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anonymous asked:

That was the anons point though that this gillovny thing is promotion related. All the pics and gifs you chose was them on set or promoting the revival! So😎. Don't get me wrong, I want this to be true af. I see it for what it is. Only hyped in front of cameras promoting it and people eat it up like it's gillian and david showing their personal in love feelings for each other. Give me moments of gillovny being heart eyes in candid pictures or something caught off guard not working the cameras.

So? I still love those moments… Because also if it was for promo you can see the bond they have, the friendship they share and that they came a long way from the 90′s problems… besides the cute candids from the wrap parties :) 

There are no private candids of neither ship gillovny, gorgan etc….All the pics are from red carpets, events, promos… etc

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(Before you read the first sentence, this is not me sending bughead hate) I don't ship bughead tbh, but that's because I have this feeling that someone is going to screw it up for them. I just need some reassurance about the ship, may you please give me some?

Both Cole and Lili have said how Bughead will be more deep and loving than we ever might have thought, the cast are all bugheads, the show itself is really pushing for Bughead, the writers are constantly liking tweets about Bughead, and the whole world seems to be rooting for Bughead (except for stupid EW and a few others). 

They really have built this relationship up (besides them being childhood friends) and shown us how much they truly care for each other. Some people say its rushed, but I honestly don’t see it. They are taking their time and are being there for each other, and hanging out constantly. I do think they will have obstacles along the way - but with their chemistry I am quite sure we’re in it for the long haul. WELCOME ABOARD THE SHIP MY FRIEND!

gallifreyanphd  asked:

for the ship meme: eremin & mikannie

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it 

I always thought it’s a cute ship. There was something pure about it, about their old dream, the friendship that might turn into something more as they got older. (Though I saw some cute porn too.) But with all the shit that happened in the past 10 chapters of the manga, I think Eren should stay away 10 miles from anyone. He’s just gross and egoistic. I feel like he has never really cared about Armin’s dream. And now he only ever mentions it to relieve his own guilty conscience and that’s just disgusting. On top of that he ruined that ocean moment for Armin too by going into his “kill them all” mode.

I just don’t get any vibes from that ship and don’t see any appeal in it. I guess it’s supposed to be that kind rival ship that is a love/hate relationship where they start to make out in the middle of a fight instead of talking things out. But I see too much hate there and can’t see how love would bloom between them.

Thanks for your ask!

if you think all straight ships are boring then buddy let me introduce you to noragami

i am weak forgive me guys Klance is still my OTP

Forgive me guys, I had to give it a try! When @cheesefakefactory told me (pumped af)  this was a thing I couldn’t help falling for it, ughu
There’s so much lovely fanart around already and since I’m really bad at thinking of character designs myself I chose to go by @istehlurvz ‘s version (I hope you don’t mind ;;;; )
And whoever came up with the name of this ship deserves a fuckin’ medal, honestly!

Honestly, I’m all down for angsty shit and Lance being self conscious and stuff and I really enjoy all the theories about Lotor luring him away from the group by making him feel special.. but I think it would take more than a wink to make him change sides.

Here’s a “cleaner” version as well 8′D

SO I hope you enjoy this <3



Is he your exception?

Inktober 025: I’m sorry, Kaiba, this is an unworthy birthday gift…

Tools: Copic Multiliner (0.05, 0.25), Copic Opaque White, Copic Markers (N2, N4), Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pen (light black), Sakura Gelly Roll (white)


Can you do a reaction to them getting massaged by you. Like you being really good at it

[A/N: Quick note, since I am getting request for reactions I’ll be now opening those up as well so feel free to request them ☺
Much love~💖]

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to the rightful owners]


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Ah namjoon. He would just love the fact that your hands can do fucking wonders. He’ll probably keep asking you to give him a nice back rub every now and then because he just can’t get enough. “BABE,” his loud voice calls out to you. “What do you want!?” you call back. You entered the bedroom with namjoon already laying on his stomach. “Can you give me a massage?” “I just gave you one an hour ago,” you said. “PLEAAAASE,” he’d whine making you laugh. “Alright, alright but this is the last one for today.”


Jin really likes the fact that you know how work your hands to please him ;) the way you massage his back sends him to heaven. So after a long day of doing whatever tired him out he’ll straight to you, grab your hands and tell you to work your magic. “Y/n I could really use one of your massages,” he plops down by you on the bed already tugging at your sleeve. “Long day?” you ask and he hums back tiredly. He’s still tugging a bit at your sleeve and you giggle. “Was it dance practice?” jin nods, “three awful hours of horrible dance practice, so please make me feel better.”


