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do you have any recommendations for shows that feature people of 18+ age?? i feel so pathetic being over 20 and watching shows about teenagers esp since they hardly are appropriate towards the kids and i cant even relate half the time :( i just wanna be normal

disclaimer – i don’t want this rec list to come with the undertone that it’s somehow problematic for a 20+ yr old to be into nonsexual stories about kids and teens. no one ever feels fully grown up or in control, so it’s no wonder adults, especially young adults, continue to relate to young characters. everyone wishes their childhood was a little bit (or a lot) different, so it’s no wonder people escape to a preferable youth through a fantastical lens. as long as you have an appropriate attitude about it i don’t think there’s anything fundamentally wrong with it! 

that being said, if you’re personally uncomfortable with that or don’t relate to younger characters, i totally respect that. here are some of my own favorites for/about adults:

  • trigun (anime)
    • two insurance agents track down the notorious outlaw whose disaster-causing habit costs their company a fortune.
    • as western as a space western gets. fun and not always the best production value but has lasting power… tacky but heartfelt. i feel like it’s going to stay with me my entire life.
    • cw: 90s-anime-typical sexism/sexual harassment gags, mortality as a serious plot element, implied abuse, mentioned rape, and christian religious themes.
  • monster (anime)
    • a japanese doctor living in germany in the 1990s struggles with the moral, social, and political consequences of saving a certain child.
    • my all-time favorite manga and one of my favorite anime. if you can handle the content in monster, check out naoki urasawa’s other works! he’s renowned for a reason. simply one of the finest artists to ever work in comics.
    • cw: textual nazism, psychological, physical, and emotional child abuse, two rapes, one off-screen and one on-screen (and witnessed by a child), lots of murder as a serious plot element, and some metatextual transmisogyny.
  • mushi-shi (anime)
    • in an ambiguous time in japanese history between the edo and meiji eras, a man wanders from village to village helping the locals with (super)natural challenges.
    • if you watch anime at all, i’m sure you’ve had this show recommended to you. i cant think of a single more consistently stunning anime. each episode is a breathtaking stand-alone story, so some deal with children, but the protagonist ginko and the presence of mushi are what tie the episodes together.
    • cw: sometimes a little creepy, can mention or imply child death or disturbing medical issues.
  • a raisin in the sun (film)
    • a black family in the late 50s/early 60s debates what to do with grandfather’s life insurance check.
    • i cried so hard when we watched this in my 60s film class that i was dehydrated to the point of blacking out and having a migraine for 3 hours afterwards. the entire cast performed so powerfully that i could feel their emotions from my toes to the top of my head.
    • cw: textual racism and sexism
  • midnight cowboy (film)
    • a male sex worker moves from texas to new york and befriends a sick homeless man.
    • second favorite movie i watched in aforementioned 60s film class. really interesting to think about in the social and political context of america in the 1960s. brilliantly crafted.
    • cw: this film is a DOOZIE, tons of (internalized) homophobia, ableism, heavy references to rape and child sexual abuse. sometimes the way it’s directed had me on the verge of sensory overload. go into this film knowing the director was an out gay man in the 60s and you’ll have a very different perspective on it than you might otherwise.
  • the world’s end (film)
    • a nostalgic asshole wants to finish the pub crawl he and his high school friends started back in the day.
    • don’t google this film before you watch it please … people going in fresh is my absolute favorite thing. i know this sounds like a douchey movie but cross my heart it is worth your time.
    • cw: alcohol/alcoholism, suicide attempt, Exactly One Female Character, martin freeman is there unfortunately.
  • the book of life (animated film)
    • the rulers of the land of the remembered and the land of the forgotten place a bet on which of a bullfighter and a soldier will win his childhood friend’s love.
    • still a favorite. a really one-of-a-kind film. kind, funny, visually spectacular. turns me into a complete romantic.
    • i can’t really think of any cws for this film ?? pretty standard fare.
  • dead like me (tv show)
    • an apathetic 18 year old is crushed by a toilet on her first day of work. having not lived a remarkable enough life to be sent to either heaven or hell, she stays on earth as a grim reaper.
    • by the creator of the extremely popular pushing daisies! man, that guy just can’t get enough of death. my favorite show growing up but i have no idea why my parents let me watch it. funny in a simultaneously humble and outlandish way.
    • cw: LOTS of cursing, probably a lot of slurs too but i haven’t seen it in a while. death, obviously, and often extremely stylized gore/body horror to go with it (a guy gets stabbed by a decorative swordfish, for example). tense and unhappy mother/daughter relationship.
  • some more stuff i’d recommend looking into, but aren’t my favorites or i haven’t seen em in long enough that i can’t give content warnings:
    • nana (anime)
    • samurai champloo (anime)
    • tatami galaxy (anime)
    • planetes (anime)
    • hardly worth mentioning with how famous it is, but cowboy bebop (anime)
    • eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (film)
    • butch cassidy and the sundance kid (film)
    • arsenic and old lace (film)
    • jesus christ superstar (film)
    • again sorry to be that guy and recommend this but – breaking bad (tv show)

hope there’s something here that suits your tastes! happy watching!

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Couple of questions: First question... did you notice the trembling in Rosie's hand when they popped open the cider? Is it another health scare? Second question...For two confident individuals, Rosie and Villa always seem nervous when trying to express their love for each other. Why is that?

Flexing, from punching Marcos a few times, no doubt.

Well, Confident with many yes the both of them but when it comes to personal feels for both that has always been another matter entirely. Rosie, always feeling like he’s facing death and uncertainty has shied away from serious and commitments and when he finally did without reservation, Tawnya happened.

It’s also a trait he shares with his sister and they share with Donna and Beaumont Sr. They try to keep their personal feelings close to the vest, all of them. They have big hearts and they are willing to share them yes but the Rosewoods, all of them, are also very tenderhearted and protective of that.

Villa- Her experience first with her mom and dad and losing him and Marcos, then losing Eddie. She’s always also guarded her heart.

