this ship is just so great ok

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ok but. consider. poly sugawara. he comes in to practice every day wearing a diff boyfriends shirt. OR oitanasuga.

I LOVE POLY SUGA!!! this is a great concept. 

Oitanasuga is a polyship I keep trying to warm up to because a) I love Tanasuga and b) I love Oisuga and c) I’m 99% sure Tanaka is incredibly attracted to Oikawa. I should draw this sometime.

(My personal favorite poly Suga ship is Oidaisuga tho because… it’s just so good.)


Ok i’m kind of a huge loser and needed to draw this stuff to get it out of my system and I feel like I put enough time into it to… post it to my main blog. 

I imagine Tom and Janna would have a great friendship where Janna is constantly giving Tom near heart-attacks. I actually want to draw more just general interaction stuff for them for fun, so I’ll do that later. I figured I’d post these on their own though. 

ok but i really want a reincarnated lovers plot. and i don’t mean just like “oh muse a and and muse b were lovers in a past life!!!” altho those are great too i mean like………they’ve had SO MANY LIVES TOGETHER, ok, they consistently find each other, sometimes they get together, sometimes they don’t, it usually ends in death, right, but wouldn’t it be cool if we had a main verse that we rped in (probably modern times) where muse a and muse b were drawn to each other because of all this and had to figure out why but WHILE WE WERE DOING THAT……..we’d consistently have other threads going where we explored their past lives. so like we’d have two or more threads going at once – one where we explored their current lives, let them get close and figure each other out, and another where we explored their past lives as royalty or outlaws or pirates or peasants or WHATEVER. (and in those secondary threads we could explore their lives but also their DEATHS IMAGINE IT!!!!) and occasionally in the main plot thread they’d have flashes of memories or dreams from the secondary plot threads. i mean COME ON JUST IMAGINE IT!!!!!

This plot has been taken !!   I’ll be less likely to develop this now, unless you have a very unique spin :) 

I love the Spider-man/Deadpool comics ok. 
Spideypool is so great. (And I don’t even mean that in a shipping way)

Lets just look at these comics for a sec 

Wade wants to be a good guy but lacks the moral compass to do so.

And Peter’s life is always very lonely and empty. 

They clash so badly cause they are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Peter is pure and Deadpool.. not so much. 

(Literally highlighted so well here with Spidey all shiny and god-like and Deadpool dripping with blood like check that contrast

Now lets just take a moment to appreciate how they actually complete each other

Spidey works as Deadpools Moral compass 

and Wade is there to fill Peters Emptiness. 

So yeah, turns out they literally fill the voids in eachothers lives.

They work so well together and have the biggest potential to be hilarious BFFs and they don’t even realise it. 

Ok. So, I’m going to just state a few things about the fandom that are bothering me:

First, we get season 2 pretty quickly considering that animation takes a while to make and every scene was absolutely beautiful to watch. But is anyone talking about that? No (If some people are, I haven’t seen them yet).

Secondly, ships are not what makes this show great. To be honest, I hope that no ship becomes canon. Not even straight ones. Personally, the lack of romance appeals to me more. It lets the writers create amazing story lines and character development. Everyone is entitled to their ships and desire for them to become canon but please don’t make it out that Season 2 was terrible just because your ship didn’t have much of anything in the show or make it appear that your ship is all that matters.

Thirdly, can we all just take a moment to just enjoy the show the way it was actually given to us instead of complaining about how you think it should have gone?! I have never enjoyed a show as much as I enjoy Voltron. I like every character in this show (I usually have a few in other shows I can’t stand but Voltron is different).

I avoided Tumblr until I watched all of season 2 so I could look at the tags but I’m so disappointed in the fandom’s reactions.

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Hello:D Could you draw more Bendy with Boris? Your draw are so great and this couple is so cute!

While I usually don’t accept requests, I’ll make it an exception because 1. I love this ship and I haven’t done enough of them and 2. I JUST NOTICED I REACHED 800 FOLLOWERS THANK YOU GUYS!!

So here you go, Anon! <3

Boris is aware that someone might be seeing them, Bendy doesn’t care because he likes to listen to the wolf’s heartbeats.

I really like that HC of Bendy being fascinated with his bf’s heartbeats OK…. OK.

ok but juniper and calypso.,, so Soft

  • long walks through the woods where juniper names all the plants and introduces calypso to the dryads
  • footraces…oh my god just imagine these two girls sprinting down the beach or through the trees laughing their heads off and maybe calypso always loses but it’s great because she finally gets to have all this space 
  • they have a little thing when calypso stays at camp when she first gets back from ogygia and it’s w o n derful like the best summer ever
  • but calypso wants to leave to travel and juniper has to stay near her bush so she can’t come with but it’s okay because they had their time it’s okay it’s fine (it’s not fine) 
  • but they’re both immortal…and forever is a long time oh god what if they get back together like a hundred years later and calypso has s o many stories and pictures to share
  • and she comes back home and she sees juniper and they kiss and it’s the best kiss ever and they just sit together and live in the woods and from then on camp half blood has lessons from calypso and juniper…they meet in the woods and sometimes calypso sings and it’s wonderful

Ok so like

I had this thought

you know how in the flash and legends of tomorrow, they slipped in all these prison break jokes and it was awesome?

well they started filming season 5 of prison break after they finished filming legends, wouldn’t it be great if  they slipped in at least one flash/legends joke? like “Michael, can’t we just do this thing?” “yeah sure, let me just jump in my time ship and I’ll get on that” or “who do you think I am? some kind of super villain?”

