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OTP Prompts- Time Travel Edition

“Our timelines run opposite to each other, but we start out hating each other. So the more I grow to love you, the more you’ll grow to hate me, and visa versa. This is the only time we’ll meet where we actually love each other.” AU

“I meet you, and you tell me one day we’ll fall in love. I’m stubbornly trying to fight it, but each time I see you, I feel myself slipping a little more.” AU

“We travel through time together, and you see your past self about to do whatever you regret the most.” AU

“I’m from the future, but I’m trapped a couple hundred years in the past, and you’ve been taking care of me, helping me figure out how to survive.” AU

“I’m about to propose to you, and my future self appears, interrupting the proposal to try to kill you.” AU

“I’m about to try to kill you, and my future self appears, trying to stop me, telling me I’ll fall in love with you one day.” AU

“We used to travel through time together, but then you died. I ran into your past self, from before you even know me, and I should probably stay away, but I can’t stop flirting with you.” AU

“You’re from the past, and you joined me in my time-travel adventures. I know history says you go back, so I’m trying not to get close, but I’m falling in love with you.” AU

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this is so random i know but have you ever noticed jimin has really thin and pretty ankles?? like his thighs are big and his calves are sturdy but when you reach his ankles it sometimes looks even thinner than yoongi's in certain angles. i check in on korean websites from time to time and a criteria netizens seem to have for a good body is thin ankles so basically jimin has the perfect body :///

Don’t get me started, Anon. Jimin could have a second head growing out of his third arm and I’d still think he’s perfect. But yes, his ankles (and socks and cute shoes and how fluffy and soft he is). He’s so well-proportioned ;__; Meanwhile, look at how thick our muscle pig is in comparison.. I never thought I’d say this.. but even their ankles have good chemistry (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Yellowwood (Pt. 1)

I started to get serious about photography around ten years ago, it was around that same time I also became obsessed with the architecture in the town that I resided in. Huntington, West Virginia is not by any means a huge city or anything but in the early 1900’s was certainly somewhere to be. The advancement of the railroad and shipping along the Ohio River made Huntington grow at a rapid pace. One property in particular always caught my eye, instantly hypnotizing me with it’s beauty.

In 1911 an Adirondack log cabin style house called Yellowwood was built on the southern side of the city by Mr. and Mrs. S.P. Hager. The original purpose was for it to be used as a hunting lodge, but three years later as Huntington continued to grow they decided to convert the structure into a home adding an English Tudor section in 1914. Yellowwood covers 6,000 square feet (not including the basement and secret passageways) and sits on two acres of land. An eclectic mix of woods including pine, oak, chestnut, hickory, and poplar were used in construction. The majority of the raw materials used in the build were from the surrounding land including the cobblestones that make up the bordering wall and chimney. In it’s prime the house was surrounded by gardens, wildflowers, and a dry lily pond but as it sit’s now overgrown weeds and fallen tree limbs are all that remain.

Over the years I’ve taken numerous photos of this house, constantly day dreaming about it in it’s glory and especially if it were mine. While photographing it last summer a neighbor and his friendly yellow lab approached me to inquire what I was doing. During our brief conversation we compared a few notes on it’s history as I inquired about the plaque with the names on the rear patio. It was then that he informed me of the previous owners and part of the sad story that had left the house in it’s current state. Dr. Constance Hayden was a psychiatrist and her husband Dr. Richard Ansinelli was a cardiologist both in Huntington. The home had actually been in Dr. Hayden’s family for quite a while. Her parent’s rented the garage apartment from the second owner, Mr. Jameson, in the early 1960’s before acquiring the home in 1962. It was in 1988 that Dr. Hayden and her husband purchased the property from Hayden’s mother before restoring the home. I’ve seen a few photos of the house after the restoration and it was everything and more than I imagined while day dreaming all those times. The interior was filled with books, art, and antiques from around the world as well as from right here in West Virginia. Amongst these exquisite items was a handcrafted grand piano matching the wood of the house that Mr. Jameson had commissioned for his son, a concert pianist at Carnegie Hall. According to a 1992 local magazine article, it was the setting for quite a few Hallmark Christmas card photos as well.

From what I could gather about Dr. Hayden, she was a former US Army psychiatrist who did consulting and research in Washington,  DC along with having a private practice in Huntington that doubled as a research center. Among her list of accomplishments she helped develop a drug for bipolar disorder. Her practice in Huntington primarily focused on chronic pain management and sleep disorders. In the late 90’s a divorce left Dr. Hayden with control of the home but her declining mental state left her incapable of maintaining it. In 1997 she was involved in a high speed police chase originating in Lawrence County, Ohio and ending across the bridge in Huntington. Charges were dropped after the court believed she was incompetent to stand trial. The following year as a result of the police chase the WV Board of Osteopathy placed her medical license on restricted status. In 2003 she published a book titled “The True Art of Survival” on which the cover photo of her was taken at Yellowwood.

This is where the story gets a bit fuzzy. The last listed owner is a woman named Erin Hutchinson from eastern Kentucky. Upon trying to find out who this was I discovered that she was the wife of Chris Hutchinson, a man who allegedly coerced Dr. Hayden, in her unstable mental state, into selling him the house for cheap. Sadly Dr. Hayden did not have the ability, even after a lengthy court battle, to reclaim the property from him. According to neighbors, Hutchinson lived there for a brief time but was booted for whatever reason from the home. I’m not sure if this had anything to do with the court battles involving Dr. Hayden or the mortgage company. Shortly after his departure, “vandals” broke in and completely trashed the place. Go figure. Chris Hutchinson had owned and operated at least ten different electrical and security businesses between 1990 and 2012. In October of 2013 he pleaded guilty to tax fraud for failing to pay $250,000 in employment taxes and was sentenced to a federal prison.

