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My Traditional Zelda Artwork is done and to be auctioned!

Bidding start at 115$CAN and will end Tomorrow, March 26th at 5PM EST. 

If you are interested you can contact me via askbox or at

Info about the piece: 

- 14x17″ 

- Approximatively 32 hours of work

- Made with black/white ink using a dipping pen and coloured with Alcohol markers.

- Can be shipped anywhere

Thank you very much for helping out by reblogging ~ 

It is kind of interesting that Fellowship of the Spear had Sara in command on the ship and Rip in command in the field.  I’d always actually figured we’d see the reverse.  Rip on the ship (an unintentional rhyme!) and Sara in the field, based on their respective talents.

But it occurs to me that this way makes a lot more sense.  

Because everything we’d seen about the Time Masters indicated that Captains worked alone.  So Rip wouldn’t have been on the ship giving orders.  He would have been in the field, blending in, managing resources, and getting things done.

And it occurs to me that we do get to see what made Rip a very good Time Master in this episode: his subtlety.

…I can’t really believe I just said that.  But, as dramatic as Rip is as a person, he actually is subtle as a time traveler.  He blends in.  He wears the clothes, he uses the weapon, and no one really seems to think he’s remotely strange to the time period.  Contrast that with Nate or Ray in particular.  :-P

Heck, even when he had that lovely James Bond moment in Out of Time: that was flashy and attention getting, sure, but there was nothing to indicate that Rip was from another time period, rather than just a very flashy contemporary agent.  When he was a Musketeer in France, he was the one using the rapier rather than his usual weapon and he did well there too.

Rip is GOOD in the field.  Even when it comes to leadership.  He was fairly quick to assign the others roles and they actually listened, and even managed to keep Nate from getting too carried away when they spoke to Tolkien.  

Sara, for her part, is a far better director than Rip is.  She can get the team to listen, even when she’s only a voice over the comms.  Rip has NEVER been able to do that.

And well, Rip seems, so far anyway, less likely to go rogue or rebellious than Sara was, when SHE was in the field for HIM. :-P  But then, he’s only had one mission.  So we’ll see how long THAT lasts.  Rebellion is contagious with this group.

It’s interesting, and I have to admit, I’m a little sad that Doomworld is next, because as great as that looks, I would really like to see a few more “normal” missions with this group dynamic.


Original watercolor paintings up for grabs! Free shipping and a complementary one card tarot reading with your purchase.

A. Dandelions (4x4)
B. Amethyst cluster (4x4)
C. Moon & stars (4x4)
D. Keep Growing (4x6)
E. Miniature bee (2x2 canvas)

Frames not included.

If you’re interested in buying one and supporting your fellow witch, please send me a message! 😊

Thank you!!

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I'm not hinting at anything, but I wouldn't have anything against that 5 page essay? I'm really interested in where all the hostility comes and how it has grown so big for me to get anon hate after reblogging few she//ith art to side blog with 100 followers...

I mean the hostility is basically “You don’t ship what I ship and therefore you are BAD”. But for the sake of the big picture, let me shorten the 5 page essay and provide a quick summary of stuff anti-Sh//aladin “activists” have done:

  • sent death threats to people
  • submitted gore and child porn to Sh//eith shippers
  • harassed an artist irl
  • encouraged sending death threats to people
  • attacked a user to the point where they had to delete their blog, then celebrated
  • repeatedly harassed the VA’s and show directors on twitter
  • also harassed them on tumblr and spammed them with mentions, calling Lauren Montgomery (one of the showrunners) a pedophile, as they’ve done with so many other members of staff & cast
  • attempted to discourage a charity organisation from accepting money that Sheith shippers were donating
  • called Asian characters “pale boys”
  • also referred to Asian men as “yaoi”
  • put minors on blocklists without justifications or explanations
  • claim to care about minors in general but suicide-bait minors who ship Sh//eith
  • overtalked and ignored survivors that didn’t speak out in their favour, accused them of lying for the sake of “defending pedophilic ships”
  • intentionally triggered a csa victim to the point where they had to - you guessed it - delete their blog (@klancinginspace)
  • have ridiculous, hypocritical double standards about what is and isn’t a “bad, unhealthy dynamic” when it comes to things they hate (Sh//eith, Ka//ura) versus things they claim to like (K//ance, Sh//att, Sha//ura)
  • frequently demonise Shiro for his PTSD
  • not to mention that a big part of them fetishise Lance’s ethnicity, reduce Allura to mom tropes, only advocate for Hunk when necessary, and prefer Matt over Pidge even though he’s had like 3 and a half lines in 2 seasons
  • and the one that peeves me the most: they still use abuse survivors to cover for their anti agenda and believe they have a right to know everything about a victim’s past trauma, behave as if people should bow to them and be thankful for not receiving death threats over “cope shipping” even if there’s nothing to back up supposed claims that a certain ship is unhealthy in any way, continue to spread hate in the name of minors and survivors when they’ve been shutting these people down all along

Antis feel superior to everyone else, refuse to listen to anything the other side has to say, and deem those who don’t support their ways of spreading moral literal human trash beyond redemption

I have so many issues with the “activist” community in the voltron fandom and these things are only a few I can name off the top of my head bc frankly I Am Tired


I have decided to sell some of my albums since I am not really into these groups anymore and I could use the money for other things. Every album was opened once or twice and they are in good condition. All photo cards will be included with the albums. All purchases will be done through PayPal. If you are interested, please message me! (serious buyers please!) Will ship out to the US and Canada!