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Ravenpaw and Barley? (I have mixed feelings with this ship bec they met when ravenpaw was v young and i just...)

ok so i’ve thought abt this a lot ok and here’s my thoughts

scourge is, at best, 3 years older than firestar. that means within those 3 years scourge has to build an empire and bloodclan right? since barley was born into bloodclan, that means he’s at most gonna be like 2yrs old when fire is born, so lets put that at 2.5 when he and ravenpaw meet up. i’m not saying its great bc obviously he’s still an adult but like….there have been worse age gaps 

Mellow Frames: Bill Talks About Ships

Reactions after watching Golf Wars:

Me: Wow, it’s nice that Pacifica isn’t just a one-dimensional stereotype and she might develop a good friendship with Mabel.

Fallers: Pacifica is so gay for Mabel. 

Reactions after watching Society of the Blind Eye:

Me: Wendy is such a lesbian.

Fallers: Mabel and Wendy are such great gal pals. Mabel needs an older sister type to confide in. 

Also to note: I’m not hating on any ships with this comic. It’s ok to ship anything you want. Even Pinecest…. You sick fucks. 


Ok so you guys know the new comic they just put out? Reflections? 

First of all: TRACER HAS A GIRLFRIEND! THIS IS GREAT! I AM SO PUMPED! itsnotwidowbutstillshe’sgayandTHATSGREAT! Blizzard delivered! 


Sorry I got very excited. BUT LOOK AT IT! So cute!

Third of all: Reinhardt is ultimate grampa 


When Summer started joining Rick and Morty on their adventures, she got bored of them arguing en route one day and unwittingly started Spaceship Karaoke. She plugged her phone into the ship’s sound system and started playing her music, singing along with a modern pop song too catchy for them to keep arguing.

After that trip, they all started to secretly put a great amount of effort into finding music for the ride. Rick chooses classic rock at first, but casually, pretending that he hadn’t thought about it until they asked and making broad assertions about its superiority to other genres.

After a particularly harrowing day, however, that leaves them all anxious and tired and introspective, Rick quietly shares his favorite classical guitar pieces, revealing that it is his favorite music to listen to and he still gets out his guitar sometimes to practice.

nero vanetti protection squad 2k16

nero is such a great character, and he is honestly one of the most understanding/empathetic (and arguably misunderstood) characters in the entire series?? and it makes me so sad when i see people hating on him because he’s evil/heartless. esp after rewatching ep12 the amount of sympathy he has toward avilio is honestly astounding and why so many people ship them. can we all just take a moment to remember that nero is 21. i think it’s easy to forget that when he’s animated like an adult male near his 30′s but he’s twenty-one. like holy shit. nero displays conduct that far belies his twenty-one years. let’s take a look at a few key moments in the final episode. 


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Listen, I fucking love Ezekiel. I liked him from the very first moment, he has charm, he’s thoughtful, he’s even funny in his way. I think I’m going to love him episode after episode. His last speech was so emotional. When Carol said “Why you care?” and he was like “Because it makes me feel good” I was almost in tears. Great scene, honestly. I’m totally ok to see them become friends. The reason why I don’t “ship” him with Carol is because my heart and soul belong to Caryl and I can’t just let it go.

I also liked the other main characters of the Kingdom: Benjamin, Jerry and even Richard. And Shiva of course. I wanna adopt that tiger lol




I can’t promise that I’ll be good to you
Cause I had some issues, I won’t commit
No, not having it
But at least I can admit that I’ll be bad noooooo to you (to you)
Yeah, I’ll be good in bed, but I’ll be bad to you

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My Top 5 YoonMinSeok Moments

ok so @bibimkpop asked me to put together my top 5 moments for my favourite OT3s, so I’ll start with YoonMinSeok (I am also thinking of doijng SukaiSoo for exo and triple kim from ikon, plus maybe some more BTS OT3s since I ship like anyone with anyone in BTS lol brotp or otp I don’t really care).

Anyway onto Yoongi/Jimin/Hoseok and why I think they’re so great as a trio.  I feel like there is just such a great balance between them for a variety of reasons. Both Jimin and Hoseok are very affectionate and giving but prone to hiding their own worries in order to focus on making others happy.  Yoongi is very observant though so he would be there to make sure both of them actually came out and say what they need and don’t ignore their own wellbeing.  

Jimin finds criticism very cutting and has said that sometimes Yoongi’s tough love was a bit hard for him, so also having Hoseok there (who praises him constantly) would provide a good balance and help him realise theat Yoongi is just trying to help him improve.  

Yoongi is prone to withdrawing into himself, but neither Hoseok not Jimin let him get away with that, they alwaqys remind him that he is important and praise him and even if he plays it cool you know he needs it.  

