this ship sure has a lot of names


Where was this when I needed to explain this to nonshippers

Edit: I wasn’t planning on commenting on this but I’ve gotten some shit for it. 

FIrst of all, this is a stupid anime. Trust me. I watched it all. But, if you’re into dirty, immature sexual humor (gay, straight, bi, anything) this shit is it. It’s stupid, but it helped me de-stress, and it had a cool premise.

Anywho, you guys have unlocked my backstory now: This scene showed up and it reminded me of a conversation I had with my brother who didn’t understand how I could be attracted to a male character (Tony Stark) but at the same time ship him with another man (Steve Rogers), i.e. think of him as gay, and I told him that you could still find a guy attractive no matter his sexuality. He just didn’t get it. I wanted to point out that bisexuality (or pansexuality) could be a possibility, but my brother is heavily against anything besides straight or gay (he sees the world in black and white, which sucks for me cuz I’m bisexual, still a bit closeted), so I just held it back. When I saw this, it reminded me of our conversation, and I laughed. I wanted to share it with him, but I’m afraid of accidentally coming out, (I try to avoid conversations with him that deal with LGBTQ+ issues unless it’s something that really riles me up). So, I put it up here. Sadly, it has the use of the H-word, i’m not even sure if that’s the actual interpretation of what they said in Japanese, and it exaggerates shipping, too. Like, I ship something because they’re cute together (from Tony and Steve to Harley and Ivy to Kamala and Miles). But this exaggeration is what I found funny! I’ve gotten mixed reactions to it, but I still think it’s funny especially cuz a lot of shippers have probably had a form of this convo with nonshippers. 

I’ve also gotten asked what the name of this anime is and it’s this….*takes deep breath*

English: My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy

Japanese (romaji): Ore no Nōnai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Rabukome o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru

Short version: Noucome

So, there you have it. Gosh, I hate doing explanations…I ramble a lot and I had to delete a lot of stuff and even then it’s still long! Oh, well. How do I end this?….ummm Have a nice day! |-/

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I also think that the scene between Jon and Dany in Dragonpit was such a wonderful moment because there's so much layers in that scene there's this tragedy and melancholy of seeing the last two Targaryens talk about their family with Dany kind of teaching Jon unwittingly a bit about their family history and Jon assuring her her family still lives(which foreshadows to me that he won't hate his Targaryen linage especially since in the books he admires some of them) it's a really wonderful scene

It’s also a big deal for Dany to be vulnerable and trusting with someone since we’ve seen her hardening and wear this queen persona ever since season two it’s actually a nice contrast with a conversation she had with Jorah after Irri was murdered where she talked about how she didn’t need trust anymore but it’s really nice to see how both Dany and Jon are supportive and helping each other grow which is something we haven’t seen in any of their previous relationships

I agree! It’s still my favorite finale scene and it was very unexpected for me, a really nice surprise. I agree about the layers. 

Dany has been so different in these one-on-one scenes with Jon. Her voice is so different it’s almost unrecognizable. She lets her guard down around him in a way we haven’t seen her do EVER before. And yeah, it was very melancholy. I think the inherent sadness of a woman thinking about how she will be the last of her family, and also lamenting her inability to have a child, is very dark and painful in an episode that had so many brief moments of humor. 

So it was interesting to see this moment where the strength Dany displayed during the political negotiations (arriving on Drogon, walking alone, confidently, up to her seat, sitting up straight and talking evenly and calmly to both Cersei and Jaime, etc) is gone when she’s in the comfort of Jon’s presence and his presence alone. He really brings out her true self, and I think she brings out his as well. Jon hasn’t really confided sad things in her but it’s because I think this season was more about Dany’s losses than his. I think that next season, at Winterfell, in Jon’s home, when he is grappling with his own past, that’s when the tables will turn and he will be the one opening up and needing comfort. 

But for now, Dany brings out this side of Jon that showcases his strength, maturity, agency, leadership, and even his small bit of humor haha. For and/or because of her, he’s been very outspoken this season, standing his ground, standing up for what he believes in, and just generally sitting more comfortably in his role as king then we’ve ever seen him. And I love that her sadness is enough to make him drop his own guard and be sweet and tender with her like he was in the post-wight hunt scene and in the dragonpit, and to crack jokes like he did before leaving Dragonstone in 7.05 and also when he quoted Tyrion in the dragonpit in the finale. 

Most importantly, he is comfortable enough around Dany to pursue his own romantic desires. I think this is huge for Jon who has up until now always chosen duty and honor first. (For the record, I think Dany can actually line up with duty for Jon, but that’s another topic.) Him being the one to reach for her hand first after the wight hunt is pretty much unprecedented in Jon’s character arc. Jon being the one to go to her cabin, to knock, and to enter and shut the door without any prompting from Dany is HUGE. 

Here is a man whose fear of fathering a bastard kept him from sleeping with women in his youth, and whose self-doubt and strict adherence to duty hampered his first romantic relationship, and a man who has ignored his personal life and his own needs for years. Even right after his resurrection Jon denied himself any time to cope or recover. 

But just like Jon brings out a softer side of Dany, I think Dany brings out a tougher and more independent side of Jon. He hasn’t abandoned his mission or anything. But making love to Dany isn’t part of that mission. He’s doing it because he wants to. He wants to be with her and he’s allowing himself to indulge in what he wants. He’s letting himself accept the love he’s always been worthy of. And we get to see that in the dragonpit scene.

Because the conversation in that scene is just so extremely important to me. 

The writing is done the way it is for a reason. The writers make sure that Jon is told not once but twice that Dany can’t have a child. They could have left it with that and still included boatsex, because it would actually make a lot of sense. We know Jon has feared fathering a bastard child, so thinking that’s impossible with Dany would be further motivation for him to choose her as a sexual partner.

But instead of just leaving it at that they make sure we know that Jon doesn’t believe it. They make sure we know that Jon encourages Dany not to believe it either. 

That’s part of why I have so much faith in the future of their ship. Because D&D made sure everyone is aware that Jon Snow, whose entire life has been defined by his name and his apparent bastard status, who loathes the idea of putting any child of his own through the struggles he faced, wants Dany to be capable of conception, believes Dany to be capable of conception, and then initiates sex with Dany. He also ensures that Dany knows before they go through with it, that he thinks a child could come out of the union. That way, neither of them is under the impression that it’s a casual, no-strings-attached fling with no consequences. So they both go into it thinking Dany’s pregnancy a possibility. And if Jon expects the possibility of her pregnancy and still goes through with it, that means he expects to be around for her future and to marry her.

