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shipping rare pairs is hell, because you want the cute content but you have to make it yourself, which leaves you in a state of constant suffering 

Finally - Daryl Dixon


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Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Type: Small Amount of Angst/Fluff

Setting: Alexandria Era/Pre-Negan

Warning: Cursing, idk what else (Please message me if you spot any)

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It’s a hot, bright day in Alexandria. The sun was beating down in the small community as the people worked in the baking heat, drenched in sweat. As you trotted down the steps of your shared home with Abraham and Rosita, you see Daryl Dixon, helping load up for a run. His toned arms were glistening in the sun with sweat, his angel wing vest hanging loosely on his torso. You bite your lip as you take in his appearance. 

You had been with the group before Rick joined. Since the very beginning you had an attraction to Daryl. Something in the way he moved just made your body ache for him. But, life being its unfair self, you two ended up as friends and nothing more. You had hoped and prayed every time you saw him for him to grab your face and kiss your lips and hold you, but obviously that wasn’t happening any time soon.

“You know,” Maggie said, joining your side, “staring ain’t gonna do nothing.”

Exactly! you’re right. I’m gonna go up to him right now and profess my love to him and we can run off into the sunset together,” you said sarcastically, rolling your eyes as Maggie laughed next to you.

“Don’t think thats the best idea. You wouldn’t make it a mile without being fronted by walkers,” she giggled.

“Well there goes my plan, guess I can’t do anything about it now,” You said shortly, walking up the steps to your house. Maggie followed you and grabbed your arm, stopping you.

“Well, talking to him might be a start,” Maggie said, serious now.

“Now you see my problem. I can’t just talk to him without making a fool of myself,” you sigh, running your fingers through your hair.

“I can solve that,” Maggie smirked. You opened your mouth to protest, but Maggie was quick. 

“Daryl!” Maggie said, hopping down the steps. The man turned and started walking over to you as you crossed your arms tightly over your chest and walked down the steps. Your eyes focused on a pebble on the ground as he got nearer. 

“Hey, I’m not feeling that great, so I don’t think I can go on that run. But my good friend Y/N here has offered to go in my place,” Maggie said, a smile playing on her lips. Her hand patted your shoulder as you took in a breath and looked up, meeting eyes with the beautiful man. 

“Yeah, I can go in Maggie’s place. Only if its okay with you. I don’t want to-” You rambled on as Maggie’s grip tightened on your shoulder. You got the message and finished, “overstep.”

“Yeah, sure. We leave in a few minutes.” He said simply and nodded, walking away.

As soon as he was far enough away, you turned to Maggie, throwing her hand off your shoulder. 

“What the fuck was that!” You said, nearly yelling.

“Hey you should be thanking me!”

Thanking you? I’m going to embarrass myself!”

“I can’t help that I’m not feeling well,” She said, forcing herself to do the fakest cough you have ever seen. You playfully push her shoulder.

“You should go get ready. I don’t want to keep you from him,” Maggie smiles. You shout a profanity at her as she walks down the steps and walks away.

You walk into the house and into your bathroom. You look in the mirror and splash some water onto your face and run a hand through your tangled hair. You walk down the steps and grab a gun from the armory, then head to the car. 

Spencer is standing outside the car with Carol at his side. Daryl approaches from a building and asks what the plan is.

“Well we just need basic supplies and I was told there was a place a few miles South that will have what we need,” Rick explains. You all nod, then open the door to the backseat, and crawl in. You sit next to Carol behind the driver seat and Rick drives with Daryl in the passenger seat. You can’t help yourself when you see Daryl sitting there, messing with something on his crossbow. Carol coughs and you look at her. She’s smirking at you, but you just bashfully smile and look down, your hair hiding your flushed cheeks. 

When all of you reach the spot, you see it is a run down supermarket. You get out from the car and Rick loads his gun and speaks.

“I say we split up,” Rick says, giving Daryl a second list. “I’ll go with Y/N, Daryk go with Carol.”

