this shopping, is it okay if i have one of your bags to carry my sweater in? i would really appreciate it” (note: this only works with really nice SAs. some will be bitches and shut you down. you might have to try a couple of stores before you get one. and now you have a free shopping bag!) 3. put your purse in the crook of your elbow and drape your sweater over it. this helps conceal how big your purse is to begin with and hide how much its increased in size when you’re walking out. 4. idk they’re warm and fuzzy. they make me happy.
- boots: stick things in there in case you forgot your purse or something. you can stick small things like jewelry and face masks down in there, its great.
- go through your mom’s closet. or your aunt’s. grandmother’s. rich best friend, i dont care. more often than not, they have a couple of extra shopping bags from stores they’ve been too. my mom has Bath and Body Works for days, along with a couple of Coach bags and Ralph Lauren. these shopper bags can be used in the same way as a purse for hiding things in them. hide them in yoir bag on the way into a mall, and then in the bathroom, take out your lifted clothing and stuff one of the bags. that way, when you walk into other stores, the SAs think you’ve bought things from other stores. be careful and know the layout of the mall you’re in though, because if you’re carrying around an Urban Outfitters bag and theres no UO, then you’ve gone and fucked yourself.
- be cautious, be wary, and not get greedy. get in, get out, and live to lift another day.

hope you’ll find some use for all this nonsense, good luck on starting your hobby of lifting and i hope to see some beautiful hauls from you guys!

So apparently at Jared’s meet and greet at Torcon he was talking about a watch Jensen really wanted but he wouldn’t buy it for himself for some reason so Jared decided to buy it for him, which is already really freaking cute, but it gets even BETTER. Apparently Jared went on to say “Actually I’ve bought Jensen several watches, one of which he wears every day.”

SEVERAL WATCHES. ONE OF WHICH HE WEARS EVERY DAY. I can’t handle this, every time I think J2 can’t get any cuter, they go right ahead and prove me wrong again.



I saw the original post on a hateful tinhat account who hates Gen so I don’t want to post a screenshot but I promise this adorable shit actually fucking happened.

Top Ten Worst Responses to My Makeup Post

for reference, here is the original post:

fairly innocuous, right? just me, talking about my life, sharing an experience I thought other women would relate to. And they did! A bunch of responses were from other women talking about their own annoying makeup experiences.

Except, uh. Some people got really upset. Here are a few of my (least) favorites.

12. @b—y-femisnist (bitchy? butchy? buoy?) is number 12 because, um, sure 

I guess that’s true, but have you considered: 

11. Strangely, @if-it-all-ends-well reiterated my original post exactly

they enjoy makeup because they aren’t required to wear it. but then goes on to give me unsolicited and condescending advice! Baffling!

10. Everyone makes mistakes

@merrybitchmas2 gets number 10 for being innocently uninformed and making a nice dinner suggestion! Thanks!

9. I don’t know where they got “oppression” from, but @lenaluthorapologist is apparently a medical doctor! 

I appreciate the free diagnosis; psychiatrists are expensive.

8. @wasteyourlife saw an opportunity to hit on his tumblr crush, and he took it 

original post be damned.

7. @toxicmutantslimefreaks actually Slime Freak, it’s called having a job :)

I really don’t get it. Are you guys all 15? Have you ever worked in a professional environment? Have you ever looked at the dress code for women, where it describes what kind of makeup to wear?????

6. I truly feel for men who have unfortunate facial shapes, @keyhollow, 

but if you think it hurts their careers, I suggest you take a look at the United States Senate.

5. @la-femme-noelle is either a fucking liar or some kind of super human

in which case it’s really not fair to compare the rest of us :/

4. I’m truly not sure how we got here… 

…but @amarretto-cowboy blames the public school system for not teaching me to cook. Also very clearly a 55 year old man masquerading as one of the “youths”

3. @egoisty clearly isn’t that curious, because I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned multiple times that it is a requirement. 

They then suggest I use exposure therapy on my coworkers so that they aren’t triggered by my makeupless face! Brilliant! (I cut this one if, it’s long and I just Don’t Care)

2. To be clear, @pancakesbejealouswaffles isn’t suggesting you quit wearing makeup. 

They’re suggesting you just QUIT YOUR JOB if you don’t want to wear makeup! Can you imagine???? I really couldn’t have made this shit up, bless this site.