According to the neighbor with the friendly lab, the bank who mortgaged the property occasionally sends someone there to secure it and mow the lawn but it’s future at this point is unknown. He was just as interested in the property as I, telling me about how he used to go to the courthouse to follow the case before it went cold. I don’t think whomever controls it now have been able to resell the property because of the ongoing lawsuits. A few years ago during a massive storm a tree fell on the front of the house knocking a hole in the slate roof. There has been talk of it being demolished because of the insanely high cost needed to restore the home but I honestly do not see how someone could even fathom the idea of doing so.

Top 5 Ships of 2016

For @crewefox

5. Lapis x Peridot from Steven Universe

I’m not copying you Crewe it’s a coincidence. I have only recently joined in on this fandom and at first amidot was my thing but over time I started to sincerely enjoy these two roomies interactions and hobbies, from watching dramas to adopting pumpkin puppies. And I’d like to see more as Peridot is my favorite character and Lapis is quickly growing on me.

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4. Victor x Yuri from Yuri On Ice

To be honest I haven’t watched all of this show but I need to get on that because these two are FREAKING PRECIOUS!! Possibly my favorite part is that there aren’t many romances where its a mentor and his student. Plus, most animes I watch are teases that barely get a love confession LET ALONE A KISS!

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3. Hank x Dory from Finding Dory

Don’t judge me k, have you seen those two together? They’re adorable. I love the optimistic teaming up with the pessimistic trope and I enjoy their adventure together and especially how Dory refused to let Hank go and live a lonely life. Speaking of Hank that is a back story I need to know

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2. Wanda x Vision from Captain America: Civil War

Even though they were both introduced in Age of Ultron I didn’t ship them until they were cooking together. I’m not even sure why I like these two so much they just have this nice subtle chemistry I’d like to see more of.

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1. Nick x Judy from Zootopia

And I know no one is surprised. What can I even say about this ship that hasn’t already been said? They just-they work. I loved how they met and how they disliked each other and how their relationship improve throughout the film and then it been destroyed and mended.

What can I say? To me they are a perfect couple and I can’t wait to see more of them.

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Best AU (Modern Setting)

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Can You Feel It Right Now? by @cutieodonoghue

Can’t Erase Me by @icapturedkindness

Close Encounters of the University Kind by @mryddinwilt

Conversations with Dead People by @bluestoplights

Dark Horse by @initiala

Ever Dance With the Devil by Krustybunny

Every Letter by @bleebug

For the Story by @nothandlingit

Friday (Saturday), I’m In Love by @high-seas-swan

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*whispers* Nobody is taking Amedot from me. 

I just … Peridot’s and Amethyst’s interaction and their relationship has a level of depth to it that leads me to think that they understand each other on a deeper level than others. 

And I think Peridot and Amethyst can help each other grow - they already have! And I just … love them together. I like how they look with each other and their interaction and their relationship. 


-If you’re brallie af, please do not let me catch you in the anti brallie tag tryna start a fight.

-If you’re anti brallie af, please do not let me catch you in the brallie tag tryna start a fight.

-If you’re jonnor af and anti joah??? Don’t search joah??? Or pick fights about why jonnor was “superior”???? Let Jude grow???

-If you basically hate a character/ship DO NOT BE MESSY

If you have any beef with anyone from any part of the fandom because of opposing ships or views on the show, squash it. It’s a new year, and I want us all to be able to coexist without bashing each other. We’re the fandom, we’re the ones that are supposed to be holding this shit down. Everyone is entitled to how they feel, but please keep the fighting to a minimum this year. It’s all unnecessary, and childish.

All this negativity gotta go.

holding everything i have like it was broken

rating: m

a/n: the angsty pregnancy fic nobody asked for! this is another everybody lives type thing, because it KILLS me that jyn and cassian don’t actually get to experience this. title ripped from “gimme something good” from cassian’s playlist (i still die). shoutout to @madiiisonclark for screaming with me last night while i was writing this :) enjoy!


“Where is she?” Cassian thunders, pushing past the men keeping watch at the entrance to their ship. No one answers. 

“Where is my wife?” he asks, rage cutting through the concern in his voice. He spots Bodhi in the cockpit and stares him down. “I swear to everything living in this galaxy,” Cassian starts, “if you don’t tell me where Jyn is right now, I’m going to – ”

Honey, you’re home.” Jyn’s voice cuts through the tension growing in the ship like a lightsaber. He turns to see his wife, standing against a wall with a rag pressed to the gash in her abdomen. She’s smiling in an effort to distract from the way her other hand clutches at a railing, white-knuckled. “This looks…worse than it is.”

Cassian exhales harshly, then presses his palm to his eyes. “You,” he starts, “ should be lying down. And you – ” he gestures to everyone watching, “ – should have been watching her! I gave you express orders.”

“Okay, I think you’re overreacting a little,” Jyn says, then hisses when the rag slips and air hits her open wound. 

“We are going to have a talk,” he replies, taking Jyn by the elbow to help her into their bunk. Cassian eases her onto the bed and goes to the tiny bathroom to collect more rags and some alcohol. 

“It’s really nothing, Cassian,” Jyn calls from their bed. “The blaster grazed me, and I shot him down right after.”

