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whatthefuckwhattheFUck ur tags on the hannibal gif set destrOYED me I'm at the store either leave me alone or write the thing (sorry for yelling I love ur blog)

I’m happy you like my tags (linked here) and I have written the thing~

Will does not bring it up. Hannibal, mercifully, has not once tried to broach the subject though Will can see he wants to. If he did, Will would cancel every appointment, quit his job, and really commit to the hermit lifestyle he is practically living, too embarrassed to go on, but Hannibal doesn’t so Will gets to enjoy this aspect to their not quite doctor-patient and not quite whatever-they-are relationship.

They don’t talk about it and that’s good.

It’s Sunday, nearly seven in the morning. Will still has dried mud on his shoes from the crime scene yesterday. He hasn’t slept and he can hear Jack’s voice in his ear, asking for more and only getting from Will a few grunts and a few jumbled sentences that must have made a passable analysis of their killer for Jack to willingly send him back home.

Hannibal looks less surprised than he should with Will–red faced, sweating, dressed in the day before yesterday’s clothes, and unwilling to look him in the eye long enough to see the red in his irides–showing up at his door without calling.

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i. The North wind cannot rival
your cold, withering heart.

ii. We were both Alice,
drinking just because it was
suggested to us,
getting too big until
buildings couldn’t hold us,
until we were destroying homes.
There’s claustrophobia in
outgrowing someone.

iii. Your love is selfish want.
You chose me to die on a
desert island with you.
We’re more Lord of the Flies than
Swiss Family Robinson.
I’m still finding ways to blame you.
I might be paranoid but that
doesn’t mean you’re not the beast.

iv. I would have chosen you over anyone
but I was one in
a baker’s dozen
to you.

v. You want someone to
be your cheerleader.
I’m another
goal for you to score.

vi. My mother
loves spiritual contemplation
and meditation
but I can only be still on the
I can only contemplate you.
I am a tempest.
Or you are.
Or we are.
Or we were.

vii. Your father
treats your mother
as if he is her high lord.
Just like his father before him.
Your love is hierarchy.
Two guesses who comes out on top.

viii. I’m on the other side
of all my old metaphors now.
You’re the car,
I’m the gas station.
But I refuse to be a pit stop.
Tell me my lips taste of gasoline
and watch me set us on fire.
You don’t get to destroy me,
that privilege is mine alone.

ix. Harvest season approaching;
I am the daughter of the
new moon.
Not a silver sliver
of my former self.
No, I am whole,
regardless of how
invisible I have become to you.
—  L.H.

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Why do you hate Killian so much lmao

Because he’s one half of the NOTP that makes me want to set myself on fire. 

Because he’s a very poorly written character that spouts self-righteous, hypocritical bullshit that also makes me want to set myself on fire.  

Because–HELLO????? GUY’S AN ASSHOLE. He makes me want to set myself on fire.

Because he destroyed Season 2 Hook, and I liked that guy. 

Get me the fucking matches.

my baby cousin sees the bottle of meds in my bag
and he asks if they’re for anger,
because all I’ve ever known is exploding, destroying, and setting everyone around me on fire.
all I’ve ever done
is leak out like a dripping faucet,
try to repress the side of me,
but she crawls out
and consumes me.
because all I’ve ever known is hostility, hatred and aggression,
I’ve seen it all too well in my mother,
like a mirror,
like a mirror I want to smash into pieces,
hating the person I become,
and who I’ll always be.
yet all I’ve seemed to do is implode, self destruct and burn this body to the ground,
yet still manage to singe
all of the unsuspecting bystanders
that cluster around me
like a barrier of protection.
because anyone who gets too close
knows I’m nothing more than rage,
nothing more than a face,
nothing more than an empty casket
drowning in her own lake.

Error: *to blueberry* THOSE ASSHOLES ARE THE KEY TO KEEPING YOU AWAY FROM ME *points aggressively at Ink and Fresh*
Error: I was meant to be yours… We were meant to be one… Don’t give up on me now… Finish what we’ve begun…
Blueberry: NO FLUFF OFF

How can anyone expect me to ship Call and Tamara when Aaron and Call have all the lines, the moments, the dynamics, the chemistry and the settings that literally destroy me, maim me, shatter me. They’re just so shippable and I’m a sucker for their type of relationship, plus they are the embodiment of many tropes that I love aksddhjsksjdhjks.

