this ship guys

y'all i still dont see why gency is bad.

can i just say that i LOVE when people ship themselves with their favorite characters? ♡

i know alot of people probably get alot of shit for drawing/writing themselves with their faves but i think it’s great and i am 100% always down to hear about how you guys ship yourselves with fictional characters!

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You gonna call out some ppl in the snowbarry fandom too for being racist? Or nah? Every fandom has bad apples

……so you’re racist if you don’t ship westallen

and obviously you’re racist and homophobic if you don’t ship flashvibe

and you’ve clearly got some internalized misogyny if you ship sara with a guy

oh! and you’re ableist if you don’t ship olicity!

I’m certainly not saying these aren’t very real problems in every fandom, but you are not allowed to shout “RACIST” or “HOMOPHOBE” or anything else just because I don’t ship what you ship. Because maybe, just maybe, I think another pairing has better chemistry or something equally non-sinister

And one more thing, I’m pretty sure the racists left the fandom when the CW made the Wests black

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All the very few and far between scenes with Steve and Sharon clearly don't show any lead up to that kiss. Stop reaching. They barely knew each other. Good money is on that he never thinks of her and we never see Sharon again in the MCU.

Peggy shoots at Steve because another woman kissed him, aiming at his head or chest, barely sees him during the rest of the war except through footage, he’s too busy fighting the war, they have a convo about Bucky’s death, are again too busy fighting in a war, and then kiss. In fact, we don’t know much about her in that first movie other than she punches subordinates for being sexist, is British, and has a thing for Steve. Actually, four: she gets so jealous that she shoots at him, which could have and should have gotten her in an insane amount of trouble.

But it’s not a reach to think that they should be together.

Natasha kisses Steve, and while their relationship is meant to be two teammates-turned-friends, most of her arc in the movie is Steve reminding her how he doesn’t trust her, and then her uncharacteristic damsel-in-distress moment at the army base. Honestly, she was a better-written character when it wasn’t just her and Steve in a given scene, especially scenes with Nick Fury.

But it’s not a reach to think that they should be together.

Of all of Cap’s comic relationships, Marvel Studios chose Sharon. His commonlaw wife. Someone who he raised a son with. Almost raised a daughter with. Whose picture he kept on his nightstand when she died, because even when he was dating other women, she was very important.

Sharon, who in the movies puts her job first, and is compromised only when she knows she’s not standing for what she believes in. Who helped Steve with Bucky because she knew she could be the one to help save him from the CIA, had they reached him before the police. Who helped get Steve and Sam their gear back, because she didn’t know what they were doing, but she knew they needed her help. Who was likely traumatized from losing Peggy, someone she was close to and adored, and who would probably turn to Steve, someone else who saw Peggy in her last days, because do you know how many relatives and friends hang around sick and dying loved ones? That’s tough shit, and for Steve to be there meant so much to Peggy, which means it meant so much to Sharon that he cared about her like she did. And someone Natasha, who can’t trust half her teammates or fellow agents, trusted, and suggested as a date to Steve both as Kate and as herself, and we see Steve ask out “Kate”, who turned him down because she was too busy doing her job to get attached or have him get attached to her, and kiss as Sharon, because if he wasn’t interested in the first place, he wouldn’t have, and since he was, and had tried earlier, he was probably kissing her because he didn’t know if or when he’d see her again.

How is someone feeling attracted to a woman and acting based on it in front of your eyes, cementing it as canon, a reach?

Now, go be irrelevant and pointless elsewhere, anon.

-Mod R

So Saphael is unhealthy and shouldn't be romanticized

But by all means ship him with his best friend, who he had done so much for and gotten so little from.
Go ahead and ship him with a guy that spent 95% of their time together making fun of him.
According to the books Sizzy is endgame but she’s literally paid attention to him what twice?? So until then go ahead and ship a nonexistent relationship

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Jeffmads is like the clear after a big storm, the smell of fresh rain drops on the ground, the way the sky is grey but you can still see the spots of blue starting to come threw, the feeling of wanting to be in water, and the light from a computer screen late at night when everything is dark and all you have is the light from the screen and moon light coming threw the window ~~~Bored Anon is now thinking of ships?

ok guys these are honestly making me so happy like i feel so clean and pure and completely immersed in each situation like??? ur all wonderful

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Frankly I want to ship you guys so bad but the rules seem to be really strict.

This is a pretty interesting question, so I guess I’ll just explain it here (I might update the rules later though)

You are allowed to ship them. You can draw them kissing, you can draw them doing cute ships together, you can also draw -ahem- NSFW -ahem-, but please do not submit any of that to this blog because I will not post it for everyone to see. Canonically, I don’t plan them having relationships with anyone at the moment. 

But what pissed me off the most is if anyone tried to ship themselves with the OCs here by force. By that I mean sending asks of your OCs making out, tackling and kiss, or trying to get close to them in a romantic matter and guilt trip me/the characters for ‘rejecting their love’/’acts mean and violent’, even when they started the whole action (Note that I haven’t had any kind of this sort of people, but I’ve seen some from other blogs and well… it’s not so pretty.). I don’t mind anyone asking them out/wanting to be close, but please don’t be fussy when they reject you/when I said no, because technically, we most probably will. 

And note to anyone else who’s a fan of this blog and see these kinds of people, you are not allowed to harass them. You are not allowed to send death threats, (Fuck, i mean, these are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, PEOPLE, don’t kill someone because of fictional characters. Have some manners.) you are not allowed to send hate or spam me with links of all the shippy fangirls out there so I can personally scold them (unless they claim the ship is canon and they’re working with me. That is a no no, and I am really against any collabs atm). I gave them a go, and as long as they’re not harassing me or anyone for it, then let them have their fun.

Also, these rules may change depending on the situation. Some situations, I have to put my foot down because shipping can be a VERY sensitive and large issue, and sometimes actions have to be taken. These things I say may or may not change as the blog/story/the problem goes. 

So TL;DR ship them all you want, just don’t link me/submit them to me. Also, none of the ships will be canon unless I said so, and please do not harass the shippers. That is all. 


shout out to all those shippers who respect people who don’t ship their otp and make it comfortable for everyone to ship what they want on this site, thank you for existing, you make the world a better place