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Late (Barry Allen x Reader)

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                 I officially sucked at being an adult. I had no clothes to wear. And it wasn’t me over exaggerating, saying I had nothing to wear when my wardrobe was full. No. It was the case of me not washing my clothes for the past two weeks and quite literally having nothing to wear. The last okay shirt, was laying discarded on the floor, with a huge paint stain on its shoulder. I sighed loudly, thanking myself for living alone. I left my bedroom, hoping that I left some clean clothes somewhere in my apartment. Like an everyday Santa, but instead of presents, I left clean clothes.

             I found a plain blue shirt laying on my couch and I did a little dance, thanking myself for that. I quickly put it on, since I was already late for my work and noticed something strange. Not only the shirt I had just put on was too large for me and could easily be a dress, but also it smelled different. It smelled familiar, it smelled like home. My heart started beating faster because I knew that smell.

‘Hey Y/N! Are you ready?’ Barry asked entering my home.

             I turned around my face flushing bright red. I had his shirt on me, only his shirt. I didn’t find a pair of pants that would be clean enough for me and I didn’t really anticipate him just storming into my house. It’s not like he did it every day, anyways.

‘Is that my shirt…?’ he asked, his face getting flushed as well.

‘What was your shirt doing on my couch?’ I asked, trying to hide my embarrassment with attack.

             He was trying to look anywhere but at me. My legs so obviously made him uncomfortable and I quickly found a pair of suspicious leggings laying around. He finally looked at me, his eyes thanking me. He was so adorable, with his respect and his flustered face and just being himself.

‘Movie night… I had to go and save the city and apparently I forgot my shirt when I was… you know in a hurry.’

             I nodded, accepting it as an answer. I couldn’t really hold it against him that he was a superhero and he forgot his shirt when he was changing into his scarlet attire. I could live with that. I could live with him leaving his clothes for different reasons as well. Wait what. What.

             My eyes landed on him and I found him staring at me. Oh good god, did I say that out loud? Did I just insinuated that I wanted to see him naked? Barry Allen? My best friend?

‘Why are you looking at me like that?’ I asked, blush staining my cheeks again.

             Did I fancy him? Yes. Was he the best human being I knew? Definitely yes. Would I want him to be my boyfriend? Of course. Would I ever tell him that? Yeah, nope.

             He shook his head as if he was trying to get rid of unwanted thoughts and smiled with this wonderful smile of his.

‘No reason. You ready to go?’

             I shrugged, brushing off his weird behaviour.

‘Just need to put something on and I’ll be ready.’ I smiled going back to my bedroom.

             Okay, now Y/N think. Is there any way you can find anything that is remotely clean…? I looked around at the mess around me. It represented my life pretty well, but at least Barry’s shirt still smelled like him and that gave me that feeling of safety. He had this weird habit of making things okay. Whenever he was around me I couldn’t worry, I couldn’t be sad. The moment he stepped into my life, he brought peace along with him. This was one of many reasons I loved him.

             Wait. What did I just think? Loved him? Where the hell did that come from? And with that question I just answered myself: straight from hell. But when I thought about it, about the way he treated me, about the way my heart was doing happy flips every time he smiled at me…

‘I’m in love shit…’

             I looked at myself in the mirror and felt like I’ve never seen this person before. It wasn’t like this life altering realisation just hit me. It was more that it all made sense now. Everything made sense again. All our movie nights, coffees and casual ‘friendly’ cuddling… There was however one huge problem. Barry Allen would never look at me in that way. And that hurt. I sighed quietly, finally finding a pair of jeans with the small stain that I could easily cover up with his shirt. Yeah, that would work.

             I went back to my living room, only to find himself staring at me again. I blushed, thinking about the realisation I just had in my bedroom and couldn’t say anything to make my silence better.

‘You are still wearing it…’ he said.

‘It smells like you’ I informed him and face palmed myself internally.

             Way to be cool. Way to preserve this friendship thing we had going on and not be weird about it.

‘I’m sorry, that is too creepy. Can we just go and never speak of that again?’ I asked, trying to save that.

             He stepped closer, towering over me. I felt my heart beat speed up and I really wanted to press my lips to his soft looking ones and not make it even weirder. But it would be weird. Cause he was Barry Allen, the brilliant CSI and the Flash and I was… well, me.

             Before I had a chance to think about anything else, he took my face into his hands and kissed me passionately. I was astonished. My morning did not go as I predicted it would. It took an unexpected turn; one I was not prepared for. I tangled my hands on the nape of his neck and prayed that it would never end. At some point we had to come up for air and he leaned his forehead against mine, breathing heavily with a happy smile dancing on his lips.

‘Now we are really late.’


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