1. This is one of the first responses to this post, but it’s just so good. 

@realspaztastic ‘s suggestion is so brilliant, my lady brain actually skipped over it the first time I saw this post. But look again: after suggesting I simply buy a better foundation, his penis brain goes to absolutely full capacity and reaches the magnificent conclusion that we should just MAKE OUR OWN FOUNDATION ON THE WEEKENDS

Fact: villain or hero/villain ships took over the Star Wars fandom at the same time as the cast of Star Wars becoming more diverse (and those villain or hero/villain ships are entirely white).

Also fact: those two things are related, which is proven when you look at other diverse works of fiction (or even any where there is a token poc who is the white lead’s love interest) and you find the exact same shit going on.

“It has nothing to do with racism!” is not an argument you can make.

“Umm, but, actually! There used to be smaller, much, much smaller villain and hero/villain ships before!” is not an argument.

Having internalized racism and refusing to try to better yourself means you’re a terrible person.

So, @Reylos, @Kyluxes, @Jynnics, and @other Rogue One villain ship shippers, it’s time to get out of the denial phase and start dealing with your problems.

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So I got really excited over my hand lettering and decided to request a fic as well but no pressure :D outgoing Clarke tries to hint her interest at Bellamy but he's such a nerd he totally doesn't get that she likes him.

I hope you like it! Thanks for the prompt <3


Bellamy didn’t mean to become a professional YouTuber.

He was convinced, as a preteen who watched tons of daytime court TV shows that aired on public access channels when he and O got home from school, that he wanted to be a lawyer. Making decent money, arguing with people professionally… it seemed like a sweet deal to Bellamy.

And out of– probably stubbornness, honestly– that remained the plan for years.

But then halfway through law school, a professor he TA’d for started assigning videos for her first years to watch outside of class. Between the narrator’s long-windedness and lofty vocabulary, and the dryness and complexity of the topics, Bellamy’s office hours had been flooded with students asking him to explain the very same concepts in ways they would understand.

“I don’t have time for this,” he’d complained to Miller, who just reached over to pat his shoulder patronizingly, not even looking up from the textbook in his lap.

“Kids these days, am I right?”

“The videos are a good idea,” Bellamy continued, knowing Miller was hardly listening. “They would work great if they didn’t always lead to students tracking me down while I’m trying to study so they can ask me all the same shit.”

“So make a better video.”

Bellamy blinked at him. “Is that an actual suggestion, or are you just bored with my ranting?”

“It can be both,” Miller shrugged. “If you can’t join them, beat them.”

“Huh,” he said. “Maybe I will.”

So he did. He expected to be emailing students the links, maybe sharing them on the class Facebook page. He never expected them to start getting hits from law students across the country.

He posted another video, and then another, each time the views and likes climbing little by little. YouTube ads started making him a little bit of money on the side, not enough to support himself (not at first), but enough it kept him going. Kept him filming and uploading.

That’s when Monty came in.

“I’m going to help you out.”

Bellamy frowned at him, shrugging his backpack off. It wasn’t unusual for him to come home to find Monty there, laptop balanced precariously on top of Miller’s legs thrown across his lap, the two of them studying together. In his opinion, it was only a matter of time before they hooked up on that couch, and Miller was going to owe him twenty bucks.

(“If we don’t hook up, then I’ll have twenty bucks. If we do hook up, it’s not that hard to just move it somewhere else. You’re making this too easy for me.” “It’s a gesture, asshole. I’m rooting for you guys.” “You’re welcome to root for me with your wallet anytime, dude. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”)

“What are you helping me with?”

“Your video thing.” He turned his laptop to show that he had Bellamy’s page pulled up, icon and banner blank. “More specifically, production quality. If you’re willing to shell out a little bit of your internet money on some better equipment, I can help you film and edit your stuff so that it looks a little more legit.”

“Less like you’re in some basement somewhere making instructional videos on how to make suits out of skin,” Miller added. Bellamy gave him the finger.

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