But I just know that Callmara is going to be endgame and Calron will remain as one of my unrealized OTP’s. *SCREAMS INTO THE VOID*


Monster of Ninjago

I remember the time when people liked me. I was the fastest on the playground, and people thought I was really cool because my eyes were super green. I had so many friends, I almost didn’t realize how scared the teachers were of me.

Mom told me throughout my childhood that I was a special boy. I was different, but I didn’t mind. I was on the brink of fourth grade and I had basically the whole grade as my best friends. I didn’t think much of it, but I should have enjoyed it while it lasted.

I was in 5th grade when it happened. Ninjago was suddenly under attack. There hadn’t of been an attack in years, decades even, but it came out of nowhere.

It was really close to my school. I remember everyone being really scared. I, especially, was really scared. There were loud explosions and the ground shook as I was curled up under my desk. Then he appeared through the smoke of our destroyed wall.

My mom mentioned my dad was not a nice man. He had done bad things in his life, and he was not allowed in Ninjago because of it. But when the man with jet black charred skin and cloaked in black robes approached my desk and called me (almost) by name, I didn’t realize what that meant for the rest of my life.

The police were able to shoo him away from the city, but the long lasting damage was already set. Everyone in the destroyed classroom was scared of me; I could see it in their eyes. Nobody ever came within a few yards of me. Now I, and everyone else, knew that my father was the monster of Ninjago.

It never got better. In fact, it got worse. The older I got, the harder it was to cope with the stares and the whispers and the parting of the hallways when the other students saw me. Every look burned my skin. Every whisper was too loud in my ears. And no matter how full the hallways may seem, they were always empty to me.

I wasn’t just Lloyd Garmadon, the son of Lord Garmadon. I, too, am the monster of Ninjago.

-Lloyd, The Lego Ninjago Movie

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42 and 46 for Jungkook,roommate!au,angst and romance(if you don't do both,romance) for the drabble game!

It’s a bit longer then a normal drabble but I couldn’t make it shorter. I tried to do both genre’s, hope you will like it!

Originally posted by sugachim95

Pairing; Jungkook x reader

Word count; 2.994

42. “Why do you like him so much?”

46. “Just forget about me.”

“Have you seen him?” you just entered the school and almost got tackled by your best friend, as she grilled you about some guy. “Who?”

“We have a new classmate.”

“Do we?”

“Yes and he is handsome, it’s not normal.”

“He is?” you couldn’t help but talk like this because you just woke up and to pay attention to an over enthusiastic person this early in the morning was not easy. “You walked into your class and sat down at your desk which was by the window. You opened your textbook and put your head on it, you didn’t even notice there was someone sitting behind you, which had never been the case. “Yah y/n, he sits behind you.”


“You know the new guy.” you opened your eyes and couldn’t help look annoyed. “Whatever, can’t you just let me sleep?”

“No really, you should turn around.” you sighed because the only way she was going to give this up, is when you took a peek at the guy so you turned around and there sat the most handsome guy ever. He was staring outside, which gave you a good view on his jawline, you could tell he worked out a lot, he noticed you staring and if you thought he was nice, then you thought wrong because the look he gave you, made you want to hide.

“What?” boy that was just rude but it could be nerves, right? You smiled at him, hoping he would find it cute. “Hi I’m y/n, you must be new.”

“Really?! How could you tell? Just turn around.” you stared at him in disbelief but did what he asked and as you turned around, you couldn’t help but feel really offended, how dare he talk to you like that. He was already getting under your skin but not in a good way. He was handsome but that said it all, his personality sucked, at least that’s what he showed.

“Good morning class, we have a new student.” he pointed at the guy behind you and everyone turned to look at him except for you because you really didn’t feel like getting death glares this early in the morning. “Please introduce yourself.” he got up slowly and walked up to the front of the class. He bowed towards the class. “Hi my name is Jeon Jungkook, please take care of me.” with that he walked back to his seat and that’s when the torture began. You had always praised yourself on studying hard and everyone knew better than to disturb once you were busy but apparently Jungkook didn’t share those thoughts, as he often poked you in the back with a pen or pencil.

