this ship sails and never sinks


The complete Icelandic staves / Ásatrú symbol series.
(Artwork 2015)

Reupload of one of my most popular posts.

Each artwork is representing an element. They are presented here in the following order : fire, earth, metal, water, wood and air. The symbols are accompanied by stanzas of the Hávamál or Völuspá, written in runes.

Disclaimer for purists : admittedly for aesthetic effect only, as these runes are Elder Futhark and thus predates the viking era by a few centuries. (Let’s not even go into the subject of Icelandic staves which are even a lot younger than that). The transcription is also a wild approximation, again accuracy wasn’t a concern during the creative process.

The stanzas :

1) Fire : Helm of Terror

Cattle die and kinsmen die,
thyself too soon must die,
but one thing never, I ween, will die
fair fame of one who has earned.

2) Earth : Vegvísir

Happy is he who hath in himself
praise and wisdom in life;
for oft doth a man ill counsel get
when ‘tis born in another’s breast

3) Metal : Hólastafur

Hard is it in the world,
great whoredom,
an axe age, a sword age,
shields shall be cloven,
a wind age, a wolf age,
ere the world sinks.

4) Water : Veiðistafur

He welcomes the night who has enough provisions
Short are the sails of a ship,
Dangerous the dark in autumn,
The wind may veer within five days,
And many times in a month.

5) Wood : Varnarstafur Valdemars

An ash I know, Yggdrasil its name,
With water white is the great tree wet;
Thence come the dews that fall in the dales,
Green by Urth’s well does it ever grow.

6) Air : Valknut

Thought and Memory each morning fly
Over the vast earth:
Thought, I fear, may fail to return,
But I fear more for Memory.

When you look at your dead/non-canon OTP:

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Don’t do it! A guide to surviving S.J. Maas books.

Whether you’ve read the ACOTAR or TOG books you know one thing about an S.J. Maas book that remains true across the board… You’re favorite side character is going to die. 

Go ahead, let that sink in, let it settle into your psyche and burn into your soul. Once you’ve accepted that your favorite side character is going to die you can move onto step 2. *RIP Suriel, Bone Carver, Nehemiah*

Step two in surviving an S.J. Maas book is never get attached to the first obvious love pairing. Maas likes to fake us out. She likes to hide clues inside dialogue, scene descriptions, and side characters. Yeah SIDE CHARACTERS. So step two…be careful who you ship and/or don’t get too attached to the ships you’re sailing..chances are Sarah’s going to blow hole in that first ship and sink it to the bottom of the ocean. *cough* Tamlin *cough*

Step three is possibly the most frustrating for all of us readers..we’ve all fallen into this pit of despair in one of her series so this is more a caution and less of an acceptance. That really, truly, awful, villain that you’ve just spent like three books hating, she’s going to make you like him. She’s going to throw a wrench in your hate-ship and make that really awful person…relatable! *gasp* So lesson 3 be careful who you hate-ship. *I’m looking at you King of Adarlan*

Fourth “It’s a Mate thing” is used to explain a whole host of animalistic, territorial, fae male, behavior. If you were expecting FAE MALES to act like HUMANS you should just stop reading now you will be disappointed, and salty, because that’s not going to happen.

Fifth expect the unexpected. Plot Twists are like, a very real thing in these books. Also cliffhangers that will leave you broken and shattered on the rocks of your emotions below. *ACOMAF* ending..still got me feeling all the feels.

Sixth…the fandom is salty, sarcastic, smutty, and more angsty than a hoard of escaped Emo Teenagers from a Panic at the Disco Concert. Yeah that includes me. Prepare yourself for fan fiction that doesn’t push the boundaries it ignores that boundaries even exist.

These six basic steps will get you through any S.J. Maas series..or at least…it’ll help you cope with the feels. 

Also helping fans cope with the feels these blogs I’ve listed below. 

@propshophannah @crochanblackbeak @paperbacktrash @teamfeyre @fuckyeahazriel @acourtofpainandfeelz @hermajestymanon @readinglikewildfire 

I thought i was safe...

“Shipping Lorcisse is alright” i said.

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 “He’s fighting for her and he’s being honest, they love each other and they will never betray each other”.

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“I won’t be disappointed never again. MY SHIP WILL NEVER SINK!!”

