this ship punched me right in the face

I’m very concerned about the fact that people are shipping credence with Graves and let me explain why.


We have credence a boy who has been abused by his mother for the entirety of his life, both physically and verbally. He is also pretty young considering he’s living with an adoptive mother, although this is just an assumption. But assuming I’m right about him being pretty young it’s not ok that y'all are shipping someone as old as Graves with someone Credence’s age. That point aside, Credence is someone who has been hurt all his life. He meets Graves and believes that maybe there is someone that he can trust right? But here’s the thing, Graves is manipulative and abusive. Don’t argue with Ok so Graves finds credence and promises to help him in return for a favor. When he finds credence hurt and asking for help what does he do? Punches him in the face and demands that he help him. Okay that’s strike one, physically attacking him. Then when credence helps him find what he wants he immediately tosses him aside. He says that credence is useless to him now and that he doesn’t need him. He throws in some verbal punches about credence being a squib as well, which is something he’s been abused about forever. That’s strike two. Now once Graves discovers that credence is actually what he’s been looking for he does a complete switch and tries to convince credence that he is useful and could be tought. He claims that they’ll do great things together and wow look at that manipulation. That is strike three. This is in no way healthy or romantic. It is abuse. Credence deserved better and he certainly deserves better than y'all shipping him with that crusty ass piece of shit.

Another thing about 124! We all saw Izuku taking ‘invisible notes’ during Mirio’s explanation right? How Cute am I right?

And Ochako noticing was the icing on the cake (”Invisible notes?”), my reaction to that was, literally, “Yup, sorry honey, you’re future boyfriend is a dork.” But then @codus21 pointed something out about this moment that, all shipping aside, could be really important to the story going forward and I want to share it with all of you;

Ochako notices things about Izuku. Little habits, nuances and small ticks that you only really notice when you know a person really well. And it’s very telling that she recognizes that he’s taking notes just from his hand movements, someone who doesn’t know him very well probably wouldn’t be able to tell what he’s doing just from that. Now, you might say that this is because those two have been sharing a classroom for a long time now, any other person from 1-A could have noticed it. And you could be right.

But, I think it’s pretty significant that Horikoshi choose Ochako specifically for this little moment, and that reason is our resident Yandere shape-shifter, Himiko Toga. 

Himiko’s disguises are, outwardly at least, damn near perfect. She can mimic a person down to the tone of their voice and general body build. But the deception is only skin deep, and the closer you look the more holes you’ll find. She can mimic a person’s body, but not their mind and more importantly, their personality.

The students from Shiketsu comment that “Camie” was acting pretty strangely the few past days before the provisional exam, and Izuku saw through her Ochako disguise almost immediately.     

And how did he do that? Because she wasn’t acting like Ochako. From the first moment where she shows up, seemingly without a plan, he knows something is amiss, and when she doesn’t save herself, he knows that whoever he’s saving can’t be Ochako. (Still not over that by the way.)

Again, you might say the anyone from 1-A could have seen through her act, but the point remains that it was Izuku that noticed that something was up, Izuku knew Ochako well enough to spot a fake from a mile away, Izuku knows her enough that Himiko failed to fool him completely

And of course, one of the biggest revelations shown to us after the exam was that Himiko has Izuku’s blood, meaning she can disguise herself as him whenever she wants. Obviously this is going to play a major part in whatever big play the villains are planning next, so that begs the question,

Who could see through her?

Himoko’s quirk works best when used against someone how doesn’t know the person she’s disguising as too well, and in situations where people won’t notices little inconsistencies in behavior. Whenever she is faced with someone who knows the person inside and out, her act falls apart in very short order.

So, if the one who manages to blow her cover wide open happens to be Ochako Uraraka, who knows and is familiar with Izuku to the point where she knows he’s taking invisible notes just from the way he’s moving his hands, I for one would not be surprised in the least. 

