this ship is like the forbidden fruit right now

james-rye  asked:

Now I'm curious: With who does Daisy ship Angelo with? It's not like he has any clear one-sided crushes, while he got tons of attention fron both gender. What is her favorite Angelo ship? Angelo x Tanrine? Angelo x Taloupe? Angelo x Jonquil? Angelo x Tetrox? Angelo x Cosmo? Or Angelo x Mirabelle? Or is Angelo one of those ships where Daisy says Angelo x Daisy (aka Dangelo) is best ship, he just doesn't know it yet. XDDD

Right now Angelo is one of her targets. And everyone else are her rivals. ;)¨

Tho to be clear, Daisy is not interested in being a relationship with him. Angelo is right now that forbidden fruit that no one has gotten yet and gosh darn she’s gonna be the first if it can be helped.