this ship is never going to stop hurting

Fairy Tail Pregnant Girlfriends

Miraxus perfect couple*

Until Mirajane starts to socialize



Gajeel: ‘She/ He needs to know what real music is’

Levy: 'Gajeel 😍…’

Levy: 'Please stop. You’re hurting the baby’



Erza: 'Don’t tell me what to do’


Juvia: 'Juvia is so sorry, Juvia doesn’t know what she is saying. Please don’t go’

Gray: 'I will never… leave a comrade behind’



Lucy: 'Does the baby make me look fat?’


Maybe, MAYBE spoilers will change my mind. But as it stands, I am done watching Once Upon a Time. The next arc is all about Hook too? After everything he did. He CHOSE to be an asshole. We know he did because he was able to choose to stop being one. And now Emma is going to bring him back from hell, sharing hearts and saying “I will always find you”? No. Fuck no. I hate Emma. If this is how she had been in the start of the series, I never would have watched it. Regina is just barely tolerable. I hate what they have done to these characters so much, it physically hurts and I honestly want to cry.

I will remain active in the Swan Queen fandom. My love for this ship is unparalleled, and we in swen know who these characters once were and should have been. I will continue reblogging gifsets, I will remain a fan of both Jen and Lana. But I will not bare witness to the decimation of the characters I love so dearly.

I am worried about the RWBY fandom. 

For many reasons as of late, first off the hate for straight canon ships, BlackSun has got a lot of shit because the fanbase was being butt-hurt.

The headcanons of some of you are being crushed by canon in the actual show. 

Look I am sorry things didn’t work out the way some of you imagined it but can you plz stop being little shits about it and just enjoy the show for what it is ,is that too much to ask ? 

You still have your fanfics and your fanarts, your headcanons will always be yours but for fucks sake don’t ruin this for the rest of us, let the rest of us enjoy the show, not all of us care about ships, I personally could care less and when I do ship things I do it for fun I don't take it seriously, and unnecessary drama won’t make the creators of RWBY change their mind.

When you ship two fictional characters so hard your heart always hurts and you try so hard to not ship them IRL but then

And this pops up too and you’re thinking “NO”

I cannot ship them IRL - NO STOP





But they just keep going

They’re even in-sync without making eye contact

It’s like freaking Brangelina walking through the crowd

It’s so wrong to ship them because Stephen is married but it isn’t our fault their chemistry never ever stops and they look so freaking regal and gorgeous together

[Gifs and pics are not mine as I am 100% useless at creating anything remotely aesthetically pleasing]

Dear Taylor/Taylvin Shippers /Swifties

I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes, English is not my native language. I just want to say we love and respect both Taylor and Karlie so much. We ship Kaylor as a couple, but we just post photos/write blogs/fangirl over Kaylor in our little fandom world. We didn’t intend to hurt anyone. We’d never tagged Taylor in our posts. We’d never used Talvin hashtag. But can you imagine how much hate and criticism we recieved? You guys even called us “freaks”. You guys sent us those really really bad messages, like “go kill yourself”, “you should feel ashamed of yourself”, “delete your posts”… I’ve never felt ashamed of what I did. If you hate us that much, please don’t read our posts and stop sending us hate. Do what you want to do, support any couples you want to support. We will never say a word to that, and we really hope you guys would do the same to us, respectively. To be honest I feel so sad and disappointed today.


-because it’s our last poll

-because they mean so much to us 

-because they were bestfriends before they were lovers

-because naya and heather wanted them too

-because we’ve been shipping them for 6yrs

-because they are getting married

-because even though they struggled they never stopped loving each other

-because they fought through every obstacle

-because they were always in love

-because they would never hurt each other

-because they said infinity

-because we fought

-because they are our ship

-because we are the ones who waited

-because they are brittana



Taeny is real

140525 (reposted)
To those who slowly losing the faith. Here
I admith that since kf has revealed i started to doubt Taeny as well and decided to stop shipping them hard romantically. But last last night i was watching latest Taeny fmv’s and something caught my attention. The way Tae stared at Tiff, it was somehow sad and full of longing. I don’t know if it’s just me so before i go to sleep, i prayed and ask for a sign. That’s my personality. Whenever i got confused over something even it’s just a silly little things i will still ask for a sign and it never failed me. God is always giving me an honest answer. So last last night i ask god if ‘Taeny is real’ will he give me a sign the next day? So that i will stop shipping them romantically if ever. Co'z i really love these two specially Tae whose been my idol eversince. And i don’t want them hurt.