On top of that, we get a speech in which Jon drives home the point of his own personal loyalty. How he won’t turn his back on an oath because loyalty needs to mean something. 

All of this makes me more confident than ever that Jon wants to be with Dany for the rest of his life, and that regardless of what conflicts befall them next season, he will be. And it’s because of this effect they have on each other that you’re describing. They are soul mates :’)

So the other day I got this message in my inbox:

“What if ji and ksoo were to see the sexual and erotic stuff you shippers write/post about them? Just imagine how it makes them feel. As two men who are just friends it could make them really uncomfortable and they probably think its disrespectful too smh”

Rather than replying straight to this person and being petty, throwing shade and ready to fight like I usually am….I figured I’d reply with this nice and calm well thought out post since this subject comes up often with Kaisoo and I feel like this possibility needs a bit of exploration. :)

*****DISCLAIMER******: As everyone should know by now, I am a kaisoo supporter and this post is mainly to break down misconceptions in relation to them only. In other words, I am not speaking for other pairings/ships that arent Kaisoo. This is solely my perception and view on this so no shade will be tolerated. I edited this both on my laptop and my phone so idk if the “read more” shyt appeared…dont shoot me. The names of Kaisoo have been abbreviated to eliminate appearing in their respective tags. This post is also not to condone or promote the sharing of sexually explicit forms of shipping directly with the artists involved. (i.e messaging it to them on social media, mailing it to them, shouting things like “how hard does ji f*ck you” to ksoo in person, etcetera etcetera blah blah yada yada)

So, EXO debuted in 2012.

This makes about 4 years since they have been active in the industry.
Kaisoo shippers began noticing their interactions way before EXO’s debut.
Then, this airport photo that was released to the public was one of the first ones that showed how intimate they were with one another:

This pre debut photo was also leaked along with others, some of which were noted to have been much more intimate:

Eerily, these intimate photos vanished after EXO’s debut and are currently nowhere to be found online.

Anyway…moving on. :)

So we know that the kaisoo ship began its first stages of sailing around 2010-late 2011, before EXO’s debut.
Throughout all 4 years of EXO being active, both JI and KS have maintained steady and intimate interactions with one another. There were only two major periods during these 4 years of which the two seemed to be more distant around each other than usual. (There are many theories about this, research more if you’re interested.)

Simultaneously within these 4 years, the kaisoo pairing grew to become one of the longest and most popular pairings in EXO, to the point where it not only became one of EXO’s main pairings but one of the most popular pairings within the Korean idol industry as a whole.

That’s a lot of popularity, right?
I hope you are following along.

“Kaisoo” is what international fans use to refer to “KAI” and “KyungSOO” being paired.
However, in Korea, they are referred to as “KADI”

“KADI” is written as “카디 ” in hangul.
Below is a screencap from an interview for EXO’s 2nd box dvd that included both JI and KS, released in 2015:

As you can see, they both seem to be well informed about their Korean couple name, “Kadi”.

Okay, so what does this mean? Just cuz they know the name doesnt mean they’ve seen what fans draw of them! It should be kept private!

This brings me to my next point.
Again, KADI written in hangul is 카디.
One of Korea’s most popular search engines is “NAVER. It is Korea’s equivalent to GOOGLE in the US. More than 25 million people in South Korea have used NAVER.
NAVER has also collaborated with and sponsored many EXO related things both past and present.

I searched for 카디 in NAVER, and this is what came up:

On almost every page, there were drawings of JI and KS that were intimate and very erotic.

So, this leads me to my final point.

If we look at the timeline and how the kaisoo ship started before debut, it grew to be one of the most popular ships, they both know about their ship name and that erotic images show up when you search their name on NAVER (we could even factor in that JI has had an instagram in the past and that KS has been rumoured to have a private one)…then one could only conclude that the chance of them already having seen and possibly even read what fans have created about them is pretty high.

In short, I know a lot of you want to protect JI and KS and make sure that things like this stay private and out of their reach, but I am 99% sure that its too late for that and they have already seen these things.

I also don’t feel like protection is needed, though, and its because of this reason. If we can conclude that within 4 years they had to have been exposed to “erotic kaisoo fanart/fiction” then we can also conclude that there is a possibility that they aren’t bothered by it too much.

The reason for this once again goes back to the timeline. We know that the kaisoo pairing has been around since 2010. We also know there is a possibility they both knew about their pairing. 

 Hypothetically, lets say that I am and idol and found out that fans were looking at my interactions with another idol and creating sexual imagery out of these reactions and I don’t like it. My first reaction to limit this would be to reduce how much I interact with this person in the public eye. Less touching, less whispering, less laughing and being seen together. Whether fanservice or just normal interaction, if me being shipped with this person made me uncomfortable, the interaction with them would slow down. 

 But Kadi’s interactions with one another didn’t slow down until almost 2 years after debut, which would lead one to come to the conclusion that A.) They are not bothered by being paired with one another, and B.) The reactions slowed down for a reason other than them being uncomfortable with shipping.

I’m pretty sure they’re bothered and just feel like they can’t say anything cuz of SM!!

This is a possibility, but again not very likely. Remember not too long ago when Chanyolk put up that long post on instagram after people found out he started following a specific female idol? And we all know about how vocal Amburr has been lately about ef ex as well. KS was able to politely communicate that he no longer needs gifts from fans, so its safe to say that if shipping him with JI was an issue that would have been conveyed somehow too.

There is also so much evidence from Kaisoo themselves clearly showing how shipping doesnt seem to make them uncomfortable.

We have the sticker set that JI used on his phone. This sticker set was made by and given to him by a fansite:

In this sticker set there were drawings of JI by himself, JI with animals and KS drawings, but not any other member/idol. This also shows that, once again, kaisoo had been shipped by the public for a long time, giving them the likely hood of knowing about it. 

There are  also lots of videos in which you can see both JI and KS smiling at banners of which their ship name had appeared:

And then there is the eery coincidence of JI mentioning that one of his favorite songs was “Montreal” by the weekend, 4 years after it was used in a FMV for a kaisoo fanfic called “Arbitrage”:

Has he read the actual fic? Most likely not. But its possible he may have seen seen the FMV which included clips of him with KS as well.

I want to reiterate agian that this post is not to say that its okay to post sexual works of idol pairings in places that they will see it. Of course it should stay among shippers only. What Im saying is that on a website like tumblr, an idol from south Korea is not likely to see what shippers post and even still, because there are shippers who share things externally and search engines exist…there is the possibility that an idol has already seen what you’re trying to keep from them.

Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, shipping is and always has been apart of the kpop industry. We know it, the companies know it and idols know it too.

