this ship was made for me

honestly, seeing the softer side of raphael I feel like he did show that part of him to simon. in s1 he let every wall down and shared personal things, stories of who he was and who he is with simon (offscreen). they followed one another, lived together, shared clothes. and it’s obvious how close they were in how emotional he was in 01x13 when he thought about camille killing simon for good. it’s a damn shame we got cheated out of those scenes because a forced and manipulative f/m aspect is apparently more acceptable. 

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I'm pissed, my ship was Karamel but wtf??? What have they done?? The relationship is super toxic the whole episode is anti-feminist I thought they would reform the Mon-El character because Kara was him mentor. But this?? I'm now on the Supercorp side because Lena supports Kara as Kara supports her and this is beautiful.

this isn’t about ships for me. i never thought that supercorp will actually be canon, i made my peace with that. but you would expect that the writers would put kara with someone who is actually good for her. she’s the main goddamn character and a cinnamon roll. if they want her to be straight and date a man, alright, but that man should be a good one who treats her right. she’s constantly treated like garbage by basically everyone and now they put her in a toxic relationship.

Can ya'll just respect other people's ship even if they're not yours? For God's sake, it shouldn't be that hard to do.

I mean, I know we all want OUR ship to be endgame eventually, but that doesn’t mean we have to be mean or hateful.

All relationships are valid. No matter if it is f/m, f/f or m/m. I’m sick of seeing things like “heterosexual bullshit” or “gay shit” everywhere.

Can’t the hate just stop? Watching a TV show shouldn’t be a fucking war. Whenever I am happy about one of my ship, I shouldn’t be worried about other people hating on it and calling it “straight shit” or else.

This made me dislike Tumblr like get a grip.

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I needed place to rant because I've been seeing so much Jug shipping. If Jughead had been announced homosexual in the new comics and The CW made him straight there would be outrage about it being homophobic and taking away representation. Because he’s aspec though people are perfectly happy to justify the decision to make him a heterosexual yet this isn’t aphobic? My favorite thing is when people who aren't aspec try to explain my own sexuality to me now to justify their shipping 1-800-DidIask

preach it my friend that was spot on

can we get an applause for this???

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You would advice Sam to stop interacting or limit a lot his interactions with shippers if he's with MM? A la Cait? I mean, if you consider Cait's behaviour on SM, she kept her distance from shippers and nobody can tell that she "played" with them.

I wouldn’t advise Sam anything. Not my place. 

He has professional PR people to help him deal with this, I assume he pays them well. I do wonder what the hell kind of advice they have been giving him, but whatever…

As for Cait… yeah, whatever to her too… sure, she has never engaged with SC shippers like Sam has, but that hardly means she is “clean” in this mess. She is not. 

It wasn’t Sam’s behavior alone that made me ship… Sam and Cait chemistry is not Sam only… Cait is an active participant in said chemistry, on and off the screen.

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How do Matt and Sam hold up against Shiro's fatalistic humor?

Very differently.

See, Matt gets it.  It’s the same thing Matt does, except with a slightly darker coat of paint.  So when Shiro gets going, Matt rolls with it.  After all, this is the guy who wanted Shiro’s last words to be a Serenity quote.  Meaning they discussed it and then Matt made a suggestion for him.

Shiro: And that’s when the ship shakes apart and we’re sucked into Jupiter’s gravitational pull, killing us in an instant fireball.  So there’s that to look forward to.
Matt; Uh, excuse me, you are getting us past Jupiter.  If we’re dying from a planet’s gravity it had fucking better be Uranus.  You are going to aim for that storm, because if we’re dying I want every newscaster to be fighting off inappropriate giggling.  We were sucked into the dark spot of Uranus.  The raging storm of Uranus burned us up.
Shiro: Shit, good point.  Gives me a good amount time to think of a snappy one-liner to snap into the comms at the last minute.  I’m afraid I’ll freze up at the last minute and drop a pun.  I have nightmares that my last words will be a pun.
Matt: So drop a Star Trek quote.  
Shiro:  “It is impossible to make no mistakes and still lose.”
Matt: God, you really are in a dark mood today.  Nope, not cool enough.  Oh!  Oh I got it.  Serenity.  Wash.  You have to, Shiro.
Shiro: It also implies I’ll die early in the mission and via impaling from the ship falling apart.  I can live with that.
Matt: That and it’s cool??? Keep up, Shiro.

