this shirt is my fave that he owns

problematic fave: hideo tanaka. rich brilliant billionaire boy who owns his own fukn restaurant but still cooks for his parents. wears fancy af shirts but leaves the top two buttons undone bc he is #relaxed and #casual. rolls his sleeves up to his elbows. British accent.

some autistic lloyd headcanons bc why not

  • he likes hoods they feel nice. good pressure stim. thats part of why he stole that cape when he got kicked out of darkly’s 
    • capes make a nice whooshy noise/motion and its good
  • lloyd’s motor skills are kinda out of whack and some of it is due to the aging tea the other 80% is just because he’s autistic and has crappy motor skills
  • he’s hyperempathetic!
    • he cried all day when his fish died in the third grade because he felt so bad for it it had so much life to live why did it DIE
  • sensory? issues? lloyd? its more likely than you think
    • lights are a big one. if the lights are too bright its Bad and its just. Bad.
    • his Golden Power was a little too bright and he was just internally screaming the whole time he had it
      • even if it made things easier why did it have to be so BRIGHT
    • shiny things are good though he REALLY likes shiny things
  • he chews things and rocks as a stim when he’s upset
  • happy stims may include hand flapping and bouncing
  • after battles? no spoons. at all. completely out of spoons. he goes to sleep
    • “unless i am literally on fire do not wake me up”
    • “what if theres an earthquake?”
    • “depends what decimal its at”
  • also fidgeting
    • he has so many fidget things
    • spiNNER RINGS
    • he uses like one a week because he keeps accidentally sparking his power and breaking them
      • hes trying leave him alone
  • lloyd is… not good with people
    • he prefers to hang out with the ultra dragon if he can tbh
    • he CAN be social but its hard so he doesnt
      • its easier in small doses 
  • hes the leader so he can keep his routine
    • it doesnt WORK when u PEOPLE disrupt the ROUTINE
  • lloyd cannot for the life of him explain what he is feeling
    • constantly worrying about whatever he just said is coherent or not bc he knows HE knows what he meant but the rest of the team is just giving him a blank stare
    • are they challenging his leadership again? does he need to rephrase? who knows not lloyd
  • repeats his name over and over again under his breath because it sounds nice
  • the only red shirt he owns is a red instead shirt
  • his special interests vary a lot and 
  • lloyd: my dad is leaving me again
    lloyd: i need to explain to him how and why this hurts me in concise feelings
    lloyd: *has an outburst of anger, probably with running away*
    lloyd: nailed it
    • tbh if lloyd encounters literally Anything distressing he just… has an anger outburst and either leaves or makes it leave
  • thats all i got my brain is frozen but yeh im definitely going to come back to this
What Kind Of Music Does the RFA (+ V & Saeran) Listen To?

this is probably really bad and cringy, but I tried? I went through my Spotify and chose what songs suited the characters, which ones I thought they were most likely to sing/like, and etc

▪listens to really super cheesy pop music & soundtracks probably
▪Boomerang by the Summer Set seems like his kind of song 10/10 sign me the frick up
▪Undertale soundtrack! If LOLOL has one too, then he owns a copy in every format
▪Favorite songs: Boomerang by the Summer Set, Punch-Drunk Love by the Summer Set, Dear Maria Count Me In by All Time Low

▪yupp, I said it
Look me in the face and tell me Hotline Bling is not his song I s2g
▪"Used to always stay at home, be a good girl. You was in a zone, yeah. You should just be yourself, right now, you’re someone else"
▪100% Zen
▪screams “Someone Like You” in the shower with tears running down his face
▪probably likes Marian Hill too, especially their more sultry & seductive songs
▪loves the Death Of a Bachelor album
▪favorite songs: Death Of a Bachelor by P!ATD, Crazy = Genius by P!ATD, Lovit by Marian Hill, the entire 21 album

707 *spoilers?*
▪has every single bad remix downloaded & playing
▪has all of the worst country music in his playlists
▪if you make him mad or meme him, he builds a robot that follows you around all day playing Never Gonna Give You Up and the Dat Boi remixes
Saeyoung stop this goddamn it it’s been two whole days
▪likes Fall Out Boy, especially The Phoenix and My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark
▪PiNk GuY
▪Meme Machine is his favorite song though, just accept it

▪classical obv
▪that one Piano Cat song is his favorite
▪has a really super picky taste so he doesn’t like many other genres