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Oh, but now…

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…I think my ship’s fate is to sink.

RIP Monde, Frola, Frary, Greith and Kennash. I will always love you no matter how many canons there are.

for the hundred thousandth time

okay so i’m beginning to believe i was born asleep and still haven’t woken up, or still caught in a day dream where my name is the answer to all your security questions. okay. a thousand years of wondering and all i can come up with is that you fell in love with me at a picnic in my imagination. the lemonade we always talk about swimming in sugar and tiny handmade sandwiches from my kitchen, your favorite, extra pickle. don’t forget about the pickles. of course the clouds march in stomping out the sunshine, of course. it was dark and there was lightning so much lightning. don’t be scared just now darling don’t be scared. in the middle of the night we only talk about your version of the story. how i’d ask you to stay, asking you to tell me what’s real asking you with my hands asking you with maps, a country called please listen to me, you should know by now that it is an island too far to sail to according to you. i know i know, who dared name an ocean lonely when all the ships are sinking. we can go back we can turn around where the sky is the gentlest shade lavender, we can go back and have a conversation that has never happened before. when everything is the color of day old bruises i won’t let you down. i promise when i get home i will count every freckle every one. when i get home can we open one of those mason jars full of fresh air because i can’t breathe. i remember that day, although i pretend it was more recent than it was. you were there in a swell of green grass in a dress that makes me blush, and there i was blushing. i’m not sure how i made it out alive, skipping the part in the song where you, long gone come busting through a doorway, through the well air conditioned living room and and across the kitchen tile, to the refrigerator where just like in elementary school, my fourth grade heart wrote all your favorite things on flash cards in the blackest magic marker so i could memorize the things that made you happiest. and you turning around in slow motion to see my face, or where my face should be, the only expression i can make anymore, realizing that you realized that i only ever wanted to be something that made you happy. suddenly you’re tired, and i’m tired too, goodnight goodnight, i’m falling asleep because it’s the only thing that doesn’t burn. i’m falling asleep to go back again. everything glitches and i’m underneath your perfect teeth. you say “I would never hurt you” and i say “just like that?” and the layer starts over again, always back to the moment i asked you in my bravest of voices if i could hold your hand. you probably don’t remember that moment, or maybe you do but don’t particularly share the same sentiment over its importance. you see, i’m always fine until the part where i have to say it out loud, and then time stops. i have always wanted to tell you that something happened inside me that night and now i’m not the same me as i was before. so if you ever cross a bridge. if you ever get my voicemail, if you need me, i’ll be sketching up the dramatic parts in my head and they’ll happen just the way i imagined just you wait you wait. the last scene the very last one, the bottom layer, knee deep in mud knee deep in i told you so, you say “i would never hurt you” and instead of saying “just like that” i reach up to kiss you and the room evaporates. so if you want lemonade and bedtime stories, if i can make a believer out of you, if you want bucketfuls of november if you want grace if you want the courage it takes to ask for grace, you’re over the train tracks you’re almost home you’re almost there. what else can you say besides “okay pumpkin okay sweetheart, in my head everything was beautiful, the doorway now filled with people who send you birthday cards saying welcome back welcome home we’ve missed you, hello. hello. the time spent waiting, chorus of rain, i only invited you over so we could make perfect sense. i only gave my hands away because you didn’t want them anymore. and days later a man with a shark tooth necklace asked if i was okay and i lost it i just lost it. all the little red bricks with their little names carved into them, how they don’t feel comfortable under your feet, how there were hundreds of flowers but somehow we took a picture of the same one the very same one, and how we can’t talk about things like that anymore, how i was sitting on a bench and i didn’t hear you call my name, shaking hands on accident with your parents hello sir hello mam, your daughter is my favorite ghost.

Another Storm over the Orange Ocean

So… This is not the first time Shinhwa Changjo (Shinchang) is having a fight with Shinhwa. I wrote a post regarding Dongwan’s drunken rant not long ago, but the way I see it now, some of the fights are not Shinchang vs Shinhwa; it’s actually Shinchang vs Shinhwa Company (Shincom). Yes, the way I see it, it is actually fans vs agency, like it usually is in the Kpop industry. It’s rarely fans vs artists. It’s just that in this case, the artists happen to be in the management of the agency. Hence, the complication.