Sam, on the other hand, hates it.  It’s one of the few things Shiro does that really upsets him.  Back on the Kerberos mission it was just annoying, but now it genuinely worries him and gets him tense and unhappy, and Shiro has learned to keep his sense of humor collared around Sam unless he wants a ten minute lecture on how he’s important and he needs to stop thinking he’s an island and nothing affects the people around him.  It’s one of the few dressing downs that get him sent off and not hugged in the end, and Shiro always goes off with his tail between his legs.  It’s not worth it in the end.

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how come when i look up some kg3 fanfics its kg3 x reader like bitch i dont want that

x reader fics baffle me??????? like, the chutzpah it must take to publish one of those things, jesus. keep it in ur diary pal

also this ask just made me think of kg3 x washington and like. lol.
finally i found the one washington ship i can get behind

Also this… is oooooooooold, really really old. I know my silly brain is running around screaming, but I just reminded myself that I’d drawn Peri making stuff from chunks ‘o hand ship. And seeing that bright green sword made me think OMG yay what if Peri builds a buncha crap for Ronaldo? eeee….

Follow Forever time! I actually hit the 100 follower mark about a week ago, but I was very backlogged on checking out new followers due to having a very busy week prior to that, and I didn’t want to unfairly leave anyone out who should have been there. Please enjoy the following love letters to a few of the people who have made my first month here the most special. ❤︎

Endlessly “Inspiring” ( that’s a pun )

@tragicxscarlet – So once upon a time tragicxscarlet was like “do you ship it?” and I was like “I guess?” and then cut to me a week later sobbing over a notepad file titled “An Itemized List of All My ScaReeve Feels.” ( No, I won’t share it. ) Every post from you is a pleasure and you have a unique style of writing that is conversational and forceful and urgent in a way that suits Scarlet so very well. Normally this might earn the dreaded label of “intimidating,” except somehow I feel like writing with you also elevates the quality of my writing in a wonderfully symbiotic way. I know RL claims your time a lot ( and should definitely be the top priority ) so I’m going to pretend I don’t check my notifications half as often as I do in hopes of getting more of this very new fix. Reeve is so very confused right now, and I am looking forward to getting to know Scarlet and all the ways in which we have yet to break each other. ❤︎

@directorlazard – The length of time that it takes me to reply to you really doesn’t do justice to how happy I am to be able to write with you ( which will probably go for most of the people on this list tbh, so everyone else should just pretend I have said this to them as well ). It’s not just your muse that feels “in character” but your whole blog does; I am certain that you are, in fact, Lazard behind the screen, and I can’t tell you how much I admire the role you play not just IC but OOC as well. Writing with you has been a pleasure so far and I am really excited to see how the Wutai War will shape a relationship between these two fledgling directors. No one else has prompted me to put half as much thought into my backstory and headcanons as you have, that’s for sure!

@dcntgiveupOlder Marlene. I could scream forever about this very muse concept tbh but I have already done that a few times before. So I will just say I love that someone else is equally as interested in what was going on with Reeve, Marlene, and Elmyra while the rest of AVALANCHE was off doing their thing, which I guess I have also said before, so instead I will just say this: You’re rly cool and I like your muse a lot. ❤︎

@argent-noir – Tumblr ( or some mod I’ve forgotten I’ve installed ) says you are getting 9% of my love, which apparently puts you in the lead, but that sounds pretty low to me. Tseng is enigmatic and frightening and he makes us a little nervous, so pardon us if we seem to stalk from afar at times. Reeve just wants to get to know him better but isn’t sure if that’s allowed.

@hydraulics-are-sexy – I haven’t yet laughed harder while playing Reeve than I did while writing the two threads with you. I love the idea of Reeve having a friend who he’s comfortable with even while holding this lofty position and I feel like that’s what we’ve established here right off the bat even if it’s never been formally discussed. Normally he’s very polite and political but with Shalua I find him discussing more personal topics and with more sincerity. It’s nice. :] I guess accidental dick pics will do that.

@exsiliumductoris – There are some muses who are so intimidating ( and rightfully so ) that it’s all you can do to remind yourself that the mun has been nothing but friendly and approachable and Veld is definitely one of the two who immediately come to mind as I write this. You play your muse with such an authentic presence though that it’s like “Oh shit, Veld.” Despite all our joking about it, I can definitely say that if Reeve was kissing Scarlet in the same verse that Veld was ever involved with her, he’d be scared out of his mind and possibly seeking some kind of witness protection program. ( But we’re still keeping her. )

@a-chaotic-affair – Lucrecia really deserved so much better and I hope you continue trying to bring her that, because you have so much passion for her and things to say that can only be said by you. And thank you again for the graphic help! Be kind to yourself. ❤︎ I look forward to seeing where we can go but take your time.

