this set makes no sense whatsoever

Honestly I am still so upset with people who spread horribly inaccurate info about Christian holy days and feast days. The Church does not just pick a date out of their ass and push it over pagan holidays for petty reasons. They carefully consider the liturgical calendar in relation to times in Christ’s life (including His conception in Mary’s womb even!!!!) and set up feast days in ways that respect this timeline. That doesn’t mean this happens in a vacuum, separate completely from pagan traditions; but that also doesn’t negate the fact that the Mother Church carefully considers the setting and dates for celebrating our faith.

I will never not be upset then, when people - ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS - spread the false notion of “Christmas came from Saturnalia/Yuletide!!!!” or “Easter comes from Oestre’s festival!!!!”. Not only does it not make any logical sense whatsoever from a historical perspective once you get the timelines and documents before you, but it just plain ignores and erases the beautiful history of our faith. A faith that is MEANT to be celebrated.

Please, for the love of our pro-feasting, pro-celebatory God: educate yourself on these things before you pull a Puritan and refuse to celebrate holidays, and then spread your misinformation to others. Our history is rich and deep, and it’s waiting to be discovered for the glory of Jesus!

So yeah, you’re free to think and say and celebrate as you will, I am not saying you can’t do that, but that doesn’t come without consequences nor critiquing, considering it concerns an ENTIRE BELIEF SYSTEM’S HISTORY AND HOLY TRADITIONS. ONE PRACTICED BY A BILLION PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. I for one am done about being silent about my faith being lied about, even if it isn’t intentional and people think they are doing the right thing.

Okay guys so overall the fandom has been disappointed and confused, and there’s definitely a lot of Discourse going around. That’s totally understandable and I’m not in any way diminishing your pain; your feelings are totally 110% valid. But for those on the borderline, those that keep on going back and forth between “Oh, it’s definitely canon, there’s no way it couldn’t be” and “They were just screwing around with us; it’s not gonna happen.”- Can I just say that it literally makes NO logical sense whatsoever to screen the FINALE of a show that’s broadcast internationally and has over 10 million viewers on average in the UK ALONE without some sort of NDA or contractual obligation. Think about it. What sane person invests over 6 years of astoundingly complicated plot building and spends millions of dollars on actors and sets and writers all to rely on “the trust system that the fans won’t release spoilers”??? No one does- and maybe that’s what they want. The theme of this whole season was “It’s not a game anymore.” Running right alongside it was the delicious concept that the writers and showrunners were introducing Moriarty to OUR world- making it REAL, because “It’s not a game anymore”. NONE of the stories match up- which is already suspicious enough. BUT ALSO- the episode is 4 minutes longer, and honestly I think the episode they screened was a quiet, watered-down version. WE are The Fanbase- no one else is as dedicated to the show as TJLC, and that’s just the truth. What other fandom has MULTIPLE 300-page analyses of a show? (@loudest-subtext-in-tv) We Know ™ , but what fun is it for Mofftiss if their most loyal fans have already figured out the plot? This season has been a goddamn rollercoaster for everyone, but that’s The Point- it’s supposed to be wild. It’s supposed to break ground, not hearts. I know this screening was wild and rough, but I think everyone who can should try to ride it out until Sunday, because until then, I don’t think we have any real information. 

tldr: Something’s fucky.

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There was a surprising lack of fanservice in the Women of Xal demo. Despite being set in a brothel in a society that's open to sex, you didn't take the opportunity. Why is that? Do you not believe in fanservice?

I (technically?) believe that fanservice has its place in storytelling. But, it has to make sense narratively, it shouldn’t be relying on sexualizing and ‘normalizing’ assault for justification, and I am not onboard with hurting the quality of a story just to put my ‘preferences’ down my fans’ throats. And I’m all about the story.

Women of Xal may take place in a brothel in a society where sexuality isn’t shamed whatsoever (at least for the women…), but as far as the demo was concerned, its focus was to present the world, art, and my dialogue style. Not to show off ‘how sexy’ the women and men were in exploitative ways.

Unless of course you count Velvet, Xjena, Xuna, and Joy merely existing.

Jensen’s Auto @ SPNPHX 16

I was so nervous going into Jensen’s auto because I always get so intimidated by him, and the past couple of times I’ve had autos with Jensen just end up being really rushed and me not really making any sense whatsoever. It doesn’t make it any easier that his eyes just pierce right into your soul and literally takes your breathe away and your ability to speak. Hence, it’s really hard for me to say what I’ve always wanted to say to him.

My friend, Yasuko, who visited set with me, was just talking to me about my ops, and I know how much she loves Jensen, so I offered to say a quick “Hi” and “I love you” to him for her. 

It was my turn in line, and it was already established in my mind that Jensen does not remember me at all. He didn’t remember me at first during SeaCon and didn’t recognize me during ops at PHXCon, so I was like, “Ehhh. Oh well.” and moved on from it. Totally fine. 

I walked up to him and he said, “Hey!” and smiled while signing my shirt. I was like, “Hi! I’m not sure you remember me or Yasuko from the set visit…” and before I said anymore he was like, “Yeah! Of course I do!” I was so caught of guard because I’m now in freak out mode that Jensen remembered me. AHHHHH!!!!! I was like, “Well, Yasuko says hi and sends her love,” and he smiled and said it was good to hear. 

