this ship is never going to stop hurting

i think that some one of you doesn’t know how to deal with complexity, it’s not always black and white! you’re saying shitty things about raphael just to drag a ship down! raphael is a victim too! raphael santiago was only 15 when he was turned into a vampire after trying to stop a killer from hurting his family. he tried to kill himself and magnus had to restrain him. he was disgusted by himself, he was afraid that his mom would have never accepted him for what he is! and now??? aldertree tortured him to have information about camille. stop saying raphael is an abuser because ok, he kidnapped simon but he saved him from camille when he sent her away and let simon go! he gave him a home, he helped him when no one did. he carried simon to the institute even if could have gotten him killed just to bring his body to clary! he just wants to protect his family like simon wants to protect his mom!! raphael santiago is not 100% in the wrong and simon lewis is not 100% in the right they both made poor choices because breaking news: THAT’S A PLOT LINE!
it’s ok if you don’t ship saphael i dont care but dont say bad things about raphael just to drag a a ship down! stop villanizing him because he’s not a saint but he’s certainly not a villain.


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Word count: 711

Author: @juddxdunkelheit

Pairing: Alec x reader

Summary: Y/N got seriously hurt on a mission and Alec is worried about her.

Warning: None.

A/N: I wanted to aclare that I know that Alec is not straight but in this imagine he’s, because that’s what it is, an imagine. I ship and I love Malec more than my whole life. Please don’t take it as an offense.
This is my first imagine and English is not my mother language, so if you read any mistakes, feel free to correct me. Hope you enjoy ✨

After Y/N got hurt on a mission, Alec had never stopped taking care of her. She had been unconscious for the past two days and he was starting to worry about it.
Izzy was sat beside him.
“Everything is going to be fine, Big bro” she said, stroking his arm gently.
“No, it’s not. And you know it” he gazed away. He didn’t look fine at all. His face was pale and it was clearly that he wasn’t sleeping well because of his big eye bags. “I can’t lose her Izz”.
Someone knocked the door.
“Jace, I..” Alec opened the door and stopped talking abruptly. “Mother. What are you doing here?” He sounded surprised. And of course it was a surprise.
Maryse didn’t like Y/N, or that’s what he thought. Their relationship wasn’t bad, but when Alec’s mother was at the institute, they  kept distance and didn’t talk to each other.
“Alexander. How is Y/N?” She asked ignoring his previous question.
“I’m not letting you in if you don’t give me a good reason” he rolled his eyes.
“Don’t be childish. Max begged me. He wants her to be in his rune ceremony” she added impatiently. “I care about her, Alec. It might seem like I don’t, but as a mother I recognize that she makes you happy. And even If i wanted, I can’t change that”.
“Or maybe it’s just one more rule from The Clave. Do they need Y/N for any reason?Because she’s not going anywhere and less in this” Once more Maryse didn’t listen to her son and entered the room looking at the girl lying on the bed.
“Mother” Izzy greeted, standing up instantly.
“Isabelle” she said in response. “The runes aren’t working. Are they? ” she asked staring at Y/N who was still asleep, giving no signs of waking up soon.
“No. That’s why I called Magnus. He’s on his way” Izzy said.
“Mother, you better go. I’ll let her know about the ceremony” Alec said from behind. He was tired, frustrated, and he was starting to lose his temper. It was typical of him to do that. Instead locking himself up and crying he usually gets angry with everyone, even with Jace and Izzy.
The only one who helped him to control himself was Y/N. And the thought of losing her was indescribable for him. She was his everything.
Maryse sighed and walked out of the room.
Magnus came as quickly as possible and he tried to help Y/N with some of his warlock spells. “She’ll wake up soon, I healed the wounds. She’s fine” When Magnus said that, Alec’s face relaxed immediately and he couldn’t hide the smile on his face. He thanked the warlock and went straight to see Y/N. He sat on the bed beside her and started talking.
“Y/N, you need to wake up. Babe, I know I said it a lot of times but it had been only two days and it’s been hell. Please” he mumbled.
“Trust me I’d get unconscious more often just to hear you calling me ‘babe’” she answered opening her eyes slightly. He didn’t to say anything back, but he hugged her desperately. “Don’t you ever dare to do that to me again” he accused, Lying down beside her.
“I’ve missed you” she put her hand on Alec’s cheek and kissed him softly. “By the way, For how long have I slept?” She laughed at herself making his boyfriend chuckle.
“Two long days” he emphasized 'long’ with a
Sad tone, as if he was remembering everything  happened in the past few days.
They were both lying on the bed, enjoying each other’s company. Alec had wrapped her arms around Y/N and she was pressing her head against his chest.
“Will I be able to go on a mission tomorrow? I’m sure I” Alec laughed sarcastically and interrupted her, rolling his eyes. “You’re not going anywhere” Y/N sighed but instead of arguing him back she stayed silent for a couple of minutes.
“Alec, I wanted to thank you for” she she looked up at him but he was asleep. He looked like a baby. She stared at him for a moment before saying “Goodnight, 'babe’”

Bye Bye Brooklyn Boys (8)

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Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader

Warnings: This is just so sad. Language. ANGST! (When has this even not been an angsty fic series?)

