this ship is my legacy


It works for any fandom but this is specifically for a friend,, who showed up at my house one day and announced, “WE’RE WATCHING VOLTRON!” as she pulled me into the depths of Klance slowburn hell with her.  I don’t know what I expected because this isn’t the first time she’s done this to me - I guess sometimes, Hufflepuffs use their powers for evil.  Also, #LetShiroLive

Also, I hope Ginny and Mike’s respective family issues becomes another point of connection for them. I want them to open up to each other the way they can’t with anyone else. I want them to be each other’s rocks. 

late birthday present/if-I-animate-this-will-you-sit-in-the-living-room-with-me for citrine. THIS WAS REALLY HARD TO DO. AND THE ACTUAL ANIMATING WASN’T EVEN THE HARDEST PART. RESIZING THIS HO WAS THE HARDEST PART BECAUSE I MADE IT TOO SMALL INITIALLY. But it was really cute and I learned a lot. Now y’all know I have to animate coco touching the booty next. Then my legacy as shipping trash will be complete

5x01 Thoughts

We made it to the premiere. What did you all think? Here’s my thoughts in no specific order: 

  • Amazing action in that scene with Anarky… the stunts are 👌 as promised
  • I was so excited to see Russia in the flashbacks that I might have passed out for a moment
  • Oliver speaking Russian is still just as hot as ever
  • the constant Laurel praising got old before we even got past the “previously on season 4″ montage
  • Felicity is quippy and fun and on point and OMG she’s totally trying to avoid her PTSD
  • the baddies seem particularly bad this year which is good. wait, what?
  • No but I love Tobias Church and Prometheus
  • Anatoly has been gone from my life for too long
  • Curtis remains my special snowflake
  • I miss Dig. So does Oliver. We have something in common. 
  • Oliver’s social skills are suffering. I think he needs to get laid 
  • Sadly, I don’t think that laying is gonna come via Felicity. At least not for a while
  • The killing doesn’t bother me. I know it should but I get what they’re doing with Oliver’s character here and in the meantime, I’m enjoying the hot
  • The callback to the pilot delighted me
  • Parachute arrow. Did NOT see that one coming. 
  • Did I mention the action is AMAZE? It’s really good. 
  • I wanna cuddle Thea and give her some chocolate or something
  • Oh Quentin… you should also get some chocolate
  • I really wish we knew more about Felicity’s bf… I get why they did the “gotcha” thing in this ep but we don’t even know the guys name or anything. I am hoping for gaps being filled soon
  • That said the boyfriend itself doesn’t bother me. I get what they’re doing with that whole thing
  • LL’s last words bugged the ever living crap out of me
  • Just like SHE bugs the ever living crap out of me. SO MUCH MEH
  • Prometheus is kinda scary
  • I enjoy what the premiere set up. I think we’re in for a good season
  • Excited for Olicity to get back together but do NOT want it to be rushed. Let’s do this right

And that is that. 👋