Okay, this new season of Teen Wolf has got me feeling some sort of way…I ship everyone. Like, Mason wants to get together with Brett? That’s fantastic. Brett and Liam have a thing? I’m game. Liam and Hayden get together? Hell yeah! Marrish becomes canon? Bring it! Scira continues to dominate? I’m here for it. Stalia stays strong? Sounds lovely. Stydia happens? Sign me the fuck up.

I swear, you could bring Derek back right now and I would probably hop on the Sterek train even though I never shipped it to begin with.

Teen Wolf writers, why are you doing this to me?

Kid, Crocodile and X-Drake reaction to accidentally hit their s/o.

Once again i fucked up using mobile and accidentally deleted the ask -_-

Eustass Kid:

  • Kid completely freezes and mentally face palms himself. “Fuck” was all that he could say at the moment His s/o had been right behind him when he swung his arm back for a punch towards an enemy, and he ended up elbowing his partner right in the face. He went over to them while he made Killer cover for him. he can see his partner lying on the ground with a nasty nosebleed. “Is it broken?” Kid asks. His partner shook their head no. “Idiot, don’t stand so close to me like that. I could’ve seriously hurt you!” Kid says in distress. His s/o mumbles a tiny sorry. Kid looks at his s/o and picks them up princess style saying, “You’re going back to the ship’ while heading back to the ship. After the ship’s doctor takes _______, Kid goes back outside to fight alongside his crew mates, leaving his s/o to rest in bed. At the end of the night in bed, Kid makes sure to mumble an apology to them while cuddling his s/o good night.


  • Crocodile and his s/o were on a peaceful walk together until they ran into some enemies. Crocodile is so irritated at this point and just wants to be at peace with his s/o, so he quickly tries to dispense the small fries. Crocodile decides to go big and pull out a more powerful move to wipe out all of them at once. He whips out a huge ass sandstorm. He turns away to walk away from the defeated enemies, but he notices that his s/o is missing. He looks all around him, and they are no where to be fou- AND HOLY SHIT THEY ARE IN THE FUCKING SANDSTORM. Crocodile immediately rushes to the rampaging sandstorm and sees his s/o about 50 feet in the air, rapidly falling towards the ground. He rushes over to catch their sandy body just in time. “Why the hell were you in there?” Crocodile hastily asks. His s/o can’t answer him because they are so shaken up from the terrifying situation, and you know damn well Crocodile feels pretty bad for it. “Just be more careful next time,” he says. His s/o nods in response. To make up for the incident Crocodile gives his s/o a piggyback ride all the way back home which was an adorable sight to see. 


  • X-Drake and his s/o are surrounded by a swarm of bounty hunters. X-Drake goes all dino and transform into his t-rex form while his s/o and crew fights alongside him. As they are fighting together, he swings his tail around to wipe out surrounding enemies. However, he doesn’t realize that his is RIGHT THERE and slams them with his tail along with the bounty hunters. He immediately turns back into his original form and rushes over to his s/o who is laying unconscious on the ground. He rushes to get them help from the ship’s doctor. He starts to panic and think about all the things that could go horribly wrong, but thankfully, they are just fine. They wake up to find him next to their bed, and he sighs in relief and gently hugs them, afraid of breaking or hurting them even further. He apologies like 3 times and his s/o giggles and tells him its alright.They just make him buy them ice cream to make up for it.

Almost every single comment on facebook on OUAT’s official page is along the lines of:

“This is a family show, so now me and my kids would not be watching this anymore”


“I’m pro equal rights and liberal but (don’t you always love the but ugh) why does OUAT have to jump the lgtb bandwagon”

So like, even if we don’t like that it was Ruby x Dorothy instead of Ruby x Mulan, I’m glad the show did this for those homophobic fuckers. 