He rounds the corner, supplies in hand, and shoots her a look. It’s half you’re going to be the death of me and half I love you more than anything in the world – it makes Jyn drop her shoulders and sigh softly. 

“I know you were worried. I know you told me to stay on the ship. I know that, but I had the shot, and I took it.”

Cassian sits beside her and takes the bloody rag from her calloused hands. He looks up at her and works at disinfecting her wound. Jyn clenches her jaw when the alcohol touches bloody skin. “I was doing my job,” she offers, quieter this time. 

He doesn’t respond, just reaches for gauze to clean her up. 

“So now you’re not gonna talk to me? Cassian, I’m sorry, but – ”

“Jyn. You’re pregnant,” Cassian breathes, voice breaking on the last word. “You’re having a baby.”

She told him three weeks ago, just after they returned from a mission. Lying in bed together, Jyn reached for his hand and placed it atop her stomach. Cassian looked over with wide eyes, and she just nodded, biting her lip. 

Terror and excitement coursed through his veins then, just like they do now, looking down at his injured wife. (And child.)

“Cassian, I’m well aware that I’m – “

“Do you know,” he starts, not meeting her eyes. “Do you know what it would do to me if something happened to…either one of you?”

Jyn says nothing. They’re both silent for a long minute. Cassian knows they have jobs; the Alliance counts on both of them, and this, this feeling of complete and utter devotion, is why they shouldn’t be where they are right now. He would leave the rebels in a heartbeat if it meant saving his wife and child. 

Cassian feels Jyn’s hand come up to grip his arm, finally making him look at her again. Something in her green eyes shines so intensely it makes another part of his heart break off into her hands. When she leans in to kiss him, he meets her halfway. 

It starts as nothing: a brush of lips just to mend what was a little rocky. But then, gods help him, Jyn opens her mouth and sinks her teeth into his bottom lip, gripping his arm just a little too tight. Her nails must be leaving marks on his skin, but Cassian can’t bring himself to care. Not with her pulling her back so he’s hovering above her. 

“I don’t want to…” Cassian trails, glancing at her stomach and the barely-patched up gash below her ribs. But then Jyn’s tugging him down so their hips meet and he gasps, forgetting any concerns he had. 

He gets the rest of her tunic up and off and starts working at the button of her pants. Cassian’s never been particularly good with undressing Jyn in the heat of the moment – he gets too ahead of himself, too lost in her warm skin and bright eyes. She laughs at his fumbling and swats his hand away. Before he can protest, her pants are on the floor.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Jyn says with a slow smile. Cassian flashes her a smirk before disrobing and tossing his shirt and pants near the door. He crawls back on top of her, lets his fingers dip under the waistband of her panties and tease at her clit until she’s moaning and whimpering into the open air. 

When he sinks to his knees at the base of the bed, Jyn quirks a brow at him. Cassian drags her underwear down and presses kisses up her thighs until he’s right there, and flicks his tongue at her clit for all he’s worth. He pours everything – every thought, every worry, all of his feelings – into it, concentrating on showing Jyn just how much she, just how much they, really mean to him. She’ writhing on the bed, hands fisted in his hair, to an almost painful degree, but it doesn’t matter.

She comes just as he’s whispering, “Mi vida, mi alma,” into this junction at her hip. 

Jyn, with a sated smile, says, “Te queremos,” and Cassian’s entire heart threatens to shatter with the amount of love he feels.

Dangerous or not, he belongs, wholly and completely to this tiny, forged-family. 

The Misfits

Prompt: Six students, of different stereotypes, are sentenced to Saturday detention which happens to land on a very important day for each of them. While their reasons for being there are up in the air, and they might start off on the wrong foot, they all eventually find out there’s more to each person than they thought.

A/N: I’m so sorry about the wait. So I’m not one to be a huge Lucaya fan, but they’re growing on me. Tbh, I only ship them in AU’s because to me, the show is about friendship, and I just don’t see Maya taking Lucas from Riley (though they haven’t had any couple moments because writers keep cutting their scenes for some reason—and let’s be honest guys, they wouldn’t cut all of the Rucas scenes for no reason). But if Maya and Lucas were to be together, it would be a ways down the road. I admit, they have great chemistry, and for this story I paired them together, because I’m a huge Riarkle fan and Zayadora isadorable ;) -see what I did there? Okay, that was super dorky, but whatever.

Word Count: 4,757

Other Parts: | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Part 4- Messed Up

She was heading for the art room, because nothing was better than the smell of paint and being able to throw it on a canvas. Therapy, Maya called it. It was her time to zone the world out, and focus on creating. It was the only time she felt at peace, other than being in the presence of her best friend in her bay window, where they poured their hearts out to each other. She still hoped that even after this day was over with they would still be able to do that, even though Riley was upset with her.

Just as she rounded the corner, she immediately stopped, catching a glance at Lucas’s bare chest. She slowly backed away, assuming he didn’t see her. It wasn’t that it was odd seeing a guy shirtless, but it was the setting. They were in the middle of the hallway, where they were normally surrounded by tons of people, and if it were the middle of a school day, he would be dress coded. Plus, she had heard stories. In the last four months that he had been in New York, there was talk about how hot Lucas Friar was. Some girls, felt the need to share their “experiences” with the world. So Maya had already had an opinion about the guy. It didn’t matter if he had an effect on her, just a tiny bit.

“So you just gonna wait for me to put on my shirt before you walk by?” Lucas asked from his locker. She glanced around slightly catching him putting on deodorant from his gym bag.