With the internet being such an open way of communicating and sharing things for so many people, its only a matter of time before some nsfw shipping art is leaked on a platform that makes it more accessible to idols. But this is not something that you can blame shipping itself(especially when it is encouraged) or the MAJORITY of shippers for. The majority of us are not sending our NSFW kaisoo art and fics directly to KS and JI themselves. It was even Kaisoo shippers themselves who used our voices to stop the film adaptation of Anterograde Tomorrow in an effort to protect Kaisoo. The majority of us are just talking among ourselves on exclusive and private platforms and sharing our imagination in the form of art.

Every now and then someone may leak things that should have been kept private. But that is an issue for THOSE shippers, not shippers and shipping as a whole. There are good and not so good people in all fandoms, and there is nothing wrong with artistic expression among fans.

So in short, to answer your question…I (clearly) wonder sometimes if Kaisoo has seen what things shippers post about them all the time. I do acknowledge the possibility that they also may have seen these works. I do wonder how it makes them feel, but I also know that they are adults and if they do feel uncomfortable or if they feel its disrespectful they will tell us/show us in their own way and we don’t have to worry about protecting them from things like this. :)


(Or rather, demand to know where the birds are at and I WILL DRAW MORE!)

The names of the birds and which character is which is on the captions! I’m pretty sure it’s obvious but just in case ya’ll don’t know what birds these are and why I picked them (a lot of thought has went into this from their species to their habits).

Okay I ship Trillie. Y'know fuck anyone who tries to tell me I can’t

  • Firstly I respect them and would never try and inform them that I ship it or ask questions regarding the truth behind Trillie.
  • I love and respect their wives I don’t wish that they were with each other more than them. Their wives are wonderful people who make them very happy and I wouldn’t change that for the world.
  • Regarding Trillie itself there is a lot of evidence. I’m sure you’ve all heard it before but y'know I love talking about it.
  1. ‘Green Day Interview From 1991’ (that’s the name of the youtube video. Watch it. All three of them cute AF.) Interviewer asks Tré if he has a girlfriend and he says never, fuck that. Then says he has a Boyfriend called Bill. Then whispers Billie Joe but is too nervous to talk about it with the cameras rolling.
  2. In an interview 2004ish Billie says him and Tré had sex once. Like they literally say it.
  3. Neither are straight. Sure being Bi doesn’t automatically mean they did anything but y'know two straight dudes aren’t gonna be in some form of relationship. (Wether that relationship was boyfriends or just sexual, I wouldn’t know/ don’t need to know)
  4. Billie changes the lyrics to Only Of You to 'Tré it was allways you’ and the original name for Fell For You was 'Fell For Snoo’ - The Snoo being a nickname of Tré’s.
  5. I believe that if anything happened between them it would have been early 90s like 1991-2ish. There was a time When Billie wasn’t with Adrienne or Amanda or anyone else around then and was pretty open to experimenting.
  6. Billie and Tré making out on stage then Billie introducing the audience to Tré as 'his man’
  7. Acoording to numerous reports sexual activity between them occured in the van/ bookmobile. Apparently one of their bus drivers caught them '69ing’
  8. Genrally speaking two friends don’t passionately and roughly make out while shirtless on multiple occasions.


These were just some examples of a lit of evidence off the top of my head btw.

  • I know Trillie might not have happened, of course I do and don’t madly obsess over it. I’m not too serious about it. They are just two cute dudes who I admire and its a nice and harmless thought that they had something more than a friendship y'know?
  • Billie and Tré themselves don’t really seem to mind and the concept of Trillie may even be like an inside joke with them that we can play along with y'know? If they did mind and not want anyone to specualte they wouldn’t tell the media things like claiming that the had sex.
  • Shipping is just a bit of harmless fun and you gotta admit, Trillie is fucking cute!

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Roadrat Headcanons

(okay so I’m putting all my ideas so far here, i’ll make a note to make it more obvious for the pepole who’ve already seen the rest)
Has a scar on the left side of his face that runs through his eyebrow and over the left eyelid, he’s not blind in the eye, but he has issues fully opening the eye because of the scar tissue.

Has and under-bit and two teeth that look like tusks (Not very orginal I know) witch prop his mouth open a bit, so his mouth is always just slightly opened.Has four earrings ( 8 in total) And one of them happens to be a home made one from Junkrat that has the classical Junkrat smile on it. He also has one that looks like a pig. Top most earring is usually a small hoop earring.

Has a nose ring through his right nostril.

Has and eyebrow piercing, on his right eyebrow.

Has a piercing through his bottom lip, and a small scar near the left “tusk”.

Mako used to practice Buddhism before everything went to heck in a hand cart.

Is teaching Junkrat to read.

Jamie can’t read very well, the world went to hell before he learned how to read much, but he has enough experience to understand the basics.

Jamie is also dyslexic, making reading a lot harder. It’s one of the reasons he’s struggles to remember Mako’s real name.

Junkrat’s writing is like giving a 2 year old a pen and asking them to write you a letter. Usually end’s in scribbles and ink mess.

Junkrat is actually very good at drawing designs. But not people. Again, like a 2 year old.

Jamie probably has ADHD, making learning how to read a lot harder.

Junkrat’s favorite animal is a dragon. No one can tell him it’s not real, he won’t believe you.

This boy has such bad memory, I’m 90% sure he has a tendency to forget his birth name isn’t Junkrat.
Roadrat Head canons (Yaay ships :D ):
Jamie is the little spoon, but he want’s to be the big spoon.

Mako has to take care of him like he’s a baby, has to bathe him, make sure he eats, occasionally has had to burp him, sometimes gets puked on, puts him to bed, cleans up his messes- the list goes on.

Jamie made the first move. Jamie got kicked in the groin. And then kissed.

Mako waited three months into dating him before taking the mask fully of, Jamie died for a few seconds.

Jamie likes to do up Mako’s hair, he usually ends up getting his metal fingers stuck in his boyfriend’s beautiful locks.

Mako tends to Jamie when he has phantom pains, which can sometimes incapacitate him for days. Mako will carry him around the house, Jamie will usually fall asleep snuggled into his belly whist being cradled like a small baby.

When they first started off, Jamie didn’t actually understand the values of money, and things like that. So he would sort them by amount, not value. At first, Roadhog though Junkrat was trying to cheat him out of his pay, and then he figure out Junkrat honestly didn’t understand the difference between a gold bar and a twenty dollar bill. In the end, Roadhog was assigned to be the money counter, to avoid further issues, but after a few year he decided he might as well begin to teach Junkrat about economy and monetary values.

Jamison is not allowed to cook, he never fails to set the building on fire. Roadhog is the only one allowed within three feet of the stove.