“What do you want Jungkook?!” you turned this time after he had been poking you the entire morning. “I want you to write me an essay for literature.”

“And why should I help you?” this boy had been a little shit, bullying me every time he found some time but because he was so popular you couldn’t do anything but there was going to be a day that he was going to regret it. “Because you like me?” you choked on your own saliva when he said that and as you laughed at him he threw the pencil against your head, which hurt but it was so worth it. “Yah, stop teasing him y/n!” your best friend had this huge crush on him and every time you got in a fight with him, she would get really angry and always at you, which was totally unfair. ‘I’m not even doing anything!”

“Just leave him alone!”

“Why do you like him so much?!” you yelled at her in frustration and when the entire class fell quiet, you knew your mistake and as Jungkook got up you tried to hide under your textbook, which was ridiculous, to be honest, but what could you do. He kneeled down at my best friends table and put his hands on her knees and somehow you didn’t like it and not because you hated him but it just didn’t feel right for him to pay attention to someone else. “Don’t mind her, it’s okay to like me but I have to be honest with you. I don’t like you that way so please throw away those feelings.” with that he walked out of the classroom and seeing your best friend cry, well you didn’t hesitate one second and followed him out.

“YAH JEON JUNGKOOK!” you actually yelled it through the entire hallway, making a lot of people stare but you didn’t care, how dare he treat your friend like that even though he had been honest, it was a bit harsh to break her heart like that. “What!” he stopped which made you bump into him “Go apologize to her.”

“Why would I?”

“Because you were rude!” He suddenly pushed you against the wall, which freaked you out as he pushed you rather hard and you knew for sure it would leave a bruise but what you didn’t expect was that he would come so close. “Mind your own business!” he sneered at you but you decided that you weren’t afraid of him, which could be the stupidest thing ever or not.  “She is my business.”

“Whatever, just stay away from me!”

“Gladly.” what you didn’t know was that you stroke a nerve and to be honest you were curious as to why he was like this so you waited for him after school, to follow him but what you discovered made you understand him completely. He had a drunk for a father and his mother died, at least that’s what you heard from someone who lived in the same street. You looked at him with different eyes after that day and everything he threw your way, you just endured it. As long as he could get rid of his anger.

“Today we will have a team project, The teams will be existing out of two people.” You had a feeling you knew where this was going and without realizing you crossed your fingers in the hope you wouldn’t get teamed up with Jungkook because that would be a disaster. “Y/n and Jungkook, you will be in charge of a photo shoot, please come get your details.” you did get up right away but Jungkook didn’t move a muscle. You sighed as you walked to the teacher and thanked him for the things he gave you. You took a seat and turned around. “So when do you want to do this?” he looked at you as if you had gone crazy. You hadn’t been looking at him today but he seemed a bit out of it. He looked ill but you must’ve seen it wrong. “You can do it alone right?” he sounded annoyed like always but you had noticed that the expression in his eyes had changed lately when he looked at you, he didn’t look at me with hate, you wouldn’t say it was love now but he definitely warmed up to you.

‘I can’t, One of us needs to be the model for this photo shoot.”

“Well do it yourself then.”

“Yeah I think the teacher knew you were going to say this, so he put in the assignment that you have to be the model, otherwise we both get a fail.” he shrugged and looked outside but this did make you angry because he maybe doesn’t care about his grades but it was everything to you and he knew this. You got up and stormed out of the classroom, leaving everyone behind in shock. You were known for your calm personality so they knew something was wrong and it didn’t take long before you were grabbed by your wrist and pulled into the stairway. Jungkook smashed you against the wall again and as you still had bruises from the other times, this actually hurt.

“What’s your problem?!”

“You, you are my problem!”

“I did warn you to stay away from me, didn’t I?”

“You know, I don’t care that you slam me against walls, door or just shove me aside because I know why you do it but now you are even set on destroying my life by making me fail, only because you don’t want to take some damn pictures! It’s not like I’m asking you for your life!”