What Villa and Rosie have built is special and they don’t wanna lose that so they’ve been very cautious and as most fans feel too cautious in denying themselves what they feel and know is an inevitability.

Just my thoughts though.

Mod Sha

" Best family ever ".

* Alright, Ryan, now, let’s talk about your biological parents. Why do you hate them so much?
“ Because they’re bunch of piece of shi–”
* Ryan, please, take it seriously.
“ I’m serious here! They’re both assholes! ”
* Ryan.
* Okay, first, tell me about your mother
“ I don’t really remember or know her that much but I remember how much hated me ”
* Do you know why?
“ Well, she was pregnant with me when she was only 16 years old. My father left her after my birth. Oh, also, she was smoking even when she was pregnant, so, that’s why I’m so ugly”, Ryan smirked
“ Anyway, I was always annoying reminder of my father for her and that’s why she hated me…so she always was trying to hurt me whenever she’s drunk or mad…”
* What about your father? Why do you hate him so much?
“ Well, first, because of him I was suffering all the time and second is that he came back to my mom… ”
* So that’s why you hate them?
“ E-exactly! Almost the whole childhood I was suffering and– and– after I was adopted he just– just came back to her and– and she loved him! Like nothing happened! They even had a child after me! And now they life their happy lives! ”
* Now, tell me about the child.
“ He’s my brother…but I don’t feel like it honestly…I also hate him and his stupid dumb-face…and his wide, annoying smile…”
* I see, now, Ryan our session is over.


[[ Request: imagine where you become affiliated with the club (sorry I can’t think of how, maybe doing a favor for another club??), and you fall for juice, but you don’t know anyone or their names – imaginative with descriptions ]] - I couldn’t think of a good reason you became affiliated either, so I just left it super vague. 😂 I figured it wasn’t that relevant to the storyline anyway lol.

You walked towards the SAMCRO clubhouse, placing your sunglasses on top of your head and wondering what questionable life decisions you must have made to find yourself here. Your eyes caught the reaper painted on the wall as you walked up to the main door, and you sighed loudly. Growing up in Charming, you had heard about the club your entire life, and you were always told to stay away. The Sons of Anarchy ran Charming, that much you already knew, and you had heard stories about them from the time you were a small child. But you had never listened to the stories. It was just small town gossip. Besides, you had never shied away from a little rule-breaking. Then through a serious of random events that you could hardly remember, you had moved away from home and met Nero Padilla. He had helped you through a rough patch in your life and had loved you like a daughter, and now you owed him big time. So when he needed a new bookkeeper for his escort service, you had agreed to help him out without hesitation. What you didn’t know at the time was that Nero and the Sons had formed a little partnership. So now here you were, walking into the SAMCRO clubhouse like you somehow belonged. 

“Hey, baby, can I help you?” a tall, slim man with dark, curly hair and piercing blue eyes asked you. He looked you up and down with an expression that told you he wasn’t exactly thinking the purest of thoughts. You felt a chill run down your spine. You could have sworn those eyes could see right through your clothes.

“I’m looking for Jax Teller,” you answered, returning the man’s gaze with a strong, determined stare.

He nodded his head, his eyes studying you for a few more seconds.“Yeah. I’ll go get him.” 

You gave him a polite smile and watched as he walked away. You let your eyes glance around the clubhouse. You noticed an entire wall dedicated to mugshots, and you tried your best to keep your eyes from rolling into the back of your head. You sighed and wondered again how you had ended up here. 

“Hey,” a tall, muscular blonde said as he approached you, his eyebrows raised and his mouth turned up into a confident, charming little smirk. Your eyes studied him carefully, sizing him up for a moment before you said anything else. You noticed yet another set of gorgeous blue eyes and thought sarcastically to yourself that blue eyes must be some sort of requirement to be a Son. 

“You must be Jax,” you responded, allowing your eyes to return to his. You held out your hand. “I’m Y/N.” Jax shook your hand and watched you carefully, clearly trying to figure you out. You looked out of the corner of your eye to see the curly-haired man staring at you with a disgustingly intrigued look on his face, but you ignored it. “I’m a friend of Nero Padilla,” you explained, turning your attention back to Jax. “I recently took over the books at Diosa.” You flashed him a coy smile. “I think we’ve got some things to discuss.” 

Jax nodded his head and smiled at you. “I guess we do.”


You walked through a pair of heavy wooden doors into a small, dark room. Your eyes flickered over to the middle of the room to the large wood table, a reaper carved deep into its center. You glanced around the room, noticing the “Brains Before Bullets” sign hanging on the wall. You circled the table, choosing a seat near the head of the table, upon Jax’s insistence. You already knew who Jax Teller was, even if you had never seen him before today. His reputation preceded him in Charming, and everyone was well aware of that fact. Your eyes followed Jax as he took a seat at the head of the table, his fingers toying with the gavel in front of him as he watched his men file into the room. Their faces were serious and stone-like. You could tell they weren’t sure what to think of you. You were some mysterious woman who had just showed up at the clubhouse unannounced, prepared to discuss Diosa business with their president. You couldn’t blame them for being a bit wary of you.

You turned your eyes to the doorway and watched as the leather cuts began to fill the room. Your eyes panned across each man that walked into the room. You watched an attractive older man enter the room, his hair messy and greying. His facial hair was neatly cut and groomed. You couldn’t help but notice the scars on his face, and you wondered how he had gotten them. Your eyes moved to the next man, the same curly-haired man from earlier. He flashed you a devilish smile as he took his seat at the table beside you. You sighed and turned your eyes back to the door, watching the rest of the men file into the room. But one man in particular caught your attention. 