Jamie eventually ended up getting a hoop earring to match Mako’s, as well as a pig and smiley face one, he wears them on the left ear, same as Mako.

Jamie is a still silent sleeper, something trained into him after years of surviving in the Outback, kid barley even drools, he also is a light sleeper and more often then not wakes up paranoid. Mako, on the other hand snores, which used to wake up Jamie all the time. Now, it soothes him to sleep, and in it absence he finds it harder to rest.

Mako is the best god damn pillow and you better believe Jamie uses his belly as one all the time. Though, on nights that are particularly rough for Mako, emotionally (PTSD from his AFL day) or physically (a heist gone wrong) Mako will rest his head gently on Jamison’s torso, and the smaller man will wrap around his head, keeping Mako’s ear on his chest so he can hear is heart.

(All the new stuff so far)

Jamison usually crouches on Mako’s shoulder when in crowded areas for two reasons. Reason 1) It’s a possessive thing, feels like that by being perched on his shoulders he’s letting people know Roadie is his, and 2) it’s a damn good vantage point to spot anyone who might try and hurt them, after all with Jamison on his shoulder’s they’re over ten feet tall.

Junkrat isn’t a vegetarian like Roadhog, he wasn’t able to be picky growing up in those conditions, and neither was Roadhog, but you better believe that Mako damn well tries to get him to eat vegan once they get to civilization. It never works, of course, Jamison will end up eating bugs if Mako doesn’t provide at least one meat based meal a week for him. But, 6 out of 7 days is good enough for him.

Roadhog used to think Junkrat was a silly kid and would be easily caught, especially for him, considering he killed, kidnapped, and threatened people for a living. Junkrat was the first person in almost 20 years to actually outsmart Roadhog, and got him stuck in such a situation where he’d had no choice but to except Junkrat’s offer, not like he was going to turn it down anyways, with a deal as good as 50/50 in a 40/60 world.

Jamison only has 4 toes. He used to have 6, but he ended up loosing two in the two after a particularly unpleasant swim in the ocean.

Jamison doesn’t bathe much not only out of habit, but he feels safest with several layers of dirt to hide behind, besides, it provides protection from the sun. He only bathes because Mako like it when he’s clean.

Jamison had an unexplained, strange, phobia of most flying birds, except for seagulls.

Sad Ideas now (mostly Jamie):

Jamison’s health is much worse then Mako’s, he grew up in the radiation longer, didn’t have to many fancy pills or a gas mask, and had spent a long time near and in the Omnium. When they came to Overwatch they where each given physicals and full medical examinations. Despite the fact they could cure most the radiation poisoning and shrapnel damage Jamie probably won’t make it to 43 with how beaten and worn his body has already gotten over these past 20 something years in the out back, it’s likely he’ll die before Roadhog, despite his lung issues and constant use as a meat shield.

Jamison’s Birthday is also the anniversary of the day the Omnium blew. It happened during his 6th birthday party.

Jamie is slowly going def, and has started to lose vision in his right eye.

Mako has a constant habit of blaming himself for everything that’s happened to Jamison and the rest of the Outback.

Mako doesn’t talk a lot because it takes to much breath to talk loud enough for other’s to hear him (despite the fact that he’s going half def, Jamie’s left ear is actually very keen)

They’re terrified of coming out as a couple (despite the fact the other’s already have an idea they are) because in Junkertown showing public affection in crowds is showing a huge weakness to a potential enemy, they may target your loved one, so they keep it to them selves, and have to pretend to hate each other. Some nights it really get’s to Jamison, and he has to curl up on Mako’s chest and just cry a bit (they where lucky enough to be given a shared room, Winston says it was so they didn’t have to try and break nay habits). Once they had most the other’s convinced, until Jamie let his affections slip just a bit, and when Mercy had tried to tell him he was probably reading Mako’s body language wrong he’d gone off on her, telling her she knew nothing about them or what they felt.

Jamie sometimes wakes up screaming loud enough to alert half the base, either because he’s had such a bad memory, or his phantom pains have hit him full throttle.

Mako always lays in bed with Jamie, but for the most part he can’t sleep, he’s to afraid those nights that when he wakes up he’s going to wake up in bed where he was before he met Jamie.

Both of them suffer from severe mental issues, both obviously developing psychopathic tendencies. Jamie has the worst brunt end of mental issues though, with his dyslexia, his ADHD, and his inability to easily put a filter on what he says, though he’s getting better with the last one it’s a long slow process. Jamie also is, in some ways, still a child, always needing someone to look over him to be sure he doesn’t accidentally hurt himself or someone else.

In the year or so they’ve been with Overwatch Jamison has developed cancerous tumors several times ( a few where there form before he ever even joined) and has yet to enter full remission, though the hair and weight loss aren’t really that noticeable with him. The hair he does have is very resilient and takes more then a few heavy doses of chemo to get rid of. Mako, on the other hand, has had several lung collapses and is facing the possibility of loosing one of his already extremely bad lungs, and possibly needing a full on proper breathing apparatus for the rest of his life.

Head Canons for the Future (To make up for the sads):

They marry at ages of 34 and 57.

Jamison, some how, actually does make it it past 43.

Jamison enters full remission at the age of 37.

Mako does end up losing the lung at 52, but the breathing apparatus improves his breathing but 20%.

Mako and Jamison retire at 41 and 64.

They live in Overwatch Base for a year after retiring, but move to a gentle, nice, little home in Hawaii a few miles outside of a small, simple village.

A couple of the Overwatch members have a few kids, and the Junkers are extremely pleased  to earn the title of uncles.

They adopt 3 pigs, Barns, Tot, and Paprika. They live outside, but sleep in the house on Jami’es and Mako’s overly sized bed with them.

Mako’s late night asthma attacks are very rare, and he has yet to have a lung collapse since the apparatus.

Mako becomes a fisher and Jamie becomes a mechanic until his back gives out on him (Mako one a bet on that one, he always knew Jamie’s back would give out first) and Jamie ends up fully retiring at 47, and sits and chats with Mako whilst he fishes most days, checking up on the pigs on a regular basis back home.

They actually get well known in the village as those two cute old men who play bicker all the time and actually make friends with another older couple, and once again earn the titles of Uncle to the couples grand children.

They start a garden, and Mako and Jamison take up scrap booking, collecting all the old news paper clipping that have mentions of them. Jamison like’s being able to get his creative juices out by decorating the pages with cute little buttons and stickers.