▪precious boy needs precious music
▪likes indie, old pop, classical & soft jazz
▪not their rock stuff, but the mellow pop stuff
▪the lyrics to him are 👌👌👌
▪fave songs: Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley, When I’m Sixty-four by the Beatles, Fireside by Arctic Monkeys

▪would give everything a try at least once, but also has a picky taste
▪anything with Zen in it, plus indie acoustic?
▪might like Jasmine Thompson especially her song “Fast Car”

▪a lot of people canon him to listen to super eDgY metal but I have to disagree
▪I think he likes more 90’s grunge music and the emo trinity (Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance)
▪would never admit it but classical music really calms him down when he’s upset
▪so he likes some of that too
▪definitely the type of person who wouldn’t like a band just because his brother does (but when he finds out 707 likes Fall Out Boy? Slight anger)
▪probably steals 707’s FOB shirts and denies it heavily
▪fave songs: My Own Worst Enemy by Lit, Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers, What a Catch Donnie by Fall Out Boy

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Prompt idea: Amanda waiting for Todd to go to bed and less than subtly asking Dirk how he feels about Todd because it's super obvious to her

I love this prompt!
somehow it came out pretty emotional, hope that’s alright!
(also I wrote this twice because I accidentally deleted the first version & now I’m convinced the first one was way better but hopefully this is alright.)


Todd Brotzman‘s apartment had gone quiet. The only source of sound was the movie playing quietly on the TV.
Amanda glanced at her brother at the other end of the couch, who was obviously fighting sleep, his head seemingly too heavy for him to hold up at this point of the night.
She also noticed that she wasn’t the only one looking at Todd.
Dirk kept looking at him from the corner of his eye when he wasn’t watching the movie.
This wasn’t the first time Amanda noticed Dirk’s eyes lingering on Todd either. Actually, recently she had been paying extra attention to how Dirk acted around Todd.
Dirk seemed to always be aware of Todd’s presence, his body always gravitating towards his whenever they were in the same room, some part of him always aware of Todd.
The love the eccentric detective held for her brother was obvious to anyone with eyes. Of course, Amanda was sure that Todd had no idea, but that’s just because Todd was as oblivious as a toddler when it came to human emotions.
“Okay, I can barely keep my eyes open.” Todd interrupted Amanda’s musings. “I’m gonna go hit the sack. You guys can finish the movie, just don’t make too much noise?” He said as he got up from the couch and made his way toward his bedroom.
“Sleep well, Todd!” Dirk exclaimed after him.
“Night you guys.” Todd replied, closing the door behind him.
Amanda saw her opportunity to get some info from Dirk.
“Should we be here while the host has gone to bed? I’m still learning about picking up on social clues I’m afraid.” Dirk said.
Amanda smiled. Dirk was adorable. What he saw in her brother was beyond her.
“He said we could finish the movie. It’s okay.” Amanda assured him.
“Alright then.” Dirk replied, turning back towards the tv.
“I thought we could talk while watching the movie. How about that?” Amanda asked.
Dirk seemed excited about this plan.
“Alright! Isn’t it interesting? Personally I think the main character has-“
“Actually I thought we could talk about something other than the movie.” Amanda explained.
“Oh, alright. Anything specific in mind?” Dirk asked.
“How about… People?” Amanda asked, trying to figure out how to lead the conversation where she wanted it.
“People? Sure. I like people. Well some of them. Not all of them I guess. Though they sure are fascinating.” Dirk rambled.
Amanda tried not to laugh. She found it funny how Dirk referred to people as if he wasn’t one of them.
“Or, maybe, how about we talk about my brother?” Amanda asked.
“Oh. What about Todd?”
“How do you feel about my brother, Dirk?” Amanda decided to get to the point.
“What do you mean?” Dirk asked.
“It’s a pretty clear question, Dirk.” Amanda smirked.
“Right. Well, he’s great. He’s a fantastic assistant. Well, most of the time. And he’s my best friend. He’s the best best friend. Well, I’ve never had one before, but I’m quite convinced that he’s the best.” Dirk explained.
Amanda fought the urge to roll her eyes. Dirk really did think highly of her brother.
“Right, okay. What about other than work, other than the buddy buddy?” Amanda asked.
Dirk looked confused. “What do you mean?” He asked.
Amanda thought about how to approach the question, but decided to go with the blunt method. It was her forte, after all.
“Dirk, are you in love with my brother?”
Dirk seemed to choke on air for a moment.
“Wh-what?” He stuttered.
“Again, it’s a pretty clear question.” Amanda teased.
“Right. I just wasn’t expecting it, that’s all.” Dirk muttered.
“Well you should’ve been.”
“What? Why?”
“Dirk, you look at Todd like the sun shines out of his ass. Honestly, you look like a love sick puppy most of the time he’s around.” Amanda explained.
Dirk fell quiet for a moment. He shifted his gaze to his hands laying on his lap. He looked upset.
“Is it really that obvious?” He whispered finally.
Amanda scooted closer to him on the couch and placed her hand on his.
“Dude, it’s okay. I didn’t mean to call you out. And I’m not making fun of you either. I just wanted to hear what you had to say about it and… You know you can talk to me, right?” She said.
“I do know that, Amanda. And I appreciate it. I guess I just haven’t given… That, a lot of thought.” Dirk explained.
“Okay. Well, how do you feel about it? If you think about it?” Amanda asked.
Dirk thought for a moment.
“Scared.” Came his reply.
“Why?” Amanda asked.
Dirk sighed. “I’ve never had a best friend before. I like having a best friend. I don’t want to lose him. I don’t want to ruin what we have. And he’s a very… Guarded person. I don’t want him to…”
“You think he’ll get mad or something?” Amanda tried to make sense of what Dirk was saying.
“Or something.” Dirk confirmed.
“Look, Dirk, my brother is not the greatest person, trust me, I am far from his biggest fan right now, but he’s not… Mean or evil, you know? An asshole? Yes. But not mean. He cares about you. That much is obvious. And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt the same way.” Amanda explained.
Dirk’s eyes widened and he shook his head. “No, don’t say that.”
“It’s not fair. Don’t place false hope in my head. He’s been kind enough to accept me into his life as a friend, I’m not expecting anything more.” Dirk said.
Amanda sighed. “Okay, fair enough. But… You didn’t know him before. He’s changed. You’ve changed him. He’s much more… Kind and understanding. Much more honest, now. And that’s because of you. And he knows it too. He does care about you. I’ve never seen him care about anyone like he cares about you. I’m just saying… You never know.” She explained.
Dirk seemed to contemplate on this.
“And I mean, I always did get the kind of ‘not totally straight’ vibe from Todd.” Amanda said, trying to lighten the mood.
Dirk let out a laugh.
“Thank you, Amanda. I’ll… I’ll give it some more thought. Maybe. Just please, do not say anything. To anyone. Especially Todd!” Dirk pleaded.
“Of course not!” Amanda assured him and patted his hand.
Dirk smiled in response.
“I’m just saying… There’s a lot worse people I could think of to have as a brother-in-law.” Amanda winked.
“Oh god.” Dirk laughed awkwardly.
Amanda started laughing at her own remark and soon they were both giggling loudly.
Suddenly Todd’s bedroom door opened and he appeared in the doorway, wearing only a Mexican Funeral t-shirt and a pair of boxers.
“Guys, that’s definitely making noise!” He groaned.
Dirk and Amanda responded by giggling even harder.