And to avoid further complications, I’d just like to first clarify [read: disclaim] that I honestly don’t know first hand about what’s really been happening in the orange fandom, let alone in Shincom. Being a far away, foreign fan who barely knows any Korean has often left me in the dark and made me feel insignificant and left out; but that actually comes with the advantage of being able to retain 2 positions: as a Shinhwa Changjo and as an outside observer (plus, ignorance is bliss, and what you don’t know won’t hurt you. ^_^). So this entire thing you’re reading is basically my personal reflection both as a Shinhwa Changjo and as a general observer, so you might find the point of views to be both biased and objective. What I write in here is purely my own opinion and not representing anyone else’s, especially Shinhwa Changjo in general, as I can see that there are disagreements among us, which I think is something normal, natural, and healthy. Having said that, I would still be using ‘Shinhwa Changjo/Shinchang/orange fandom/us/we/our’ for the purpose of smoothing the flow of my writing and without the intention to make any generalization.

So my take upon the situation is that Shinchangs in general are basically happy that Eric, as a Shinhwa member, even as the leader of the group, is getting married. Based on my limited observation so far, many, if not most or all, non-Korean Shinchangs are totally in support of the marriage. Meanwhile, I heard (that’s right, I’ve never actually seen any authentic statement by any Korean Shinchangs) some K-Shinchangs are against it. On the other hand, it seems that the majority of K-Shinchangs are supportive of the marriage, yet anxious and worried about the future of Shinhwa after the members are married. Some seem to be frustrated with how Shincom is managing, handling, and communicating things; and 'things’ here means everything Shinhwa-related, not just regarding Eric’s nuptial news. Thus, I believe that the general sentiment for Eric’s personal life advancements and pursuit of happiness in the form of marriage is still quite positive.

However, I personally think that the timing for both the marriage and the negative feedback could have been better. And by this, I mean 2 things:

1. I personally do prefer him to get married after the 20th anniversary, and August 1st 2018 would also make a pretty date; but that’s just my own emotion-based personal preference, and even as a fan, I have no right to say anything regarding my idol’s private life. I heard Eric has personally explained his reasons directly to Shinchangs through his official post in the fandom’s fan cafe, but I really think that was unnecessary. He doesn’t have to explain himself. He doesn’t owe it to anyone to explain his personal decisions regarding his personal life; not even to Shinchang. Even his parents are giving their blessings, who are we to object to it?!?

2. The seemingly negative feedback on Eric’s wedding announcement is just the tip of the iceberg. The orange fandom seems to have been frustrated and anxious with Shincom’s management style for quite sometime, and that nuptial announcement was just the trigger that set off the anxiety time-bomb. I just wish that the negative feedback could have been held back until after the wedding; but then again, the more invested your feelings are, the stronger your reaction would be; and it is perfectly human to be heartbroken and upset. That being said, acceptance and denial are what differentiate us from being reasonable or delusional fans; and in any case, mean words are simply unnecessary and unacceptable.

Unfortunately, like I’ve mentioned above, the fact that Eric is the CEO of Shincom makes things complicated. Both Eric and Shinchangs ought to know that they love each other. I have written about how Shinhwa-Shinchang relationship is just like a family. The check and balance really work in this relationship as Shinchangs, Shincom, and Shinhwa members (especially Dongwan) often remind and reprimand each other whenever something is not right. (Hmmm… Come to think of it, I’ve just realized that my ultimate OTP is actually Shinhwa-Shinchang! LOL!)

I do love both Shinhwa and Shinchang very much. Whenever there’s a storm over the orange ocean, it always makes me upset, yet warm inside. The only thing that often makes me uncomfortable is how 'outsiders’ would generalize and perceive the orange fandom as being old but immature and rude. Well, we do have to admit that there are some of us who are immature and disrespectful, like the ones who had enabled the sharing of Eric’s message in an online article when he had specifically requested that the message not be shared outside of the fan cafe (although I am grateful to see positive and supportive comments for Eric from the readers of the article).