Maya rolled her eyes. “No, I was giving you a moment with your mirror,” she teased.

She could hear him chuckle, before he appeared around the corner with a coy smirk on his face. “I don’t have a mirror.” He looked at her with those intense green eyes.

She looked away trying to focus on something else, but noticed how built he really was. Apart from the white t-shirt he wore eariler, giving his arms some definition, the thought of his whole upper body being defined as well, never came to mind. “So, what room does Maya Hart wander to in this school?” He asked.

“The art room,” she stated, walking past him. He followed, closing his locker in the process, sliding a new green shirt over his head, and catching up to her side. “Are you following me?”

“What happens if I say yes?” He questioned.

She considered this. What was he going to do in an art room? Maya didn’t like it when people watched her draw. It was an uncomfortable feeling. “Why would you want to? I’m not that interesting. Besides, wouldn’t being around me ruin your popularity image?”

He looked around the hall in amusement. “Nobody’s here for an image to be ruined.”

“But here’s the thing, if you did hang out with me for a couple hours, and started to like being friends with me, we all know come Monday morning, you’d be back to your cocky jock friends, ignoring the misfits like me.” She stopped in the middle of the hallway to look at him. “Not that I care, but what’s the point of being in each others presence for a couple hours, having nonsense conversation if it won’t continue?”

His expression threw her off, because he didn’t look mischievous or sarcastic, nor did he look cocky. It was inscrutable. “You think that I’m that type of person?” There was an uncomfortable silence between them. “You don’t know me. Why judge me when you and I have never had a conversation before?”
“It’s not like you’ve been so willing to talk to me in the halls before,” she retorted.

His eyes widened. “So you’re going to judge me because I’ve said nothing to you? That makes sense,” the sarcasm was strong in his tone. “What have I ever done to you?”

“You’re annoying to me,” she couldn’t come up with a better excuse and he wasn’t buying it. “I know guys like you. Believe me, after a two week thing with Barry Macintosh, I’ve learned a thing or two.” She didn’t think she would bring Barry up ever again.

Lucas stared at her slack-jawed. “So you’re classifying me as a conceded man whore? Is that what you think I am? A guy with body dysmorphic disorder and who sleeps around a lot because he needs to feel something?” He shook his head, and Maya was surprised at how he described who she thought was his friend. “Maya, I know I can be a bit cocky at times, and I mess around a lot just to get under peoples skin, but I’m not a player, I could honestly care less about how I look all the time, and I’m not one to become friends with someone and completely ditch them just because people didn’t approve.” 

They slowly continued walking and he continued to speak. “If I cared about people judging me for who I hang out with, then Zay and I would have a problem. We both face discrimination because we’re family. Granted I probably wouldn’t be in detention right now, but I would gladly punch someone in the face again, if it meant sticking up for my brother. I’m sorry that you think all jocks are the same,” a look of disappointment flickered across his face, before he turned away from her, heading down the opposite hall from the art room.

She stood in the hallway, dumbfounded and ashamed. How could she have just assumed? Sure there was talk, but what if they were just rumors? Because she’d heard that he was self-centered and arrogant, but what if that was an exaggeration of him being cocky and chivalrous?

Maya was angry. With herself. She hurt Riley, and now she was judging people based on rumors. What has gotten into her? Why was she acting the way she was acting? 

She needed to fix this. She needed to fix herself. She sighed, giving herself an attitude check. Knowing that fixing her and Riley would take more time, she glanced down the long hall where the boy from Texas had walked. Time to start something new.

And she ran after Lucas.

Farkle had no idea what he was doing. When he found the room he was looking for, of course he knew she’d be in there. Anybody with ears could hear her playing the soft melody of the classic song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” He was drawn to the sound, because it was nice and beautiful. It definitely beat out the silence that filled his home, or the constant yelling he used to hear piercing the air throughout the night. 

It wasn’t because he was drawn to the beautiful brunette playing the music. Okay, that was a lie. There was nobody more alluring to him than Riley Matthews. 

They used to be close friends, until his dad took him out of public school and placed him at Einstein Academy for his freshman year. They grew apart, because of their busy schedules. She focused all of her attention on her music, and he attempted to focus on science, but the private school wasn’t for him. 

He quickly grew out of his turtleneck days, and upgraded his wardrobe to somewhere between nerd chic and teenage heartthrob poster boy. Why? It was about damn time he evolved. He was growing up, not just physically, but emotionally as well. And emotions weren’t always something science could relate to. He’d know. Being at EA, there was structure and everything was logical and factual. It wasn’t a place where he could try new things, because every day had been the same routine. 

So he told his dad he wanted to go back to public school. Of course it took a lot of convincing and after a short talk about his mother, he agreed.
When he returned, he was looked at differently. It was almost like he was unrecognizable. He had made friends with a bunch of different people, but he wasn’t in a set group. He floated around, and did his own thing. He had freedom, which was nice compared to the rules he used to have. He just missed the set of friends he had in middle school. Especially Riley.

She was always the first person he’d go to for everything, but after the separation, he watched her blossom into this gorgeous young woman, and thrive in her ability to make music. In some ways, he felt like he’d be a burden on her by interfering in her life. And the last thing he wanted was to bring negativity into it.

Looking at her right now, as she stared back at him with such a longing expression he might’ve consider the fact that he made a mistake. And that was upsetting, because he was supposed to be a genius. Then again, he was in detention for doing something a genius wouldn’t do. Maybe he was normal after all. 