Then there the next day when i woke up. Take note i almost forgot about that sign thingy! But heck, when i absentmindly open my laptop then log on in Soshified. You know what the first thing i saw?
'Taeyeon’s ig update and Maria’s ig update (Tiffany’s sister in law) with the same red rose on the picture and place as well. Meaning that Taeyeon is with Tiffany’s family the whole week of vacation?
I got shock and i almost fell off the floor. Then that idea struck me.

Is this the sign i’ve been waiting for? I don’t know. I got confused so i close my eyes and ask for a sign again. Then i search for the red rose meaning instead. And i said to myself, if this fits Taeny’s situation. Then i’ll believe. And guess what? The search is done and the result literally blown me away.

“In the 18th century, a special rose language evolved as a means of communication between lovers who were forced by society to KEEP THEIR FEELINGS A SECRET. And the red rose came to symbolize true love that would stand the test of time. The red rose denotes a true love that is stronger than thorns and can outlive all obstacles.”

Locksmith, are you with me? I don’t want to share this but there’s a side of me saying that i must. Maybe god is whispering to me that i must comfort my fellow locksmith! Well what do you think? Is it just a coincidence? I don’t think so. And do you know Tiffany said on her u.f.o? I’ve read this on my friend status. That Tiff said she ate icecream with Tae Isn’t it cute?

#Taeny is real. Just keep the faith


Sometimes I’m just like: Rilaya is so beautiful. They’re so deeply in love with each other. They deserve that kind of happiness. The world needs a love story like this one. If they become canon, they’ll literally be my favorite love story of all time. I want them to get married and live happily ever after.

Other times I’m like: OH GOD! Disney and the GMW writers will never have the ovaries to make Rilaya real. Even worse, they’re going to piss in my face by turning them into another running gay joke. Life is misery. I never want to watch any television show ever again. I’m in way too deep for a ship that’s never going to happen. Everything hurts! Make it stop!

Okay okay no I’m fucKING PISSED OKAY

the only ONLY time asexuality headcanons are brought up by non-aces is when a ship is involved. Because the fandom is more worried about their ships than actual representation these days

“I headcanon Natasha as asexual that’s why I don’t ship her with Bruce!” YET THEIR WHOLE BLOG IS FILLED WITH BINKYNAT like you ain’t fooling anyone

And “I headcanon Sam as asexual that’s why I don’t ship with with Steve!” Please stop using asexuality to cover up the fact that you don’t want to ship Sam with Steve. Because you aren’t throwing bones to aces. Your throwing fake support and it hurts.

I never see any long posts about how these characters are ace. All I see is “I headcanon X as ace because I don’t have a good reason not to ship this ship”

I never see anyone go beyond that, and it fucking hurts.

It hurts to see people say they headcanon so-and-so and they never speak about it again.

And it hurts because it shows how little the fandom cares for asexual individuals in their community and they have no idea what asexuality is.

im going through some old writing ive done for nicos so here’s a little trespasser thing that i never finished

“It’s my job, Dorian.”

“Bullshit.  It’s not your job to die for these people!”

“The moment I got this mark, my life stopped being mine.  I have to do this.”

Dorian shook his head, letting out a pathetic, hurt chuckle.  Selfless bastard.  “There has to be some other way…”

“The only other option is letting the Qunari win.  I can’t let that happen.”

Dorian sighed.  He was right, of course.  There was no other way, but damn it all if he wasn’t going to try to save Nicos’s life.  He wasn’t going to sit helplessly on the sidelines while his amatus slowly—well, not quite slowly anymore—killed himself to save these people…the same people who were currently trying to disband the one organization that had saved them all before… Ungrateful little—

“Are you coming?” Nicos asked, his hand resting on the doorknob.

Squaring his shoulders and carefully arranging his expression into the mask that had grown all-too-familiar lately—and one he knew Nicos could see right through—Dorian nodded and followed Nicos out to meet up with Varric and Bull as they headed once again through the eluvians to the Darvaarad.