As old as the orange fandom is, this is our first time experiencing a Shinhwa member’s marriage. Eric, who apparently knows his fans (and the general Kpop industry) very well, seems to have realized this. Being the leader and protector of Shinhwa, he has expected and been ready to take the strongest, hardest, most painful 1st blow. I, and perhaps Eric too, expect that the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th blow that would come along with the other 5 members’ marriages would not be as strong if not completely diminish. (And I sure hope that all 6 of them would eventually be married *glances at Dongwan… Hyesung too* LOL!)

Writing this reflection has brought me to a new, rather unsettling realization. I have just now fully realized how much power fans have and how much Shinhwa and Shincom depend on Shinchang, especially K-Shinchang. Indeed, one of the keys to Shinhwa’s longevity is the undying support from Shinchang. A fandom consists of both the idols and the fans, and without one or the other, the fandom would cease to exist. Shinhwa members have already dedicated 20 years of their lives and have made a promise to themselves, to each other and to Shinchang to continue walking along the same road for as long as time allows them to; but they can only do so when Shinchang are walking with them, by their side until the end. This ship can only sail when the take and give from both sides are keeping it balanced. Sadly, the idols often have fewer choices in making personal sacrifices compared to the fans. As individuals, fans can, and often, leave the fandom anytime they feel like it. They can get married anytime they want to, and without having to inform their idols (d'uh! LOL!). Unfortunately for the idols, they would never have such choices without the risk of sinking the ship.

I guess all I’m wishing for is that Shinchangs, especially K-Shinchangs, would stay with Shinhwa and keep walking with them till the end, because an insignificant non-Korean fan like me definitely cannot balance the ship all on my own. T____T I once tweeted that I joined the orange fandom because of Shinhwa and stay in the orange fandom because of Shinchang. Now I’ve come to realize that Shinhwa members, especially Eric, may feel the same, and probably even stronger than I do. What if the only thing that keeps them going is us, their fans, their precious orange princesses/frying pans/bears? And no, I’m not talking about the money we spend on them, as if Oppas don’t have or can’t have other sources or means of income; I’m talking about appreciation, love, gratitude, and loyalty. Seriously, do we really have the heart to take that away from them? From Eric? They could have easily let themselves slowly drifted apart to disbandment during the 4-year hiatus, but they didn’t. They came back for us. And I wouldn’t even have been born as a Shinchang if they didn’t return; but they did, and here I am.

Anyway, as after every storm, all of us can learn something. No matter how old a fandom is, there’s always something new to learn and some room to grow. After this, the Shinchangs who stay are the ones who are already mature or would definitely grow to be more mature. So I still have an unwavering faith in Shinhwa, and one can not do so without having the same unwavering faith in Shinchang. For 19 years, Shinhwa and Shinchang have been growing, learning, and weathering many a storm together, and this is just one of the many more (at least 5 more) to come. Shinhwa and Shinchang are family. We fight all the time, which gets us talking, and eventually be honest with each other and ourselves, as well as see and acknowledge the truth, no matter how ugly and painful it is. But in the end, we always resolve our differences, as we could see each other’s points. So after all the drama, we’d be able to move on again as one, for Shinchang exists only because of Shinhwa, and Shinhwa won’t last without Shinchang.

Having said that, I really think that we sometimes take fangirling (and fanboying) too seriously, which Dongwan had apparently observed and keeps reminding us about it. No matter how much we love our idols, we should never invest too much feelings, time, energy, and money in them (although the last bit is very difficult with Shinhwa, as we know that they need the money and their products are always so expensive yet very tempting! =_=’).

Well, speaking of “Shinhwa is not responsible for your life”, I really need to stop writing and get back to dealing with my own shits. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you didn’t, thanks for your time anyway. ^_^

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In re: A Softer World prompts 29 Spiritassassin!

(So this is very mildly nsfw but is not at all porn because I’m terribly not good at writing that. So here’s some initiate-era hardcore pining instead. Hopefully it’s okay.)

29. I hate it when you leave but I love to look at your butt while you walk away. (it gives me sexual arousal.)

Chirrut can be found praying more often than not, his lips moving, soft murmurs finding their way into the air as he goes through his mantras, as he dips his hands into the pearly, swirling waters of the Force, lets the rivers of feeling wash over him, feels them drip from his fingers. This is nothing new as Chirrut has always played the game of slipping from life when he needs a moment, of descending into the always too close press of the Force, of meditation, of prayer when something is bothering him or when he does not understand the intrinsic patterns and eddies of life around them. Belonging to both worlds, keenly aware of them, footfalls landing here or there or neither, somewhere in-between, it puts him off balance sometimes. Chirrut holds conversations with people who are not there. His eyes rove empty space as though he sees something in the beyond that is much more beautiful than anything that exists on Jedha. Cursed and blessed and singular they call him. Our almost Jedi they call him, though nothing could be further than the truth.

