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The Way He Writes His Name

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Levi is the Humanity’s Strongest, but Erwin respects him for more than that. Levi is a man, a complexly elegant man, and he expresses his admiration and respect in the way that he writes his name.

Written for @lenacs​ for winning second place in my giveaway! Prompt was “Levi recognizing his feelings”… And of course I made it sad.

Levi watches Erwin more. Takes a seat to Erwin’s right, uses the end of the desk for his own workspace that Erwin never asks him to return. And he watches how he writes, sees how heavy his quill strokes can be depending on the name, the report, the time of day. He watches how he writes Levi’s name, how there always seems to be a beat to it, gentle and steady, deliberate. He starts the ‘L’ with a loop, like he does his own name, a loop at the angle, the end of the stroke folding back into the open space. The ‘e’ is open and loose, the crook of the ‘v’ sharp and defined, the ‘i’ dotted carefully and always immediately above the stem. He has no last name, never cared for one, doesn’t take a fake one, and Erwin respects it. Erwin writes his name exactly the same every time. Levi takes it for his own, having studied the scripture of Erwin’s writing as if it is the printing press to his identity.

“What is it?”

Levi blinks slowly, drifts his eyes up and shakes his head. “It’s nothing.”

Erwin looks at him, and he feels strange inside his chest. Levi is a collection of feelings that he tries to repress, but Erwin opens him like a sewing box, pulls out his threads and detangles him, finds beauty in everything that he is, tugs on the thick red string he finds until Levi feels it scar his heart. “You have been staring for a rather long time.” His voice is quiet and measured like it always is.

“You should be quicker if you expect to get any of this done tonight.” Levi looks down at his own paperwork, presses his lips together in order to keep the feeling inside.

Erwin tilts his head slightly, the candlelight revealing the quaintest of smiles in the pool of shadows on his cheek. “Some things are worth the extra time.”



I’ve been considering this for a while now but I feel confident enough to attempt to do commissions! Here’s the info below~

The prices here are base prices, they can fluctuate depending on the complexity of the design requested. They are based around what I think what I have to offer is worth. Having sketches be slightly coloured,have art take a more pixel approach or any other specific alterations can be discussed via email.
Things I will not/cannot draw:
-Underage/Adult shipping 
-Explicit nsfw, no genitalia + extreme fetish
-Nothing political please
Things I’m pretty fine with doing:
-Ocs/shipping art
-Comic sketches 

Examples of Sketches: x x x x 
Examples of Lines: x x x x 
Examples of Flats: x x x x
Finished pieces: x x x x 

Depending on interest shown I may start slots. If you are interested please contact me at were price+request+pay can be discussed. 

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Honestly I was thinking if I should post this or not because the thing is when you keep answering asks and talk about it drama will get bigger, just delete all those asks and shut your mouth that’s how you avoid things like this but I also want to say what I want to say. This ain’t about me because I havent done much for this blog ever since I lost interest in dr but this about other two mods

They have been doing shit ton of edits for this blog giving all when they find free time from life. And over months of course they didn’t only do those which they agree with, they did the ones they didn’t like too. This is a mystery series but all this fandom cares about it ships. that one same anon has been bothering us for months spamming our inbox saying the same shit and pushing over the limit but we are being the one who are attacked when we/they finally state our opinion about how childish and annoying they are.

We don’t give a shit about ships, none of us do. We are not bothered from the anti ships but from the anons attitude, bothering us over the same thing for months.

Please show some respect to the mods who spend their actual free time and real life on this blog. In the end its just a goddamn game y'all. A game. You shouldn’t be able to affect people’s real life feelings because of a game.

-mod mukuro, ah and yes if you want to attack come to my main, you know since the anons closed here some are scared to take off the glasses and mask huh ;)))

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sometimes I remember that I ship a ship so rare, I only know one other person who ships it. There are two fics for this ship on A03, and one of them was written for me as a christmas gift (said ship is Knuckle/Shoot/Meleoron from HxH, for anyone interested)

If it makes you feel better, in about 40% of my favorite ships I’m the only one who’s written anything. Not helped by all the crossover ships, but still. :’D

Free Day: Killervibe Mixtape

Killervibe Mixtape: I Got You

Most of you don’t know this about me, but I am a massive music nerd. I do musical theater and I play piano and guitar and I sing. Music is a huge part of my life and often how I make sense of emotions, which often translates to my favorite characters and ships.

 I have a lot of songs that remind me of certain characters or ships, and all of these come from that collection that I listen to while I’m writing to get inspired. I agonized over the song order, to give it kind of a progressive intro-climax-coda feel. A lot of these are sad and angsty because that’s just where I am with these two right now, but I tried to give it a mix of tempos to keep things interesting. These two are just so special to me and these beautiful songs all remind me of them. I hope these inspire you while you’re writing!

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Hi, I just want to say that I really admire you as a person for what you do! We need more friends like you in life... I know that in the deep, dark, never to be seen places of my mind, Gallirei is a guilty pleasure ship for me.. I love your Gallirei stuff and while not everyone likes it, nobody can away the beauty of your art. Keep it up! 💕

You are so sweet!!! I always see your notes and tags on my work and it warms my heart. I’m so happy that you enjoy it ^^ and I completely understand on the guilty-pleasureness of gallirei, lol. I’m really interested in their dynamic.