Her brown eyes shined in the natural light of the room. Her perfectly tan skin was flawless, even without a lot of makeup. He exhaled slightly and gulped at the closeness of their faces.

He blinked, realizing that she had asked him a question. Did he, as a scientist, believe that science overruled emotions? That was insane, and whoever came up with the idea of that was a prude and should be struck down because of that insinuation. All Farkle did was feel. If emotion was something he couldn’t understand, then he wouldn’t have been bothered so much by his parents divorce, or care about coming back to Abigail Adams, and he certainly wouldn’t be feeling the desire to kiss the girl he used to call his best friend at this moment.

“Absolutely not,” he croaked, due to the fact that his nerves were ticking at him. His heart did a little flutter when he saw her quirk the corners of her mouth up, her dimples showing. Her eyes flickered down from his eyes to his lips and she looked back up, her face turning red of embarrassment. Had she thought about kissing him? He looked away too, feeling the heat rising in his cheeks.
She stared at his hands, that were still on the keys of the piano. “So how long have you been playing the piano?”

He rubbed one of the keys with his index finger, pressing down slightly giving off a high pitched sound. “Been playing since I was little,” he bit his lip, “but it was never a consistent thing. Not until my parents divorced, and my mom threw herself into her job teaching lessons that she didn’t really have much time to spend with me. So, in order to spend time with her and actually be apart of her life, I signed up, though I knew how to play—somewhat—it became a consistent thing that I did everyday.” That was the only activity he did in the last two and a half years that he didn’t mind repeating. He enjoyed playing, but he mainly did it for his mom. “I’m no professional by any means like you, but I’d like to think I’m decent.”

A small giggle departed from her lips. “I can’t play piano as well as I can the violin.” She placed her fingers on the keys. “I have to say, you really good. You could totally pull off being a pianist.” She began to play her the song once again.

He joined her, as she played the lower harmony, and he played the higher key. “Though it’s nice to play, I don’t think I’d want it as a career.”
“What are you considering?” 

He shrugged. “These past few years, I’ve sort of been stuck in deciding what to do with my life. After attending Einstein Academy, I realized how much I didn’t like the structure of things. I love science, don’t get me wrong, but people were too logical. They didn’t make decisions based off of their own opinions, but waited for the facts, and yeah, facts are true, but what if you come across a situation where there are none? Plus, why only have sense, if the best way to live life is to have sensibility as well? You have to use your brain and follow your heart.” He glanced at her from the corner of his eye. “Now I have a different outlook on things. Since my parents split, I’ve had a new sense of freedom. No more schedules. And because of the crater built between all of us, how my mom and dad can’t agree on anything, and for the longest time they wanted me to choose sides, I’m old enough now that I was able to tell both of them to screw it. I have my own opinions on things and I don’t need to be told what side to take. My dad is more controlling than my mom, but she has her moments too.

“So, now that I’ve been doing my own thing, I’ve been reading novels a lot more, spending time at the planetarium, I scour the city to see Broadway shows, and visit the museums. But most of all, I’ve been taking pictures as I explore. I bought myself a nice camera, and started to snap photos.” She looked at him and smiled softly. “Mr. Townes, who runs the school paper and the yearbook, has recruited me for many different events. Mostly academic, or something to do with the arts. I can’t do action shots at sports events. I tried that once, and they didn’t turn out so good.” 

“So you knew I was performing tonight because of the paper?” She asked. 

He nodded. “When I saw your name under the list of students up for the scholarship, I immediately took up the job.” They both stopped playing, because that was the moment her hand barely grazed his own, but it was enough to feel the energy that moved between them. They both stared down, both not bothering to move away from each other.

“Farkle?” She asked. He gave her a slight ‘hmm?’ and she eyes glanced up to meet his. “What happened to us? We were so close back in middle school, and then you went away, and I waited for you to show up at my window, but you never did.” Her voice sounded hurt, like she was asking him why did you stop being my friend? And he didn’t know exactly what to tell her.

He took this moment to be somewhat bold and hooked his small pinkie with hers. “I don’t know. Being at EA, we were so busy all the time. Attending different meetings and going to different events. You began your practice everyday and you were working hard. I guess we grew apart in that time.”
“But what about after? When you came back?”

He sighed, feeling angry at himself. “You were doing so good. You had Maya and your violin. You were happy and nothing ever wavered. When I came back, my parents were in the middle of their extremely messy divorce. They were always fighting and I was always getting caught in the middle of it all. I carried a lot of that baggage around, and I was emotional wreck. The last thing that I wanted for anybody, especially you, was to have me and my problems interfere with your life. I didn’t want anybody to go through that with me.”

Her bottom lip quivered and a grave expression flickered upon her face. She took their hands and she intertwined all of their fingers together. Her thumb ran on top of his own. “You shouldn’t have gone through that alone. Nobody should ever go through something like that alone,” her voice stated firmly. “Please, if something is ever bothering you, don’t hesitate to knock on my window.” He nodded, pretty much in a trance. She glanced at the linked hands and smiled slightly. “I always kept it open for you.”

That brought him back to reality, and he cocked his head to the side in confusion. “You kept your window open for me?” 

She nodded. “You’ve always been my friend Farkle. That’s never changed.” He couldn’t help himself, with his free arm, he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her in for a hug. 

He caught the door of the band room out of the corner of his eye. “Isn’t it about time you practice playing your instrument?”

She bit her lip. “The band room is locked.”