Chirrut knows that he is no Jedi, could never be.

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To All WildeHopps Shippers

Was going to wait to make this a morning post but I can’t hold back this fantastic realization: we’re going to win either way. When Zootopia 2 comes out we are going to come out satisfied.
Because let’s face it the only reason they aren’t considered a cannon couple is because they haven’t kissed. But other than that Nick and Judy sizzle with chemistry that far surpasses a majority of Disney couples who HAVE made out and tied the knot. 
I mean is any shipper sitting there thinking: “Gosh, there could be no INCREDIBLE WildeHopps moments in the sequel.”? If so I have wonderful news darling: you are wrong. 
Judy and Nick had some of the sweetest moments when they were just building up their friendship. Seeing them in a sequel were they’re as close as ever? Our little shipper hearts are going to burst! Those future moments can be seen as platonic but they could also, VERY EASILY, be seen as romantic. I have complete faith that the wonderful Byron Howard and Rich Moore won’t let us down, after all they never said downright no to WildeHopps. The most negative thing they said is that no matter what they do someone is going to be disappointed. But shippers-that doesn’t have to be us! We are GOING to get loving gazes, adorable banter, beautiful affection, and fingers crossed one of them gets in danger and the other flips out. Nick and Judy are ELECTRIC, they’re always going to be electric, and I can’t see either of them admitting love and the other saying no (besides Judy already said she loves him and by Nick’s face its mutual so we don’t have to worry about that). I mean, there’s just no way they are going to say, very firmly that they aren’t a couple and will never be. And the directors are smart enough not to throw in a random love interest for either because the movies will always be about Nick and Judy’s adventures and relationships. 
Point is, whether Zootopia 2 ends with a kiss or a high four/hug, we are going to come out with smiles on our faces because truly, without a doubt, WildeHopps is a ship that will always sail. 

On March 1, 1942, USS Edsall (DD-219) was sailing towards Tjilatjap, having split off from USS Pecos (AO-6) and sister ship Whipple (DD-217) the day before. She was carrying the 32 P-40 Warhawk pilots that had been aboard Langley, sunk two days earlier. She had acknowledged her orders, taken the pilots, and sailed over the horizon… Never to be seen again by Allied forces.

Around noon on 1 March, Pecos came under attack by the same ships who sank Langley – the aerocraft of Kaga, Hiryu, Soryu, and Akagi. You may recognize those names as four of the six carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor. She broadcasted many distress signals, the last (and most defiant) being:


It is unknown if Edsall heard them. It is known that Whipple heard them and returned, picking up 232 survivors before a submarine forced her to leave. 

From Japanese logs and reports, author Donald M. Kehn, Jr, in the book A Blue Sea of Blood, was able to figure out Edsall’s fate. She was found just 24 nautical miles away from Pecos’ survivors, by the Kido Butai – the Japanese fleet. Against eight destroyers, a light cruiser, two heavy cruisers, two battleships, and four aircraft carriers, the little Edsall found herself between a rock and a hard place.

Unable to run due to previous damage forcing her to lose speed, her captain, Cdr. Joshua J. Nix, chose to fight. 

It would take two hours before she finally sank, having dodged over 1,335 shells between 8″ and 14″ in calibre. It took dive bombers from three of four aircraft carriers to finally disable her.

And in the process, she saved the lives of those who were rescued by Whipple – at the cost of the 157 officers and men aboard Edsall, and their 32 aviator cargo.

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You all do realize just because a ship is not on screen does not mean it's over. SQ is not getting new scenes either and that's does not mean swan queen is over same with swanfiee and outlaw queen, Ships never sink or die they remain regardless. So please stop telling people CS is over, it's not true. Every ship including SQ will continue to sail even when the show is gone.