Even 16 years later, Mako hasn’t given up on getting his husband to become vegan.

late night taako/magnus feels dump! I was chatting with a buddy about them and I just love them so much

like magnus basically helps taako learn to let down his walls, with all his Understanding, Wholesome, Rustic Hospitality Heroic cheesiness–even when magnus messes up sometimes, it’s for infuriatingly altruistic reasons. and then taako is just So Much, for magnus, like he’s skilled and funny and interesting, and it’s special when he opens up to anyone, let alone magnus. and he also helps magnus deal with some of the world’s unfairness, with his attitude of like “yeah, homie, shit can get fucked up sometimes, no surprise there. but that’s why you make sure your hair looks gorgeous and make the world your bitch anyway.” like it’s this way of finding joy in the world, a way magnus has never really considered before

and then at the end of the day, they can chill because humor is also important to them………. lmao i love ships that can laugh together and i like these two a lot

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Hey so I'm a Bellarke shipper but I totally support Clexa and I rly liked Lexa but I feel like I can't be remotely Bellamy-positive without someone (usually a clexa shipper) telling me I'm being homophobic or that they're completely platonic and I can't ship it. And listen, I'm gay and it's amazing to see queer women in a relationship on mainstream television but I just wish the culture around it online wasn't so toxic!

Hey there. First of all, I think if there is one word you shouldn’t use, that word is toxic. As you, being gay, are perfectly aware of (or should be), queer women in relationships on mainstream television are few and far between, and they usually die — as Lexa did. We’re hungry for representation, which practically doesn’t exist nowadays, so when such minimal representation disappears, the impact is much, much, much greater. So yes, of course some people take it too far. But that happens in all shipping fandoms, even those who have literally zero cultural relevance. So I wouldn’t call it toxic; I would call it tragic.

Secondly, of course you can be Bellamy-positive. Just stay in your lane, don’t tag or say Lexa or Clexa’s name in your posts, for example. You don’t need to discuss Bellamy with us. I’m sure there’s plenty of Be|larke shippers who will be eager to gush about Bellamy with you. What we get rightfully annoyed at is when Blarke shippers compliment Bellamy by insulting Lexa. And believe me, that happens a LOT. And it’s stupid. Bellamy has his flaws, Lexa has her own, but some comparisons are just laughable. I mean, discussion is fine, but let’s please be reasonable about it. Don’t try to excuse what Bellamy did by paralleling it to what Lexa has done. It’s just plain stupid. There’s no valid argument for it. There’s no comparison whatsoever. And when Be|larke shippers try to do that, it (rightfully) annoys us, because it’s like a) we haven’t watched the same show, or b) those people are way too biased for a healthy discussion.

Thirdly, as of now (who knows what the future will bring), Be|larke IS platonic. If there is nothing canonically romantic, then it is platonic. That’s a simple matter of definitions. We’re not trying to insult you when we state that fact. But can you ship it? Of course. You could ship Clarke with a chair for all I care, that’s the beautiful thing about fandom and shipping. I mean, have you ever taken a look at all the ships in the Harry Potter tag on AO3? It’s honestly scarring.

the lunar chronicles is basically Fairytales In Space, but the royalty kicks more ass than they would in an average fairytale. highlights include:

  • Asian cyborg mechanic cinderella
  • anything apart from that is a spoiler. but really why would u need anything else. it’s asian cyborg mechanic cinderella
  • little Red Riding hood is a French farmer girl ready to Fight Anyone at All Times
  • despite her proficiency with a shotgun she doesn’t really like violence
  • Space Rapunzel is still named after a vegetable
  • her long hair which has tangled and matted after seven years of captivity is cut into the obligatory Space Bob
  • snow white is black
  • precious cinnamon roll literally too beautiful for her world
  • her head is The Terrordome (psychological issues)
  • the prince/emperor is so done with everything his adviser just lets him mope around visibly inside the palace walls it’s hilarious
  • the Evil Queen is so extra like gotdang she’s a powerful telepath with an army of wolf-men and a ton of evolved spaceships and she throws a lot of temper tantrums which involves killing thousands of people by the minute
  • kylo ren wishes he could
  • flynn rider was blind that one time
  • his ship is named the R A M P I O N and it has a naked lady painted on the side
I’d tell you more but really, spoilers. and i haven’t even finished winter yet

“Omg I can’t believe that you’re reducing Rose to a love interest for Finn, like I as a ____ am so offended you would use this Asian woman this way plus if you love Rose so much why don’t you ship her with Kylo, oh that’s right it’s because you’re just using Rose to prop up your white ship, also I nver remember you being this excited about Jessika Pava. Racist!”

Ok Becky, I’ll bite. :)

Shipping Finnrose like crazy ≠ reducing Rose to a love interest. First of all, this idea that love interest - which is but one capacity a character can serve in a story full of multiplicative capacities - is a fallacy. That the ship is such an integral part of someone’s excitement for Rose does not necessarily mean “reducing” her. If so this leads to all sorts of complicated hypocrisies that antis don’t want to deal with - for example is the emphasis on Finnrey reducing Finn or Rey as love interests? Which one comes off worse in the hierarchy of injustice? Certainly I’ve been critical in the past of explicit linking of Finn’s worth and importance to the white lead or of treating Rey as a prize that goes to the one who “deserves” her, especially if either is done in conjunction with a holier than thou attitude. I think we all agree that that would qualify as reducing someone to a love interest. In absence of that and similar lines of thought, the charge of “reduction” makes no sense.

Second of all - it’s fucking shipping. The point is to put two characters in a relationship. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or just collapsed the differences, but one character is already established and the other is not. So excuse us that not everything is teeming with Rose Tico meta at this point. We’ve been given enough to be intrigued by the possibility of Rose and the TLJ promotion has literally been throwing Rose x Finn in our faces. The material is what is linking her and Finn together strongly, not us forcing or incessantly zeroing on some imagined connection that isn’t a big deal. It’s pretty clear it’s a big fucking deal.

Third of all, LMFAO at the idea that not shipping Rose with Kylo is a double standard. As if you chumps wouldn’t be on our asses if we did. Yeah I’m sure the part of the fandom that has spent the last almost two years scolding us for shipping the heroine with the evil white boy and not the black hero that she is “clearly” paired with would tooootally be cool if we shipped the Asian heroine with the evil white boy over the black hero she actually really is clearly paired with, because that certainly would never been seen as problematic by you lot, amirite?


Last I checked those two characters had nothing to do with each other.

And fourthly, Jessika Pava is a minor character with 30 seconds of screentime who’s name is not even uttered in the movie - yet still she’s liked well enough for most in fandom to know her name and feature in some crack ships. 

Close but no cigar, antis.