Word count: 2.500

Summary: You finally muster up the courage to go see Steve, but things take an unexpected turn and you’re both hurting even more.

A/N: It’s based on the song “Sinking Ship” by Causes.

September, October, November , December,

January , February, March

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I am worried about the RWBY fandom. 

For many reasons as of late, first off the hate for straight canon ships, BlackSun has got a lot of shit because the fanbase was being butt-hurt.

The headcanons of some of you are being crushed by canon in the actual show. 

Look I am sorry things didn’t work out the way some of you imagined it but can you plz stop being little shits about it and just enjoy the show for what it is ,is that too much to ask ? 

You still have your fanfics and your fanarts, your headcanons will always be yours but for fucks sake don’t ruin this for the rest of us, let the rest of us enjoy the show, not all of us care about ships, I personally could care less and when I do ship things I do it for fun I don't take it seriously, and unnecessary drama won’t make the creators of RWBY change their mind.

One of my favorite Shinkane scenes ever is from ep 16 where Akane gets that nail shot into her knee when they’re going after Makishima in the tower. Kougami IMMEDIATELY looks to her after he takes out the one enemy and asks “Are you hurt?”. Akane just says shes fine (as she always does in those situations) and then looks to him with that badass expression and says “I’ll catch up when the bleeding stops. You should keep moving.”

Then, the punch to the gut

Kougami (who never lets anything faze him whatsoever nor does he even hesitate for anything, ESPECIALLY when it comes to chasing Makishima) freezes and says “Yeah, but….you’re hurt…”

He. was. worried. He actually HESITATED despite the fact that Makishima is right above him and why? Because Akane was bleeding and in pain (a nail to the knee cannot feel good)

snfoefengbjk this ship will be the end of me

Okay okay no I’m fucKING PISSED OKAY

the only ONLY time asexuality headcanons are brought up by non-aces is when a ship is involved. Because the fandom is more worried about their ships than actual representation these days

“I headcanon Natasha as asexual that’s why I don’t ship her with Bruce!” YET THEIR WHOLE BLOG IS FILLED WITH BINKYNAT like you ain’t fooling anyone

And “I headcanon Sam as asexual that’s why I don’t ship with with Steve!” Please stop using asexuality to cover up the fact that you don’t want to ship Sam with Steve. Because you aren’t throwing bones to aces. Your throwing fake support and it hurts.

I never see any long posts about how these characters are ace. All I see is “I headcanon X as ace because I don’t have a good reason not to ship this ship”

I never see anyone go beyond that, and it fucking hurts.

It hurts to see people say they headcanon so-and-so and they never speak about it again.

And it hurts because it shows how little the fandom cares for asexual individuals in their community and they have no idea what asexuality is.

Maybe, MAYBE spoilers will change my mind. But as it stands, I am done watching Once Upon a Time. The next arc is all about Hook too? After everything he did. He CHOSE to be an asshole. We know he did because he was able to choose to stop being one. And now Emma is going to bring him back from hell, sharing hearts and saying “I will always find you”? No. Fuck no. I hate Emma. If this is how she had been in the start of the series, I never would have watched it. Regina is just barely tolerable. I hate what they have done to these characters so much, it physically hurts and I honestly want to cry.

I will remain active in the Swan Queen fandom. My love for this ship is unparalleled, and we in swen know who these characters once were and should have been. I will continue reblogging gifsets, I will remain a fan of both Jen and Lana. But I will not bare witness to the decimation of the characters I love so dearly.

Dear Taylor/Taylvin Shippers /Swifties

I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes, English is not my native language. I just want to say we love and respect both Taylor and Karlie so much. We ship Kaylor as a couple, but we just post photos/write blogs/fangirl over Kaylor in our little fandom world. We didn’t intend to hurt anyone. We’d never tagged Taylor in our posts. We’d never used Talvin hashtag. But can you imagine how much hate and criticism we recieved? You guys even called us “freaks”. You guys sent us those really really bad messages, like “go kill yourself”, “you should feel ashamed of yourself”, “delete your posts”… I’ve never felt ashamed of what I did. If you hate us that much, please don’t read our posts and stop sending us hate. Do what you want to do, support any couples you want to support. We will never say a word to that, and we really hope you guys would do the same to us, respectively. To be honest I feel so sad and disappointed today.

Sometimes I’m just like: Rilaya is so beautiful. They’re so deeply in love with each other. They deserve that kind of happiness. The world needs a love story like this one. If they become canon, they’ll literally be my favorite love story of all time. I want them to get married and live happily ever after.

Other times I’m like: OH GOD! Disney and the GMW writers will never have the ovaries to make Rilaya real. Even worse, they’re going to piss in my face by turning them into another running gay joke. Life is misery. I never want to watch any television show ever again. I’m in way too deep for a ship that’s never going to happen. Everything hurts! Make it stop!