Oh dear, you haven’t been in fandom long enough.  I’ve seen plenty of ships die.  Canon ships especially die a death quite quickly once they leave the screen that fanon ships do not because they were never built on the same foundations.

It wont happen overnight but it will happen.  The vast vast majority of your fandom will move on to another show.  The vast vast majority will do so quite quickly once there is nothing feeding them because your ship wasn’t built to sustain itself on fanfic alone.  CS will not be unique in this.

This is the natural life cycle of fandoms.

That’s why they’re called dead ships and dead fandoms.

It is so common there is a term for it.


Known as the “Sea Wife”, the Havsrå is the oceanic equivalent of the Huldra and is the keeper or warden of the seas. Passing sailors can get her good graces by offering a coin, food or gloves (in cold weather) as a gift. In return, she may reciprocate the gesture with a warning of any any approaching high winds, storms or icy conditions. She may also help fishermen who show her such favour with information about how and where they can land a big haul.

Havsrå can take many different forms but usually appears as an incredibly beautiful woman with long, flowing hair that she is often seen combing atop rocks. Sometimes her back is hollow (as with the Huldra) and she has many aquatic features such as a fishes tail where her legs would be. She may also transform into the guise of seals, sea birds or other marine animals.

There are also Havsmän (“Sea Men”) but it is not know if they are connected to the Havsrå. Some believe that the two are sexual partners and this is how their existence continues but others say they are solitary creatures (much more like the Nøkk). The Havsmän can often be seen walking or waterskiing on the ocean waves just before a storm.

The Havsrå lives at the depths of the ocean in an underwater castle on the seabed with enormous halls, each one finer than the one before, where she lives with her children and other aquatic vættir. Under favourable weather conditions a sailor may catch a glimpse of her palace which has given rise to tales of sunken castles out at sea.

It has been known for a handsome sailor to stumble upon a Havsrå castle and that he be taken in to live with her forever and lose all memory of their home and life back on land.

Sometimes, if a fisherman happens to pull in a remarkable catch, he may find in his nets a Havsbarn (“Sea Child”), a child of the Havsrå. If he takes such a child home and raises it as his own, the Havsbarn will grow up to be the greatest of fishermen and possess a mystical connection to the sea that others lack, despite living out their life as a normal person. One day, when they have reached adulthood, the Havsbarn will hear a call from their mother, the Havsrå. They will then reveal their true nature to their adopted parents and thank them before sailing out to sea and jumping in, never to be seen again. Many Scandinavians who come from remote islands and seafaring families claim that their ancestor was such a Havsbarn.

It has been known for a Havsrå to stop a passing ship and offer to buy it’s cargo. It is wise to be polite and take the deal, as the Havsrå pays very well and rewards the kindness with good wind in the sails and fine conditions. On the other hand, refusal or rudeness will invoke her wrath and the ship may soon feel her power, sinking down to the murky depths.

LMAO this was just for fun and based on this post. Question marks are basically just any character you could randomly pair up together.

  • Cruise: Pairings that are pretty much official to all fans
  • Sails: Pairings that are quiet and going at a slow & steady pace
  • Battleship: Pairings that have just as equal supporters on both sides of a love triangle
  • Pirate Ship: Pairings that are mainly for trolling or just flings
  • Submarine: Pairings that have never seen the light of day
  • Sinking Ship: Pairings that used to be doing well until it got destroyed for whatever reason

Today and tomorrow is the 20 year mark of the sinking of m/s Estonia while she was sailing for Estline from Tallink to Stockholm, in the biggest disaster in nordic waters during peace time. 

m/s Estonia was never designed or allowed to sail on the open sea but with lots of different ownership and routes, that had been forgotten. On the night of 27-28/9 1994, with 989 passengers and crew, the visor in the front of the ship was ripped off due to the hard storm. Water was flowing in on car deck and the ship started to rock violently before starting to tilt. 

People were hit with loose objects or lost their balance and many fell on the windows and then couldn’t get up. Since it was around 01:00-02:00 in the morning, a lot of people were trapped in their rooms below the deck with doors to the life vests and lifeboats. Many were frozen in chock or too tired or drunk to climb the stairs to safety on deck. 