“What do you mean, you know why I do it?” oh shit, you and your big mouth but there was nothing you could do about it now. “I followed you one day and found out about your past.” you gulped because the look in his eyes got dark and this time you knew you had to take a step back, not that it mattered because, for every step you took, he took one towards you and when he suddenly grabbed your throat, you didn’t feel fear but pity because why would someone mess this kid up so badly that he needs to let out his anger this way. “How dare you follow me!” you couldn’t talk back because he had tightened his grip and now it became a struggle. “If you tell anyone, I will kill you!” you tried to stay calm but that was not working, so you tapped him on his arm and eventually he let you go, making you fall to the ground as you gasped for air.

“Jungkook, I won’t tell anyone,” you said in a raspy voice and this did make him look at you. “Why?”

“Really, it’s because I like you.” at that moment you wished you could it back but there was no way and the look that appeared in his eyes was one of surprise, he really didn’t expect you to like him and it was as if realization hit him for every time you jumped in to protect someone from his anger. “So the reason why you are always in the way is because you like me?” you nodded and a sadness appeared in his eyes as he shook his head. “You can’t.” you got up and grabbed his arms, making him look at you. “Why?”

“I’m no good, I only hurt you.”

“Well, maybe you can stop now and treat me like a normal person.”
“I can’t do this.” he pulled himself free and ran away, that was the last time you saw him, you tried to call him but never got a response so eventually you had to ask the teacher if you couldn’t get another partner and luckily the class president offered, this way you could get a good grade but the thing with Jungkook didn’t sit well with you especially after a week had passed. You had to look for him and when you made your way to his house a bad feeling came over you and as you knocked on the door, you heard something break, followed by some curses. “Who is there?” you recognized Jungkook’s voice even though it sounded weak. “It’s me.”

“Go away.”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” he didn’t sound fine, he sounded way too weak and you started to feel nervous. “Can’t you come outside?”

“I can’t right now, please just go away.”


“It’s just someone from school.”


“She is leaving father.” that’s when you heard someone getting pushed aside and when the door opened you were shocked to see the man in front of you. You could clearly see that he was an addict and you were not talking about alcohol only. “She is pretty.” a cold chill rang over your back and she checked you out and as you took a step back, your eyes fell on Jungkook, who was holding the wall. He looked terrible, he had bruises all over his body, he wasn’t wearing a shirt and when you saw cuts, you wanted to get help immediately but his father grabbed your arm and pulled you inside. “Don’t just stand there.” he guided you to the living room and you stopped when you saw a naked woman lying on her back, whilst the camera was directed at her. You pulled yourself free from his hold “I’m disturbing, right? I can come back later.”

“No it’s okay, we are almost done, just go stay with Jungkook in his room.” you turned and saw Jungkook lingering behind you, he wanted to protect you that was certain but he couldn;t not in this state. You helped him by holding him at his waist. “Let’s go.” he opened the door to his room, which seemed like the cleanest room in the entire house.

“We need some first aid stuff, do you have some?” you didn’t wait and started to search his room. “It’s in the bathroom.”

“Okay I will be right back.” the second you stepped out of his room you regretted it because they were actually shooting a porn video and you saw everything as you quickly slipped into the bathroom. When you returned to his room, Jungkook had passed out. “Aish, why now. You couldn’t stay awake for just a few more minutes.” you know you were rambling but you couldn’t help it as you were way too nervous about this and that bad feeling you had, well it got worse. You treated him as best as you could but you were no doctor and as you were putting the pillow under his head, the bedroom door flew open, showing his father in only a robe and underwear.

“We’re done, you can come sit in the living room.” you shook your head. “No that’s okay, I will stay with Jungkook.” The smile disappeared from his face but knowing he couldn’t do anything to you, he slammed the door shut, this did wake up Jungkook. “What?”

“Your father asked me to sit in the living room but I told him I would stay here with you.” you had never seen Jungkook looking scared but now his eyes showed how afraid he really was. “You shouldn’t have refused him.”


“He doesn’t like hearing no when he is being nice.”

“Look is that really important right now?” Jungkook stared at you as did he saw you for the first time. “What did I do to make you like me this way?”