List of WOY Ships

There are a lot of ships in this fandom. And I mean A LOT of ships. And I think it’s been objectively decided that the WOY fandom has the best ship names of any fandom. So, for all of you who are new to the fandom, here’s a list of ship names! (If you notice any ship missing or if you have a ship name you want to add, inform me and I’ll be sure to add it to the list!)

  1. Wander/Hater: Skeleton Dance
  2. Wander/Sylvia: Sylander
  3. Wander/ Peepers: Wandering Eye
  4. Sylvia/Peepers: Black Eye
  5. Sylvia/Hater: Zboneak
  6. Hater/Peepers: Death Glare
  7. Dominator/Hater: Dom N Hater
  8. Dominator/Wander: Death Star
  9. Dominator/Sylvia: Sylava
  10. Dominator/Peepers: Astigmagmatism
  11. Awesome/Hater: Conquering Boyfriends
  12. Awesome/Dominator: Sharkboy and Lavagirl
  13. Awesome/Sylvia: Seahorse
  14. Awesome/Brad Starlight: Shark Knight
  15. Evil Sandwich/Dr. Screwball Jones: Banana Bread
  16. Evil Sandwich/Dominator: Chick n’ Dinner
  17. Prince Cashmere/Sylvia: Zbaaanak
  18. Lil’ Bits/Black Cube: Cat Box
  19. Hater/Brad Starlight: Skeleton Knight
  20. Moose (Muscular Watchdog)/Flex Carpals (Fist Fighter Bouncer): Hand-Eye Coordination
  21. Peepers/Awesome: Eyesome
  22. Awesome/Wander: Starfish 
  23. Dominator/Demurra: Dommura
  24. Major Threat/Tumbleweed: Tumblesquid or Major Weed
  25. Something the So and So/Black Cube: Mystery Box
  26. Peepers/Westley: Wishing Eye
  27. Brad Starlight/Princess Remora: Sucker
  28. Dr. Screwball Jones/Wander: Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?
  29. Dr. Screwball Jones/Hater: Funny Bone
  30. Dr. Screwball Jones/Peepers: Visual Gag
  31. Dr. Screwball Jones/Dominator: Dominatricks
  32. Dr. Screwball Jones/Dentist from The Fremergency Fronfact: Laughing Gas
  33. Gil/Peepers: Gilper
  34. Hater/Sourdough the Evil Sandwich: Bone Apetit
  35. Phil/Wander: Philander
  36. Ripov/Wander: Nomad Hunter
  37. Ripov/Sylvia: Zbornak Hunter
  38. Ripov/Hater: Skull Hunter
  39. Ripov/Peepers: Eyeball Hunter
  40. Ripov/Dominator: Lava Hunter
  41. Ripov/Beeza: Bug Hunt or Flea Hunter
  42. Westley/Brad Starlight: Starry Knight

Remember! In the WOY fandom, there’s no such thing as a crack ship!

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Sorry because of annoying u but could u introduce me the spacedogs au? I'm in the hannigram fandom recently so i didn't know well about this au i'm looking forward to seeing good reponse from u ;A;

Sure no problem! You´re not annoying at all : )

Spacedogs is the ship name for Hughs character Adam from the movie with the same name. Adam has aspergers syndrome and loves space stuff.

Then there is Nigel - Mads character from “The necessary death of Charlie Countryman”.  He´s a drug dealer and very jealous and violent.

Nigel is wearing a shirt with a wiener dogs pattern in the movie - so somehow the ship name was created : ) They are both so very different characters but  somehow people make it work!

I recommend taking a look at the SpaceDogs tag on tumblr - lots of great stuff can be found here!

You can watch both movies here  - enjoy!

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aizawa/present mic (don't know their ship name) and bakushima/kiribaku?

Ngl anon I’m not even sure mtself what their ship name is since i don’t see a lot of it on my dash buuuut I love both of them so much and they’re defiently a really good ship that I can get on board with!!

Okay but if you’ve been following me long enough you know how much I love bakushima its such a good ship and has so many great qualities because they both work so well together and I would die for them.

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 5 -On Love and  Warmth

The suprise game is strong…

Yaoi-baiting has become one of the most prominent elements in this series and the creators wasted no time establishing that fact. In fact, one could say that it is one of the prouder elements of the series itself.

And as the show continues, fans are expecting more and more physical interactions and double-meant lines from their favorite ships. I think that the ViktoXYuri (Viktuuri, correct me if I’m wrong) ship is one that has a lot of passengers.

New characters are being introduced and they would surely get their time to shine during the later episodes. (Cue screams for Pichit Chulanot and Minami Kenjirou!!!)

One thing that I have observed aside from the tremendous yaoi-baiting scenes and lines is the ability it has to deliver something really unexpected.

In this episode, I can name two main points where I can say that the surprise game is really strong in this show. (Kudos to the creators and artists and everyone behind the show, really!)

1. The adorable puppy that is Minami Kenjirou

During the preview, I somehow expected him to have a certain level of adorableness. But what I didn’t expect was it was to this extent.

The Minami Kenjirou Formula= Viktor is to Yuri as Yuri is to Minami.

He is fanboying so hard when it comes to Yuri and that’s what I didn’t expect. I believed that someone with the reputation of a champion would somehow have a certain dignity around them and a certain level of aloofness, which unfortunately, is something I was not able to find in Minami. And that’s okay because he was adorable AF! It would seem that if Yuri wishes it to, Minami would gladly kiss and grovel on the ground he walks on.

He is good and he has potential. Yuri knows it too. It’s a good thing that he is his own element and that he uses what talent he has to make it shine. His competitions are his own most of the time. (Refer to music being used during his free program please. I was smiling the whole time.)

2. This ‘Nosebleed’ scene.

Because I was expecting the nosebleed to be Viktor-induced this was certainly a surprise for me. The first time I saw it- *le gasp! Then I laughed by butt off from my chair. That’s Katsuki Yuri for you ladies and gentlemen.

3. Announcements translated to Confessions

He didn’t even know that his parents, teacher and friends supporting him was due to love and admiration. They were, as I would quote, “something abstract” for one Katsuki Yuri. Only when Viktor came did he had the guts to name those feelings.

I pity the people who stood by him for a long time. But on the upside, this makes for a good factor in the Viktuuri relationship buildup that everyone is soo crazy about.

If this is not a confession, I don’t know what is anymore. However, I can totally picture Yuri getting all beet-red embarrassed because of this.