I then went on to talking about how I always get so intimidated talking to him because of how much of a role model he is to me, but was like, “I just wanted to let you know that you are so nice and smart and amazing and talented.” He just stared at me and was like, “Keep going!” I’m just like, “Uhhhh….” because I thought Jensen would just thank me and that would be the end of it, but nope! I then just kept listing off more qualities I loved about him as he continually kept staring at me with those eyes. “Hahaha… ummm… well, you’re clever and charitable and kind and loving and so stylish. Wow, I would steal your wardrobe.” He leaned over to the volunteer and was like, “Are you writing this down?” I laughed, and he kept staring me and was like, “Is that it?” Oh god, panicking again, I just stared at his face to think of more qualities, and was like, “You have beautiful hair and your eyes are gorgeous and your smile is amazing…” 

By this point, I saw his smirk come out, and he lifted his hand up to hold my hand with me still spitting out qualities. I finished saying, “You’re an amazing father and an amazing husband…” before Jensen just smiled and said, “Thank you so much.” He then started to intertwine our fingers together, and oh god. Red alert. I’m on the floor. Dead. Dead. Not really, but it felt like I was. Then, he was like, “It was good seeing you. I hope to see you soon.” I smiled and said thank you before wishing him a good night.

I did not expect my auto session to take that turn, but I’m so glad it did. Makes me love Jensen even more. Just… wow. I left PHXCon with a big smile on my face. 

I love how ubiquitous the big vats of unknown liquids, usually with some creature or such floating inside of them, are with regards to “science” environments.

Like, they not only make zero sense whatsoever, and they don’t appear in any “science” setting in reality barring perhaps some extremely specific contexts, but they’re just so common in fiction that we don’t even register how absurd they are.

Writer AU

He stares at the blue lines until they blur, until they split into two more lines before shaking his head. He picks up his pen - the black gel kind, or else he feels no purpose in writing whatsoever - and it hovers over the paper, not fulfilling the purpose it was set to. 

There’s nothing to write. Absolutely nothing.

Maybe I just don’t feel like using paper today.

He turns to his laptop and opens up a blank document. He wants to type, but the words aren’t flowing out like they should be. He refers to his plans, but they don’t seem to make any sense at all. 

Luke lets out a string of swears and thanks God mentally that the library was empty. He sighs, rubbing his temples as he tries to come up with some sort of idea.

“Hey Luke!”

I don’t want to talk to anyone right now.

He turns around with a weak smile upon his face, but it immediately widens when he sees you. 

“H-hey,” he stutters, but he’s grinning like a fool, so he hopes that it compensates for his stuttering. You smile and lean over his shoulder to look at his writing plans. It takes all of his willpower to refrain himself from sniffing your hair.

A faint blush settles upon his cheeks when you tilt your head to face him. Luke’s breathing hitches and he feels his heart pound in his chest.

“What are you stuck on?” You ask, and it takes him a moment to process what you just said.

“Oh! Um, just inventing the characters and stuff,” he replies, slapping himself mentally for his lame answer.

Why - just why - do I keep saying such awkward things when I’m around her?

“I see,” you say. “Well, good luck! I gotta go.”

He waves goodbye and you walk off. Luke stares at the blank page once more and picks up his pen. He can put a face to his characters now.


Every character, regardless of their gender or age, contains bits of you. Your feistiness in the boy with the red streaks in his hair, your eyes in that one little girl… Everyone contains a piece of you.

Luke keeps it to himself, but he’s written a story for himself, for you. The protagonists are inspired by you and him. It’s your love story.

Oh how he wishes that his life could be like that fairytale love story he wrote, where you’d fall for him with a snap of fingers, a blink of an eye. He wishes, and he wishes hard. 

All the little details he notices - he writes them down and adds it to the list of things he loves about you.

“I see you’ve gone really far since I last saw you.”

He jumps, closing the tab, only to get the pop-up that asked if he wanted to save his work. He curses himself, for the title of the work shown was “(Y/N)xLuke”.

You feel your cheeks heat up at the title. Luke wrote a story about the both of you?

“I-I’m sorry,” he sputters out, clicking ‘save’ hastily before closing the tab. “I didn’t mean to… I like you a lot that’s why I - wait! I didn’t mean it like that! I just…”

His words trail off, and he doesn’t dare to look at you. He’s taken aback by your giggle and the kiss on his cheek that he receives.

“That’s sweet, Luke,” you tell him.

Luke dares to look up, and he asks, “Would you like to, well, go on a date sometime? Together with me? That together was redundant and I don’t know why I said that why am I still talking never mind I’ll stop now.”

There’s a pause.

Fuck! I screwed it up! She probably never-

“Sure,” you reply, the blush still obvious on your cheeks but there’s a smile that is simply radiant.

“Text me the details sometime, yeah?” You say, clutching your laptop. “I’ll see you around, Luke.”

He gets another kiss on his cheek and his face is filled with colour. He clicks on the document titled “(Y/N)xLuke”.

Luke blushes at the thought of going on a date with you, and the words fill the page.

Maybe his fairytale is coming true after all.