“You thought I didn’t notice that you were actually a really nice guy. You send people to me whenever you smashed me into a wall with pain patches, you even made people buy me drinks, you think I didn;t notice that you asked them to do that? I like you because you do care and you’re also really handsome.” You shrugged, which made him chuckle. He came closer and for the first time he didn’t look angry or annoyed, he looked at you the way you had wanted him to look at you, with love and as he put his hand in your hair you closed your eyes and as he pressed his bruised lips against yours, it felt like the world stopped, there was a desperation in this kiss and as you touched his face gently, he sighed and deepened the kiss. That’s when the door was thrown against the wall making you jump but Jungkook held you in place. “Look at me.” you immediately did what he said and when you saw the tears in his eyes you knew what was coming and as he caressed your lips, you heard his father coming closer.

“Just forget about me,” he whispered against your lips, your heart started to beat like crazy because why was he saying this. He kissed you one more time before he pushed you away, just in time as his father swung a bat, which now hit Jungkook. “Y/N RUN!

You hesitated for a few second but you knew what you had to do, so you did run until you were two blocks away and that’s when you called the cops and not long after you heard the siren of the police car, followed by an ambulance. You didn’t waste time and ran back only to see an unconscious Jungkook being carried away and his father was sitting in the police car. You ran to the ambulance “I’m with him!” you urged and they let you sit with him and as you speeded to the hospital you kept checking if he was still breathing. When you arrived at the hospital they needed you to fill out some forms but you didn’t know a lot about him but you tried to fill out everything, you had called your teacher to inform him about Jungkook and he said he was coming right away. “Miss?” you turned around as the doctor approached. “Are you the one who called the police?”


“You saved his life.”

“I did?”

“Yes, because of the blood loss and the head wound he could’ve died if you hadn’t called sooner.”

“Can I see him?” when you walked into the room he looked peaceful and clean, which made your heart a bit more at ease. Your teacher asked you to stay by his side until he wakes up, so the only thing you did was go home to grab some stuff and you even bought a few things for Jungkook. This was the way you were living until he finally woke up.

“Y/N?” you lifted your head when you hear his voice. “You’re awake.” he nodded and smiled at you, which made your heart jump. “I will call the doctor.” the second you stood up he pulled you back. “No, I need to say something to you first.”

“Okay, what is it?” you leaned over him so you could hear him better and as you locked eyes with him he smiled and gently caressed your lips again and the look he was giving you said it all but you still waited for him to say it himself.

“I love you.”

“I know.


Settle It

Anonymous asked High school/student council AU. The reader and Alex don’t get along AT ALL and the rest of the council(read: hamsqud etc) Get sick of it so they lock them in the meeting room together and rufuse to let them out til they have settled their differences

A/N: This is the first request I’ve done in a while. Sorry for the long wait.

WC: 2320

TW:  Cursing, fat shaming, fighting.

Pairing: A. Ham x Reader

AU: Highschool! AU.

Ask | Masterlist

“For the last goddamn time, Hamilton, we cannot tax the students for coming to class!

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When Blake and Yang Reunite...

I really hope it ends up being a huge, over-the-top fight like Lin versus Su in Korra Book 3 and they end up talking out all their problems as they fight and then it slowly devolves into crying and hugging (And possibly some making out depending on your ships but honestly just ship everyone with everyone and you’re set).

The reunions are gonna destroy me and I’m so ready.

How to concentrate.

Hello people, so the other day I was just laying on my bed reading my book and I realized that I couldn’t focus or concentrate enough to understand anything,I just read one page without learning what it was it was about because my mind was actually so stressed and just not in the mood for reading.So that got me thinking that I should upload a post about how to concentrate easier.Let’s go👇🏻.

• Light up some candles: I know that this is so cliche but it helps sometimes.Just go buy “calm” cent candles if you don’t have already (I recommend you orange and cinnamon scent ).Light them up and see if it makes you feel more calm and relaxed, i think that the smell will definitely help you.

• Listen to rain sounds: Before I try this myself I heard many people saying that listening to rain sounds makes them concentrate better and stuff but I just didn’t feel the need to try it because I knew it would be a failure, you see I’m the type of person who gets distracted VERY easily and even a little sound can just destroy everything and set me off but I recently caught myself distracted from the quiet.Yeah I know crazy but because there was not even a little sound in the room I just couldn’t focus, my mind immediately started playing my favorite song and here we go again NOT CONCENTRATED, so I tried the rain thing setting my expectations very low of course because I knew it wouldn’t help me but I guess it did.You see nature sounds aren’t as “loud” and distracting as real songs and it was just what I needed a very light and calm background noise that doesn’t make me leave my homework and start lip singing to it.So just give it a try and see what happens.

