this ship is perfect don't look at me


Is it just me or does it look like: 

Kihyun: *internally* This does not seem right, what am I doing wrong??

Jooheon: *just casually waiting patiently*

Wonho: Oh man, oh man, why Jooheon? *puts hands up to mouth* Why can’t I be the one kissing Kihyun? I swear to god, Kihyun, if you’re enjoying that!

Changkyun/IM: Mom? *leans to peek* Mom?? That is NOT dad!

Shownu: IM? *peeks around the opposite side to look* IM, stop looking right now. The adults are trying to play a little game here. Go back to bed, little one.

Hyungwon: *can’t stop laughing because the beautiful DEVIL*


i can’t believe i took the time to make this

The OTP Cycle (aka The Decent into Shipper Hell)

1. “What? People actually ship these two? Hah! No. That doesn’t even make sense!”

2. “Holy shit! These two are perfect for each other! Oh my god how is this not a thing?!?!” 

3. *obssessively reads every single work of fanfiction on every possible site about said ship* 

3.5. “Oh what am I reading on my phone? *looks down at 200k fanfic* Oh it’s nothing! Just some book you wouldn’t possibly have any interest in at all!”

4. *obssessively writes fanfiction about OTP nonstop*

5. *finally starts to reach a noraml level of obssessive fangirling…………………then the cycle repeats immediately after.

*whispers quietly while typing* quicksand

After looking through the Girl Meets World tags due to boredom and being curious, I just like to clarify some things…

- Just because I ship Lucas and Riley, it does not mean I hate/dislike Maya. In fact, I love Maya. Sure, the character frustrates me sometimes, but which character doesn’t? They’re suppose to be annoying, they’re suppose to be immature and they’re suppose to be confused. For god sakes, they’re only 8th graders in the show. (I mean, I highly doubt you were so perfect when you were in eighth grade.)

- If you have so many feelings and emotions regarding these characters, it just means the cast (Rowan, Sabrina, Corey, Peyton, etc) are just really really good actors. And speaking of, they’re actors! Don’t hate on Sabrina just because you don’t like Maya and don’t hate on Rowan just because you don’t like Riley.

- If Lucaya ends up being canon instead of Rucas, do you know what I’m not going to do? I’m not going to bash Michael Jacobs for crashing my ship, I’m not going to send threatening tweets to the actors and I’m certainly not going to stop watching the show. It’s just not something a logical person would do!
….But you know what I would do? I would watch the show, read fanfic, continue to support these awesome people and be a great fan! :)

- Finally, don’t bash others on what they choose to ship. To each their own. One tidbit (this works for any fictional you may ship): it’s not the end of the world if the couple you ship isn’t canon. Trust me, I’ve been shipping non-canon couples for a loooonngg time. You’ll be fine.

So everyone, chill, Ohkay?

soooo ever since transsolas and I started shipping our Adaar inquisitors we’ve been in OC shipping hell, and I felt like I needed to have them come to life through the wonderful art of maqes, and look at how gorgeous this commission turned out!! Meet Haddiyah and Basra Adaar, the two ladies who’ve been ruining my life lately. sobs.