@kunselxknows – SON. The way to this man’s heart is through his cat, okay? Is Kunsel a free agent after Meteorfall? Because we might poach him and put him in intelligence gathering or something. He already has a recommendation from Cait Sith.

@jjillekkot – Is anyone sweeter than Nina? Thoughtful with her headcanons and always goes out of her way to include other muses in things. It’s little touches like that that really create a sense of community, and I appreciate that so much. ❤︎

@eteriskromling – The amount of atmosphere and backstory you create for your muse is truly impressive. I’m also still interested in that other idea you expressed a while back. ;] We could have a full boardroom, just saying.

@ablackwing – I may have snuck you in at the last minute here precisely because Sephiroth just poked fun at Reeve’s hair turning gray but tbh that is A++ and worth the inclusion and even if we’ve literally swapped two posts back and forth it definitely made my night the evening that I wrote this, so kudos to you.

@evil-robot-cat – I know you’re not an RP blog so including you here is probably an unconventional move, but how can I not give a shoutout to someone who draws so much Reeve art? Your comics are hilarious and adorable, and every time you like one of my posts I feel like I have a cheerleader rooting for me, so thanks for the support. xD

The Cat’s Meow —

@ofbraver | @adventson@heroicardour | @silverxskies | @kaosureign | @dirge-of-valentinex4 | @strifx | @sxphiroth@beatrushbeauty | @tsengofshinra | @parvuslegum | @gun-arm | @aliquame | @gaiawing | @ciitreae | @cetraheir | @rude-at-your-service | @tsengofshinra | @parvuslegum | @coccineusx | @boundwithindarkness | @legendaryturk | @shuriken-onna@infusedblues | @scienceisapower | @badassbarmaid | @fantasybuster | @redpupxiii@thegenesisrhapsodos | @akamure | @grxvidus | @angelusfair

And lastly…to the pornbot that was #100, because of course it was. OTL ( I’m not tagging it. )

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lol your reply made me laugh so hard. can't you do anything else, bitch? you should just give up & make aranea go for ravus or even ardyn cause she doesn't deserve any of those sexy boys. especially not ignis who's fucking gay for gladio. finally understand that and fuck off with your shitty ship.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

{ i can honestly care less about your pointless bitching . just because someone has a straight ship with ignis , you have to start bitching like a little spineless cunt & spread hate around . i wonder if you also write this bullshit to personal blogs who ship highspecs since there are people receiving hate out of community as well . i honestly don’t care what you ship . i don’t care about your opinion at all tbh . right now i am just gathering your messages as an evidence to compare you to people around & find out who you are . seriously , take care of yourself . you’re probably a gladio roleplayer that is so upset that he doesn’t have ignis to fuck , but sorry dude . this ain’t my business . so do me a favor & stop . people are annoyed , i am fairly amused & the fact you’re trying so hard to make me stop shipping my otp is making me ship it even more <3 }

eastofthemoon replied to your post “When you are done with season 4 of race to edge what do you think are…”

I also feel S4 has a lot of logic problems. Like how could Berk be starving when trade ships are block, when in previous seasons they seemed self sufficient? They have sheep, yaks, etc and not to mention gone fishing off their own shores. And they never even gave an explanation on why no one just took a nap during the midnight sun. Also, it’s a yearly event, so why did the teens act like it’s the first time they’ve seen it? Just made no sense to me.

There were many instances in which I caught logic problems, too, like those ones. I could list a few more. It shouldn’t have taken as long as they did to decide that Fishlegs fly Meatlug down to save the Eruptodon egg in “Out of the Frying Pan.” That should have been a five second easy call on Mala’s end. Mala shouldn’t be listening to Hiccup for directions so much when she’s a queen and he’s on her island. More things like that.

As with any interpreting of story events, we can create explanation and structure our understanding of events by logical means. Where a show might not explicitly give us explanation, we can build our own understanding that melds in neatly with the canon material. While I was watching the show, I did come up with more or less plausible explanations for those events you mentioned. These explanations might not be perfect, but they do help wrap things together better.