This focuses on Yuri’s improvement in skating and his skating style. Watching at Minami and the other contenders made him realized something. Although Viktor probably gave the solution to the jump issues and problems, Yuri decided to forego with it and go back to the original one. And in my opinion, this was not a sign of rebellion, nor was it a sign of defiance. It was because he was challenged by the the younger players who are giving it their all and putting the audience in awe. He was taking them seriously that he decided to give it his best as well.  This was something he has always been doing in the past. He believes he can make those jumps (but unfortunately he didn’t) and he delivers emotions.

Me as someone watching can’t look away half because of worry and half because he is beautiful. It was the charm that took him to the previous Grand Prix finals. But I can see that he still needs a lot of things to work on.

This scene is very realistic in the sense that the hero is someone real. He feels real emotions and is affected by it. He also learns from them a lot.

And there were still a lot of KYAA-worthy moments in between. I can see that in the months they have been together, Yuri has somehow gotten used to Viktor and his acts.


And can we talk about how he’s changed and how hot he has become?

Viktor still has a lot of improvement in terms of coaching. I believed, he almost lost faith in Yuri for one second and he wanted to scold him for changing the free program. But he sees everything through and faces Yuri head on.

His face when you reject him…

Personally, I want to see Viktor lose his cool and go berserk on Yuri because I believe this would deepen their relationship and it gives way for development and growth. But if this happens, it worries me seeing how Yuri can be when things go bad.

In this episode though, I have no complaints on how Viktor handled Yuri. (That doesn’t sound right.)

He is genuinely wondering who Yuuri takes after then realizes it…

I also observed that they somehow do away with the hot and sexier scenes to make way for the warmer ones.


Tumblr impressions: the Lunar Chronicles

Okay so I ordered the Lunar Chronicles books bc it seems really awesome from what I’ve seen on tumblr. I probably have a very different image of it than it actually is bc TUMBLR. But I felt like making a post with all my thoughts of it now so that I can read this later when I’ve read all of it and cringe eternally.

Before browsing through the tags I already know this: All the girls are badass and have prince-boyfriend-sidekicks that just look pretty and stand by while the girls slay everything. Also there is an evil moon??

Okay so now I’m going through the tags to find more about tlc.

Cinder: CINDERELLA CYBORG NICE. At least I think she’s a cyborg type thing person and prince Kai is her love interest I think because I’ve seen a lot of Kaider tags so I’m assuming that is Cinder & Kai. Also I think she’s bffs with someone named Thorne? She probably has some kind of evil stepmother but haven’t seen much about that. But she’s a badass cyborg person that fixes everything and makes cool stuff. Also she is friends with someone named Iko?

Kai: He’s the prince that flirts with Cinder constantly and doesn’t know what to do ever. Also I think his parents are dead or he has horrible parents? I’m not sure. It seems like he never does anything but I mean he’s ruling a country right? So he probably does something? 

Scarlet: This is the Red Riding Hood fairy tale I think? Because she seems to be in love with a wolf? Or a person named Wolf. Yeah I think a person named Wolf, that’s more likely to happen. People ship her with Winter a lot but I think that’s just all tumblr stuff and not canon-y. I’m seeing a lot of those incorrect tlc quotes so I have no clue what Scarlet actually is like but she seems like the super smart super fabulous super capable sarcastic one. She shot Wolf I think? Lots of question marks here. 

Wolf: So yeah Wolf is an actual person and Scarlets love interest. He’s some kind of soldier? A wolf hybrid super soldier thing made by an evil person? I expected him to be a werewolf but that’s not what he is apparently. He does dumb things because he wants to and Scarlet just watches and is proud of him? He calls Scarlet his alpha female? And apparently his real name is Ze’ev Kesley, or that was his previous name, idk.

Cress: She’s the Rapunzel one so I hope she has really really long hair, but not sure about that. She married her celebrity crush? She lives on the moon and is a very shy cute cinnamon roll that can hack everything on the planet. (and the moon?) Very lonely at first because she was locked away with no contact to the outer world. 

Thorne: He’s a celebrity kinda person I think? He’s Cress love interest and she married her crush so I think that’s him. He’s like Flynn Rider from Tangled but less sarcastic and cynical and will dance and sing on tables. Also very cinnamon roll-y and clumsy af. He highfived Cinder on the moon and it was on tv so the moon people and earth people all saw it and it was very shocking. 

Winter: She’s Snow White and a beautiful WOC. Already a princess I think and Jac… is her love interest. Jacinter seems canon from the very beginning, but not sure if that’s true. Jac… is some kind of protector or guard and their relationship is secret and if it comes out they can be killed? The last book is called Winter but people are disappointed with the lack of Winter/Jac… as the main characters because all the other books had enough of the others so they wanted a lot of Jacinter too. 

Jacin (okay so that’s his name) : literal embodiement of the “looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you” meme. Does not like people that much except for Winter. He’s a very cute person that hates life and everyone and everything that lives. He betrayed everyone? But he seems like a good person so he probably was forced to because I don’t want him to betray everyone I want all these people to be happy. 

Conclusion: My first impression was right all the girls are super badass and have cool boyfriends and all the ships are great and theres an evil moon thing. But people also live on the moon. Still not sure how they get from earth to the moon. Cool cyborgs and wolf people and space people and yes it’s great.

Chapter 3

Dipper sat in the cabin of the Mystery Hull with Mabel, who was busy organizing her collection of colored shells. Stan had told him to wait in there and to keep his sister company. Of course he wanted to spend time with Mabel, but he had no interest in making pictures out of shells.

“Why does Stan treat me like a kid?” Dipper asked his sister, who was now stacking the shells into a model of a building in town.

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Hii! :) I love your blog, it's amazing, and I wondered would you mind talking about Arthur/Eames? It's been my OTP since I first watched Inception, and it's a shame that the fandom is mostly dead,tzhough there exist a number of great fanart and fanfics....

Oh thank you! 

Would I mind? Would I mind?

Oh it’s been my OTP since then too. Still going strong too. What can I say about Arthur and Eames that hasn’t been screamed about already? The love I have for them is amazing. I love their love. I can read about those two idiots falling in love a hundred million times over. 

I do believe it’s canon. There’s too many on purpose little signs peppered throughout the movie if you just look. Nolan knows all too well what he’s doing. The little back and forth’s, the little knowing smile Eames gives Arthur when demonstrating what a kick is, like he’s done it before and Arthur giving him that stink eye like “really? Still think that’s funny?” 

Leave us not forget the ever perfect “Go to sleep, Mr. Eames” and Eames laughing. AND COME ON. Eames would know how to hook himself up to the PASIV, yet Arthur goes over to him to help him and not Ariadne, the obvious newb? Yeah. Come on. There’s too much surrounding THEM and let’s just say I’d sell my soul and everyone else’s to get a sequel or prequel of them. 