As soon as he walked through those doorways, your eyes lit up and your heart began to race. He stood tall, but not quite as tall as the rest of the men. He wasn’t small by any means, though. You could see the muscles of his arms rippling under the short sleeves of his white t-shirt. You could tell he was strong. There were several tattoos running the length of his arms, but the reaper is what caught your eye. You imagined to yourself what those muscular, tattooed arms would feel like as they held you. You found yourself wishing you didn’t have to imagine. His skin was the most beautiful shade of light, tanned brown that just made you long to touch it. His hair was shaved into a short, neat mohawk, and he had two tribal tattoos running down either side of his head. On any other person, that mohawk and those scalp tattoos would look ridiculous, but somehow on him, it looked amazing. He took a seat at the table across from you. He must have noticed you staring at him, because he flashed you a light, friendly smile that made you melt. His brown eyes crinkled up into little slits when he smiled, sending butterflies soaring through your stomach. You couldn’t remember the last time someone had made you feel this way. Vulnerable. Nervous. You were always so strong, so powerful. You never let yourself be anything but fiercely strong. But this man had you feeling weak in the knees. There was just something about him that made you immediately feel drawn to him. And you didn’t even know his name. 

“I want you all to welcome Y/N to the clubhouse,” Jax announced, smiling warmly at you, as if he were speaking to an old friend. “She’s a friend of Nero. She’s taken over the books at Diosa.” He looked around the room at all of his brothers who were nodding their heads as they listened. “She’s got some stuff to talk to us about.” He turned to you and nodded his head towards the men all gathered around the table. “Y/N, you wanna take over?” 

You nodded your head and cleared your throat. “Sure.” You glanced at the man with the mohawk one last time, licked your lips, and smiled. Your little attraction to the biker boy would just have to wait. It was time to get down to business.



You stopped as you stood in the doorway of the clubhouse, your keys in your hand and headed towards your car. You were lost in your own thoughts, and you hadn’t even really realized it. You wouldn’t have admitted it for all the money in the world, but truthfully, you were thinking about the biker boy with the scalp tattoos. You hadn’t stopped thinking about him for a single second since you had first laid eyes on him. You sighed and turned to look behind you, wondering who had interrupted you from your pleasant little daydream. Your eyes were met with those familiar brown eyes you had been avoiding for the entire meeting and thinking about ever since. They were just so captivating, you couldn’t stand to look into them. You felt jittery every time you did. 

“Hey.” Your heart was racing, your palms were sweating, and you were strangely aware of every movement and sound you made. You started to hold out your hand in a polite gesture, but you pulled it back quickly when you noticed how it was shaking. You smiled nervously and casually wiped your sweaty palms on the side of your jeans, hoping he wouldn’t notice. “Y/N.”

“I know.” The man smiled at you, his entire face wrinkling in delight. His smile was contagious. Every time you saw it, you could feel your own face begging to erupt into a smile of its own. “I’m Juice.” He nodded towards the bar, the huge smile still present on his face. “You wanna grab a beer with me? Maybe we can talk?”

You bit your lip and flashed him a mischievous smile. “Yeah.” You took him by the arm, watching as his eyebrows raised in pleasant surprise. “I’d like to get to know you a little better, Juice.” 

Juice’s smile widened as he lead you towards the bar. You returned his smile, thinking to yourself that maybe you did belong here after all. 

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Hi there! I was wondering if I could ask for a reaction if you have time? What would be the romanced companions' reactions on SS singing the 'You are my Sunshine' tune. Like they were walking down the hall and caught SS singing the pre-war song while thinking of them. Thank You!

Here you go! Like always, I took a little bit of artistic liberty with the reaction’s execution, but I hope you enjoy anyways!

As an aside, I will go ahead and say what you are all thinking,


As another aside,

It’s spring break y’all! Gonna have lots of time for this blog now yo!

Preston: “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray.”

It had been warm out that day; I found a spot in the backyard of Sole’s neighbor’s old house and stretched out along the ground, letting the sunbeams shine on my face. My hat sat on a chipped plastic lawn table, long forgotten, and the only sounds that reached my ears were the light jangling of wares strapped to a caravan brahmin, a few kids playing with a tin can in the middle of the street, and Sole’s softly singing voice.

They don’t know this, and in retrospect maybe it’s a little creepy, but I like to spend my days off patrol duty listening to Sole sing. I’ve never seen them sing in public, so I guess they only do so when they’re alone, hence me lounging about in the fenced in, private yard.

“Preston… Are you… sunbathing?”

Sole peeped curiously over the picket fence with wide puppy-dog eyes. My eyes blinked opened, surprised.

“Yeah, just working on my tan.”

“Heheh, okay Preston. Whatever you say….”

I laughed with them.

“Hey, mind if I join you?” They bit their lip, cocking their head to the side.

“Sure, come on over.”

Sole laid down beside me with our arms flush together. They mumbled something about my skin being warm and then turned over onto their side, wrapping themselves around me, laying their head on my chest. The corners of my mouth slipped up involuntarily, and I placed a hand on their shoulders.

“You mind if I sing Preston?”

“Sole, I wouldn’t love anything more.”

Nick: I swear Sole must be a saint. I don’t know where in the world this kid came from or why they were hysterically upset; he tried explaining it to us, but the hiccupping and the sobbing sort of drowned out all of the words. Sole didn’t care about any of the messy tears or the snotty nose though. They just scooped the child up like it was the most natural thing in the world and started singing to him.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray.”

Almost immediately the kid stopped shaking, and the sobbing diminished into whimpering. Sole hugged him closer to their chest and soothingly petted his hair, and soon enough the little thing was snoring into Sole’s jumpsuit.

“Why are you shaking your head Nick?”

I chuckled.

“It’s nothing… you’ve just got some really nice pipes is all. Maybe I should get you to sing me a lullaby whenever I check my servos. It’s the closest I get to sleeping, and it gets pretty boring otherwise, heh.”

Sole smiled at me.

“Thanks Nick, you sing pretty well yourself. In fact, I heard you singing this song the other day, and it reminded me of how much I loved singing this to Shaun right before putting him to bed. And, I’ll sing you lullabies anytime you want, so long as you sing some for me in return.” Sole winked at me.

