this ship is all smiles and touchy hands

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Now that I have seen yandere Getaway... I am quite curious what kind of yandere Nautica is~ Headcanons please ♡

Ooh ho ho hooooo!! Can’t get enough of that science wife tbh!!

Nautica (MTMTE)

  • She’s so sweet, you feel like you can talk to her about anything! Need to vent about your bad day? She’s all ears. Want to share a funny or embarrassing story from when your time on Earth? Sign her up! Got a crush on someone? She’ll listen, but only to scope out who she’s up against. Not that you’d know that, of course
  • Nautica is even more touchy-feely as a yandere than her usual self. She can’t keep her hands off of you if she tried!! If you ask her why, she’d just smile and say she just wants to make sure you’re safe at all times and won’t let anyone step on you. So stay by her side at all times, okay?
  • What’s that? You have your eyes on another person aboard this ship? That isn’t good. She might have to use her wrench on them. She added some new features to help… persuade others to leave you alone. You of course, think you did something horribly wrong because anyone you’ve ever had a crush on while in space is avoiding you like the plague. Oh well, at least Nautica is always there to wipe away your tears
  • She’d never hurt you though!! Never in a million years!! You don’t return her feelings? That’s okay, she can wait! After all, humans only live what? A century if they’re lucky? Even if you only fall for her on your death bed that’s hardly a blink of an eye to her. Any returned feelings are worth all the work she’s put into making you happy all this time up till then!!
  • Oh but if/when you do fall for her she will make you feel like true royalty. If the work she’s put in before wasn’t enough, well now she’s going to up the ante so that you’ll never want to leave her! Not that she’ll give you a choice. She’ll never hurt you, sure, but she isn’t above giving you a painless death if you become unfaithful in her eyes. You’re so small and delicate after all, she can always frame whatever happens to you as a mere accident…
The reasons I ship cockles~

They are/behave/do:

* Cute af 😊
* Handsome af 😍
* Playful af 😁
* boyfriends af 😘
* whipped af 😳
* married af 💕
* protective of each other af 🔫
* nicknames af 🙈
* naughty af 🙊
* touchy-feely af 😉
* Possessive af (mainly Jensen, have you seen his hands in all the cockles photo ops 😂)
* Bashful af (Jensen again, blushing bby) 😚
* Heart Eyes motherfucker 😻 * Unicorn laughs, gummy grins and silly jokes 😆
* Whispering in each other’s ears while smiling like fools 😭
* Bicker like an old married couple 😅
* compliment each other (Jensen likes his new cologne and Misha thinks he is the coolest for untangling that crab trap lol) ☺️
* They flirt on Twitter 😝
* They go on dates with their families 😃
* Boat rides & sunset pics/frisbee & ice cream dates/spa massages 😏

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: They make me happy~

Are you Cockles af?