You groan on the inside, but nod on the outside. Fate just wasn’t on your side. Your gun is at the ready as you enter the store. You and Rick go to one side of the rather large store as Carol and Daryl go to the other side. 

The first thing on Rick’s list was blankets, so you head to that part of the store, which just happens to be next to the clothes. You look around, making sure there are no walkers, and grab a bag.

“Since we’re already here, I’m going to grab some new clothes. Im running low because most of my clothes have been ripped. Can’t seem to remember why,” You say, and Rick laughs along with you.

You start throwing random shirts that look your size into a bag and you see a necklace on a jewelry stand. You grab your gun and walk over to it. It’s a small, thin chain with a small arrow on it. You reach to take it off the stand, but out of no where a walker had tackled you from behind. You screamed, falling onto the ground with the walker on top of you. The walker goes limp on top of you as Rick stabs it. He bends down to push it off of you as you breathe hard. Rick offers you his hand and you take it, standing up. You lock eyes with the tall man. He lets go of your hand after while and you cast your eyes back towards the necklace that is now still clutched in your hand. As Rick tries to walk away you stop him.

“Hey,” you say and he turns around. “Can you put this necklace on me real quick?” You ask, holding the necklace out. He puts his gun in the waistband of his pants and smiles.

“Sure thing,” he says, sauntering over to you. He grabs the necklace from your hand and wraps it around your neck, clasping it in the back. You turn to face him and say a ‘thanks’, before Rick chuckles.

“You’ve got a big of walker goo on your face,” he laughs, reaching for your face. He puts his hands on either side of your face as you laugh with him.

“Gross! Get it off me!” You smile, glad there is some time in this dark world where you can actually laugh.

He wipes the walker goo off your face as you hear footsteps running. You turn and turn to see Daryl and Carol appear out of an aisle and Daryl’s eyes fall onto you and Ricks compromising position. 

“Sorry, we heard a scream and didn’t know what it was…” Carol says as you jump apart from Rick.

“No it’s okay, we were just about done anyways, what about you?” Rick asks Carol. You block out their voices as you see Daryl’s eyes boring into you.

“Good, then lets head out,” Rick says. You tear your eyes from Daryl and grab your bag of clothes, slinging it over your shoulder. 

You head out of the store, trailing a bit behind, walking with Rick. A few feet in front of you, you see Daryl and Carol in a deep conversation. You see Carol smile at him and it makes your insides burn. You hated seeing him with some other girl. You wanted to be the one laughing with him. You wanted to be the one walking with him. You wanted to be the one with him, quite simply.

When you got home, you were sitting on the bed, holding the charm on your necklace between your thumb and forefinger. You sighed and stood up, walking out of the house. You decided that if fate wasn’t on your side, you were going to put it on your side. 

You walk to Carols house and walk up the steps to her front door, and before you could knock, the door opens and there stands Daryl. You two stare at each other for a moments before he takes in a breath as if to say something, but just brushes past you and down the steps. You exhale and shake your head, walking in her house and calling her name.

“Hey, Y/N what’s up?” she asks and you close the door. 

“Carol, I have a problem. And I thought I would come to you because you probably know what to say but I understand if-” You’re cut off by Carol smiling.

“You’re in love with Daryl,” She states, chuckling.

“What- Where- How did you-” You trip over words.

“Oh Y/N,” She says, placing her hands on your shoulders, “Sweet, wonderful Y/N, you do realize Daryl just came in here all in a hissy because he was worried you were in love with Rick?”

“Wait what?” You ask.

“Honey, he is hopelessly in love with you. If you haven’t noticed by now, you must be blind, deaf, and stupid,” she laughs, “And funny thing is, he obviously hasn’t picked up on how much you practically drool over him, which makes him also blind, deaf, and stupid.”

“He likes me?” You ask, your heart racing.

“More like in love. He has been since I can remember. Now if you are still not going to make the move, I will gladly,” she says.

