this set is so useless

“Are you kidding me? The heater’s broken already??”

Well, that was just great. Greg had actually decided to spend a little bit on himself as winter came on, and he’d gotten a small heater set up in the van for him and Spooky. But that was only two days ago. Things had been going pretty well, and sure enough the thing had decided to break down. Someone had seen fit to rip him off.

“Great.” Greg groaned as he undid the heater from where he’d set it up, disturbing Spooky in the process, and he looked to the back doors of the van. Now he had to get rid of the useless hunk of junk. That meant going out into the snow to get rid of it for good. Maybe he could give it to Amethyst? Or maybe not. She collected junk, but not even she’d want a useless heater. So, Greg set the heater down again and put on his cherry sweater.

“I’ll only be gone for a little bit, Spooky,” Greg told the kitten. He got his sweater on, and once he was done he retrieved the heater and headed out of the van. Immediately, he was greeted by the feeling of the winter all around him. A sharp shiver ran up and down Greg’s body, but he shook himself out and closed the van up again. No sense in leaving it open; Spooky could escape that way. Now he just had to go toss the thing and resort to blanket reinforcements.

The snow was starting to fall heavier than it had been before, Greg realized. That would make the trip to get the heater thrown out a bit more interesting. Thankfully, he knew the way back to the carwash pretty well by that point. Greg trudged out into the snow, and he headed for the nearest dumpster. That, of course, was in the general boardwalk area. Not that anyone would appreciate this being done, but Greg had already taken his trash out for the day and hadn’t expected this. So he was improvising.

“Some winter this is gonna be,” Greg grumbled. It was just going to be like any other one, he told himself. He’d have to rely on blankets again, which wasn’t a terrible thing but did mean he’d have to get more blankets from the storage shed. But he didn’t have long to think about that. He had been walking for a while, and he’d gotten past the snow by that point, but he hadn’t counted on ice being a thing on the sidewalks. Because he wasn’t paying as much attention as he could have been, and because he wasn’t wearing the right sort of shoes for ice, he slipped on a pretty big patch in the middle of a sidewalk.

A sharp yell of surprise filled the air, and before Greg knew it he was falling over backwards. The heater that had caused his problems in the first place flew out of his grasp and into the snow off to the side of the sidewalk, and Greg? He fell hard on his back and was left cringing in pain as a result.

“Ow… Dammit,” Greg groaned. “This is not what I signed up for today…”

Could things get any worse? He would submit that they could not. But he was in too much pain to really get himself up off the ground right away. Unless someone else happened to be stupid enough to be out in that weather, he’d be stuck for a little bit.

He thought he heard some footsteps coming from behind, but he could have been mistaken. No one else would be dumb enough to be out there and have seen him. Right?


Kimmo Timonen finally gets a chance to celebrate with the Captain, after his previous two attempts were unsuccessful due to the fact that Jonny can’t be expected to focus on anyone else when Kaner is around.

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got tagged by useless-estoniafacts!

The rules set by @useless-southafricafacts are:

Hey guys so I thought of making a list of typical questions one could ask about any country and answering them about South Africa, and tagging five other UCF blogs so that we can all learn a bit more. Try to answer these without Google!

1. What are your neighbouring countries? Sweden, Norway, Russia.

2. What are your country’s official languages? Finnish and Swedish.

3. What is the name of your capital city? hell sin aka Helsinki

4. How long does it take to fly from your capital city to London? Hmm. must be around 3 hours.

5. How much do you pay for a loaf of bread in your country? 1-2 euros? (you can get Retkieväs from Lidl on ~39 cents tho)

6. How big is your population? Around 5 and a half million.

7. Do you drive on the left or right side of the road? Right side.

8. How old does one have to be to drink, drive, vote, smoke (in that order)? 18 to everything.

9. Is gay marriage legal in your country? Not yet, will be legal in 2017.

10. What colour are the passports? Dark red like all EU passports.

11. What is your currency called, and what does it look like? Euro. In Finland we use 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euro bills. For coins, we have 1-euro and 2-euro coins and 50/20/10/5 cents.

12. Describe the typical attitude of your country and the people living in it. Quiet, somewhat serious, melancholic, dark humour, hard-working, honest, individualistic.  

13. What is one fun thing to do in your country? Go to sauna, do winter sports, stay up late on light summer nights, see the northern lights, eat lots of fish and potatoes.

14. What is one stereotype about your country that is not true? What is one stereotype that absolutely is true? Not true: Finns are shy. True: we like our personal space.

15. Would you recommend for people to come visit your country? no stay away from this place  Sure!


Do you see the look on Ravenna’s (who is freya’s sister) face when Freya holds her baby? I think that’s Freya’s and the duke of blackwoods child. Ravenna is jealeous, because her sister has those icepowers and is not using them playing all housewife and loveydovey. Useless to Ravenna that way, Mirrorobsessed bitch set’s fire in the nursery, and Freya thinks it’s the duke that killed their baby. He is held by guards and his hands are burned and bloody. (tried to save his kid or fight Ravenna). So she kills him. But in truth it’s Ravenna who did it, and now Freya is turned into the snow queen, she is a powerfull ally to take over the world. That’s my idea of the whole popsickle thing.

A fate worse than adulting
  • James: Well, you know. We do look to our Head Boy and Girl to set an example for everyone, and Merlin knows I’m useless, so it all falls to you.
  • Lily: Does it, now?
  • James: Well, if it was to get out that you were rubbish at kissing, who knows what that would do? Maybe everyone else would start to think, ‘Well, if Lily Evans can’t do it, it’s obviously not worth bothering with.’ Suddenly nobody would be kissing anyone. Imagine a Hogwarts with no kissing.