this ship is my legacy


It works for any fandom but this is specifically for a friend,, who showed up at my house one day and announced, “WE’RE WATCHING VOLTRON!” as she pulled me into the depths of Klance slowburn hell with her.  I don’t know what I expected because this isn’t the first time she’s done this to me - I guess sometimes, Hufflepuffs use their powers for evil.  Also, #LetShiroLive

More Ghost Ship doodles! Mainly a rough sketch of the Pirate AU I seem to have started. @counteyokir has convinced me to continue down this crazy road so let’s see where it leads, savvy? 

Nothing set in stone yet in the design department, just wanted to get the ball rolling on something.

Also, once again, i’m not dead. Just getting over what felt like a massive burnout.