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“They told me that you and I – well, that you and I had a deeper relationship then I do with them. Could you clarify that?”

This is it. This is his chance. He can have Steve again. He can make everything right, can work everything back into place and rehash the formula. It won’t be like before, it will never be like before, because Tony knows now, Tony understands –

“It’s times like these that I wonder what I ever saw in you.”

The words crackle in the back of his mind like an untamed wildfire. He flinches, because it still stings, even now with Steve standing in front of him and never remembering the words he spoke in the midst of battle. It would happen again. How could Tony forget that? How could he force Steve into that corner again, give him no choice? The words stick in Tony’s mouth, trap his tongue and strangle his vocal cords. It would be so easy. But it would all be a lie.

The words he spoke in the hospital were true, even now. He would be better for Steve. He would let him lead a life where Tony wasn’t constantly fucking up their relationship, weighing Steve down and tearing apart his resolve, where Tony was just an acquaintance. He could do that. He could do that for Steve.

He looks up at Steve, at the curious glint in his eye, at the lips he would kiss and the shoulders he would cling to, at the chest he would lean against and the legs he would twine with his. He takes it all, takes the need and want and overwhelming love and presses delete.

Smiling, he says, “They were just pulling your leg, Cap, you and I are just friends, though not as strong as you and Thor. Have to admit I’m jealous at some points, but really, what can you do? Anyway, I have some complex code singing sweet to me, and Dummy, I can see you starting that Battleship game with You, you know he always wins, and really, sorry, Cap. I’ll talk to you later, yeah?”He picks up the wrench, ignores the pull to look at Steve again, to gauge his reaction. He is Iron Man. The suit and him are one. He’s done it before he can do it again. He turns his back on Steve, on what they had, on what Steve will never remember, and looks at the streams of code that have always been a constant. His fingers twinge as he brushes through them, deleting the feel of Steve’s hand curled in his, deleting the touch of Steve’s lips against his temple, delete, delete, delete. He bites his lip and reformats another line of code.

“Oh, all right,” Steve says behind him, and he sounds confused, as if he were expecting a different answer. Delete.

The door opens and closes with a finality that rattles something loose in Tony’s chest. He bites his lip hard enough for it to bleed. Delete. Delete.

Delete by ashinan

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♟: Patching up a wound - rebelcaptain

The alarms go off, and Jyn swears under her breath even as she’s bolting to her feet. Around her, the other officials are looking around with wide, confused eyes, babbling in any number of languages–they’re bureaucrats, the people working here, they don’t know what’s happening. Don’t know what it means to be working at an Imperial base. They probably don’t even know the evacuation protocols. 

Jyn does know the evacuation protocols, but she also knows that if the alarms are going off, it’s probably too late for any of them. Stormtroopers are stomping around and she can see, out of the window, shuttles leaving along with the TIE fighters. Those are the important people. The ones who’d know anything. 

Jyn swears again. She’d been so close, this time. So close to finding out where her father is. But she has to get out of here. 

She reaches into her desk and grabs the blaster she’d stored there, sticking it into her belt, then shoves anything that looks like it might have worth to someone into her bag. Everyone else is still milling confusedly about by the time she’s at the door. Imperial sheep. Can’t do anything without their masters’ orders. 

Except–there’s one man, standing by the door like he’d just come back into the room. His eyes are darting around like the others’ are, one hand smoothing out his neat mustache. Castan had been kind to her, even if she’d expected nothing but the sort of cold detachment the rest of the bureaucrats had given the girl who, rumor had it, slept her way into her job (forged was the real trick, but she wasn’t telling anyone else). Castan had helped her, once, before she’d even asked and without mentioning it to anyone. He’d told her where the mess was. Sometimes he smiled at her in a way that made her wonder, in another life, if she’d have kissed him. 

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I wish I’d known about your memory. I could’ve helped you

Look, let’s just get you taken care of.

Ok, I hate when people hate on ships. I can’t stand it. My logic is, oh, you ship pinecest? I don’t agree with this ship but have fun anyways! You like pewey? I don’t particularly like this but you ship whatever you’d like! You ship billford? Sent me that shit ;)
The thing is, so many people on tumblr (that I’ve seen anyways) are very much against bullying and harming other people, with both words and actions. And that’s great. But, with the ships I just named and others, they bully people. I’ve seen posts calling people abusive, toxic, worthless, an awful human being, homophobic….the list just goes on and on. And from someone who has been bullied and tormented all her life, STOP. It’s not funny, or cute, and it certainly hasn’t helped anybody. If you don’t like the ship, blacklist it. Unfollow and block people. We all completely understand if you feel uncomfortable, and by all means do whatever it takes to protect your own wellbeing. The one thing that isn’t protecting your own wellbeing, however, is putting someone else down for liking two nonexistent characters together.