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You FUCKER now I'm a) hardcore shipping drarry and b) wanting to kiss my crush and NEITHER THINGS ARE HAPPENING >:( ily have a great day xD

Same anon, should clarify that you aren’t my crush (I just realised i ended with ily so ya know)

WAY TO BREAK MY HEART, ANON. First you insult me, then you reveal our shared interest, then you drop some major hints about wanting to kiss, then you SAY YOU LOVE ME


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(lol welcome to drarry though muahahahaha no regrets)


So my brother is trying to sell this entertainment center he made (doggo not included) for $250 or best offer, with an offer to deliver in SoCal if you cover gas (unless you pay full price, then shipping is included)! Let me know if you’re interested, there’s also a really neat square coffee table he made he’s asking $100 for. HMU if you want details! You can also find his stuff on Instagram at shaynescarpentry !

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please tell me you're still interested in sasuhina and drawing ☹️ I would really love to swap stories and such, I feel like it's so rare to find a shipper of sasuhina nowadays!

Oh if you ask @kia8088 she can confirm I’ll die with this ship. I’m in too deep. I would LOVE to draw more sasuhina things, I just get distracted way too easily. I usually just draw off stories I stumble upon on the tag, but if you (and a general you) ever have a story you want to share by all means tell me about it. That’d be awesome! 

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hello everyone! i know a few of your are still waiting on meme replies and plotting suggestions from me but i’ve recently began working again and my schedule is pretty much all over the place. because of this i’m putting myself on hiatus until i’ve found my footing in my workplace! 

however!! because of my recent on-and-off activity as of late with both being laid off and attempting to find another job, i would like to do something in exchange for all of you being so patient with me: with drabbles between our characters! they will not be canon and you can basically just take it as fanfiction, to be honest, but i think that during my hiatus it will help keep me from falling into a writing funk that i have, admittedly, fallen in to.

if you’re interested then please comment below with a keyword (or two) so i know what you’d like:

mine = fluff/ship
nursed = hurt/comfort
desk = high school au
espresso = coffee shop au
gun = action
crow = dark/bad end au

that’s all i can think of lmao but yes! this applies to everyone honestly and, again, i apologize with how i’ve been so off the ball. thank you for understanding and reading all of this and i hope you all have a good day!

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Opinion of dazai/atsushi?

((Mmmmhh…honestly…it kinda borders on notp status for me. I know it’s popular and I totally get why, but I just get really strong father/son vibes from them, and that pretty much kills my interest in it as a romantic ship. The art for it is beautiful and adorable though, I completely understand why people ship it, it’s just not my cup of tea.))

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what was the momentous event about the r movie??

Oh there was no MOMENTOUS EVENT. I was complaining that Amazon still (STILL!!) has not shipped my S part 2 which I am SO EXCITED FOR (and I’ might make it a Patreon Event to watch the new dub of 110 with me for the first time, if there’s any interest) and I was pissing and moaning about how they haven’t done that, but they keep recommending me to buy the R movie. 

Jet, of course, was like, “THE R MOVIE IS SO GOOD” and I thought about it for a minute and was like “Not…sure??? I’ve ever seen the R Movie? Leaning toward no.” 

Jet, of course, COULD NEVER ABIDE such a thing, and bought it for my future children immediately, with the explicit instructions that the first time I watch it, ti has to be with her


Here’s something new!
I’ve been making sock bunnies by hand off and on for years now, but only picked it up again recently. These three are for sale!

As it says, they’re $12 each! Shipping shouldn’t be a problem unless you live super far away. Unfortunately, I can’t ship outside the US right now since that would cost more!;;

Payment through paypal invoices only! Please message me if you’re interested and we’ll go from there. Any reblogs are seriously appreciated! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*


So, this pet WAS quite attached to his Uncle Exiam, as the Captain had told him. 

Emperor offered hope to Fauno, with a price attached:

“Perhaps you feel this way because you have not seen how I might treat you.  The Captain tells me you are doing poorly. You will take a health break on Corpo-Bruptis. I want you to pay attention. You are a clever creature. Learn all you can about the ship, your captors and the world. Save pictures in your mind to paint for me. I have great interest in learning new things. You will then come here and give me all the information you’ve collected. You will meet my precious Liluck and see how he is treated. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another of your kind to play with? He is looking forward to meeting you. My son Baazlik will give you a thorough health check and mental evaluation.  If I judge that my Uncle’s treatment of you has been mostly acceptable, I will order him to come to my home and at that point we will see if you still even want to go back to him.”

Left unsaid was what would happen if there was no cooperation. But Fauno could read the threat between the spaces.

After this conversation, Emperor had Liluck’s newest toy brought up from the basement garage.

Emperor didn’t enjoy driving fast cars himself. There was no thrill in that for him. No real risk.

Emperor knew that Liluck’s feelings for him were a volatile mixture: Actual affection was in there, along with: pity, gratitude, amusement, fear, despair and guilt. 

 Such emotional creatures! 

There was a certain thrill he got from having emotionally volatile Liluck drive him at high speeds on the damp, winding roads of his stronghold on P-F. 


Have some unfinished doodles of some punk kids, looks like today I have nothing better to offer m(._.)m