Berk’s Sufficiency in Dire Straits

Berk not being self-sufficient in “Dire Straits” felt extremely odd to me as well when I first saw it happening. By all accounts, Berk should be self-sufficient, and has been implied to be self-sufficient. But then I remembered: while they do have yaks and sheep and chickens, the primary food source of Berk does appear to be fish. Fish will comprise the highest percentage of their diet.

The traders are too afraid to cross the waters because of the Submaripper’s presence. It’s also to note that the show mentions that the ocean waters are dead quiet - everything has been scared off by the dragon’s presence. This would include fish. If the traders cannot get to Berk, then that means the Submaripper is close enough to Berk to likely scare off the fish in that area. Berk’s fishers would have their nets come up empty because all the fish would have gone. The dragon’s presence would have majorly disrupted the island’s main food supply.

They would still be able to eat food from sheep and chickens and the like, of course, but being as fish is their main staple, this would put an enormous dent in their food supply and ability to keep themselves self-sufficient. Stoick mentions that their stores are getting low - the food they would have procured from before the fish disruption - and I am sure they would be eating their chickens, etc. in the process. But if you eat too much of your livestock too quickly, then you won’t be sufficient in the coming months. The livestock won’t be able to repopulate and keep up its numbers. So you have to ration how many you eat. So Berk’s people would still be eating, but also have to worriedly balance about maintaining livestock population levels for the future. So they wouldn’t be eating as much.

The Longest Day

The people of Berk don’t seem to handle the long hours of sunlight incredibly well, which seems odd if they are natives to the land. Of course this show is playing this all up for humor and fun - we don’t need to pick this apart too thoroughly, because this episode’s sleep deprivation is taking advantage of an opportunity to do so more than anything else. But if we want explanation, we could bring up several things.

The first is that the people of Berk could be sleeping, but maybe not as much as usual because of the hours of daylight. The human body is affected by seasonal changes even for those who are native to those regions. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) persists when people feel depressed in winter months with the lack of sunlight. So the people of Berk could be on the flip side affected by the long hours of daylight. They might not be getting as good of sleep as they would when the hours of daylight are a bit more normal.

As far as the youths are concerned, Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s conversation at the start sort of implies they’ve seen something like this happen before. It’s not the first time they’ve seen Hooligans go loopy on this day of the year. I also imagine that this year is particularly rough because the youths are living on their own. They’ve been under their parents’ wing in the past. Their families could have helped them manage their sleep during this time of year. But now that they’re on their own living in Dragon’s Edge, they might be a little more reckless and a little less cautious about their sleep levels. So they’re going to get even more antsy and sleep-deprived than normal… hence leading to all their entertaining antics.

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I saw you posted the pic of S&C sitting together at the GG. I just don't understand why these old pics are always being brought back up as something significant. It's like every time something happens ppl start digging in the past. I believe now that they've always been just close friends, and 80% is PR. The arm on the chair can be just something that Sam does. I'm honestly not confused by anything anymore. It's pretty crystal clear to me. I think they were always just friends.

Apparently the arm around the chair is something he only does with Caitriona. LOLOL.

Anyways, well…I bring them up because it paints a whole picture for me as to how I got here - meaning as to why I ship(ped) so hard. I think a lot of people assume we all just made things up and saw things that weren’t there, but we didn’t. I’m not saying they’re together, I’m not saying it’s the truth or not, but it’s why I’m confused. It’s why this situation doesn’t impress me. It’s why I feel like behavior has been weird and inappropriate. My guy friends don’t behave with me as Sam does with Cait. I don’t cuddle on my male friends when I’m standing around not working. I don’t groom them. The list goes on…

If it bothers you, you don’t have to read my blog or look at my posts. I do what I want. ✌🏼😂







OR ZANE JUST LOOKING AT THIS GIRL LIKE “….wait shit im a dad?? Wha?? How did this happen kIKI EXPLAIN PLEASE”

Im tired forgive me))

FAQs and Tag Masterlist

Hello friends! I just wanted to welcome all my new followers! Since this blog is growing by the day, I made a few things to make stuff less confusing for both newcomers and old timers alike~

I made a FAQs page for any info about me and how the AU works, and a Tag Masterlist if you want to just see the art only or specific ships only or specific members! And if you’re on mobile, you can just scroll up and this will be on my description! Or you can also just use the search bar at the top and type in the tag~

Thank you for everyone’s support so far! I will be answering everyone’s asks tomorrow in a huuuuge post. I didn’t want to keep spamming you guys so yeah :’) ANYWAY I’m trying to actually sleep on time this time so GOOD NIGHT SWEET DREAMS MY CHILDREN

A misunderstanding.

