this ship needs a legit name

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How did you and your tumblr friends become friends? I would love to be your friend but,,,,,,,im very shy

I am excited to answer this one. 

How I became friends with my closest people:

@sunshineapollo okay so I feeling lonely like October or September-ish and this hoe messages me. The conversation died but then they go along and text me on New Years eve?? I feel like I have known them forever omg??? I love them so much?? I am so comfortable around them?? I legit can say anything??? Too many inside jokes, too make everything. Omg I love them. I have too many ideas to put into a few words. We don’t take anything seriously and just have hilarious convos every day. <3  They my gay Saint-Just and I, Robespierre, love them. 

@abbaeadams I cannot remember what got us together?? But we created both decided on the ship name of Madison and Monroe. Just she needed someone to talk to, I was there… and then that blossomed into friendship. We are gonna have a sitcom and an apartment together. EAST COAST BEAST COAST!!

@comicalterror about December I got to know em’. They somehow put up with me?? I appreciate them more than I show and they are so nice. They will never fail to keep the conversation together because I get bored easily. 

@robertgouldshaw this gay little fuck I swear. I was a newbie on Tumblr and they WERE THE ONLY ONE who had an obsession with Robert Gould Shaw. They just texted me frantically over Robert Gould Shaw and it was one damn message and we got all freaked over Robert Gould Shaw. Although we don’t talk as much anymore!! I still love them!! and their occasional texts!!

Here are some other people that I associate with:

@rated-r-for-grantaire their first message to me was fantastic- they love my discourse over a few things that the Hamilton fandom does- but they wanted to talk to me! Interesting convos ensued. Would love to get closer!

@mairon-ate-my-fish they were my secret Santa around the holidays and drew me the most lovely drawing. German speaking!

Others I have had a correspondence with and would like to continue:

@wiilde, @thebittersnow, @slutshame-alexanderhamilton, @aliyamustafina, @dandy–darling, @tiggidou, @alphypoin, @ummfrance, @javertebrae

Random texts start friendships! I am open to getting to know anyone, honestly. Don’t always got to keep formal conversation. Don’t be afraid to message me!

for all those wanting pidge to get a girlfriend

please consider:

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star butterfly


  • star is 14/15, the same as pidge
  • she’s probably bi  (that blush lol)
  • it’d be the classic trope of shipping the extroverted excited one with the more cynical nerd 
  • star is a legit alien, so it fulfills the need of wanting pidge to have an alien gf 
  • star can travel through dimensions whenever she wants, so their relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be long distance or bound by geographical/space-geographical (?) restrictions
  • she (and prob marco bc you know she’d drag them along) would get along well with the rest of the paladins
  • star is a princess. idk why that’s relevant but i think it’s important to note if you’re gonna ship this. (she and allura can be princess buddies)
  • they both kick serious ass
  • their ship name can be as ridiculous as the rest of the voltron ship names (i suggest “pidgefly” but other honorable mentions i have considered are “piar”, “pstar”, “stige”, and “gunderbutt”)

so, please, join me in crossover crackship hell

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robert's face LEGIT LIGHTS UP whenever he sees willow and talks to her!! it seems pretty genuine to me!! he most likely has an ulterior motive but i'm pretty sure he's gonna fall in love with her!

(2) also Helena saying that they need to find a girl that Robert and the country can fall in love with?? that’s foreshadowing af

oh robert definitely chose willow to spite liam, but i also think that he knows that willow came from the right aristocratic family, and has the brains and the class to be the next queen of england. so really he’s killing one bird with two stones ya know? get revenge on liam and get himself a bride. and i never thought of that! but you may be right nonnie! i hope robert falls inlove with her as well. lets cross our fingers.

wth??? Like people call APH France x APH Romano Framano. Like you’ve got a perfectly good opportunity to call it Romance I am legit crying it’s the most beautiful pairing name. Just do it, Romance, and you call it Framano what kind of world are we living in, you guys need to stop??? Romance pls.