• Turn off the lights: I’m not saying being in like complete dark here okay?Just close your windows or close the door (or the lights) and leave a little light invade into your room and open your night stand’s lamp (which shouldn’t be as bright as your main lamp).I don’t know why but when I read with a very bright light my eyes get tired and I just can’t work.So this one really helped and I hope it will help you too if you’re struggling with the same thing.

• Wear comfy clothes: Now that’s the key to everything😂.When you start working just put on some comfy clothes (or pajamas) and just relax.Feeling comfortable will help you focus on your real job *BUT try not to fall asleep*.

 — under the cut, you’ll find a rather extensive list of underused labels accompanied by brief descriptions. i would greatly appreciate it if they weren’t reused in other masterlists, though they are free for personal use. i made an effort to refrain from using ones previously seen, but notify me if i made a discrepancy in this pattern. please like/reblog if you found this useful !!

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Meet the Law Students

Another fic from @drawbaucherys college AU, here now with the Zircons!

“Let me tell ya, Bell, one more year of this and we can take the bar, then we’ll be jet-setting lady-bedding super lawyers. You and me, legalistically destroying dictators and warlords the world over.”

 The old library building loomed above them as Bell listened to Yana’s hangover ramblings. Sometimes Bell was forced to think Yana chose Law just so she’d be be able to attend the many times she would be brought to court as her own defence.

 “Perhaps uncovering the machinations of authoritarian states can wait a little longer, Yana, perhaps after we’ve learned all there is to know about ‘Queen Anne and the Origins of Copyright Law’.”, huffed Bell, climbing the humble set of steps in front of the library. “And that might have to be left to you, I’ve always told you I want to focus on the Defence.”

 “Bell, I’m shocked.”, Yana replied, in mock surprise, “You would trust me to go to the Hague all by myself? They say all sorts of things about Dutch women, you might never see me again.”

 Bells eyes shot around the campus, dreading to imagine someone overhearing. “Oh, quiet, you!”, she whispered, “And you took my name, that means no more adventures, I own you, now.”

 “Because we both agreed your name was the more lawyery one. It’s all about presentation.”, countered Yana, elbowing Bell in the side.

 Walking through the large doors, Bell took in the slightly dark, but rather well-kept interior of the converted church. Before her stood shelves and shelves of books, but only after a clearing with a marble floor.

 “Mind the step.”, came a soft voice.

 “What?”, asked Yana, rather more loudly than what was strictly appropriate for a library. Debate classes taught one to carry ones voice so all might hear, the Law being as clear as the voice used to proclaim ones own interpretation of it. Some found it difficult to turn off this ability once it had been found and cultivated.

 “Yana.”, Bell whispered while shifting the books in her arms into her right arm so she might tap Yana with her left. She had looked down and saw the small step onto the marble floor, which was mirrored by another step down into the rows of shelves in front of them. Nimbly navigating the small hazard, the two stepped onto the marble.

 “Hello, there!”, greeted the soft voice, which Bell could see was coming from a desk to the side. A blue-haired women, in a brown sweater, cheerily waving at them with a big smile on her face.

 Before Bell could stop it, Yana was already beside the desk, in full seductress mode, “Well, morning to you, Blue. You seem nice, I don’t suppose you have much experience with lawyers…”

 The women gave a quiet chuckle, “Now, you would be surprised about that…”

 “I AM.”, screamed Bell, before adjusting her volume. “I would like to apologize for her, we’re law students who’ve transferred for the bar exam, we’re just here to pick up some books, and Yana here is most certainly not ‘on the market’. Are you, Yana?” Bell could imagine Yanas hair catching fire if her glare was any more intense. “Alright, Mom, whatever you say…”, shrugged Yana, pulling back from the desk.

 “No, no, it’s alright, just fun and games, I know how Saturday mornings can be.”, the woman chimed, “Anyway, my name is Laplace, and I have not met you before but it seems you are sisters if I am reading your nametags correctly.”