If these old cheeks could blush.

Thank goodness they can’t.

Deacon: Roofs are great places for reconnaissance, really. Especially on warm summer days when the sun hits the tiling just right. Ah, what a relief the heated shingles are to my poor, old, aching back. Moments like this, kinda makes you feel like Boston isn’t a complete nuclear wasteland. I hope Sole doesn’t mind me using their house like this, not that they know about it or anything.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray.”

Woah, the sunglasses had to come off for that one. Was that Sole singing? Man, who knew Sole had a set of pipes that could rival Magnolia?

There they are! Toting a giant basket of wet laundry out to their makeshift clothes line. Hmm… Intriguing. I roll over onto my stomach and lace my fingers under my chin.

And this went on for about ten minutes, Sole clipping a shirt or pants to the line while singing a verse and me supplying a very subtle yet intricate and on-point harmony.

Oops! I think I might’ve hummed that verse a little too loudly.

“Deacon? Why are you on my roof?”

“Who, me? Oh, don’t mind me Sole. I’m just testing out a new set of solar-powered ballistic weave Tinker Tom made. Check it! This outfit… glows in the dark. Yeah, pretty cool right?”

There’s that eye roll I was looking for!

“Hey Sole! Is that a blush I see, or is it just hot out here?”

“Get off my roof Deacon!”

Yeah, it was totally a blush.

Cait: This’ll be the last time they ever doubt me in a combat situation. Who does Sole think they are, sayin’ I couldn’t take on a bunch o’ raiders all on me lonesome? They know better than that. I’m too hardheaded for my own good. Now they’re just sittin’ back with a tall glass o’ Nuka Cola, looking pretty as they please with those sappy, doey eyes watchin’ me bust my ass takin’ care of these numbskulls, and now that I think about it, that was probably their plan from the start.

Well, they better damn well enjoy it!

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray.”

“Really Sole? Is this really the time to be singin’ one o’ yer pre-war lullabies? I’m already steamin’ mad at’cha for foolin’ me into doin’ these raiders in by myself while you just sit back an’ do nothin’!”

“Aw, c’mon Cait! Don’t mind me, I’m just… ‘admirn’ the view.’”

I swear the red on me cheeks is from the fightin’, I swear.

Danse: It was time for my power armor’s weekly tune-up; a soldier must always keep his equipment functioning at maximum capacity. Doing otherwise proves to be very unwise and potentially fatal in the battlefield. It seems that Sole shares my sentiment from the way they ‘re leaning over the leg of their own set of power armor, tinkering with the joints in the knee.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray.”


That isn’t their power armor.

It’s mine.


Sole seizes up like a frightened radstag. I look at them, they look back at me. Neither of us say a word, both confused by the other’s presence it seems. Sole glances at my power armor out of the corner of their eye.

“Um… I can explain! But… I’d rather not have to, so…”

“Okay bye!” And they dash off into the night.

Bizarre. Then again, Sole is indeed a bizarre specimen. Oh well, I guess I can pick up where they left off. Hm? What’s that piece of paper in my helmet?

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray.”

Long after Sole confesses, I still keep that paper in my helmet.

Hancock: Mmmmm. Lazy mornin’s can’t get any better than this. Idle fingers dragging across my skull, my cheek nice and warm against someone’s rumbling chest, and a sweet, sweet melody to slowly ease my sleeping body awake.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray.”

“Now what have I done in past lifetimes to earn myself such a wonderful alarm clock?” I mumble, eyes still closed, and tender fingertips drew lines across my eyelids. Ah, it’s practically paradise! All I need now is Sole hand feeding me some tarberries and this trip to luxury would be complete.

“So, what made you decide to give me a private concert doll? I ain’t ever heard you sing before. You should do it more often.”

“U-um. I thought you were asleep. I don’t really like singing in front of people to be honest.”

“C’mon now, you can’t be serious! Hey, I bet Magnolia would enjoy a vacation from The Third Rail once and a while. I’m sure she’d let you cover for her.”

Sole lightly smacks the side of my head.

“Hush! You know I’m embarrassed easily.”

“Heh, that’s my favorite thing about ya. That blush is just too cute sunshine. Speakin’ of, how’s about I fall back asleep so you can wake me up with that sunshine song again?”

I chuckled when they didn’t answer, but right before falling asleep again, a faint ‘okay’ echoes between my ears. That nap was seriously full of sweet dreams.

MacCready: “Sole. Please stop, this is embarrassing.”

I will never take Sole back to the Third Rail again, or any other bar for that matter. Magnolia leaves the stage for one minute, and Sole, with their drunken self, believes that it’s a-okay to start belting out a stupid kid’s song at me in front of all of the other patrons. People are starting to look at us weird. I have a serious reputation to uphold Sole! Dangit!


Oh boy.

“Sole, if I didn’t love you, we would be having serious problems right now.”


Oh shi-shoot! Did I really just say that? Oh great, now they’re crying.

“You love me!?Really? I-I love you too MacCready!”


And Sole’s down for the count. I guess that means I’m carrying them to bed tonight. Hope they don’t remember any of this in the morning.

Please let them forget what I said, I’m not ready to deal with that yet.

Piper: “Hm… when they’re not crawling with gunners, these, what did you call them? Overpasses? Yeah, these overpasses aren’t so bad. You can see the whole Commonwealth from up here… It’s actually kind of pretty. Wouldn’t mind vacationing here to be honest. I could start a column for it! “Prime R&R real estate of the Commonwealth!” Heh, what do you think Sole? Sole?”

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray.”

“You come up with that on your own Sole? Is the sunset inspiring you?”

Sole chuckles while watching the horizon.

“Nah, it’s just, I would sing that song to Shaun whenever I put him to sleep for the night. He always liked it. It might’ve even been his favorite.”

“I can see why. It’s a nice song, especially coming from you.”

Sole smiles and turns to press their lips against my forehead.

“I can sing it for you too, if you want.”

