this ship is never going to stop hurting

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wow, i am a random brooklyn, ny woman who you will (prob) never meet. but it is amazing that now I and SO many others worry about you when you go offline. OK, in part it's because we're addicted to S/C stuff (and clearly people do some tea-leaf-reading freakouts if you stop waving the ship flag for more than like, an hour). but you should take in the fact that it's also because we really like you. and would be sad -- S/C breakup sad! -- if you really were hurting. so, sending big anon goodness.

Aww wow you honestly just made my day. Thank you for being so kind! It means a lot <3 

Well, I’m really disappointed…. I told myself when I first joined team delusional that I really had nothing left to lose and that I wasn’t gonna be hurt any worse than I already was. I’ve lost my hope and I don’t think I’m gonna stick around for next season. Beth dying isn’t the only thing that’s driven me to this. I just don’t feel the show is going anywhere anymore. I’m really disappointed the writers ignored the opportunity to create a GREAT story. Ive enjoyed reading theories and being a part of this team but I just can’t keep setting myself up to be let down. I’ve been hurt for the last time by this show. I’ll continue shipping bethyl and reading fan fiction! And I’ll never stop blogging Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus! I think I’ll just retire and be a casual fan if that. I stayed for Norman and Emily. I guess I’ll stay for Norman.
Sincerely a disappointed, confused, angry, bitter, vengeful woman!

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At this point, I just want Elena far away from Damon. Like, they can end the show with no ships, not even SE, and I'll be fine with it. But, stop ruining her character. Stop telling young girls out there that this kind of toxic relationship is true love.

God yes, I don’t even give a crap about ships anymore, all I want is for this show to remind these girls that women are strong, that women don’t need a man in order to be happy and that it is not okay to lose yourself in a relationship with someone else. I need this show to stop romanticizing these terribly unhealthy relationships, I need TVD to acknowledge that just because “you wuv someone so much”, it does not mean that him controlling you, hurting you or abusing you should be forgiven.

And the sad part is that this is never going to happen. TVD will continue to write women as if they are nothing more than a man’s puppet and it pisses me off.

Never Going Back Again Ch. 9

               “Cordelia, I’m right here, you really can’t see me?” I say to her in the mirror.

               She sighs and slides away from the mirror and walks right past me. I didn’t think my heart could hurt any more than it already had been but when she walked past me, her pretty brown eyes still blind to me, my heart just shattered. I couldn’t stop myself from cryin’ and carryin’ on and callin’ after her. I followed her out to the hallway and saw her freeze. Had she heard me?

               “Dee?” I ask quietly.  

               Now I usually don’t see much when it comes to colors of auras, just feelins and stuff. But when Cordelia saw that my bedroom door was open her whole body went real stiff and the air around her went black and crimson red. I could hear her heart screamin’ and everything. She walked over and frantically made sure that the jar was still there and the picture of me. Was it Dee who’d kept my room like this?

               I want to follow her as she storms out of the room yellin’ to try to get her to notice me but I can’t help but look past her to the jar on the dresser. It’s hittin’ me all of a sudden what must be in there. I’d been so distracted by bein’ back in the house that I hadn’t heard it callin’ to me. That jar has what’s left of my body in it. This sure is a strange feelin’. Now that I’m not all excited about getting’ to Cordelia and lettin’ know I’m here I can feel it. How I’m here and not here all at the same time. I step into the hallway again and find myself right in front of Cordelia again. I would give anything in the whole world just to feel her givin’ me a hug right now. I have got to figure a way to get my body back!