 Yana and Bell looked at eachother, and at their respective tags, ‘Y. Zerkon’ and ‘B. Zerkon’, the pale-skinned Yana in particular amused by the seeming naivety of the librarian in thinking she’s directly related to the levantine Bell. “Ehh, no, we are…married.”, explained Bell.

 “Oh!”, squeaked Laplace, most people reacting to their matrimony in the same sort of mild surprise. “It’s rather odd for people your, well, our age getting married.”

 “It’s the sort of bright idea law students get when they learn about the tax cuts for married couples.”, Yana elaborated, leaning forward to look at the book that Laplace had on her desk. “Oh, you a fan of aliens?”

 Bell could already see where this was going. “Yana, stop it.”, her cheeks already blushing red.

 Laplace looked down at the book, “Oh, Arthur C. Clarke? I’ve never read any of his work before, but he does–”

 “You wouldn’t happen to have anything about Area 51? About Little Green Men helping Kubrick fake the Moon Landing?”, Yana continued. Laplace’s was blank, the image of incomprehension.

 “Yana, for all that is good, you promised me not to talk about my theories in public!”, Bell shouted at the top of her lungs, “And I don’t think they faked the Moon Landing, that’s just crazy talk! They would’ve had sufficient technology to do it for real even if they didn’t have an alien ship to salvage computer hardware from!”

 “Wha - they- Moon - alien shi-”, Laplace rubbed her forehead, exasperated, “I am sorry, ladies, but I hope you understand if I told you we would get into trouble if we stocked material of such dubious foundations in a campus library.”

 Yana laughed, “Jeez, Bell, you have to relax a little. It’s not going to hurt you. Y’know whatshisface, on the Supreme Court? He thinks Stonehenge was built as a landing pad for UFOs. People love kooks.”

 “I feel as though it would not be my place to pry.”, declared Laplace, Bell silently grateful, “So may I just say that I’m reading this book on the suggestion of…well, a friend of mine, she’s working here in the library, and-” her eyes flickered past them, looking at something behind them, “Oh, speak of the-PERRI, MIND THE ST-”

 Bell heard the thunk of a foot hitting a wooden step just as she turned to see its source. She saw a blonde woman, with glasses, noticeably short, with her entire torso hidden behind a stack of books she held in both her arms. The world entered slow-motion as Bell stared into the surprised face of the woman in the process of tripping herself on the small step. Her tiny nose, her raised eyebrows, her wide eyes, the little dot that was her mouth. She was, to Bell, adorable.

 And then she planted her face onto the marble floor.

 “Perri!”, shouted Laplace, as Bell dropped her own books and dashed towards the fallen woman. Pushing the scattered mess of books away as she kneeled down, she placed a hand on the womans shoulder. “Are you ok, Miss?!”

 “OOOOOOWWWW!”, was the first noise to come from the little pile in front of her. Seeing a shaking hand sliding up towards the womans shoulders, she picked it up in her own and gave it a light squeeze. The woman squeezed back, twice as hard, “Can you hear me, Miss?!”

 “Nah-huh!”, was the reply in-between pants, which Bell took to mean ‘Yes’, she took a breath before she continued. “Alright, let’s get you spun around so we can look at you.”

 Lifting gently the hand that she was holding, she helped the woman to spin herself into a sitting position. She was making rapid breaths, and Bell could see a triangular mark right in the centre of her forehead, but miraculously her glasses were still intact. She made direct eye-contact with her, can she seemed to slightly calm down. “Ok, can you tell me where it hurts?”

 “My-”, she made a big sniff, her cheeks beginning to puff, “My head, and my knee hurts.”

Bell noticed a few things when looking down at the womans legs. First, she was still holding her hand, and she didn’t want to risk letting go. Secondly, she was wearing cargo shorts, so she could see her right knee, which had a mark. And lastly, both the knee and the forehead had broken skin, and bruises were likely on the way.

 “Alright, there doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about. What’s your name?”, Bell tried to keep her voice level, to make sure she wasn’t frightened.

 “P-Perri.”, she answered, before another sniff.

 “Alright, Perri, you only have a few little cuts, and I have cream to help it.” She repositioned herself to the right of the siting Perri, rubbing her back in a soothing motion. “Alright, Perri, I’m Bell. I’ll need both hands to get the cream, Perri.”