if you have any ideas for fics, I’d love to write them! my inbox is open! xx

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The perfect Robert outfit?🤔

Okay so. This question had layers. No pun intended.

Because like. In my head I divide his clothes in categories. Shirts, suits, leather jackets. So I’m gonna give you one of each and you can cope tbh.

I think my favorite shirt comes as a surprise to literally no one ever in the history of humankind. Look at this. Look. At. It. Look at the color, the pattern, the cut. Look at the overpowering bisexuality of it all. This shirt speaks. And what it’s saying is: “I am comfortable with who I am, with what and who I like and I am going to own it.” This is what it’s saying. But honestly any of the Soft Bisexual Aesthetic shirt he owns are Good Shirts. 

Moving onto the suits. Is it really a surprise I would choose this burgundy/maroon number? No, it isn’t, because this is a lewk and we all know it. It’s the perfect cut and color for Robert in my expert* opinion. And I mean. Boy can accessorize. Pink on pink on pink? When will your faves???

*not an expert

Now, one thing not many people know about me is that I’m a huge fan of leather jackets. I will sell my soul for a good leather jacket, no joke. So. My fave leather look is definitely the simple black one (not the BDSM strappy one). While I love the brown jacket, black leather is a classic for a reason, and that reason is that it looks amazing. I mean. Look at that Italian craftsmanship. It’s casual and stylish, expensive but understated, and you can pretty much pair it with everything. Like shirts, sweaters, romantic reunions, and confessions of undying love. Truly a piece of clothing for all seasons and purposes.