He really appreciates your wonderful talented hands. He really does. Although he probably wound’t ask for them very often no matter how much he loves your massages. When yoongi feels like he’s very stressed he would most definitely come to you to relieve his stress. And he just really enjoys your touch in general. “Ok, how about here,” you press your hands onto his back with just a bit more pressure and he groans a bit too loudly with pleasure. “That feels great.” You continue to give him a massage and listening to him hum happily to the feeling making you grin. “You’re really loving this aren’t you?” “Sooooo freaking much, god you have no idea.”


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

So knowing hobi he probably wouldn’t really ask for your wonderful massages but instead plop down in front of you at random times to give his shoulders a good rub down. “Really hobi?” “Yes,” he reaches behind him to grab your hands “please you give really good massages.” He’d win you over with his cute antics and have you work your hands on him. “Ah, that feels really nice,” he sighs happily and let’s his head fall back. “You’re hands are wonder full,” “just my hands?” you gave his shoulders a tight squeeze. “N-no you to- don’t be so rough.” You giggle and continued on to massage your boyfriend.


Originally posted by bangtaninspired

Like hobi, jimin would want your massages at random times because he loves them so much and it’s like his only other excuse to have you touch him. Whenever you give him one of your famous massages he’ll honestly just praise you while you do so. “You really know what you’re doing,” he groans into his pillow. “You act like I’ve never done this to you,” you dig your hands into his back earning another groan from him. “You’re too good at this,” he laughs a little. “I’m never going to get tired of this.”


Originally posted by hellosarang

Taehyung is all for your massages. He’ll even call you the goddess of them because he thinks you’re just that great. This boy would literally do anything just to have one from you. Well maybe not anything but he just really likes them. Once your hands are on him he’s a happy puppy. “I feel like I’m in heaven,” he mutters to himself. “Are my massages that great tae?” “Their magical,” he’d moan little when you hit the right spot his back and mumble thank you over and over again.


This bunny right here loves your massages so much that he just kinda commands them now. Not in a rude way of course, he’s just trying to funny or whatever. He likes the way your hands feel on him. He sometimes would tell you how it makes him feel relaxed and all good inside. “Is this ok?” you ask him as your hands work on his back. “Perfect,” he hums and nuzzles his face into the pillow he hugged. “How much are you enjoying this?” “Way too much,” he admits laughing a bit. “I live for this.”

I hope you liked it☺
Much love~💖

Percy, who’s been in chains and dungeons too many times already, making the connection to look for someone in the hold of the ship. 

Percy, who can’t get the keys to work, shouting through the earring about the person there, hoping that someone else will be able to get them out (he’s never been good with locks. That was always Cassandra. And Vax.)

The rest of Vox Machina, having fought dragons, but also having seen dungeons and captives and doing everything they can to save this mysterious soul, based on Percy’s plea. 

Keyleth, disreagarding the sinking of the ship to clear a path to the hold.

Vax, diving into the depths of the ship without hesitation, finding the lock and picking it in record time, pulling the prisoner from the cage.

Percy, seeing Keyleth begin to fall and catching her, going down together (or not at all).

Vax, former-prisoner in arms, dropping them off with his sister before swooping back out to grab his girlfriend and friend from the sea…

I just really love them all and how they work together, alright?

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I keep saying how much Karamel and Mon-El showing up in S2 to be the endgame love interest is giving me all the feels and then he says the thing…



I think Spike sums it up nicely.


a series of unlikely crossovers

Threeleggedgoat’s MF Commissions Post

hi I’m broke

so I’ve done it! 

I am opening commissions to make a little extra cash. 

These are the basic commissions i am offering right now. All will be done traditionally on 5.5″ x 8.5″ paper, scanned and sent directly to your inbox! If you would like the physical copy i just ask that you cover the cost of shipping!

 I really cant draw people for fucking shit so i beg of you to not ask me to. lol. 

IF you don’t see any styles here that you like feel free to peruse my (rather sparse) art tag, and if you see something you like and would like something similar hmu and ill give u a price. ((although p much everything that is there is on here… bc I’m a lamo))

I take all my payments through paypal yo 

I’m starting with 5 open slots and ill go from there :P shoot me a message if u r interested

thats all i believe. thanks folks.

cool beans

Imagine Episode 8 Without The "Shiro Your Like Brother To Me"Scene

Shiro:You know exactly who you are, a Paladin of Voltron.We’re all the family you need.

Keith:Shiro,I love you I always have…but I have to do this.

Shiro:No you don’t,if you love me then just give them the knife.

Keith:I’ve made my choice.

Shiro:Then you’ve chosen to be alone.

Keith:Shiro! Wait!