“No way in hell I’m making the first move! What if he doesn’t like me anymore because he thinks I like Rick? What if he just isn’t into me anymore?” You ramble on.

“Fine then, stay here,” Carol says, walking out the door. She opens the door and lo and behold, Daryl is standing at the bottom of the steps, staring up at Carol. She walks down the steps, grabs him by his vest, and shoves him into the house. I stare at him as he stares at me. Both of our eyes are locked on each other. Unmoving. 

“Now, I’m going to leave. And when I do, will you two please just kiss or something? Or profess your undying love? This game you two play is so damn tiring,” she states, closing the door and leaving. It’s silent for a few moments before Daryl walks over to right in front of you. You look up at him, eyes moving slowly to his lips. You cup his face and throw your lips onto his. His lips move beautifully with yours as his hands cup your face.

“Thought you were with Rick.” He said, breaking the kiss.

“I’ve always liked you. Ever since the beginning. I thought you weren’t into me,” you breathed.

“I never thought I would get to kiss you,” he whispers.

“Well shut up and do it again,” You smile as he leans in again to meet his lips yo yours.

From in the house, you can hear Maggie shouting ‘finally’ outside as she looked inside through the open window and saw you and Daryl.

The same word was running through your mind. Finally.

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little mix ships summed up (bc theres more than just jerrie, tell ur friends)

Jerrie: childhood bffs; finish each others sentences; went to broadway sleep away camp together; cute n innocent; wouldn’t even hurt each other as a joke

Jadesy: typa friends that met in the bathroom when both of them were goin through some shit; protect each other from boys; share healthy sex tips

Leighade: literal sisters; go to concerts and clubs and vacations together; eat dinner together; hold hands; are each others’ plus one; bicker

Pesy: omg kinky af; go to sex shops together; old lesbian couple; the loudest when together; always laughing and talking about penises

Jeleigh: college roomates; always pullin pranks and hosting parties; steal each others clothes; Jesys always roasting leigh, but leigh lets her; moms

Lerrie: !!! Underrated; always fighting and constantly jealous of each others gorgeousness; ride or die; would buy 100 dogs together; have made out in real life on camera TWICE; constantly feeling each other up and look like they want to devour eachother

the amedot vs lapidot ship wars is such a mess and honestly i find it pathetic how both sides treat playful teasing into a violent threat. like i get it, someone saying “amedot rulz, lapidot droolz” or “lapidot is canon sorry amedot shippers” is annoying but come on yall GROW UP! they’re just ships! stop treating everything like a threat, the scroll button exists for a reason

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Let people talk. Daryl and Jesus is for some unfortunately never gonna happen. Didn't you hear nicotero shut down desus in his super homophobic way?

See the gag is………..Daryl is confirmed straight. Straighter than a ruler in every angle you look at it. Straighter than relaxed hair. Por favor, stop pretending otherwise.

anyway this ship is disgusting cuz:

1) it’s built on the expanse of a canonically gay character Jesus

2) white people deadass be saying its representation of the gay community as a whole. i didnt know we had to be designated hot and white to be valued members of LGBTQ

3) daryl is borderline abusive to Jesus…….apparently thats cute and ship worthy

4) shipping a gay man with a straight man….is not cute. unrequited romance in the form of sexual orientation difference is a whole new world from “they dont like me back! Adele - someone like you.mp3″

See if Nicotero was racing down a street on fire I would turn around and get my ass back in bed and mind my business. His founding father looking ass is bigotted, that’s no surprise. I don’t like him as much as the next guy. But the fact is henny, if ya’ll really want happiness for Daryl or Jesus ya’ll be respecting their actual respective love interests, not trying to push a narrative that wont work in this planet or any of the neighboring ones. If ya’ll truly value our representation, stan your local gay relationships, we need it to keep writers from killing us off for breathing.

Fic: Live to Tell (Negan x Reader) Part 3

Title: Live to Tell

Pairing: Negan x Reader          

Summary: You were tasked with scouting out the Sanctuary, but soon your mission starts to spiral out of control.