Their matching totems too. COME. ON. 

And this is all without mentioning the ever famous, ever adored “darling.” 


I don’t ride or die for this line alone, but it sure as hell helps the case.

*DEEP LONGING SIGH* While there has been a lot of ship jumpers. (the traitors) I don’t think this fandom is dead. Slow sure, but every year, come July, then lot of us once again wake up and celebrate the masterpiece that is Inception and the love of Arthur and Eames. 

Also. we always welcome to new people who just wandered in, stars in their eyes as they come into the fandom. :D

/end rant

@ the sense8 fandom

so now that a lot of people have had time to catch up with the show and fall in love with all the characters and their connections, I was wondering whether it would be worth trying to come up with some ‘official’ tags for things? i’m not really sure how to go about that though, but here’s some things i was thinking about?

there’s the obvious tagging characters with their full names (though capheus doesn’t have a ‘real’ one so his is still up for debate) but there’s also ship names that no one really agrees on. i know everyone has their preferences, but as far as tagging goes it’s always easier when there’s one that is universally used!

ship tags i use are: 

  • blueski - will x riley
  • kalagang - wolfgang x kala
  • linando - lito x hernando
  • nomanita - nomi x amanita

i don’t really have any for my brotps though which i still want to come up with some for. 

so does anyone use any different ones to these or have any suggestions for other ships so i can get an idea of what the best ones to use would be? 

Reacquainted || Bernard/Vida (closed roleplay)

Bernard reclined on the large bed that was both his and his wife’s, breathing in the quiet of the apartment. “Vida,” he began as his hands moved to set his book aside, “are you sure your up for this right now? Last night’s photo shoot ran longer than usual.”

He wanted her to relax for the day. She needed just one day to herself, being a model took a lot out of her, as he understood, but she insisted that today be the day they get.. personally reacquainted with one another.


Why Captain Canary Should Be Accepted By Fans (among other topics)

Everyone in the Legends of Tomorrow fandom probably knows about the ship known as ‘Captain Canary’, the pairing between Sara Lance and Leonard Snart. It’s been popular since the beginning, fans assembling in line before the show even started, gaining more and more after each episode. Why? Because they love the possibility of the two getting together, or just simply their interactions.

But, now, for whatever reason, even before the promo for episode 15 (entitled Destiny) was released, people who do not support the ship began to focus their hate on it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of hate in general. I don’t support some ships, but do I publicly announce hate for every ship that I don’t like? No. If I want to display my dislike for it with valid reasons as to why I don’t support it, I’ll correctly label all of my mentions of the ship and give my post the right tags. I don’t want people to take offense! I know what it’s like to live and breathe a ship.

On the topic of valid reasoning. This is something that a lot of Captain Canary antis have trouble gaining. A good number of them use their main protest as the ship lacking ‘bi and pan representation’. Does having bi representation mean Sara only having relations with a female character? In my personal opinion, bi representation means showing relations with both a male and a female. As for the subject of pan representation. Not to be a downer or anything, but have the writers specifically revealed Snart as pan? Sure, Wentworth Miller has said that he pitched him and plays him as pan, but ultimately it’s up to the writers to decide to look down that path. Now, yes, a lot of us want it. I would be interested in seeing that, I won’t deny it. But you can’t complain about having no ‘pan representation’ when it hasn’t been confirmed that Snart is, in fact, pan.

As for hating on Captain Canary in other ways, a lot of people protest against it mainly because they ship Nyssara, Coldwave, Coldflash, Canarrow, you name it. I hope a good number of you realize that most shippers of Captain Canary support more than one ship involving Sara and Snart? I understand that you like your ship more than this one, but why do you feel the need to hate on it? How would you feel if we did the same to your OTP? From what I’ve seen, a lot of Captain Canary shippers are respectful to other ships, even if CC is their only ship involving Sara and Snart.

Why should Captain Canary be accepted by everyone? Or, at the very least, tolerated? Well, for one, we’ve seen our share of bad romance on this show, as most of you would agree. Atomic Hawk is going down the drain, and I’m glad it’s (although probably temporarily) come to an end. Watching those two every week was like a dose of penicillin for me, personally. We know Ray from Arrow as the science geek who served as a barrier for Oliver and Felicity’s eventual love. And now, once Legends starts, he’s immediately given a new love interest? I don’t know about some fans, but I only know Ray for his love stories. And don’t even get me started on Kendra. She was introduced on The Flash as Cisco’s love interest. And then we find out she’s meant to be with Carter? And then Carter dies and she immediately gets together with Ray? It’s exhausting, to say the least. Kendra’s character is known only through her love as well…I want time to meet the real Kendra.

Back to the topic of Captain Canary. We all know Snart and Sara as individual characters very well, they’ve already developed their own unique personalities, and the fact that play off each other in a humorous way makes it even better. But they can also play off each other emotionally, as we saw in episode 7. Both have things in common, and that’s what caused them to connect. I, personally, enjoyed their relationship as a friendship, with maybe the lingering possibility of romance. I thought it was going to be the long, torturous slow burn that would eventually be worth it in the end. And then the promo for episode 15 was released, and as excited as I was, I couldn’t help but be disappointed after the reality of it sunk in.

The question is…why now? See, a lot of us shippers are dissatisfied with how quickly their romance came to fruition. We wanted to see their relationship grow more and more. In my eyes, it was all friendship. But the writers (obviously Guggenheim in the lead) decided to take the leap of faith, and I’m hoping they execute it properly. Yes, I’ve heard rumors about Snart sacrificing himself to become a hero, and I hope it isn’t true. But think about it…he’s undoubtedly popular among fans. It would be a terrible move to make. Unless they decide to pull a Mick Rory on us, making us think they’re dead until they come back miraculously. Maybe it’ll be one of those scenarios where there’s a slim chance of coming out alive, Snart takes it, Sara gives him what she thinks is a goodbye kiss, but he makes it? That would cause some tension and confusion between the two as to what they are to each other, but maybe after that, they’d keep it a friendship and allow their relationship to grow more and more.

But, finally, to close off my point. It needs to be accepted, not hated. We’re possibly being given this romance, and you’re going to have to learn to tolerate it if you continue to watch the show. Don’t quit a show because you hate a relationship, don’t publicly hate on the ship and continue to watch the show. It’s disrespectful for the fans, because even if you tag it and label the name of the ship properly (which I hope you do nonetheless), it may possibly be encountered by the fans unintentionally.

The Legends of Tomorrow fandom still has so much potential to be a fandom with no quarrels or hating, but I suppose it’s inevitable. Accept all ships, especially ones that are happening on the show. There’s nothing you can do to change that.