 Perri released her hand, and she quickly fished out her tube of antiseptic cream, twisting off the top and squeesing out a small white blob. “Ok, this might sting a little bit, but it’ll help it heal and not hurt later. Alright?” Perri replied with a silent nod of the head.

Bell dabbed the cream onto her forehead, and started applying it across the whole mark. Perri squirmed a little, and tears started forming around her eyes. 

“Perri, are you ok?”, Laplace spoke, Bell noticing her for the first time sitting opposite her next to Perri.

 “I’m not crying! It’s a…reaction! It’s automatic!”, protested Perri, as the tears started running down her face.

 Laplace rubbed her back, “Oh, you don’t have to make excuses, sweetie…”

 “I’m not making ex…”, Perri sniffed, louder this time, “…cuses.”

 “Alright, Perri, it’s nearly done.”, assured Bell, taking out another blob of cream. Her eyes caught Yana for a second, for once looking speechless.

 “Bell.”, declared Yana, “I want to have babies with you.”

 Bell blushed, applying the cream to Perri’s knee. “This isn’t exactly the ti-”

 “Hey dudes!”, came another voice, from within the maze of shelves. “Sorry I’m late, I got ya all donut-” she turned the corner into Bells view, she saw a woman with dyed-white hair in a ponytail, holding a donut box. She was looking directly at Perri, and assumed a more aggressive stance, face filled with anger. “WHO MADE PERRI CRY?!”


anonymous asked:

Damn your seriously Fucking UGLY! I'LL Happily PAY FOR YOUR FACE LIFT, I am not JOKING Girl..

Hey, I really appreciate your input. I do apologize that my face isn’t what you’re into, but you should know this:
When I was in fourth grade, I was called a fatty for the first time. And the thing is, they were wrong. I was preparing to grow eight inches but kids don’t understand this. Neither did I, and their words killed me. From there, the names got worse: fatty, whale, you know the ones I’m talking about. So there I am, an eight year old who doesn’t like looking in the mirror or wearing shorts anymore. I wasn’t called ugly until sixth grade, but by then, I already understood that being fat and being ugly go hand in hand. I had exactly one friend, but she was fat and beautiful. I thought that maybe I was the problem here. Maybe I was the odd one out. I decided I was.

Flashforward to twelve years old. I met this guy. He was talented, super hot, smart, and well, absolutely hot. It took all of a month before he told his friends I was creepy. It took all of a month on top of that for the bullying to start. With only a month and a half of school left before summer, I just dealt with it. I was still too young to know what depression was, too young to understand what was happening to me wasn’t okay. The summer I binge ate everyday. I was home alone a good portion of the time so I would literally sit in front of the TV and eat. I have no idea how much weight I put on.

The bullying got worse in eighth grade. By December, I was suicidal. A week before Christmas, I tried overdosing on pills. It didn’t work. Two days later, I tried again. Nothing. I posted on Facebook about wanting to transfer schools or just wanting to end. The next day, the guy who started everything comes over to me and he tells me I’m worth it. And so I decided to start working out again and lose some of the weight I’d gained over the summer. The transformation was slow and steady, but I finally started feeling better about myself. I got braces and took a huge hit on my self esteem, yet again. But I just worked out more and got over it.

In case you haven’t caught on, all it takes is words to set someone off. Thankfully someone came and destroyed me before you came around so I’m unaffected. I’m sorry for whoever has hurt you, whatever has happened to make you feel the need to try to destroy people. Now, I don’t know you at all. You didn’t come off anon so I can’t have a personal conversation with you, but I feel like you could use some help. Therapy is absolutely amazing and can help you through any and all issues you have. I sincerely hope you can learn to love yourself so you too can see the beauty in all people.

One final thing. I am fucking beautiful, inside and out. I don’t need a facelift, I don’t need liposuction, in fact, I don’t need any surgery at all, because I don’t have to be tiny to be flipping amazing. There isn’t a specific weight or size that decides if a person is beautiful or not. I was beautiful at 173 lbs and I’m still beautiful at whatever I weigh now. I’ve replaced fat with muscle and I’m happy about the muscle weight I gain every single day.

So pro tip for anyone else who thinks about sending hate to me; don’t waste your time. I absolutely fucking love myself. Forever and always. I choose me.