So, he might have promised himself he would never do it again, considering it landed him in detention in the first place, but for Riley, he’d do just about anything. “I can get into the band room.”


He had attempted to open the door to sit in coaches office, but it was locked. So he leaned his back against the wall. His thoughts were everywhere. Did people really have an opinion about him, just because of stereotype? He was a lot of things, but he’d like to say he wasn’t a stereotypical guy. Not like Barry Macintosh. He was a good ball player, better at football more so than baseball, but still good nonetheless. He was also a guy that partied every Friday and Saturday night, drank to his hearts content, and slept around because he didn’t believe in relationships. 

Lucas was the opposite. If he went out to party, it was to be surrounded by friends, and have a good time. Maybe drink a beer or two, because he wasn’t a prude, but he was smart enough to not get himself stuck in a bad situation. He was taught better than that. Now he might not be a virgin, but he hasn’t slept with a ton of girls, in fact when he did lose his virginity, it was to his long time girlfriend of a year and a half, Grace Porter back in Texas. She ended up screwing him over after and it was a messy break up. Lucas had felt slightly insecure after that, and was determined to keep up at the gym, and he relished in the satisfaction he received when girls would check him out. Okay, so maybe that’s where they could see that he was self-centered.

But he wasn’t. Not really. Before everything that happened between him and Grace (in the beginning of their relationship), he was super laid back and though he took care of himself, he wasn’t a stickler to go to the gym everyday, nor did he care about how his hair looked, whether he needed a cut or not, and he certainly could care less about the clothes he wore. Then she deemed him as not attractive enough for her, and at first it didn’t bother him, because he had some words to share with her, but after taking a long hard look in the mirror, it was time he needed a change.

Unfortunately, nobody in Texas would be able to witness his change, because his dad got transferred to New York before the start of the school year. But the new scene and lifestyle was great compared to life in Texas, even though he did miss his buddies, and he knew Zay did too, but being away from the town his parents died helped him tremendously. 

Lucas heard footsteps around the corner, and he knew it had to have been Maya. Sure enough it was. “So you’re following me now?”

Expecting a smart ass remark, he was surprised to hear her say words completely unexpected. “I’m sorry.” She looked to the floor. “I don’t know whats going on with me lately.” She shuffled over to the wall beside him, and they both slid down to sit on the cold tile. “I’ve hurt my best friend who has done nothing but be the only light in my entire life, and now I’m judging people who I don’t even know, which goes against everything my parents ever taught me,” she looked over at him. “I’m sorry.”

Without a scowl on her face, she was beautiful. Her blonde hair was long and wavy and cascaded down over each shoulder. Her eyes were big and deep blue. Her pouty lips were parted just barely. That was the moment he realized that she reminded him nothing of Grace like she did before. He guessed it was because of her sarcasm and attitude, but Maya was more genuine. At least by her sitting down next to him, apologizing for something that could honestly mean nothing, attempting to start a deep conversation was more genuine than what Grace ever did.

“It’s okay. I get it. People assume and as much as I hate that word, I know that it can’t ever stop,” he stated. 

Confused, she asked, “you hate the word assume?”

He smirked. “My dad always said to assume was to make and ass out of you and me. When we guess the wrong thing about people we unfortunately make an ass out of ourselves. I’m guilty. I’ve done it before, in fact I’ve made assumptions about you and I shouldn’t because I don’t know if they’re true or not.”

“Alright, let’s lay out all of the cards on the table. What rumors have you heard. You’re probably not wrong,” she said.

He nodded slightly, agreeing to ask and answer any questions. “Alright, were you the one who spray painted ‘feminist revolution’ on the fifth floor of the school building?” 

“It was supposed to be anonymous. We’re the silent majority. Making difference through art and media, but yes. It’s what got me and Riley into this mess.”
Lucas raised his eyebrows. “She helped?”

“Oh no,” she shook her head. “Riley’s a big feminist, but she wouldn’t go to illegal extremes to spread the word. She was dropping my bag off that I left accidentally in her dad’s class. I was supposed to be back before the period ended. Between classes was the best time to tag the building, especially at the end of the day, but Mr. Baxter and his dumb hydro-plant collection got us in trouble.” She criss-cross her legs together. “So you said you could honestly care less about the way you look?”

He knew what she was asking and Zay was the only person he ever told. “In all honesty I wish didn’t like I used to. If I could take back the decisions I made in the past, I would. Grace would have never screwed me over and took something important from me and helped create the insecurity that I have.” Maybe opening up to someone he didn’t know, especially a girl who made an assumption about him, would make him easier to relate to and maybe he would be looked at differently. “At the end of last year, I was dating this girl that was a year older than me. We had dated for a year and a half. In the beginning, I felt like I didn’t have to worry about the way I look as much. Of course I took care of myself and looked nice for her, but I wasn’t the obsessive type to work on my hair for 20 minutes straight every day, make sure I had a clean shave, or my style was up to date. Then she takes something from me, breaks up with me the next day, and in front of all of her friends, she tells me that I wasn’t attractive enough for her.” That really hurt and was embarrassing.

Maya looked stunned, but he continued to talk. “Probably the most humiliating moment in my life. And at first I was angry. I said some words to her that I probably shouldn’t have said, and I moved on, even though it was really hard, because we were together for over a year, and before I asked her out, we were really good friends. Besides Zay, she became my best friend. I told her everything. I thought I was in love with her. And she played me like a fiddle. I received some looks for a week after we broke up and was thankful it was the last week of school. Then one night I got out of the shower and looked at my self in the mirror. I was never fat, but I did have bit more meat on me and my face was filled out more. I didn’t think I would be as insecure about myself as I actually was. I was the best ball player on my team, I was well liked. Maybe more well liked before I was dating Grace. Being around her every single day, I developed my tongue for sarcasm and being a smart ass.” His head dropped between his knees. “Grace messed me up.”