Sorry, this got away from me.

things you probably didn’t know/ forgot about akihito kanbara:

-his favorite animal is a squirrel
-his fave sport is soccer
-his mom used to show up to his classes as a kid and embarrass him omg
-”my dream for the future is to have a palace of glasses”
-because of his circumstances, he accepts everyone cheerfully and kindly
-grew up with people literally hunting him down and trying to kill him
-he owns like 4 glasses shirts (at least) according to official art lmfao
-he is unconditionally and tragically in love w/ mirai kuriyama
-i’m serious he loves her so much holy shit
-in the light novels, he had a tiny crush on mitsuki!!
-he loves (LOVES LOVES LOVES) omurice
-the most selfless boy
-mirai kuriyama is “the most important person to me in my entire life”
-do you ever just die
-REMEMBER HOW HE ACCEPTED BEYOND THE BOUNDARY remember how it stole mirai away from him AGAIN

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Hi um so I'm new.. Any suggestions for Chanyeol's acting examples like any movie suggestions? What's the anticafe? Where do people see how many albums are bought? Why is there a gif of Kai putting his hand in his pants? Drama free EXO blog rec? And I guess if you know anything I could watch to get to know EXO outside of music promotion? Is Lay a solo artist under EXO? How does this work? Thank you for your help!

woahhh okay thats a lot of questions skdjfnkdjs im gonna answer these under the cut bc i dont wanna clog up anyone’s dash

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I can't stop imagining Heidi, Demetri, and Felix going out for a date night now: Heidi and Demetri are dressed well in fashionable, trendy clothes, while Felix shows up in neon chubbies and some cheesey workout shirt ("i flexed and the sleeves feel off" maybe?). And, of course, Demetri is mortified because he laid out an outfit for Felix and everything. It really only reinforces them as my favorite ship.

All of this is 10000% accurate. My brother has a gym shirt which reads “Sun’s Out, Guns Out” and I’m certain Felix owns it too. Especially because that phrase, according to Urban Dictionary,  is used by “musclehead Italians from the tri-state area who have been dying to show off their bis and tris all winter”.

Meanwhile, Heidi’s like… “You will not be allowed into a club dressed like that. Or a park. Or anywhere with good shopping. Maybe the zoo will let you in.”

And that’s why Demetri, Felix, and Heidi spend too many date-nights by the penguin enclosure, as Demetri points out how cute and dapper the penguins look, and wouldn’t you like to put on a suit and look cute and dapper too, Felix?? Felix is too busy trying to high-five a penguin to respond. 

okay but consider: the foxes on american ninja warrior (or sasuke, the original)

for those of you who don’t know, ANW is an obstacle course designed to test like every muscle you’ve ever got. it’s entertaining to watch tbh

idk man i just really want them on this show because i’m obsessed

this has been in my drafts forever shhhh

Dan Wilds

  • okay so she is the first woman to make it up the warped wall
  • but that was like 3 years ago
  • and every year since that, she’s made it up and everyone is a little bit in love with her because she’s nice and strong and record holder!!
  • she owns a gym with Matt and they are the Alpha Couple 

Allison Reynolds

  • okay so there was a year that like 6 different women made it up for the first time and allison and dan (and renee but i haven’t gotten there yet) were all in the same year
  • but allison hasn’t been as consistent, but she’s a fan fave so she always gets a wild card to the finals
  • she’s working hard af and trying to get back to her original best and everyone loves that
  • ((not to mention she could easily crush some of these male competitors))

Renee Walker

  • has made it up the wall once but she’s happier for the others because she’s a sweetheart
  • which makes a lot of people love her
  • she’s also the one that’s friends with like all the other competitors so she collects everyone else’s shirts and cheers them on from the sidelines
  • but let’s face it, renee works really frickin hard and the next year she comes back and she’s got this fierce determination

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hey isn't death classic like a song/album/something by death grips? my friend who listens to them pointed it out to me that dan was wearing the shirt (saw it on instagram). He was very proud because I jokingly call him edgy for listening to them

yup! i love death grips and it’s one of my fave shirts that dan owns
The day I hung out at Prince’s house, talking fame, disguises and Michael Jackson’s death
The author went to Paisley Park for a photo shoot, and it turned into a dinner party.

Hadn’t read this before.  Nice piece - here are my fave parts:

Two hours passed before Prince strode into the room to meet us, wearing fairly casual clothing, in his own unique style, of course: fitted black button-up shirt and black slacks, accented by Lucite-soled sneakers inset with lights that blinked on his every step. His walk was more of a “pimp,” really — partially due to a recent hip surgery, but also because Prince just had incredible swag. (Note: this was in 2010 - also mentioned in a Rolling Stone piece.)