“That sounds like the perfect way to end the day Sole.”

I wrap my arm around their waist, and Sole does the same to me. Leaning against them, I listen to their lullaby echo out across the landscape. I snuggle into their side; it’s perfect for R&R.

Yeah, this is definitely going in my new column.

Curie: My gardening business is really blooming, er, so to speak! Hehe, I believe I just made a pun, no.

I’m so flattered that zhe robots at Graygarden ordered a palatte of my hybridized mutfruit trees! I have to agree with zhem, the taste of the purple fruit is most exquisite! Although, I’m not sure how zhey know zhat seeing as zhey lack proper tasting apparatuses.

Luckily for me, Sole offered to help prune zhe trees before shipping them off. Now and again I glance over; zhey seem so focused, so concentrated, but at zhe same time, zhey seem happy.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray.”

Sole’s singing brings me so much joy! Zhey have been doing it more and more often now; I hope zhat it signals zhe end of their struggle with depression. It’s been so hard on zhem ever since zhe Institute blew away in a flash of smoke. Oh! It seems Sole caught me staring!

“Don’t mind me Sole! I’m just enjoying zhe evening.” I smile at zhem. Zhey smile back. Everything is alright, and zhe smell of sweet fruit envelopes us in a warm summer atmosphere.

“Me too Curie, me too. This evening reminds me of vacations I would take with my family to sprawling vineyards and orchards to ride horses. The trips were nice, I remember, but sometimes I feel like our evenings are just as pleasant… if not more so… because you’re here with me. I don’t think I could be content in this wasteland without you here by my side. So… thanks for being there for me Curie.”

My heart flutters! I wish I could tell Sole just as much and more, but my mouth is too busy grinning!

X6-88: I swear, if it wasn’t for me, Sole would never clean their guns. The pistol they constantly strapped to their hip looked beyond repairing when I finally forced them down at the workbench, but for the discipline of it, I made them work on the gun anyway. I have to concede however, that Sole has the determination of a courser. They lean into the effort with an angry expression.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray.” It’s very soft, almost imperceptible. The song definitely didn’t sound like something someone would sing to their equipment.

“What an odd lullaby. Are you putting the gun to sleep? Honestly, I believe that would be the most forgiving course of action.”

“What!? Oh geez! I forgot you were there.”

A hand went to rub the back of their neck, and Sole’s gaze darts to me, then quickly to the left. Strange.

“So this is not something you normally do in front of people? Interesting.”

“Y-yeah, yeah, just forget about it. Please.”

“That will be difficult to achieve Sole. Seeing as the performance was… unforgettable.”

Sole turtles their head between their shoulders. Heh, a foreseeable outcome, but not at all an unwelcome one. It’s cute if not also a little frustrating.

But then again, I never really expect anything different from Sole.

Dead Man's Party, a summary
  • Buffy: *finally comes home after hitting rock bottom several months ago*
  • Willow: *selfish whining*
  • Xander: *selfish whining*
  • Joyce: *selfish whining*
  • Cordelia: Um, you guys, Buffy has been through some serious shi-
  • Willow, Xander & Joyce: *SELFISH WHINING INTENSIFIES*

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Can you plz write Solangelo going on a date and Reyna going with them to "protect Nico's innocence". Thank youuuuuu:)

Here you go, anon.

Of Dates and Overprotective Praetors

Will really, really just want to spend the day with Nico. Make him enjoy the outdoors, maybe hold his hand and try making him smile. And he wasn’t asking for more than that but maybe a kiss would be good too.

He just wanted a date with Nico.


So why is Reyna, Praetor extraordinaire decided to tag along?

“Reyna haven’t seen much of the city yet, she wants to explore it a bit before going back to her camp” Nico explained as he and Will walked towards Thalia’s tree.

“That’s what she told you?” A nod.

“And you believed her?” Will spoke in an almost exasperated tone. Nico looked at him quite confused.

“Why shouldn’t I?” Will doesn’t have an answer to that and simply shook his head. Nico didn’t bother prying him for it, they’re almost at the tree.

“Nico are You sure she’s not up to something?” Will doesn’t like how Reyna is looking at him right now. With her. eye scrutinizing him from head to toe and lips curved like that if an overprotective predator ready to protect her pup (read: Nico) from big bad wolf Will.

Yep. She’s definitely up to something.

Reyna gave Will another once over before giving Nico a quick hug. “Let’s go?

Apparently they’d picked a day wherein some sort of a festivity is going on and people had lined up selling all kinds of treats. And for once in his life, Nico decided that buying something for their friends back in camp is absolutely necessary.

He just wasn’t in any way prepared with the sudden rush of crowds.

Will tried to reach for the other’s hand. Afraid that the other might get a bit to overwhelmed with the onslaught of people gathering around and wanted to keep him near just in case. Nico after all wasn’t too keen with that many people. Unless they’re dead.

Reyna’s eyes narrowed and before Will can react, she shoved several bags on the other’s hands.

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Nate Maloley Imagine - Too Young.

Anon Request: Can I get an imagine where your Nate’s little sister. Your mom,dad and sister is not home so Stew and Nate are watching you for a few days. Your 12 years old, they walk in finding you kissing your boyfriend plus you have piercings with dyed unnatural hair. They both get mad because they think your way to young to date and your new look is not okay to them. After that protective mode kicks in.

I hope you like it, sorry it took so long😁

Contains nothing bad.

Y/F/N - Your Friend’s Name
R/B/N - Random Boy Name


– (Y/N’s POV) –

“I love it!” I squeal, looking at my reflection in my friend’s mirror, smiling at my newly dyed blue hair.

“Damn they’re gonna go mad.” Y/F/N giggles, playing with the ends of my hair.

“I don’t care…I’m 12.” I look at her with a ‘duh’ face and grab my backpack.

“You know it’s only temporary right? It’s not gonna last for ever, it’ll wash out in a couple of showers.” She says, following me out of her bedroom and down the stairs to the front door.