Since my Nalu post became so popular I have decided to come out with a second one and instead this one will be about Gruvia

I have heard people tell me so many times that they hate Gruvia or that Juvia is too stalkerish and too creepy or Gray has no interest but I think we all know that these two have one of the most beautiful development. Gruvia legit always fucks around with my feelings cause sometimes they have their moments sometimes they don’t. So here are my list of reasons why I started shipping Gruvia


Honestly if you ever try to tell me that Gruvia is an unhealthy relationship I will not be afraid to punch you right in the face. Alright from your perspective sure Juvia gets jealous easily and she seems to have an obsession with Gray. So what? She’s actually like any other girl who has a crush (just a slightly bit over the top) But the fact that she was so straightforward with her feelings 

We see that blush Gray ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The fact that Juvia can just straight away tell her feelings is something Gray needs at the moment. I am telling you, Gray is widely known for being a jerk and someone who doesn’t consider other peoples feelings. Yet this girl, this beautiful girl who falls in love at first sight, doesn’t seem to give two shits that the boy she loves is rejecting her constantly. 

I am telling she is probably one of the strongest people ever. The amount of times she has gotten rejected by Gray is insane and the fact that she still continues love him through his perks and flaws is something you definitely can’t over look. 

2) They watch over each other

Just like the rest these two have always got each others backs. But there is just something about the way these two comfort and defend each other that melts your heart. I believe that it’s mainly because they kind of watch over each other without the one another noticing and because in the beginning they were mainly used for comic relief but suddenly things change and these two get the most beautiful bond ever. for example

That time they did Unison Raid together

In order to do Unison Raid you must have a strong bond with the other person and yet these two did a unison raid together with all their might. 

or what when they out smarted Chelia and Lyon in teamwork

But I think the best moment so far I can think of is when Gray was fighting Silver

The fact that these two have come so far closer together that when Gray in this very moment while he was fighting his dad and thinking about sacrificing his life, just the thought of Juvia turned his mind around and he realized how stupid it was to sacrifice his life and that is the mere reason he is alive. I really honestly love this moment, because in the moment where he is thinking of his biggest decision of his entire life, he thinks widely more about Juvia. Not about Natsu, or Erza or even Ur. These people who he spent half his life with no, the girl who he knows loves him  and the amount of sorrow he will have put her through if she knew he had died 

3) They can sense each other’s sorrows 

I’m not sure what it is about these two but the ALWAYS know when the other party is sad or hurt. Even if they are not even in the same fucking place, they sense each others sorrow through all and they always stick together after that 

for example 

When Juvia was about to die right then and there, in comes Gray who swoops in and saves her. It was like he knew that she was fighting for him this entire time and I just love that

 When Juvia was feeling scared, and she didn’t even have to say it out loud that she was scared because Gray wanted her to know that he would always be there for her, just like she was always there for him


Also do I need remind you about that hug they shared. The fact that Juvia could have never told him that she killed his dad yet she did, is the most amazing thing ever. I love how she put away her fear of Gray leaving her and told him right then and there. And the fact that Gray instead of hating her, stayed with her despite that because he knew, he knew that she was also hurting. 

He was so scared. These two are surprisingly similar. They both fear of not being loved. I think the main reason why Gray didn’t hate Juvia after that is because he realized that he needed Juvia. That he needed to know that there was still someone out there who would still love him even if he turned against the world. Someone who would believe in him no matter what he says or does, cause he knows that sometimes he can cruel and mean, but sometimes he doesn’t mean to and that person is Juvia

This girl who also shows up out of nowhere and althought in the beginning these two were a little rough but now they are the most beautiful couple ever..

because it could go from this

to this

and this 

is the best :) 

Also cause Juvia’s imagination is the best cause we got to see shoujo Gray

Anyways hope you enjoyed this :) I honestly really love Gruvia and they’re relationship and you should too cause these two are selfless and extremely caring for each other

Please Excuse and mistakes in spelling I am in a rush :D

Good Bye xD

  • Some dudebro: Comics are too political now! They shouldn't be about this minority bullshit but just be about good stories!!!!!
  • Me: You do realize that the entire reason Captain America exists was because two Jewish dudes wanted to punch Nazis in the face, right? And that they were literally shipped to the troops as wartime propaganda and entertainment?