He was small, very small — but not fragile. He was accommodating, but also a bit guarded. After zooming through small talk, he wanted to get down to business. He guided us over to a dining room area, containing a table and chairs cut in the shape of chess pieces. He took a seat and without blinking asked, “So what do you want to do?” Ruiz quickly went into a creative spiel, while Prince nodded slightly in approval — quickly processing each suggestion and idea. We talked for 20 minutes before he suddenly said,  “Okay, I got it. I’ll be back.” He shortly returned, pulling a rack of clothes that he selected specifically for this particular shoot and concept. He was totally cooperative. Not quite the guy that I had read about. (My italics)

The death of Michael Jackson (at one point another devout Jehovah’s Witness) was still fresh on everyone’s minds, and Prince admitted the two had talked about the challenges of mixing fame with a religious journey. He said that it was difficult for both of them, and he personally couldn’t have done it at a younger point in his life. He wished he could have talked to Michael more about it before he died.

Prince invited us to stay for dinner, along with Smiley, Larry Graham (the bassist for the band Sly and the Family Stone) and his wife, and Bria Valente, Prince’s girlfriend at the time. He cracked jokes about youthful times spent with high school friend Morris Day, leader of the R&B band The Time. He talked about his concern for the future of musicianship, after government cuts in school band programs. He applauded his own musical influences, showing respect for Carlos Santana and his reverence for the band-leading prowess of Ike Turner. He warned about the Minneapolis police department and the easy risk of being ticketed for driving while black.

Best Moments of Bob Morley at Starfest

Since I got a chance to talk to Bob for a little while on Friday night, talked to him a couple of times on Saturday & attended the Q&A, I thought I’d make a list of my favorite things that happened with as many links as possible. (all of them from my twitter lol) here’s a link to my whole twitter thread as well. Enjoy, and if you’d like to gif/use anything from the links included please give credit. (preferably to the link source)

  • bob saying that he likes to watch documantaries- especially serial killer ones
  • him talking about murphy on friday night + smiling at my reaction to it
  • him being a cute, smiley little baby the entire weekend
  • his face lighting up when he saw my murphamy shirt and telling me how much he loved it
  • getting overwhelmed by the different colors of markers at the autograph table and using different colors for every picture he signed
  • taking a drink from a water bottle & then taking a drink from a coke literally 5 seconds later (x)
  • in the midst of that, him struggling to open the can of coke
  • his face lighting up when my mom said bellamy was her favorite character (link above)
  • and his face lighting up again when murphy was mentioned (link above)
  • his HILARIOUS imitation of marie. a personal fave (x)
  • him admitting to owning taylor swift albums on vinyl
  • him saying he’d like to play alie in the show because “i reckon i’d look great in that red dress.” (x)
  • when asked about his man crush monday, he responded with “richard harmon every day. love that guy!” along with sachin sahel and “any of the boys” (x)
  • bob talking about the scar on his face, saying he got bit by a shih tzu (part 1) (part 2)
  • telling us he’d like to bring gustus and finn back on the show; along with the gorilla, “he could still be alive you know, he’s trapped inside that zoo!” (x)
  • him talking about how much he cares about marie (x)
  • bob saying that when he was on a set once, he fell asleep right in the middle of a take and started snoring
  • him fiddling with his feet throughout the whole q&a and not being able to stay in one position for more than 10 seconds 
  • him literally telling the audience “i’m sorry for being stupid, that’s just the way i was born” (x)
  • when being asked about his favorite scene to shoot, he first quoted a line from murphy in that scene, then proceeded on with the question
  • his reaction to the bellarke questions (x x x) and (x)
  • him trying his hardest to avoid spoilers and being all cute and nervous when he got asked about the rest of the season
  • him talking about the fans quitting the show. you might cry at the end (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
  • saying “hello” back to every single fan that asked him a question at the q&a
  • being a complete sweetheart the entire time, even though he was sleep deprived and jet-lagged

To summarize this weekend: Bob Morley is an adorable angel and he must be protected at all costs. In the future, I might add more to this. I’m not sure.

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I want Liam as solo. I want him to duet with Justin Timberlake. No offence to Harry and his voice since he is my fave but he can't rival Liam. Liam and his voice are born for this.

if we’re sharing what we want…

i want harry to start his own fashion label with fabulous shirts and amazing boots… 

i want liam to be a MASSIVE music producer…

i want niall to own a pub and have like beer and chicken nights and then he would like cameo in other bands and play guitar..

i want louis to rule the world