“Yeah, I know,” I roll my eyes, thankful that she can’t see or for sure I’d get a slap. “Now how do I look?” I ask, spinning around once on the porch.

I stand in my black skinny ripped jeans, a band tee and converse. My fake clip on piercings were all in place; nose, lips, tongue and all over my ears. They’re fake but I don’t care, Y/C/N will love them, he said he liked girls that had piercings.

“Great, he’ll love it but I still don’t understand why you like, wanna change for him, nothing is guaranteed-”

“Positive vibes Y/F/N, I don’t need no negativity right now.” I sigh, quickly hugging her before running out of her house and across the street to my own.

I peck R/B/N’s lips and thankfully he blushes and kisses me again, we end up kissing longer and riskier. I had to take my fake lip and tongue piercings out incase one of us swallowed them or something, those cost a lot of money.

I’ve never done this before, I don’t know what counts as making out, I’m so inexperienced. “What the fu-freak is going on here?” I hear one of my older brothers yell, R/B/N and I pull apart immediately and see both of my brothers standing in the doorway with angry red faces, still in their gym clothes.

“Na-Nate, St-Stew, back so soon?” I stammer nervously, flushing red with embarrassment.

“You. Out. Now.” Stew snarls at R/B/N, pointing in the direction of the front door.

R/B/N glances at me before standing up, collecting his backpack and leaving with an apologetic look. “Who was that?” Nate asks.

“R/B/N, my boyfriend.” I reply quietly, fiddling with my fingers.

“Oh hell no, you ain’t having a boyfriend at this age,” he scoffs, pacing the floorboards as Stew stands there glaring at me. “And what the fu-freak have you done with your hair and what are these?” He approaches me and picks a chunk of my hair up before flicking the nose piercing, making it fall out and land on the floor with a click.

“Y/N what happened to you? This morning you left for school looking like yourself and we come home and see you making out with a boy with shi- loads of piercings and fu-freaking blue hair? Are you serious right now?” Nate yells, I’ve never seen him so angry before.

“Yeah Y/N, what happened to you?” Stew asks, walking to stand beside Nate.


“Don’t tell us to chill Y/N, tell us everything right now or I’m calling Mom and Dad.” Nate threatens, I take a breath in and sigh it out.

“I really really like R/B/N and he mentioned that he likes piercings and unnatural hair colours so Y/F/N and I bought fake piercings and temporary hair dye. The dye washes out in a couple of washes and the piercings are clip ons. I’m sorry guys, I just wanted to impress him.” I sigh, placing my head in my hands.

I feel somebody sit beside me, somebody continues to pace in front of me. I look up and weakly smile at Stew, rubbing my back from beside me. “You’re too young to date, I want all those piercings out right now and then I want you to go upstairs and shower until the colour comes out.” Nate orders, crossing his arms.


“No buts Y/N, now.” He snaps. I sigh and take off every piece of plastic.

“Happy now?” I snarl as I stomp past Nate and up the stairs to shower.

“Yes, and we’ll continue this conversation once you’re back to normal.” He shouts up the stairs, I roll my eyes.

I walk downstairs, my head aches from scrubbing and washing my hair so many times, around 11 or 12 times in total. I changed into sweats and a hoodie before walking downstairs to meet my brothers, looking more calm and collected this time.

“I’m not gonna’ call Mom or Dad, we’re gonna’ draw a line and start again, forget what happened today,” Nate starts, sitting comfortably in dad’s usual seat, the armchair. “Tomorrow at school or if you have R/B/N’s number, you’re going to break it off with him and that’s an order,” I go to defend myself but he silences me with a cold glare. “You’re too young to have a boyfriend and you’re too young to be dying your hair for him and buying fake piercings, what the hell was going through your mind at the time?”

“I-I don’t know, I wanted to impress him-”

“But Y/N, changing your whole appearance for him isn’t impressing him, if you really liked him and he really liked you - he’d like the normal you.” Stew sighs, sitting beside me.

“I don’t have unnatural coloured hair or piercings, he said he liked those-”

“Y/N he’s seen you in school before right?” Nate asks, I nod silently. “So he knows you 'just got them done’ or they’re fake, meaning you’re gonna have to clip them in every morning and keep dying your hair just for him to like you, if he liked you enough to agree to come over today then he likes the real you, every guy has preferences but that doesn’t mean they’re the only girls they like,” he sits down the other side of me and pulls me into a hug. “If you feel you have to change yourself for a guy then he’s not worth your time, besides, you’re way too young to worry about boys.”

“No I’m not, I’m 12.” I frown.

“Exactly,” Stew chuckles, ruffling my hair. “You’re not even a teenager yet, just call it off and worry about who’s lunchbox is the best rather than boys.”

“I’m not a kid.” I frown again, shoving his shoulder.

“Face it kiddo,” Nate teases. “You’re still a kid, now we’re gonna’ watch kid movies and order a pizza, okay?”

I groan, resting on the back of the couch. “Fine, but I want pepperoni!”

“Hell no, we’re getting chicken and mushroom!” Stew objects, making Nate laugh as we begin to argue over what toppings.

I guess I am just a kid, I don’t need to be worrying about boys right now. I have my whole like ahead of me.

prompt: Sasuke feels inferior.

note: I AM A HUGE FANGIRL OF SHI NOW TBH HES HOT AND HES SERIOUS AND WOW HOT HOT HOT! i dont know why i wasnt on this bandwagon sooner. FINALLY responding to all your sasusakushi requests!

Often Sasuke wondered why Sakura loved him. Sometimes he convinced himself it was because she fell into a habit of it in her younger days and spent all of her adolescence literally chasing after him. It only made sense that in her adulthood, when he finally returned her feelings, that she continue to love him.

Naruto often slapped him on the back and shook him out of it when thoughts like that drifted into his mind. ‘There has only ever been you, Sasuke!’ he screeched in his ear, until it was vibrating through his mind.