Shaking her head she said, “What a bitch. Excuse my french, but that’s messed up. Why date someone for that long and then tell them they’re not attractive enough to be in a relationship with that person? Doesn’t that mean she used you?”

“Yup,” he pursed his lips. “She used me and molded me into the person she wanted me to be. And I was blind, because I thought I was in love.”

“Does it still hurt?”

He nodded. “It’s hard sometimes, and it’s hard to change. I’m sorry that I was antagonizing you earlier. I shouldn’t act the way I do, it’s just a habit.” Maya smiled slightly at him and he looked at her confused. “What?”

“I don’t believe it would be hard for you to change,” she said.

“Why’s that?”

She licked her lips. “Because, stereotypical people don’t apologize for the way the act. You didn’t have to say you’re sorry, but you did, and it’s okay. I was wrong. You’re not the person I thought you were.”

He turned to face her. “So what about you?”

“What do you want to know?” She turned to face him. “I’m not an interesting person.”

Lucas smirked. “You said that earlier, but I don’t believe it. How could someone who tags buildings all over the city with incredible art work, and a drive to make a difference in the world not be interesting?”

There was a sparkle in her eyes before she sucked her lower lip in. “Yeah, also a girl who’s been abandoned by her father, her mother works all the time, and sometimes comes home with random guys, who stay for a couple days, and sometimes develop an interest in me and try something, so I stay away, most of the time crashing beside Riley because I know that she will always be there for me, no matter what.” She looked down in her lap. “Oh, and I also have a smoking problem.”

“So that’s why people reference you as—”

She nodded. “The pot head with daddy issues.”

There was silence for a few moments. “Do you know why he left?”

She shrugged. “I just found out recently that he’s with another woman, and they’re having a baby. Apparently he got being a dad wrong the first time so he’s starting over,” she rolled her eyes and Lucas had the feeling in the pit of his stomach. The feeling of wanting to track him down and beat his ass. “I don’t understand. What did I do wrong? Most of my life, I’ve been a daddy’s girl, and now … I’ve never been so lost. Him leaving messed both me an my mom up. I guess we have something in common after all.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through that Maya. In all honesty, it’s his loss.”
Her eyes were glassy, but she looked over with a grateful expression. “So, you’re starting to like me? You think you and I would be friends?” She teased.
He chuckled. “You’re pretty cool Hart. From the moment we sat down here, I considered us friends.” She was about to make a comment but he cut her off. “And before you ask, I don’t care about my image. Honestly, I want to change. And I also want to have friends who I like being around and want to hang out with, instead of a crowd that I don’t get along with and people expect me to be around.”

“Real people, you mean?” She smiled, and for once he stopped thinking about how confused Grace made him feel, because he was staring at someone far more better.

“Yeah, real people.”

A/N: I’m sorry there was no Zayadora in this chapter. They will be in next chapter definitely. Once I started writing this, I had no idea how long it was going to be.

Preview to next chapter:

Mrs. Knows had appeared from her office. Smackle had looked around the room, realizing she and Zay were the only ones sitting at the desks. “Where are the others?”

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Seriously though, you guys have no idea how happy it makes me to see more and more people supporting spiritassassin and Baze x Chirrut. I started getting into this ship near the beginning of November, with only about two other blogs somewhat actively posting about it and four fics that I about memorized waiting for the movie. Now we’ve gotten over thirty new fics in the last three days and a ton of new people blogging about it (and even some freaking news articles). It just makes me so happy to see this ship grow in such a positive way. Thank you everyone who supports spiritassassin in some way, you are all awesome.


(Pssst…there are captions) Lots of Galra!Keith, since i’m not TOTALLY on board with the theory, but it is fun to imagine :’) There’s so much angst surrounding it, when really all I want is for the Keith to only grow closer to his team mates once the secret gets out, y’know? Also I like the idea that Glarans just kinda act like cats lol (some of Keith’s behaviors here are very much based off my own cat Olliver, oops) The last one is a younger Galran Keith :( Poor boy…

Also the scenes with Shiro are very much inspired/based off this lovely fic my friend Raberba wrote recently! Go read it, it’s so good <3 She may be the reason I finally cracked and drew some Galra!Keith in the first place X’’’D

These are all intended to be purely platonic; please respect the artist’s wishes and do not tag with any romantic ships! Thank you!


This is truly an amazing milestone.

You guys have no idea what this means to me. When I started this blog it was only when Genyatta had began to grow, so I didn’t expect it to take off like it did. I didn’t expect over 5,000 people would ship this amazing ship and be impacted by it in similar ways it has for me

A lot of you are so kind and I’m so grateful to have you as my followers. Just, thank you to everyone who sends me such nice, heartwarming messages. And thank you to the artists, writers, editors, to everyone who creates the wonderful Genyatta content that makes it possible for this blog to post daily.

Even through hard times we stick together, no matter what. I encourage all of you to remain strong, and try to be respectful and understanding. 

Thank you all so much!