Hoseok has faced tough times with some antis questioning his importance in the group, Yoongi and Jimin are both very supportive of him and also seem the type that he would be able to show his vulnerable quieter side to, not feeling that he always has to be ‘on’ as the moodmaker. 

if either Hoseok or Jimin were alone with Yoongi constantly it might be that the difference of personality would be too great or say jimin might take his constructive critiques too hard, having the two bubbly ones gives them that energy they both can bounce off.  But equally with just Hoseok and Jimin the two could get carried away with their bubbly fun and might not be able to be as realistic about things.  In short I think the dynamic of the three fits well together (although I love Jihopee, Yoonseok, and Yoonmin as individual pairings too).

So on to some moments I love:

In Run episode 10 when Yoongi and Hoseok lost and were only given simple food while the others feasted, Jimin was the only one who couldnt stand it and went over to give them food:

When at ISAC Yoongi’s playful side came out and he was practicing wresting with Jimin and Hoseok:

YoonminSeok’s various adventure’s as the ‘yet to be tall’ team on BTS RUN:

This photoshoot (which also contained one of my fave JiHope moments):

The way JiHope always seem to bring out Yoongi’s silly side and draw him into their embarassing antics:

So anyway those are just a few of my fave moments of these 3 together (if you ask about my fave yoonmin, yoonseok, or jihope moments seperately theres a LOT of different moments for those pairings I love).  Hope you enjoyed this and hope these boys have eachother to lean on through tough times and good ones for a long time.

Allura As Team Mom Slightly Bugs Me

Like, OK, the space idiots as a family is a good, fun metaphor (even if we ship them with each other constantly, yours truly included, so that’s sort of weird too, but whatever), but there’s something about Allura as The Mom that seems a bit…..limiting? Really, these characters have so much going on that sliding them into boxes feels oddly like stereotyping; Shiro as Space Dad is great and I love it, for instance, but it’s just one part of him (the other parts are full of pain and misery DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE KILL HIM). There are a couple reasons I feel this way about Allura in particular.

First, the design, voice, and animation of the character. She’s got a very young-looking, open, wide-eyed face. Sort of a Disney Princess vibe if you mixed it with a lot of anime and a pinch of Zelda. More importantly, the expressiveness they give her is often on the same level as the other heroic characters….except Shiro. While Shiro does have some wonderful “face” moments (my favorite being his “GAH!” look when confronted with the giant sloth), he’s still quite restrained and most of the comedy from him comes in the form of looking exasperated or Done With Everything. By contrast, Allura is a lot more expressive; while you can certainly be a leader-type and do that, I feel like in the use of brighter, more open faces in her comedy moments, the design and animation is drawing her as distinct and more on the level of everyone else, although Coran is a bit of an outlier, being even older than Shiro. (Also, it would be kind of weird for Lance to be hitting on someone considerably older than him…..OK, he would probably still DO that, the horny little idiot, but I doubt that’s the vibe we’re supposed to be getting from his failures to smooth-talk Allura). Additionally, Kimberly Brooks’ (fantastic) portrayal has her with that posh accent, but it’s not a OLDER accent (and, having heard Brooks play older characters, it feels distinct from those). It just sounds slightly teenager-y.

The second is that I think it limits her character to just have her be The Mom. To use a comparison from what this show’s crew previously worked on, look at Katara. Now SHE was a Team Mom. Certainly there was more to her characterization, but that fussiness, that desire to smooth things over, play peacemaker, and dissuade others from doing foolish things, so much so that it started to be annoying? Total mom. (See also: Pearl from Steven Universe) I don’t really see that as much with Allura. While like Katara, she’s had to grow up very fast, she’s under possibly even more pressure. One of the last of her race (that she knows about; I’ve seen some theories about Alteans who got away). The final hope in the universe against the tyranny of Zarkon. And, by the end of the season, not even with her father’s ghosts to comfort her. It’s just her. Coran. And these wonderful idiots who she has come to care for.….Sorry, I just made myself sad. But the point is that I think we’re meant to see the character as partially trying to fill a role. She is certainly a good leader and a supreme badass….but so young. I think the Allura we see in the food fight scene is who she would much rather be all the time. And there are other characters who can fill the Team Mom role as well: Hunk with how caring and perceptive he can be, Coran with his stories (you can just hear him saying “When I was your age….”).

TLDR: I think putting the characters in boxes like this can sometimes lead to stereotyping instead of examining their full richness. But hey, it’s just my opinion. What do you guys think?

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Ok for the ship thing can you do Penny x Kady? :)

who is more likely to hurt the other?

Kady. Kady, Kady, Kady. Penny just lays himself bare for Kady and she is not gentle with his feelings.

who is emotionally stronger?

Penny. He’s so real about his feelings for Kady and he just manages so well even when she totally bails. Kady is really great at being strong for other people, but she doesn’t manage so well when she’s alone.

who is physically stronger?

Maybe Penny? He’s got a bit of size on Kady, but we have seen that girl fight so it’s hard to say? Penny did turn that giant table into sawdust without breaking a sweat though? But Kady’s battle magic is way stronger. I DONT KNOW.

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