It was people like that Shi guy that made him nervous. Under his lashes, Sasuke hesitantly looked up at Sakura. The Kumo nin had come on a diplomatic visit and had trudged into the hospital to see its medical facilities. As the current head of the hospital, it was her responsibility to show him around.

He’d met Shi before at the Kage summit. A strong ninja with a wide array of abilities, including chakra sensory, medical ninjutsu and genjutsu. He was highly regarded by his peers and loyal to his village. Sasuke was proud of his own repertoire—known for his speed, tactical abilities and ninjutsu skill—but he was sure Shi didn’t have to leave his village to follow a rogue nin to gain his abilities.

Naruto hated the guy’s guts. Apparently, he had a dislike for Konoha shinobi. Sasuke scowled as he followed Sakura around. Shi seemed fine with Konoha shinobi as he leaned over to listen to Sakura. In fact, he seemed fine with listening to her talk all day.

Without even realizing it, Sasuke realized he’d been tense and holding his breath for the better part of Shi’s visit. He watched as the Kumo ninja shook hands with Sakura, his hand lingering in hers as she laughed at something he said. Just as he’d come, he was suddenly gone.

It left Sasuke with a few insecurities he never knew he had.

“Sasuke-kun,” Sakura was in front of him, holding his fingers between her own, “are you ready to go home?”

Her voice sounded soft, sweet. Her eyes seemed to sparkle as she stared up at him. The way her fingertips felt against his shot a sense of belonging through him. He wondered what she saw when she looked at him.

Another glance in her eyes told him she loved him the way he was and the hold on his hands told him she would always come back.

cinnamonandseasalt  asked:

Bellarke + 47, pretty please? :)

Meeting at a festival AU ft. Uncle!Bellamy because I can. ;)

[AO3] [FFN]

Octavia decides to stay with Lincoln at the pottery booth––his brother-in-law is in deep conversation with the local potter about the pigments she uses in her glazes. But Eli and Nora are absolutely not interested, so Bellamy signals to his sister that he’s taking the kids with him to explore more of the annual Harvest Festival. 

“What do you want to see?” he asks his niece. She’s tugging at his hand, leading him through the crowd with the most determined expression he thinks he’s ever seen. Eli’s balanced on Bellamy’s hip, snuggled into his side and held in place with Bellamy’s other hand. It’s the middle of the toddler’s normal nap time, and Bellamy’s just glad the boy is sleepy instead of throwing a too-tired tantrum.

“I don’t know,” she chirps. Then she gasps. “Can I have a crown?”

Bellamy follows the five-year-old’s eagerly pointing finger. They’re at the end of the row of craft booths, and the last one is full of those circlets made of fake flowers and ribbons. For a girl like Nora, who spends her time at his house after school pretending to be a fierce warrior princess, it’s the perfect accessory. 

He lets her tow him closer. “Sure.” He may spoil his sister’s kids a little too much, but he doesn’t care. 

Up close, he sees that they’re actually really well-made; the cut ends of the ribbon are seared so they don’t unravel, and when he shakes one, the flowers stay firmly attached. 

Eli wiggles until Bellamy lets him down, and the boy makes a beeline for the rack of circlets Nora’s also investigating.

“Hey. You can look, but no hands, okay?” Bellamy’s not sure if Eli is listening, but Nora at least nods. 

“I have c’own?” Eli asks, looking up at him. 

Bellamy glances at the frilly, flowery, beribboned crowns filling the booth, ranging in colors from jewel tones to pretty pastels.

He shrugs. “Sure.”

“Oh, thank god,” a voice says, and he turns to see a woman smiling at him. One of the flower crowns, one that’s all different shades of blue, is perched on top of her wavy blonde hair.

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Any Just Cause or Impediment

Happy Rumbelle Christmas in July, mysticpoet I had fun writing your prompt and hope you enjoy my little story!

Prompt: Best man falls for the bride

Summary: Rourke Gold has a problem: he’s in love with his best friend’s fiancée, and to make things worse, he’s also his best friend’s best man. He knows what a terrible idea this wedding is, but no one is willing to listen…
Belle French just wants everyone to be happy, but one person seems determined to find fault in everything she does. She doesn’t know which Rourke loathes more: the wedding that’s causing her so much heartache, or Belle herself… (~15K)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Read on AO3

He should have said no. It’s not that difficult to say no, two letters, a single syllable, and he says it often enough. No, you’re not getting a reprieve. No, I’m not interested in a deal. No, I don’t want to be your best man. That’s what he should have said.

What he said, though, wasn’t that. Yes, of course I’ll be best man.


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[TRANS] Cnetz Happy Camp reactions

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 天塌下来当被子盖-11 | Requested post

OP: Yang Yang, Wu Yifan, William Chan and Zhang Han are all not the best at variety, but this episode of Happy Camp had long-awaited humorous parts and less boring parts, the whole atmosphere was fresh due to them being adorkable and working hard, perhaps due to the fact that these few people aren’t pretentious or try to steal the spotlight. The four wearing simple white shirts standing in a line, their styles are different, in my mind there were only four simple words “beautiful scene on earth”. All the pettiness and conflicts, get lost.

[+251] To tell the truth today’s Happy Camp let me see Zhang Han in a whole new light, my positive feelings rose for Yang Yang whom I wasn’t familiar with before, William is a person I’ve always admired, of course there’s the Wu Yifan whom I love more and more. Each of them are different, yet when they stand together and sit together there’s a surprising sense of coherence, maybe when you put beautiful things together they will always be nice to admire! [heart]

[+184] This episode really can’t eat any more harmonious and carefree, no one trying to steal the spotlight, no chance for hatred. During the segment of the glue running track, Dengdeng waited for Miemie many times, even returning Miemie’s sticker to him by his own choice, really showcased how much of a gentleman he is, and Miemie also accepted the kindness of others easily, not pretentious, feels like he’s a straightforward and truthful person, they’re both great. Wu Yifan standing is just a scene too beautiful to look at, Zhang Han feels like the type of person that’s cold on the outside and warm on the inside, he’s pretty considerate of others.