Low Craft Grade Goat Skull

This guy is a desert friend that was found a while back. He was partially nature cleaned, partially sun bleached, and very chewed on. Some of his faults include being a little greasy, and just a little flaky here and there.

He would make a good crafting skull for painting projects, or something similar to that! He’d also make a great skull for anyone looking for a broken buddy!

All teeth are included in the skull minus the few that are missing (Bottom left). The very tops of the nasal bones have been glued on so they won’t fall off.

Since he is so extensively damaged, This little guy is only going to be 10USD shipped. Just PM me if you’re interested!

I thought, that there are many people who ship glacier and ninjago fandom isn’t so small and…
What about a Glaciershipping week?
I think it’ll be fun.
Are there people who interested in OTPweeks and want to help ?
/ if there are OTPweeks in ninjago fandom tell me, because i’m ‘freshmen’/

/sorry for my english/

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Ship ask game: the Bradleys :)


Honestly, the more I rewatch the show, the more fascinated I am with them. You have this Homunculus that looks down on humans that, at the end of his life, proclaims that he was given the chance to choose his wife. And he chose her. Some might think that Wrath might have played his role, but I think he genuinely cared about his wife. And she obviously cared about him.

I find them incredibly interesting! And I read somewhere that Wrath was slapped by Mrs. Bradley on their first date. The fact that he didn’t stop her despite having his Ultimate Eye is hilarious.

aaay… I guess I need something next month, and that thing is money xD because I fear my health insurence might be a bit high…
So I was thinking of selling my Swords & Broken Shield Comic pages, like the handmade original pieces.
First of all, is there interest???
And second, price would probably 50€ each page, shipping included. Of course i would take a pic first how the original looks like~

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Hello Demona! I'm one of your many many followers! I followed you because of your Gravity Falls fanarts! They're all wonderful. I dropped by to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You know why? YOU introduce me to the world of CLASSICALOID! After you first posted about it, I got super curious about it and when it first aired, god I got hooked immediately. It was BEAUTIFUL and HILARIOUS at the same time! XD and i absolutely love their Musik! because of this, I can't stop drawing them! btw, I ship BetoxKana

Hi :) Ah, the world of Classicaloid is wonderful :D I’ve been enjoying every minute myself ^_^ I’m very happy you’re enjoying it too, because tbh, I didn’t think any of my followers would be interested XD
That’s a really cute ship ^_^

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What do you think of KibaHina? I always thought Kiba had romantic interest in Hinata at the least and I think they could've been a good endgame couple. (Don't get me wrong, I love NaruHina too. I just prefer KH😂)

It’s an alright ship in an Alternate Universe I suppose, but Kiba didn’t have any romantic feelings for Hinata.

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same sex ships has always been something new to me, I'm very heteronormative I must admit, but as I passed time on tumblr I gave these pairings their chance too, and start shipping some M/M, even if the thought of two men making out doesn't especially titialliate me. I'd say it's more about the dynamic between the two characters that interest me more, if not the smut. a lot more M/M pairings than I do F/F ones, which is weird because I like the idea of F/F a whole lot more, there's (1/2)

there’s potential for very sweet and caring relationships and two women making out doesn’t make me unconfortable at all (well if not done for the potential male gaze). I don’t know but as a woman myself I relate more to this than male sexuality. So I thought a lot about why I didn’t have any strong F/F pairings and the answer came from the fact that I find there are few relationships (at least in the medias I watch) between two woman that are really rich, complex, interesting and strong. (2/3)

It’s a shame that female friendships are always put aside for relationship with some male characters or frienship between male characters. I think that’s perhaps one of the reasons why f/f is not more popular, the lack of material to work with.. Because I can tell you that I crave for F/F pairings to ship! (3/3) 

I’m glad you’re interested in expanding your horizons!

I really wish there were more good relationships with women on my screen - I have a well-documented bias for female characters so a failure to pass the Bechdel test is a great way to frustrate me.

While I love insight, I kind of interpret your desire for more pairings as a personal challenge to help you explore some fandoms that have more F/F potential!

The femslash blog I help run, femslashrevolution, has a great list of canon F/F pairing shows and another of ones with active F/F fandoms. If you want, I can give more suggestions for different sorts of pairings - there are great F/F movies like D.E.B.S. or Saving Face, cute couples like in Steven Universe or Supergirl, more antagonistic pairings like in Homestuck or Person of Interest… the potential is endless, even though it can take a lot of hunting to find!

Books For Trade

Norse Magic - DJ Conway
Exploring the Northern Tradition - Galina Krassakova
A Druid’s Herbal - Ellen Evert Hoffman

Will ship anywhere in the US. Will ship international with payment for shipping (sorry, my international witches!)

Looking for:
-Tarot reference books

Contact me over at my blog, trbl-will-find-me if you’re interested!