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Part 1 | Part 2

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Four days into your stay at the Sanctuary had left you exhausted. Negan ran a tight ship that was organized meticulously. From what you could tell, the only people who moved freely about were Negan himself and his so-called wives. Everyone else had a job to do, a place to be, and little free time to deviate from their schedules.

Waking up in the morning was difficult. Working all day on the cleaning crew was tiring and you found yourself collapsing onto your bed after dinner, fatigued. You preferred going on runs with Rick and Sasha to the endless amounts of toiling you did at the factory.

There were times you would catch Negan watching you. He wasn’t subtle with his stares. He had promised you miserable work, and he was a man of his word. You wondered if he was waiting to see you break. Curious when that moment would hit and you could take it no more.

He seemed to have all the confidence in the world that you would come crawling to him, begging him to spare you from this life.

Negan was going to be sorely disappointed.

If there was one thing you learned from the apocalypse, it’s that life sucked and was comprised of indeterminate bouts of misery. You were used to it. There would be no begging from you.

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“It killed me. I laughed for several minutes, just because… that’s the first thought he had when he woke up.” Kevin remembers going to SummerSlam 2004 with friend El Generico–20 years old, about 160 pounds, exhausted, and shipping Lita/Matt with all his heart.

i’m honestly….when will larries just give up? stop talking about louis’ shirt, stop trying to fit harry’s red eyes into your narrative, stop being shitty to danielle and briana, just stop. what is going on right now is bigger than you and is bigger than your ship, it is about louis and his family mourning.

i am honestly exhausted at this point. how could you read what dan said about johannah and still believe whatever theory about how freddie is fake? how could you see the ways danielle has supported louis and his family in the past few months and still believe that she’s a beard? it’s ridiculous.

please grow up and face reality.

“what do you think of this [insert ship that involves paedophilia/incest]”

well, first of all,

Imagine Bodhi and Cassian...

I just re-watched the first episode of Firefly and I can’t get part of the ending out of my head, but applied to Bodhi and Cassian (like everything else these last weeks…)

So, imagine this:
They’re on a mission. Bodhi’s flying, K2’s the co-pilot. They’re spotted and chased by an Imperial ship. Cassian is right behind Bodhi, tense. They all know what’s at stake, but their ship is no match for the Imperial one.
So Bodhi pulls one hell of a risky (almost impossible) maneuvre, swivels their ship around in mid-air, so the enemy is shooting past them, almost scratching them while flying past so close. He releases some fuel or engine exhaust or something and jumps to hyperdrive, right there in the atmosphere, igniting the fuel/exhaust in the process so the Imperial ship gets at least damaged if not destroyed.
It all happens within seconds.
Cassian stares with big eyes, first incredulous then amazed. Bodhi dares a disbelieving smile while sagging into his seat in relief. And K2 states how utterly miniscule his chances of pulling this off had been.
And then Cassian says, all formal and serious: “K2, I need you to take over piloting the ship for a while. I need this man to tear all my clothes off!”
At the same moment he grabs for Bodhi’s chest, fist clenching around his flight suit, and pulls him bodily from his chair.
And Bodhi just shrugs at K2 with a resigned sigh as he gets up and lets himself get dragged away. “Work, work, work.”

people calling davekat a new ship that had no build up whatsoever and came out of left field and im over here like

its brand new guys

completely out of left field right

who could have seen it coming

there was no foreshadowing at all

gosh how unanticipated 


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ok FIRST OF ALL!! thank you so much to allow me draw your styles guys!! this was so fun but exhausting at the same time haha…. I’d love draw more version but Im rEALLY Tired right now like… I could make more but at another time. Thank you for reading! please ENJOY! (ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩

I’m so done with this fandom. I make a comment on ONE post saying it’s erasing Clexa’s relationship and I get blocked for it. I’m literally leaving this fandom you can’t say anything without getting hate or getting blocked for it.