The crew called mayday but had black out so it took them a while to tell the other ships their position. They never send out any alarm to the passengers. About 300 people managed to get out of the ship. They couldn’t launch any of the life boats since the ship was tilting about 90 degrees, so they had to rely on the inflatable life rafts. Lots of people got washed overboard and sucked in underneath the ship or ended up alone in the water.

The people who managed to climb the life rafts had now to face a new struggle: the wait for help. There were ships at the scene almost immediately efter the sinking but the weather was so hard they could only save a few from the water. The helicopters that finally entered the scene managed to save some more after a lot of struggle with the big waves. A lot of people died from drowning, cold or exhaustion during the hours of waiting. Only 137 people were rescued from the water, making the victims 852 in total. Those victims were mainly from Sweden (501) and Estonia (285).

There were a lot of conspirations theories about the sinking (mainly due to the fact that she sank so incredibly fast, under 1 hour) and scandals after scandals. The main part of the bodies were never returned and Sweden, Finland and Estonia made a law that made it impossible for people from those countries to dive or harvest any more of the victims.

Fictional Ships and Real Life

(P.S. This was written before I wrote my Septipier rant but I felt like it should be here too ^-^)
People need to calm down about Jelix and Septiplier for a minute.

The Cringemas livestreams were supposed to be entertaining and a fun time, and it was! We raised money over $1.3 million to RED and it was a good way for everyone to bond in the stream.

the shipping part of our community decides to have another ship war.

When will people understand, after time and time again, these ships are FICTIONAL. NOT REAL. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

It may hurt but its true. Yes, you can ship what you want, I won’t attack you for that. You can dislike ships, thats your oppinion.


People all have different opinions and different tastes then you do, and you can’t force them to like or dislike a ship.

It dosen’t matter which ship is more popular, whether it being Septiplier, Jelix, Pewdieplier, etc [Not ships like Septishuu or Amyplier]:


And please, when seeing a ship you dislike:


Its that simple. If we hate upon each other, its only going to result one and ONLY one thing:


I’ve seen people leave their ship’s fandom because of this negativity we spread that easily can be terminated. This is supposed to be a place where we can ship people and be peaceful with one another.

Please don’t ruin someone’s ship. Just think how the people in your ship would react to what you’re doing, spreading negativity.

This isn’t aimed at people who actually respect ships, and accept these ships are never going to happen.

Because in the end, they’re all just fictional.

Mark, Jack, and Felix all have girlfriends, and they’re all very happy with them.

And please don’t hate on their girlfriends because they’re ‘sinking’ your ship.

Because guess what?

It won’t happen anyway. Whether it sinks or it sails strong, it will never beat the truth.

That they’re not gay. They have girlfriends. They already have a lover. And they love their partner.

Please don’t hate someone just because they have your favorite YouTuber’s hearts.

Do you think Jack, Mark, and Felix have low-standards? That they choose beauty over personality? Body over heart?

No, of course not.

And if these wonderful woman stole these men’s hearts, there’s NO DOUBT these ladies are amazing people.

Just think about it.

Amy must’ve been so powerful [in a good way]of a soul to take Mark’s breath away.

Signe must’ve been so wonderful of a person to make Jack go head over heels for her.

Marzia must’ve had such a big heart and beautiful personality to have Felix fall in love and do all he can to be with her.

They aren’t there as their girlfriends to be a threat to ships.

They’re there because these men LOVE them. Because they make Mark, Jack, and Felix feel loved.

If you looked at these woman just as themselves , not as “____’_ girlfriend,” you will 100% agree with me that they are talented, beautiful, and absolutely lovable people.

We can make shipping these ships peaceful, where nobody gets attacked because of what they like.

But it can’t happen unless we work together and have our ships all sail peacefully, instead of ships shooting at one another, where nobody is happy.

It may seem impossible, but we never know unless we all try.

So here:

1) Respect all ships, whether you dislike nor like
2) Know these ships are fictional and Mark, Jack, and Felix are NOT gay
3) Respect their girlfriends, because they are truly amazing people and deserve to be where they’re at
4) Make shipping peaceful once again!

This is my view on everything, and I hope you all agree.

Also, I’m not telling anyone to stop shipping a ship they like. Ship all you want, but remember what is fictional, and what is real life.

All you Kaisoo shippers out there losing hope cause of Kaistal remember could Michelle ever stop BaekBama from sailing?

Never stop believing.