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One Shot

A/N: This is a ordinary fluff scenario. I know it is very rare and strange for me to write something that isnโ€™t supernatural ๐Ÿ˜‚, but that doesnโ€™t mean I donโ€™t like writing them. This is a one shot guys, just so you know. There might be a lot of mistakes here because I am kind of sick. But anyways, sorry for any mistakes made and hope you like it.Requests and texts are open! If you want a BTS ship or a customized text just holla at your girl๐Ÿ˜‰.

Word count: ย 3,061

Warnings: ย Noneย 

It was early in the morning when your phone rang. At first you wanted to ignore the call, but after the 5th time you decided to pick up. Annoyed you lifted yourself up and placed the cold screen on your ear.

โ€œHello?โ€you were half awake, with only one open eye

โ€œY/N?Sorry for calling you so early in the morning, but I need a favor.โ€it was your sister

โ€œSure, what is it?โ€you asked her

โ€œCan you take Yun to nursery school? Mom said she is busy this week. Please, just for 5 days.โ€

โ€œOk, donโ€™t worry.โ€you said and looked at the clock โ€œI will be over in 10 minutes.โ€you hung up and jumped off bed

ย It was very early so no one would be looking at you. So you brushed your hair and teeth, jumped into something comfortable and applied some lip gloss. Your sis opened the door and you saw your little niece. She reached out to grab your hand and you smiled at her.

โ€œHey Yun, long time no see.โ€ you opened the car door and helped her sit, making sure she was safe

โ€œAre going to pick me up too aunt Y/N?โ€she asked, looking up at you

โ€œYes.โ€you made a right turn at the stop sign โ€œI will be taking you to nursery school this week.โ€

ย The place wasnโ€™t too far away and you were able to find a parking space, which was awesome. As you helped her get off, suddenly you saw a little boy run towards the street.

โ€œStay here!โ€you told Yun and ran to the boy, catching him in time before he crossed the street โ€œAre you ok?โ€you asked him, checking if he was hurt, which he thankfully wasnโ€™t

โ€œI am ok.โ€he said

โ€œJiho!โ€ someone yelled out and you saw a man running towards youโ€Are you ok?!โ€

โ€œMhm.โ€the boy nodded

โ€œYour mother will kill me if she found out.โ€ the man standing next to you was like a god, his brown hair messed up from all the running, you lost your words in seconds upon seeing him โ€œThank you very much.โ€he reached out and helped you stand up, flashing you a smile โ€œIf it wasnโ€™t for you, who knows what could have happened.โ€

โ€œOh, there is no need to thank me. It was just my mothers instinct.โ€you said laughing, as you were a person which was very attached to little children.Your mother always said that you would become a great parent.

โ€œJiho, you should listen to your papa more.โ€Yun walked over to the three of you

โ€œDo you know him Yun?โ€you asked her

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That pic just made me ship harder. My theory for this ramp up and bow tied around it all is just to prove that they were not together when they did IFH and that when SC do come out as a couple after spending all that time together in SA they will not look like liars. And the explanation will be that thoughts?

OOH nice idea!!! Wow!! Never thought about that one!! Good call anon!! 

I am truly entertained over here on the shore cause what is certain to me is that this show is got to have more to the story… It’s too laughable to end here. 

one way to make me hate a ship is going after others and hating their ship because a character is supposedly to be gay and he can’t date a woman. listen. there’s no gay romance between the character in ffxv. those ships are basically just made by fans. the only canon ship going there is n.oct and l.una. i mean if you gonna bash someone and claim that ignis is only gay for gladio then you can just go suck a fucking cock because damn that’s damn rude. pls don’t go making me dislike a ship because you can’t accept the other.


Shipping “face cards”, made by me on Polyvore using images from the internet.

  1. “Girls Who Knew Too Much” - Lydia Martin and Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)
  2. “Napoleon’s Waterloo” - Jamie Moriarty and Joan Watson (Elementary)
  3. “Anatomical, Metaphysical” - Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)
  4. “Define Yourself” - Annabeth Chase and Reyna Ramirez-Arellano (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) - ART BY VIRIA
  5. “Use My Name” / “Master” - The Doctor and the Master (Doctor Who)
  6. “Wells and Bering” - Helena G. Wells and Myka Bering (Warehouse 13)