I am soooo DONE!-BIG RANT

To the chicken-shit anon who sent this oh-so helpful message to my friend @kittenofdoomage and I quote:

“Hey Kitten, as much as I love you, and loved watching you grow into your kinks and ships, you don’t write like you used to and I don’t read much of what you do post to be honest.  I will forever love you and you have taught me so much about writing and different kinks and gave me so many ideas.  So thank you for everything you’ve done and will do for future readers.  I just wanted to let you know how much I loved you before I go. But hope life goes well from here on out.  Goodbye.”

Let me start by saying you are an ASSHOLE!!!!  How did you think she was going to take this?  Let me start out nice and finish nice but insult the shit out of her in between and maybe she won’t notice????

This may come as a shock to you, but behind the blog  and the writing is a PERSON…. with FEELINGS.  One who is very kind to up and coming writers, and who has done a LOT for the SPN community on here.

If you don’t want to follow her anymore, DON”T follow her…. But go quietly.  This message was completely unnecessary.  If you have enjoyed ANY of Kitten’s MANY MANY fics posted on here, have a little respect.

You should be ashamed of yourself.  If you had the chance to meet one of your favorite authors would you say what essentially boils down to “I used to love you but your writing doesn’t meet MY UNREASONABLE expectations so I am going to insult you to your face?”

Kitten is one of my favorite things about Tumblr.  Her 8,000+ followers would miss her.  How many followers do YOU have?


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The “We’ll Meet Again” Terrarium

I decided to use fake flowers until I could get my hands on some real ones, which I don’t currently have the money for. I am so in love with this idea.

I wanted to replicate the scenery Bill was in originally but I wanted pretty flowers too. The idea of the towns people being too afraid to go near his statue so the forest starting to grow around him and flowers sprouting in the spring seemed like a pretty fitting excuse for it.

I may also make more if people want one. 

“keep reading” if you want one!

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“I found my perfect dance partner years ago, Sofia.”

Did I mention I watch Sofia the First? And that I’ve kinda started shipping Sofia with Hugo? Like, really badly? I mean, just imagine the two of them growing up together, being ice dancing partners and the occasional flying derby partners and slowly realizing they’re in love as they get older.

….Don’t judge me. Or my butchering of their jacket and skirt…

Has anyone else noticed that Sofia is really similar to Ariel with her facial structure? Her mom’s closer to Belle though… And they both have more of Aurora’s hair… ….I’ve studied the Disney princesses too much.


Ship: Iwaoi

Rating: General

Oikawa had never noticed how sad train stations could be. The rain growing heavy in the dirt between the rails, and the concrete cold with the silence of their pain.

Iwaizumi doesn’t say anything, just stares, his fingers curling. Oikawa watches him and wants to cry.

“Tell me you love me?” Oikawa doesn’t mean to speak it, his heart starts thumping.

Iwaizumi looks up at him. His hair sticks slightly to his face, and his presence is masked by the smell of rain in the air. Oikawa tries his hardest to engrain this moment in his memory like it’s all he’ll ever see again. This is the moment that matters because it’s the moment he had to say goodbye because in this moment Oikawa feels every fiber of his heart shaking and screaming to not let go and for the first time he’s ignoring them.

“I’m sorry.” Is Iwaizumi’s response.

“Breaking your heart is the hardest thing I’ll ever do and… I… ah.” He fights his thoughts as he struggles for words and drowns in emotions.

“I’m sorry”

“Stop saying that.” Oikawa turns away.

The train rushes past them and screams in their ears, the rhythmic clack of wheels on the tracks jumping in time with their heartbeats.

Oikawa is the first to stand and waits for Iwaizumi to shuffle as well.

The train stops and feet begin to whisper to new destinations. Iwaizumi doesn’t move from Oikawa side.

“Go Iwaizumi. If the train leaves you, you’ll be stuck here.” Iwaizumi take a step forward. He’s the last off the platform.

He faces Oikawa. His heart beats erratically in his chest as if he’s falling through space and time to be in this moment. He aware of everything, of Oikawa every struggled breath, of the tears pushing on the corners of his eyes. He hates himself for it. He truly hates himself. Why does he have to leave, why… does he have to be alone… why does he have to forget, he doesn’t want to forget. Why, why, WHY?

The train doors begin to close and Iwaizumi’s hand reaches between them. For the body too close to the speeding train, too heartbroken to back away and pulls.

Oikawa collapses forward into Iwaizumis lap, rain kissed and confused as to what’s happening. But he loses all sense orientation when he feels Iwaizumi’s lips on his and melts.

Iwaizumi hold Oikawa with a grip that stiffens his whole body. He kisses Oikawa and tattoos the moment into the senses as if it’s the last and most desperate he’ll ever be able to be with Oikawa. But Oikawa pulls away, lurched to his sense by the movement of the train.


“I love you.” Iwaizumi swallows and tries to ignore the pain in the pit of his stomach the desire to scream and thrash about in frustration.

“I hadn’t answered before, I love you Oikawa, I do… I really do.” Oikawa sits wordlessly in Iwaizumi arms. He sniffles, giving in. He lays his head on Iwaizumi shoulder,

“I know” his whisper is like a cry, cracked at the end and heavy in the air.

✨🙏🏼✨I just started working at Kauai Farmacy! Tinning and shipping all organic herbs first hand harvested, then dried (with their 6 solar power dehydrators) && blended into teas!! These lush gardens are home to over 60 medicinal herbal plants!!✨🙏🏼✨ Thankful to work so close with these healing herbs. Healing the planet through the organic movement. Learning and growing more and more each mOMent.✨🙏🏼✨ Here’s a picture of me from the website! Peaceeeee!