this ship has risen from the murky depths of the sea

Eviternity (i)

Summary: Merman Warren discovers Ship Captain Y/N Y/L/N aboard The Royal Beauty. [Merman Warren au]

Rating: T

Word count: 1.4k

Warnings: none?

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A/N: those who have been waiting patiently for this, thank you ! i hope that you all enjoy! also if you haven’t read the prelude, la sirene, i linked it for you bc you gotta read that to understand what’s happening. thank you !!


There was something about his eyes. Something about the way that those deep, piercing eyes seemed to reflect something from deep within you before he sunk back beneath the waves, disappearing as though he had been nothing but a phantasm that you and your crew had collectively imagined.

Yeah, that was it. A phantasm.

Or so you had found yourself believing, after a week had gone by with no more signs of anything slightly related to a merperson at all.

Your crew had started to grow slightly irritated that you continued to have them bob in that same spot of the ocean for the past seven days with no word of a change of course – But you couldn’t leave. Not yet, not when you still believed that they were out there.

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