[+164] The four are all great, as a Wu Yifan fan, I feel like Fanfan’s interactions with the other few handsome guys are all pretty warm, really like all of them~

[+172] This episode is really a great long awaited episode, the four standing in their white shirts in a line felt like first love, the whole episode wasn’t boring or cringeworthy at all, when I watched it I felt so comfortable, this episode’s director deserves a thumbs up!

[+168] Roommate: Wu Yifan is so handsome ah ah I need to change my profile photo
Me: My goodness Yang Yang, my Bao Yu pretty much melted!
Roommate: Ah ah ah Zhang Han!
Me: Well crap William Chan is so handsome I wanna cry!
~~~unlimited rewind~~~

[+145] I’m a Yang Yan fan here! Also like William Chan! Before this I didn’t know much about Tangzhu (t/n - literally means ‘boss of the fish pond’, referring to Zhang Han), but after watching The Four I felt like he’s pretty cute, today when I watched him sink in the glue on the variety I thought he was quite cute, and then my understanding of Wu Yifan was 0, before this because of certain fans I had some misconceptions of him, but today I discovered that he’s so adorable…… he’s so serious while he’s cute, I really like his handwriting I’m being serious [doge] [miao]

[+137] 4444444 (4=shi=yes) It’s been a very long time since I didn’t watch Happy Camp without cringing, the whole process of watching I was laughing, Yang yang is really dumb and sweet, William Chan is very gentlemanly, Wu Yifan is still that black hole [laugh cry] what surprised me the most was Tangzhu!!! Warm man he is!!! To girls and to Yang Yang he took care of them so well my positive feelings for him really went zoom zoom zoom @ friend, after you watch it you’ll understand that your friend is not a delusional fan

[+125] This episode was so pleasing on the eyes! The four of them were all great okay! The only thing lacking was that there wasn’t enough to watch! Actually Happy Camp should be simple and sincere like this! [heart] These four people will do better and better in the future [heart] Fans of each of them please protect them well [heart]

[+134] Today because of Wu Yifan, my positive feelings towards the others also rose vertically [kiss] all four were great [kiss] and all handsome

[+115] The four are all celebrities that work very hard. Although the entertainment circle is complicated, but the four that concentrates on doing well in their work, believe that their future will be even better!

[+110] Just felt like it was too short, Zhang Han wearing Lao Wu’s outfit is quite okay, that outfit was alright as well, William Chan cutting so much from the shirt he must have regretted so much hahahaha. Yang Yang’s beauty was eye-catching, so pale he was emitting light, his features are so so nice

[+105] The last time I watched Happy Camp was 800 years ago, today I went to watch it and my positive feelings for all of them doubled. Especially Zhang Han, during the promotional period of The Four, his way of handling many things made me admire him a lot, including how he takes care of Yang Yang. At the same time, Yang Yang also feels a sense of respect and protection towards this big brother. When he sees a reporter being harsh towards Zhang Han, his actions made me see the innocence and kindness of a boy born after 1990

[+108] As a Fan-fan, really think that the four are all great

[+103] I’ve said a long time ago that Wu Yifan is a big boy radiating positive energy, he never tries to appeal to the masses or is too loud, really sunshine really real really brace, he’s the boy in white in my dreams.

[+96] The four were all very handsome, but a good variety needs the cooperation of every single person, so I am thankful towards them and the effort that the staff put in, giving the audience an exciting show. Also hope that the fans can fight less and instead promote them more.

[+88] OP you took the words right out of my mouth. No fighting no snatching [thumbs up] Tonight we will not pick fights. Each of them are great in their own right

anonymous asked:

When I first started shipping Wincest, I was a total wreck. I thought I was such a horrible, disgusting person. I was scared to talk to people about it, and once I did they thought the same thing. The people I talked to are huge Destiel shippers, and I felt really left out and alone with these horrible thoughts. That's when I first found your blog. You helped me see Wincest as beautiful rather than disgusting and wrong like everyone thought. I am a proud Wincest shipper, and it's all thanks to u

Oh, wow, holy shi— Are you serious? I’m speechless, man, I’ve actually been staring at this message for a while now just trying to figure out how to convey how honored I am to have gotten to be that person in your life who did that for you. 

Honored that it was my blog that helped you see Wincest as something beautiful and sourced in the deepest kind of codependent love I’ve ever seen anywhere.

Don’t listen to those Destiel shippers that only try and put you down and act like Wincest is something ‘horrible’ by normal standards and thus 'the shippers are horrible by association’. *rolls eyes* They’re just jealous that Dean would NEVER love Castiel even remotely close to the way and depth with which he loves Sam. They’re just blinded by the fact/too scared to accept that these boys are nothing close to the 'normal standard’ of siblings, you just have to watch the show to know that. From growing up in an environment that had them forbidden to make emotional connections with anyone outside each other, to being grown men and only able to truly be themselves when they’re WITH each other. 

As I’ve said in another post, this ship has never been centered around ‘two brothers fucking’, no. That’s nothing but a ‘plus’, a product of finding comfort in each other, not ‘kink’. This ship has been about canon soulmates and the level of irrational, psychotic, erotic love they have for each other and the sheer lengths they’re willing to go to for each other because of that love. 

I’m delighted to hear you’re now a proud Wincest shipper, sweetheart, and that you’ve found your peace in and with this ship. 

Welcome to the Wincest Family, where you’ll find nothing but acceptance, love, comfort, and complete understanding. Our ship is the closest thing to canon, from being canon soulmates to the way the brothers fall apart when the other is in danger/dead. In the words of the show’s creator himself, this show is about the Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean Winchester.

We feel you, bb. We get'chu. This is the side of the fandom where you and your feels truly belong. <3 Talk to me ANY time, and please, please feel free to come off anon. ∩(︶▽︶)∩